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MountainTrue Papers

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MountainTrue Papers
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Historical Note

As the oldest non-profit environmental group in Western North Carolina, MountainTrue is considered one of the region's most respected and highest impact conservation groups. The organization is a merger of The Environmental and Conservation Organization of Henderson County, founded in 1987, the Jackson-Macon Conservation Alliance, founded in 2000, and the Western North Carolina Alliance, based in Buncombe County and founded in 1982. MountainTrue seeks to enhance the region's connection to the natural environment in order to create a sustainable future. The organization works to achieve this connection through various educational programs which fosters and empowers advocates throughout Western North Carolina to engage in policy and projects related to the environment. MountainTrue is viewed as a national model through its Clean Waters, Resilient Forests, Healthy Communities, Green Energy, and Creation Care Alliance of WNC Programs.

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Scope and Contents

Contains materials from MountainTrue, the oldest environmental non-profit agency in Western North Carolina. The collection contains a wide range of materials from the conservation group, including various environmental projects and planning, and the correspondence and data associated with the projects. The collections contains a large number of items related to timbering projects in Western North Carolina, including graphs, maps, and correspondence of several prominent government officials. There are also materials related to mining, oil drilling, herbicide usage, nuclear waste management, clean air initiatives, and watershed management. The collection contains correspondence from the US Department of Agriculture as well as the papers of Walton R. Smith's correspondence and "Green Papers." The collection also contains material from the USFS, including graphs, data, and reports, as well as timber sales and studies.

The collection includes various forms of media, including photos, graphs, maps, and photos of various environmental areas- mountains, rivers, trees, etc. There are newspaper filings and magazines, including MountainTrue's magazine, "Accent." There are signed petitions against clearcutting. There are various black and white and color slides and photos related to clearcutting, hikes, fundraisers, and MountainTrue meetings. The WNC Alliance minute meeting and HR paperwork is included in the collection. There are several scrapbooks including newspaper clippings and photographs, as well as hand-drawn maps and descriptions of hikes. There are statistics on membership, bylaws, procedures and policies, leadership manuals, and steering committee notes.

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MountainTrue, The Environmental and Conservation Organization, Jackson-Macon Alliance, Western North Carolina Alliance, French Broad RiverKeeper, Watauga RiverKeeper, Broad River Alliance

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Various Forest Management Proposal Projects, including Environmental Assessments, Decision Notices, Findings of No Significant Impacts, and several maps.

Folder 1: Forest Management Task Force Minutes, 1989-1992. 1992 pre-meeting packet includes financial report, membership committee report, and bylaws committee letter.

Folder 2: Owl Creek Project Environmental Assessment, 2002-2003. Includes table of contents with Chapter 1-3 assessment materials.

Folder 3: Steels Creek Project Environmental Assesment, Decision Notice Appeal, 2003-2004.

Folder 4: Hickory Fork Road Draft Environmental Assessment, Decision Notice, 2003-2006.

Folder 5: Biscuit Project Environmental Assessment, Decision Notice, FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact), 2004. Includes maps of area.

Folder 6: Cornsilk Area Timber Sale Environmental Assessment, Decision Notice FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact), 2002-2004.

Folder 7: Forest Highway 50-Road Widening and Bridge Upgrading, Enivironmental Assessment, DN, FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact), 1998-2004.

Folder 8: Buckhorn Project, EA Decision Notice, FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) and Federal Acquisition Regulation, 2004-2006. Includes maps of area.

Box 2: Forest Service Timber Harvesting Proposed Projects and Preliminary Analyses of Environmental Effects

Folder 1: Mulberry Project Preliminary Analysis, 2007.

Folder 2: Correspondance From Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy, Monitored Retrievable Storage, the Price-Anderson Act, and clear-cutting and logging in National Forests, 1987-1996.

Folder 3: Chairmaker Project Environmental Assessment, Decision Notice, FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact), 2002-2005.

Folder 4: Shadeline Project Preliminary Analysis, and maps, 2005.

Folder 5: Modification of Management Indicator Species under the Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) Environmental Assessment, 2005.

Folder 6: Stecoah Project Preliminary Analysis of Environmental Effects, 2005.

Folder 7: Farmer Branch Decision Notice and Findings of No Significant Impact, 2005-2006.

Folder 8: Upper Creek Project Environmental Assessment, 2005-2006. Decision Notices, FONSI (Findings of No Significant Impact), includes maps, 2005-2006.

Folder 9: Eagle Fork, Environmental Analysis, and maps, 2005-2007.

Folder 10: Old House Gap Project, Environmental Assessment, Decision Notice and FONSI (Findings of No Significant Impact), and maps, 2005-2006.

Folder 11: Welch Project, CD-Rom with Project Details, maps, and appendeces included, 2005-2006.

Box 3: Correspondence, Publicity, Research, and Schedules of National Forest Districts in North Carolina.

Folder 1: Preliminary Correspondence To and From Public Officials re: "Cut the Clearcutting Campaign," includes newspaper clippings, Huckaby Bill, personal letters, notes from Citizens Against Clearcutting in the Asheville Watershed, 1989-1996.

Folder 2: Business Petition Campaign WNCA and Multiple Use Council to Elected Representatives and US Forest Service in NC, 1991

Folder 3: Articles/Publicity/Campaigns, including newspaper clippings and pamphlets, 1988-1992

Folder 4: Research and Support Material on "Evaluation of Oak Decline," including several magazines, 1988-1990

Folder 5: Schedule of Proposed Actions for National Forests in North Carolina, 2003

Folder 6: Schedule of Proposed Actions in National Forests of North Carolina, 2004

Folder 7: Schedule of Proposed Actions of National Forests in North Carolina, 2005

Folder 8: Correspondence re: Road Projects in Various National Forest Districts, 1996-1999.

Box 4: Materials related to Clearcutting in Pisgah and Nantahala National Forest- maps, correspondence, EIS, newspaper clippings, WNC Alliance Meeting Notes

Folder 1: Little Tennessee Watershed Group Conference Materials, including photographs, 1992-1994

Folder 2: Ridge Law, Newspapers Clippings, Letters-to-the-Editor, 1984

Folder 3: Law Office Correspondence, Nantahala-Pisgah Forest Plan Comments, 1989-1993

Folder 4: Jackson County Chapter Meeting Notes, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence Terry Sanders, 1985-1986

Folder 5: Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, Photos on Clearcutting in Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests, 1984-1993

Folder 6: Clearcutting Environmental Impact Statement and Reports, Nantahala-Pisgah National Forests, 1986-1990

Folder 7: Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, and Land and Management Resource Plans and Reports on Clearcutting, 1985-1987

Folder 8A: Correspondence on Clearcutting, Project Useful Forest, Pubic Forum Material, Meeting Notes, Member and Forester Addresses, Wilderness Proposal Bill, NC Mountain Ridge Protection Act, 1982-1990

Folder 8B: Correspondence on Clearcutting, Project Useful Forest, Pubic Forum Material, Meeting Notes, Member and Forester Addresses, Wilderness Proposal Bill, NC Mountain Ridge Protection Act, 1982-1990

Box 5: Annual Reports, Financials, Meeting Minutes

Folder 1: WNC Alliance Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, WNC Alliance Newspapers, WNC Environmental Summit Pamphlet, 1983-1986

Folder 2: WNC Alliance Annual Report, Steering Committee Meetings and Minutes, Correspondence, 1985

Folder 3: WNC Allicance Minutes, Correspondence, General Information, Newspaper Clipping Copies, WNC Alliance Pamphlet, 1985-1986

Folder 4: WNC Alliance Six Month Narrative Staff Reports, Minutes, Correspondence, General Information, 1987

Folder 5: WNC Alliance "How To" Packet on Clearcutting, Clearcutting Effects on Biological Diversity, Guide to Managing a Small Forest, Correspondence, 1986-1992

Folder 6: WNC Alliance Member Involvement, Staff, Task Force Redevelopment, Copy of News Article, 1994-1995

Folder 7: Executive Committee and Steering Committee Agendas, Audit Reporting, Financial Statements, Grants Committed and Received, 2001

Folder 8: Executive Committee Agendas, Volunteer Hours, Committee Agendas, Profit and Loss Margins, Watchdog Committee Reports, 2002

Box 6: WNC Alliance Positions on Mining, Oil Drilling, Herbicide Usage, and Appeal of the No. 5 Amendment re: Nantahala/Pisgah National Forest Timber Management Plan

Folder 1: WNC Alliance Position Papers, Miscellaneous Topics, 1989-1990

Folder 2: Asheville Watershed Correspondence, 1986-1989

Folder 3: Mining Issues, Early History, Pamphlets, News Articles on Oil Drilling, 1984

Folder 4: Mining Issues, Oil Drilling Issues, WNC Alliance Response, 1982-1983

Folder 5: Signed Anti-Mining Petitions Robbinsville Chapter

Folder 6: Nuclear Waste Task Force Notes, Newspaper Articles, 1986

Folder 7: Herbicide Issues, US Forest Service Vegetation Management EIS Pamphlet, 1988-1989

Folder 8: Appeals of No. 5 Amendment to Nantahala/Pisgah Forest Plan, 1994

Box 7: Various National Forest Timber Proposals from the US Forest Service, Environmental Assessments, Correspondence, and Forest Watch Magazines

Folder 1: Decision For Amendment No. 5 Nantahala/Pisgah Management Plan, includes correspondence, maps, and graphs, 1993-1995

Folder 2: Wayah Ranger District Decisions, Siler Creek Project Environmental Assessment, Notice and Findings of No Significant Impact, 1994-1995

Folder 3: Longshott Timber Sale Miscellaneous Documents, 1994

Folder 4: Schedule of Proposed Actions Forest Service, 1995

Folder 5: Pisgah Ranger District, Environmental Assessment for Conversion of Wildlife Habitat Improvements, 1995

Folder 6: Curtis Creek Project Environmental Assessment, including maps, 1995

Folder 7: Witness Rock Decision Notice, including maps, 1995

Folder 8: North Mills Correspondence and EA, 1990

Folder 9: Cheoah Ranger District, Hurricane Opal Salvage Sales, 1995

Folder 10: Nelson Ridge, EA and Correspondence, includes maps, 1995

Folder 11: Wine Spring Creek Project, EA and Correspondence, 1995

Folder 12: Siler Creek Project EA and Notice of Appeal, 1995

Folder 13: Toecane Ranger District Hurricane Opal Salvage Sale, includes maps, 1995

Folder 14: Proposed Road Rehabilitation and Stream Bank Stabilization, French Broad River, includes maps, 1995

Folder 15: Rosman Research Station Land Exchange, 1996

Folder 16: Forest Watch Magazine, includes Special 100th Issue, includes one issue of Different Drummer magazine, 1988-1989

Box 8: Various Environmental Magazines, Various WNC Timber Sales and Responses, Environmental Impact Statements, Wildlife Impact Statements

Folder 1: Forest Voice Newspaper, 1990-1996

Folder 2: Wild Mountain Times Magazine, 1996-1997

Folder 3: Graham County Civic Clubs and Information, 1993

Folder 4: Road Access Easement in Scaly Community, Macon County, 1995

Folder 5: Walton R. Smith Response to Continuous Forest Issues, 1995

Folder 6: Shepard Creek Timber Sale, Cheoah Ranger District Scoping Notice, EA, FONSI, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, includes maps, 1991

Folder 7: Hogback Timber Sale, Cheoah Ranger District Scoping Notice, FONSI, 1991

Folder 8: Whigg Branch Timber Sale, Cheoah Ranger District with EA, FONSI, Misc, Correspondence, 1992

Folder 9: Grassy Gap and Wesser Timber Sales Final EIS, Correspondence, Record of Deal, 1991

Folder 10: Big Hurricane Timber Sale, Pisgah National District, EA, Correspondence, 1989

Folder 11: Scraggy Ridge Environmental Assessment, French Broad Ranger District, includes maps, 1990

Folder 12: Wilson Ridge and Estes Mill Creek Timber Sales, Grandfather Ranger District, 1991

Folder 13: Direct Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program, Correspondence, includes maps, Grandfather Ranger District, 1988

Folder 14: Bonas Defeat/Buzzard Roost Timber Sale, Correspondence Highlands Ranger District, includes maps, 1991

Folder 15: Cove Creek and Johnnies Creek Timber Sale, Pisgah Ranger District Correspondence, 1991

Folder 16: Elk Falls Timber Sale, Toecare Ranger District Correspondence and Appeal, 1990

Folder 17: Vegetation Management for Improvement of Wildlife, Habitat-Yancey and Mitchell Counties, 1990

Box 9: Various Timber Tract Sales in Pisgah and Grandfather Mountain Districts, Correspondence, and Maps

Folder 1: Environmental Assessment for Release of Hardwood Seedling and Saplings, Buncombe, Mitchell, and Yancey County, 1990

Folder 2: Bert Creek Timber Sale, Cheoah Ranger District, EA, FONSI, includes maps, 1993-1996

Folder 3: Split Whiteoak/Cold Springs, Wayah Ranger District Scoping Notice, includes maps, 1991

Folder 4: Hamby Bend Timber Sale Numbers, 1991-1993

Folder 5: Black Gum-Avey Branch Timber Sale, Cheoah Ranger District Scoping Notice, 1991

Folder 6: Wesser Timber Sale, Cheoah Ranger District Correspondence and EA, 1990

Folder 7: Doe Branch Timber Sale, French Broad Ranger District EA and Decision Notice, includes maps, 1990

Folder 8: Upper Hurricane Creek, French Broad Ranger District EA Decision Notice, 1990

Folder 9: Proposed Treatments for Forest Compartments 53-56, 64-67, 96-98, 299, 300, Grandfather Ranger District Decision Notice, and correspondence, 1991

Folder 10: Proposed Land Exchange/Land Swap, Dabney Manning with Highlands Ranger District, 1990

Folder 11: Coontree Timber Sale, Pisgah Ranger District EA, Correspondence, 1986-2000

Folder 12: Avery Creek Timber Sale, Pisgah Ranger District EA, Decision Notice Correspondence, 1990

Folder 13: White Oak Flats Timber Sale, Toecone Ranger District EA and Decision Notice, includes maps, 1992

Box 10: Various Timber Sales and Correspondence, Graphs, and Maps across WNC National Forest Districts

Folder 1: Decision Notice on Hardwood Timber Stand, French Broad Ranger District, 1991

Folder 2: Compartment 62, Silvicultural Prescription EA, French Broad, 1989

Folder 3: Harper Creek/Lost Cove, Grandfather Ranger District, 1990

Folder 4: Decision Memo, Wildlife Habitat, 1991

Folder 5: Shortleaf Pine Progeny Release Treatment, Toecane Ranger District, 1991

Folder 6: Fires Creek Horse Camping Facility Tusquitee Ranger District, 1991

Folder 7: General Correspondence, Tusquitee Ranger District, 1988-1990

Folder 8: Little Laurel Timber Sale Wayah Ranger District, 1991

Folder 9: Wayah Ranger District, Additional Horse Camping, 1991

Folder 10: Greens Creek Barkers Creek Project, Report of Timber Sales, Wayah Road, 1991

Folder 11: Vol #1-Roaring Hole Timber Sale, EA, correspondence, newspaper clippings, maps, FONSI, Wayah Ranger District, 1989

Folder 12: Roaring Sale Sale Correspondence, 1991

Folder 13: Roaring Hole Timber Sale Appeal, 1988-1991

Folder 14: Vol #2- Roaring Hole Timber Sale EA, Correspondence, FONSI, Wayah Ranger District, Forest Product Consultant Notes, 1989

Folder 15: Roaring Hole Timber Sale, Number of Tree Species Graph

Folder 16: Jones Creek/Black Mountain, Wayah Ranger District, Forest Consultant Notes and Correspondence, 1991

Folder 17: Jarret Creek Drainage Scoping Record, Wayah Ranger District, 1990

Box 11: Standing Indian, Wildcat Knob, Runaway Knob, Younce Creek Projects, White Pine and Yellowwood Tree Studies

Folder 1: Standing Indian Campground EA, Wayah Ranger District, 1989

Folder 2: Wildcat Knob Project FONSI, DN, Appeal, Correspondence, Newspaper Articles, including maps, Wayah Ranger District, 1991

Folder 3: Wildcat Knob Appeal Correspondence, 1991

Folder 4: White Pine Plantation Release Decision Notice, Wayah Ranger District, 1990

Folder 5: Wildlife Habitat Improvement Prescribed Burn, Natahala National Forest, Correspondence and Maps, 1988

Folder 6: Runaway Knob Correspondence on a Proposed Tree Species Study of Yellowwood, includes maps, 1991

Folder 7: Younce Creek Timber Sale EA, DN, FONSI, and Appeal, Wayah Ranger District, 1991

Box 12: Forest Management and Various Correspondence, including Esther Cunningham, founder of WNC Alliance in 1982

Folder 1: Publicity, 5th annual PowWow, 1990

Folder 2: 5th Annual Forest Reform Conference, 1990

Folder 3: Vol #1-WNCA Forest Management Task Force Correspondence, 1987

Folder 4: Vol #2- WNCA Forest Management Task Force Correspondence, 1987

Folder 5: North Carolina Forest Stewardship Plan, 1993

Folder 6: Correspondence- Esther Cunningham, 1987-1988

Folder 7: Correspondence- Walton R. Smith, 1987-1989

Folder 8: Recreation and National Forests, National Forest Landscape Management Magazines, 1987

Folder 9: National Forest Budget Structure, 1987

Folder 10: Appeal of Prescribed Burning, Nathala and Pisgah National Forests, 1987

Box 13: Court Appeals, Research Projects, and Material Related to Timbering on National Forest Property and Burial of Radioactive Waste

Folder 1: Mountain Treasures at Risk, The Wilderness Society, 1992

Folder 2: Testimony of Frank Estes, President T & S Hardwoods in front of the Senate Agricultural Subcommittee, 1992

Folder 3: Statement of Kevin Kirchner, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Forest Service Proposal to Abolish Appeals, 1992

Folder 4: Research Project, Tina Ellis from Warren Wilson College, Economic and Ecological Effect of Timbering on National Forests, Graphs, Forest Resource Fact Booklet included, 1991

Folder 5: Reaction to Final Ammendment to Plan for Natahala and Pisgah Forests, Newspaper Articles, 1994

Folder 6: Congressional Testimony on Forest Service Budget and Below-Cost Timber Sales, 1993

Folder 7: Completed, Signed, Public Opinion Polls on Clearcutting

Folder 8: Wilderness Society Report, 1991

Folder 9: WNC Alliance Forest Management Force Meeting Notes, 1990-1991

Folder 10: WNC Alliance Paper Presented at Annual Symposium of the Harwood Research Council, 1990

Folder 11: Material on Shallow Land Burial of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, 1985-1986

Folder 12: Elk River Coalition, Notes, Correspondence, Maps, Southeast Radioactive Waste Compact, 1987-1990

Folder 13: Federal Price-Anderson Act, Re: Nuclear Accidents,1987

Box 14: Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Power Materials, Correspondence, Meeting Notes

Folder 1: Low Level Nuclear Waste Below Regulatory Concern Policy ("BRC"), 1990

Folder 2: Hearing on Regulatory Concern, 1990

Folder 3: Proposed Draft Rules-Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste, 1986

Folder 4: Low Level Radioactive Waste Roundtable, 1989

Folder 5: Publications and Pamphlets by Union of Concerned Scientists, Positions of Nuclear Power, 1989

Folder 6: Public Citizen, Critical Mass Energy Project, 1988

Folder 7: Jackson County Chapter Hand-Made Posters, WNC Alliance, 1985

Folder 8: Steering Committee Meeting, WNCA, 1985

Folder 9: Early WNCA Publicity, 1984-1985

Folder 10: Erosion Control Task Force, Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine with flagged article, Correspondence, Sedimentation Control Booklet, 1981-1984

Box 15: Plans, Newsletters, Appeals, Reviews on Various Procedures in National Forests by Various Groups Associated with WNC Alliance

Folder 1: Forest Service Fifty Year Plan Materials, 1985

Folder 2: Newsletter Ideas and Notes, Four Color-Slide Films Included, 1985

Folder 3: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and WNC Alliance Response to Department of Energy Nuclear Waste Policies, 1986

Folder 4: Forest Service Draft Oil and Gas Regulations, 1989

Folder 5: Review of National Forest System Appeals Process, 1987

Folder 6: Analysis of Appeal #2001, Nantahala and Pisgah Forests Land and Resource Management Plan, 1989

Folder 7: French Broad Ranger District Prescribed Burning Decision Notice and FONSI, 1988

Folder 8: Notice of Appeal and Request for Stay on Release of Hardwood Seedlings and Saplings, Wayah Ranger District, 1991

Box 16: Information on Invasives, Various Forest Laws, Forest Facts, and Photographs

Folder 1: Invasives, Exotic Plants and Insects

Folder 2: Invasives, Exotic Invasives Planning, 2007 and Equinox 2007

Folder 3: Invasives, Citizen Monitoring, Plant Species

Folder 4: Invasives, Extoric Invasives, Chemical Control

Folder 5: Invasives, Chemical Control and Label Info

Folder 6: Invasives, Control/Equinox (Hot Springs and AT), 2005

Folder 7: Invasives, CWMA Monitoring, 2005-2006

Folder 8: Invasives, NPS Invasive Management Plans (BLRI-GSMNP)

Folder 9: Invasives, HWA Monitoring

Folder 10: National Forest Laws, Weeks Law

Folder 11: National Forest Laws, NC Law Policy Act

Folder 12: National Forest Laws, Multiple Use Sustained Yield Act 1960, Wilderness Act of 1964, National Environmental Policy Act 1969, National Forest Management Act of 1976

Folder 13: Fast Forest Facts: NC Forest Land Facts

Folder 14: Fast Forest Facts

Folder 15: Fast Forest Facts, FMTF Platform

Folder 16: Forest Stuff, FMTF Plank Survey Results

Folder 17: Forest Stuff, Biodiversity Study-USFS, 1991

Folder 18: Forest Facts, Overflow (Bob Zahmer), Craggy

Folder 19: Forest Facts, Old Growth Data Sheets

Folder 20: Forest Facts, Forest Task Force Minutes, includes an envelope labeled "Richmond Hill Park 1998 (summer)" with 8 photos of unidentified people and plants/flowers

Box 17: Various Environmental Coalition Notes, Internships, and Environmental Studies Information

Folder 1: Asheville Tree Comission, 2010

Folder 2: Asheville Watershed Conservation Easement, 2005

Folder 3: Interns Invasive Species Intern Project, Nantahala, 2006

Folder 4: Interns, DENR Watchdog, Between Research Report, FTF, 2000

Folder 5: Rivers, Upper French Broad E.P.T Study, 2003

Folder 6: Rivers, Waynesville Watershed, 2005

Folder 7: Rivers, Hurricane Creek E.P.T Study, Request for Funds from Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition, 2002

Folder 8: Rivers, Sediment Monitoring (Parker Creek)

Folder 9: Rivers, Pigeon River Fund Correspondence, 2004

Folder 10: Rivers, Tusquitee Greenway, Energy Conservation Study, 2001

Folder 11: Rivers, Long Term Analysis of Water Quality Trends in Nolichucky and Watauga River Watersheds, 2004

Folder 12: Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition (SAFC) Strategic Plan, 2007

Folder 13: SAFC, Toxic Substances

Folder 14: SAFC, Wilderness Act: History/Chronology

Folder 15: SAFC, Watauga Chapter Notes

Folder 16: SAFC, Forest Legacy

Folder 17: SAFC, Stewardship/Proposals and Restoration

Folder 18: SAFC Board-Bylaws

Box 18: Blue Ridge Parkway Planning, Great Smoky Mountains, North Shore Road, WLOS Tower Replacement

Folder 1: Blue Ridge Parkway, Ben Tweel's BLRI Reports, Includes Envelope of Labeled Color Photographs of Intersecting Roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway, 1991

Folder 2: Blue Ridge Parkway, BLRI Exotic Plant Management Plan

Folder 3: Blue Ridge Parkway, BLRI Management Plan

Folder 4: Blue Ridge Parkway, Mt. Pisgah Utilities

Folder 5: Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail Comprehensive Management Plan, AT Map, 1998

Folder 6: Blue Ridge Parkway, Ravenford Swap

Folder 7: Great Smoky Mountains, Environmental Assesment Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, 2005

Folder 8: WLOS Tower, Replacement of Tower Asessment along Blue Ridge Parkway, 2000

Folder 9: North Shore Road Commentary, Analysis, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, Maps, National Park Service, The Wilderness Society, and the Sierra Club Response, 1996-2004

Folder 10: North Shore Road, Environmental Impact Statement Released by Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 2004

Box 19: List of various Endangered Plants, Species, and Locations in Western North Carolina

Folder 1: Endangered Species, 10 Endangered Places in North Carolina

Folder 2: Endangered Species, Listed Species.

Folder 3: Endangered Species, Cerulean Warbler Petition to List and Status Assessment, 2000

Folder 4: Endangered Species, Fraser Fir, 1996

Folder 5: Endangered Species, Indiana Bat

Folder 6: Endangered Species, Amphibians, Effects of Timber Harvesting on Salamanders

Folder 7: Endangered Species, Peregine Falcon

Folder 8: Endangered Species, Forest Birds Fragmentation, 1995

Folder 9: Endangered Species, Black Bears, Wildlife Research Report, 2000

Folder 10: Endangered Species, Mountain Trout, 1992

Folder 11: Endangered Species, Cataloging Inland Fishing

Folder 12: Endangered Species, American Fisheries Society, 1992

Box 20: Forest Conferences on Forest Health, Notes, Correspondence, Studies

Folder 1: Forest Conferences, Forest Conference, 2003

Folder 2: Forest Conferences, Forest Conference on Invasive Species, 2007

Folder 3: Forest Conference, Forest Conference, 2005

Folder 4: Forest Conferences, Forest Conference, "Natural vs. Human Disturbances," 2001

Folder 5: Forest Conferences, Forest Conference "2000 and Beyond," 1999

Folder 6: Forest Conferences, Forest Health, 1997

Folder 7: Forest Conferences, Copy of The Road-RIPorter from Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads, Forest Task Force Minutes, 1999

Folder 8: Forest Conferences, GSMNP/NCSU/Old Growth

Folder 9: Forest Health, Scientists Proposals

Folder 10: Forest Health, Fire

Folder 11: Forest Health, USFS Information

Folder 12: Forest Health, Fact Information Sheets, Forest Health Fabrication by The Wilderness Society, TVA Pamphlet on Forest Health Monitoring in Southern Appalachia, 1996

Folder 13: Forest Health, Sample Appeal and District Monitoring, 1997

Folder 14: Forest Health, Pesticide Fact Sheets, 2004

Folder 15:Forest Health, Old Growth Conference Pamphlet, Research Notes, Newspaper Clipping, 1997-1999

Folder 16: Forest Health, John Edwards Correspondence, 2000

Box 21: Sustainable Forestry Notes, Research, Correspondence, Roadless Rule, Walton R. Smith Research on Timbering and Forestry

Folder 1: Sustainable Forestry, Native Plant Program, 2001

Folder 2: Sustainable Forestry, Research Studey for Biocontrol of Wooly Adelgid

Folder 3: Sustainable Forestry, Correspondence, Forest Stewardship Program, Forest Practice Related to Water Quality, Management Practices for Forestry, Timber Harvester Registration, Certification, and Licensing Programs, 1995-2002

Folder 4: Roads, Watershed Scale and Site-Specific Analyses of Road Sediment, Correspondence, 2002

Folder 5: Roadless Rule Opposition, Copied Postcards to Vice President Al Gore, 2001

Folder 6: Signed Business Petitions to Protect Roadless Areas in National Forests

Folder 7: Email Correspondence on Roadless Area Support, 2000

Folder 8: Waldee Forest Inventory Stick, Walton R. Smith Forester Papers

Folder 9: Walton R. Smith Papers, Waldee Forest Self-Guided Tour of Leatherman Family, Notes on Timber Management

Folder 10: Walton R. Smith Papers on Little Laurel Timber Sales, 1987-1991

Box 22: Various Road Project Proposals and Maps in WNC

Folder 1: Various Correspondence from US Dept. of Agriculture on Action Alerts for Hwy 215 Haywood County, Presribed Burn Opposition in Shining Rock Wilderness, Bent Creek Environmental Assessment, Searcy Creek Ecosystem Management Project, 1997

Folder 2: Correspondence, Maps, Environmental Assessment on Clay County Shooting Range, 2013

Folder 3: Correspondence Between USDA and WNC Alliance on Various Projects

Folder 4: Fires Creek Stewardship Project for Riparian Protection and Stand Restoration, 2006

Folder 5: Tellico Off-Highway Vehicle Proposal

Folder 6: Maps on Proposed Shooting Range Glade Gap

Folder 7: Eagle Fork Road Analysis Report and Project

Box 23: Various Timber Sales Projects and Proposals Across Western North Carolina, End Commercial Logging Papers

Folder 1: Tusquitee Ranger District Timber Sales

Folder 2: Wayah District Timber Sales and Maps

Folder 3: Wet Face Project Timber Sales

Folder 4: Devils Cove Timber Sales

Folder 5: Dylan Project Timber Sales

Folder 6: Buck Creek Serpentine Barrens Timber Sales

Folder 7: North Carolina End Commercial Logging Campaign Notes

Folder 8: Wayah District Timbering Projects

Folder 9: Correspondence and Bulletins on Timber Foresting

Box 24: Timbering Projects, Environmental Assessments, Correspondence, Newspaper Articles

Folder 1: Nantahala/Pisgah Plan Revision

Folder 2: Forest Plan Revisions

Folder 3: National Forest Protection Alliance Notes

Folder 4: Southern Forest Futures

Folder 5: Timber Actions Status Database

Folder 6: NFMA, Invasive Plants, 2011

Folder 7: Fish and Wildlife Resources Correspondence, Monitoring of Invasives in Pisgah and Nantahala

Folder 8: Pine Beetle and Commentary, Scoping Notice, 2000

Folder 9: Blue Ridge Parkway Propaganda, Correspondence Cheoah Ranger District

Folder 10: US Department of Agriculture Letters

Folder 11: Fatback Project, Wayah District, Macon County

Folder 12: Shope Creek Project and Maps

Folder 13: Horseshoe Project and Environmental Assessment

Folder 14: Thunderstruck Project, Correspondence

Folder 15: Newspapers on Timbering Projects, 2012-2014

Folder 16: WNC Alliance Strategic Priorities and Meeting Minutes

Box 25: Timber Sales, Appalachian District

Folder 1: Correspondence on Timbering and Roads to Matthew Dietz

Folder 2: Area 5, Appalachia District Maps

Folder 3: Harmon Den Invasives Removal Project, 2009

Folder 4: Department of Agriculture, Comments on Various Timbering Projects Throughout Western North Carolina

Folder 5: Timber Sales, Pisgah National Forest Maps

Folder 6: Shinwhite Project, Environmental Assessment and Notes

Box 26: Timbering Projects, Cheoah, Grandfather Districts

Folder 1: Buffalo Project, Cheoah Ranger District, Correspondence and Environmental Assessment and Proposed Impacts

Folder 2: Upper Santeelah Project Timber Sales, Correspondence, Maps

Folder 3: Stecoah Project Timbering Project, Correspondence, Analysis of Environmental Effects, Maps

Folder 4: Cheoah District Reforestation Project Post Southern Pine Beetle Damage, 2006

Folder 5: Globe Project, Court Case of Wild South in Repeal of Decision of Findings of No Significant Impact

Folder 6: Letter Regarding Roses Creek

Folder 7: Grandfather District Mulberry Project, Correspondence, Decision Memo, Maps

Folder 8: Horsepen Creek Old Growth Measurements

Box 27: Timber Sales and Various Improvement Projects, Highlands, Pisgah District, Nantahala National Forest

Folder 1: Murrah Land Exchange, Cullasaja River, Nantahala National Forest

Folder 2: Seond Look Project Proposal Correspondence, Map of Project Area, 2003

Folder 3: Panthertown Trails Project Notes and Correspondence, 2003

Folder 4: Highlands District, Proposed Griffith Land Exchange Under Weeks Act, Correspondence on Improvements, Proposed Burns Nantahala National Forest

Folder 5: Bull Pen Road Paving Project Ellicott Wilderness Area, Correspondence

Folder 6: Baldwin Gap Project, Maps

Folder 7: Courthouse Creek Project Proposals and Maps

Folder 8: Brushy Ridge Project, Correspondence, Maps

Folder 9: Special Use Permit to WLOS for Mt. Pisgah Communication Tower Usage

Folder 10: Hickey Fork Storm Damage Resotarion Project, 2006

Folder 11: Case Camp Ridge Project, Maps, CD-Rom with Environmental Analysis

Folder 12: Courthouse Creek Environmental Assessment

Folder 13: Macedonia Project, Environmental Assessment, 2007

Folder 14: Tanassee Project, Environmental Assessment, 2004

Folder 15: Davidson River Stabilization Project, Correspondence, 2006

Folder 16: Department of Agriculture Correspondence on Pisgah Ranger District Proposed Improvements and Storm Damage Environmental Studies, 2002

Box 28: Correspondence, Meeting Notes, Pamphlets, Timbering Proposals, Petitions, Public Interest

Folder 1: Wayah District, Jones Creek/Black Mountain Timber Sale Project, Walton R. Smith Papers, Correspondence to Michael Wilkins, District Ranger, Findings of No Significant Impact and and Decision Notice, Poplar Cove Project Alternative Descriptions, 1992

Folder 2: Correspondence, Pamphlets, and 11 Black and White 8 x 10" Photographs of Clearcutting in Nantahala National Forest

Folder 3: Bjorn Dahl and Monroe Gilmour Correspondence on Fork Mountain Timber Sale, 1989

Folder 4: Environmental Assesments, Decision Notice, and Finding of No Significant Impact Statements on Nantahala, Wayah, Toecane, Grandfather Districts, 1989

Folder 5: Business Petitions, WNC Alliance Letters-to-the-Editor, Correspondence regarding US Forest Service Policies

Folder 6: Public Interest Video Network Commentary on Our Vanishing Forests, 1992

Folder 7: Forest Management Task Force Meeting Minutes, 1993

Folder 8: Wayah Ranger District Projects, George Sherrill Rock Contract, Hardwood Saplings Analysis

Folder 9: Walton R. Smith Project Correspondences with District Ranger Michael L. Wilkins on Scoping Project for Siler Creek, 1993

Folder 10: Vegetation Management, Issues of The Forum from Monsanto for Foresters, Aerial Applicators, and R.O.W. Magazines, Correspondence Walton R. Smith

Folder 11: Correspondence Walton R. Smith, Forest Management Task Force Notes, 1989

Folder 12: Correspondence Mary Kelly, Bjorn Dahl, Walton R. Smith

Folder 13: Forest Management Task Force Meeting Notes, Correspondence Bjorn Dahl and Mary Kelly, Pamphlets on National Forest Reform Pow-Wow

Folder 14: Forest Management Public Forum Meeting Notes, Correspondence, Walton R. Kelly Notes, Mary Kelly Papers on Below-Cost Timbering

Box 29: Correspondence, Timber Sales, Forest Management Plans and Projects, National Forest Service Appeals, Reorganizations, and Policy Changes

Folder 1: Farmland Preservation Program Guidelines

Folder 2: Walton R. Smith Correspondence, News Articles on Logging Sabotage in Macon County

Folder 3: Acreage Data

Folder 4: Forest Management Task Force Minutes

Folder 5: Blue Ridge Almanac 1991

Folder 6: Hickory Knob Project, Scoping, Correspondence, 1993

Folder 7: Forest Management Plans, Correspondence, Maps

Folder 8: Timber Sales, Maps, Correspondence, 1993

Folder 9: Forestry Land Use, NC Forest Plans, Walton R. Smith Papers

Folder 10: Nick Creek Project, Correspondence, 1993

Folder 11: NFS Appeals Process, Management Plans, Correspondence, 1993

Folder 12: Reassignments and Reorganizations in National Forest Service, 1992

Folder 13: Forest Service Management Plan, Scoping, Correspondence of Walton R. Smith

Folder 14: Policy Changes in National Environmental Policy Act, 1991

Folder 15: Quarrel Creek Timber Sales

Box 30: Timber Projects and Various Appeals Notices

Folder 1: Long Branch Project Correspondence with Walton R. Smith, Maps

Folder 2: Roaring Hole Timber Sale-Wayah Appeal, Partridge Ridge Timber Sale and Pre-Road Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact, Correspondence, Maps

Folder 3: Wildcat Knob Timber Sale and Appeal, Environmental Assessment, Correspondence with District Ranger Mike Wilkins

Folder 4: Green's Creek Timber Sale and Appeal by WNC Alliance, Correspondence of Walton R. Smith, Copies of Newspaper Articles, 1985

Folder 5: Rough Bear Project, Environmental Assessment, Correspondence Mary Kelly to District Ranger Michael Wilkins

Folder 6: Jarrett Creek-Wayah District, Correspondence of Walton R. Smith, Mary Kelly, District Ranger Mike Wilkins, 1992

Box 31: Newspaper Clippings and Younce Creek Timber Sale and Appeal

Folder 1A: Copies of Newspaper Articles

Folder 1B: Copies of Newspaper Articles

Folder 2A: Younce Creek Timber Sale and Correspondence, Appeal, 1991

Folder 2B: Younce Creek Appeal of Timber Sale and Correspondence, 1991

Box 32: Walton R. Smith Papers and Appeals Exhibits

Folder 1: Miscellanenous Correspondence Walton R. Smith, Mary Kelly, Monroe Gilmour

Folder 2: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Appeal Correspondence, 1988

Folder 3: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit A of Appeal with Petition Signatures

Folder 4: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit B Walton R. Smith Papers

Folder 5: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit C Papers and Tables

Folder 6: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit D Appeal, 2004

Folder 7: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit E Consultant Notes

Folder 8: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit F Farm Woodland Management Notes, Report From 1946-1948

Folder 9: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit G, Review of Final Plan

Folder 10: NantahalaPisgah Plan Exhibit H USDA Decision Review

Folder 11: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit I Action Plan for Remand of NRDC Appeal

Folder 12: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit J Hazard to Resource

Folder 13: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibit K Correspondence

Folder 14: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Exhibits L-M Maps

Folder 15: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Appeals and Correspondence

Folder 16: USFS 15 Year Plan, Magazines, Maps, Correspondence, 1986-1987

Box 33: Walton R. Smith Papers on Clearcutting and Controlled Burning

Folder 1: Nantahala Pisgah Plan Amendment and Correspondence

Folder 2: Timber Sales and Scoping Onion Mountain, 1992

Folder 3: Clearcutting Campaign, Big Ivy Petitions and Follow-Up Meetings, 1992-1993

Folder 4: Jesse Helms Correspondence

Folder 5: Department of Agriculture, Nantahala Pisgah Plan Appeal, 1987

Folder 6: Alliance Clearcutting and Silvicultural Questions

Folder 7: Letters to Legislators, North Carolina, 1987

Folder 8: Letters in Appeal of Nantahala Pisgah Plan

Folder 9: Controlled Burning Studies

Folder 10: Terry Sanford Correspondence

Folder 11: 15 Year Plan of the USFS and Comments

Folder 12: Congressional Correspondence, 1988

Folder 13: Prescribed Burning John Alcock Comments, 1988

Box 34: Newspaper Clippings, Appeals Process Magazines, NFS Roadless Area Initiative

Folder 1: NFS Roadless Areas Initiative, 2000

Folder 2: Appeals Process, Sierra Club, The Wildnerness Society Booklets on How to Appeal

Folder 3: Various Group Publications and Newspaper Articles

Folder 4: Newspaper Clippings and Articles on Clearcutting

Folder 5: Seventh Annual Forest Congress (Conference), 1996

Box 35: USFS Reports, Timber Sales and Studies, Funding Reports and Notes

Folder 1: Forest Service Reports and Booklets, 1991-1999

Folder 2: Timber Study Comments, 1988.

Folder 3: Regional Water Forum Notes, Newspaper Articles, 1993

Folder 4: Timber Sale Losses

Folder 5: USFS Forest Plans and Booklets

Folder 6: Conservation Funding, Notes, and Correspondence

Folder 7: Grassy Gap and Wesser Timber Sales Booklet on Environmental Impact Statement

Box 36: Timber Sales, Congressional Reports, US Forest Service, Correspondence Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests

Folder 1: Grassy Gap and Wesser Timber Sales II, Booklet

Folder 2: Congressional Report, Forest Roads

Folder 3: Revised Forest Service Plan, US House of Representatives Correspondence, 1992-1993

Folder 4: Goals for Management Areas, Potential Land Classifications, Rare Earth Elements

Folder 5: Pisgah and Nantahala Forests Controlled Management Analysis, Newspaper Clippings

Folder 6: Nantahala Pisgah Management Plan, Proposed Amendment and DEIS, Maps

Folder 7: Management Plan Appeals to US Forest Service

Box 37: Pisgah Nantahala Project Plans, Booklets, Comments

Folder 1: Pisgah Nantahala Project Maps

Folder 2: Pisgah Nantahala Management Plan, Amendments and Alternatives

Folder 3: Pisgah Nantahala Management Plan Amendment 5

Folder 4: Final Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 1, Booklet

Folder 5: Final Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume 2, Booklet

Folder 6: Pisgah Nantahala Management Plan, Comments

Box 38: Various Green Groups Papers, Booklets, Correspondence, Pisgah Nantahala Plans, Old Growth Information

Folder 1: Pisgah Nantahala Plan Modification, 1992

Folder 2: Biodiversity Studies, Correspondence, 1992

Folder 3: Uneven Age Management Analaysis of US Forest Service

Folder 4: Old Growth Descriptions and Conference, 1993

Folder 5: Appalachian Voice, Wild Earth, Various Pamphlets

Folder 6: Hardwoods Council Papers

Folder 7: Endangered Species Act Information and Booklets

Folder 8: Forest Service Payments and Revenue by Southern Environmental Law Center, 1996

Folder 9: Sierra Club Publications

Folder 10: Forest User Fees, 1995

Folder 11: The Southern Appalachian Assessment Booklet

Folder 12: The Wilderness Society's Papers, Booklets, and Correspondence

Box 39: Clearcutting Campaign Correspondence, WNC Alliance Meeting Notes, National Notes, Handbooks, Booklets

Folder 1: Southern Forest Coast to Coast and Southern Forest Research Assessment.

Folder 2: WNC Alliance and Walton R. Smith Correspondence

Folder 3: WNC Alliance Conference Notes, 2001

Folder 4: Biodiversity Project, 1989

Folder 5: North Pisgah Meeting Notes, 1994

Folder 6: Preserving Communities and Corridors In Defense of Wild Life, 1989

Folder 7: Outstanding Resource Waters Hearing Correspondence, 1988

Folder 8: National Forests in North Carolina General Report to the Public, 1992

Folder 9: National Environmental Policy Act, Revised Policy and Procedures, Federal Register, September 18, 1992

Folder 10: National Forest Briefing Booklet

Folder 11: The Preservation and Enhancement of Stream Quality, Pigeon River Action Ground

Folder 12: National Forest System, Reforestation and Timber Stand Improvements Report for Fiscal Year 1992

Folder 13: Executive Summary USDA Forest Service Reinvention Report, 1994

Folder 14: NFMA and NEPA Law Handbook, 1993

Folder 15: Announcement of Public Hearings By Environmental Management Commission, 1995

Folder 16: Stewart Cove Wildlife Enhancement Project

Folder 17: Public Comments, Craggy Gardens Sale and Correspondence, 1989

Folder 18: Cowee Timber Cut, Newspaper Articles

Folder 19: Clearcutting Campaign Correspondence, 1989

Box 40: Clearcutting Newspaper Articles, Correspondence, Donor Training Programs, Big Ivy Area

Folder 1: Clearcutting Campaign Newspaper Articles and Copies of Articles, 1988-1989

Folder 2: Clearcutting Campaign Newspaper Articles and Copies of Articles, 1990-1992

Folder 3: Clearcutting Campaign Petitions, 1989

Folder 4: Clearcutting Campaign and Lighthawk Flights Magazine, 1992

Folder 5: Clearcutting Campaign, Clear Cutting And Wildlife Bibliography with Abstracts, 1989

Folder 6: Clearcutting Campaign Testimony Before US House F. Dale Robertson, 1989

Folder 7: Clearcutting Campaign Tree Quality-From Clear Cut to Selective Cuts, 1989

Folder 8: Senate Bill-Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resource Planning Act of 1974

Folder 9: Identification of Big Ivy Natural Heritage Area

Folder 10: Clearcutting Campaign Correspondence, 1992-1994

Folder 11: Clearcutting Campaign Scientific Correspondence, 1992-1994

Folder 12: Personal Correspondence to Randy Phillips, 1992-1994

Folder 13: Clearcutting Campaign Correspondence, 1993

Folder 14: Clearcutting Campaign Correspondence, 1994

Folder 15: Clearcutting Campaign Newspaper Articles, 1992-1994

Folder 16: Clearcutting Campaign Newspaper Articles, 1993-1994

Folder 17: WNCA Major Donor Training Manual, 1992

Folder 18: Clearcutting Campaign, Eastern Old Growth Petition, 1992-1994

Folder 19: Clearcutting Campaign, Zoned for Logging, WNCA Campaign, 1992-1994

Box 41: Grants, Awards, Energy Plan, Citizens for Mining Act Reform, Walton R. Smith Correspondence

Folder 1: WNCA Recognition of Accomplishment, 1993

Folder 2: World Wildlife Federation Grant

Folder 3: Solar Energy Correspondence And Material, Sun Day Update, 1992

Folder 4: Union of Concerned Scientists, 1991-1992

Folder 5: Johnston-Wallop Environment Destruction Act

Folder 6: Virginia Energy Plan, 1991

Folder 7: Public Utility Services

Folder 8: Energy Conservation Coalition Correspondence, Budget for Renewable Energy Technologies for US Department of Energy, 1990-1993

Folder 9: Energy and Environment Conference, 1988

Folder 10: Citizens For Mining Act Reform, Booklet, Correspondence, Map, 1992

Folder 11: Citizens for Mining Act Reform Network Magazine

Folder 12: Multiple Issues of "Clementine: The Journal of Responsible Mineral Development"

Folder 13: Mineral Policy Center Correspondence, 1993

Folder 14: National Citizens Network of Oil and Gas Wastes, Center Notes, Rights Magazine

Folder 15: Micaville Allies Creek Rock Quarry Opponents Trip Report and Newspaper Clippings, 1987

Folder 16: Mining Reform Issues Committee Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1994

Folder 17: Walton R. Smith Proposal for Recreational Facilities, Cowee Mountain Range, 1996

Box 42: USDA Correspondence, Clearcutting Campaign Ugly Photo Contest Photos, Accent Bulletins From 1984-1986

Folder 1: USDA Correspondence on Oak Preharvest Treatment, Overflow Creek Timber Harvesting For Highlands, NC, Box #4 WNCA Files List, 1995

Folder 2: Clearcutting Campaign Ugly Photo Contest, Flyers for Contest, 7 Varying Folders of Color and Black and White Photos of Clearcutting and Unidentified People (Some Photo Locations are Labeled on the Back of the Photo), 1989

Folder 3: Selective Cutting Vs. Clear Cutting Posters From Big Ivy and Bumperstickers

Folder 4: Clearcutting Campaign, Cut the Clearcutting Day Rally, Newspaper Clippings, 1989

Folder 5: Accent Bulletin, 1984

Folder 6: Accent Bulletin, 1985

Folder 7: Accent Bulletin, 1985

Folder 8: CD-ROM with Various WNC Alliance Publications, 4 CD-ROM's with Accent Bulletins, Bear Education Pamphlets

Folder 9: Accent Bulletin, 1986

Folder 10: Accent Bulletin, 1986

Folder 10: Accent Bulletin, 1986

Box 43: Display Copies of Accent Magazine, CD-Rom of Personal Files (Alyx)

Folder 1: CD-ROM of Accent Magazine, Alyx's Files 1 and 3 of Activity, Agriculture, Accent, Chapters, Correspondence, Events, MtnLands, Transit, WNCA Business, 1999-2001

Folder 2: Accent Spring, 1987

Folder 3: Accent Summer, 1987

Folder 4: Accent Fall/Winter, 1987

Folder 5: Accent Spring, 1988

Folder 6: Accent Spring, 1989

Folder 7: Accent Summer, 1989

Folder 8: Accent Summer, 1990

Folder 9: Accent Fall, 1990

Folder 10: Accent Spring, 1991

Folder 11: Accent Summer, 1991

Folder 12: Accent Fall, 1991

Folder 13: Accent Winter, 1992

Folder 14: Accent Spring, 1992

Folder 15: Accent Summer, 1992

Folder 16: Accent Fall, 1992

Folder 17: Accent Winter, 1995

Folder 18: Accent Spring, 1993

Folder 19: Accent Summer, 1993

Folder 20: Accent Fall, 1994

Box 44: Accent Magazine Display Copies

Folder 1: Accent Winter, 1994

Folder 2: Accent Spring, 1994

Folder 3: Accent Summer, 1994

Folder 4: Accent Fall, 1994

Folder 5: Accent Spring, 1995

Folder 6: Accent Summer, 1995

Folder 7: Accent Fall, 1995

Folder 8: Accent Winter, 1996

Folder 9: Accent Spring, 1996

Folder 10: Accent Summer, 1996

Folder 11: Accent Fall, 1996

Folder 12: Accent Winter, 1996

Folder 13: Accent Winter, 1997

Folder 14: Accent Spring, 1997

Folder 15: Accent Summer, 1997

Folder 16: Accent Fall, 1997

Folder 17: Accent Winter, 1998

Folder 18: Accent Spring, 1998

Folder 19: Accent Summer, 1998

Folder 20: Accent Fall, 1998

Folder 21: Accent Spring, 1999

Box 45: Display Copies of Accent Magazine

Folder 1: Accent Summer, 1999

Folder 2: Accent Fall, 1998

Folder 3: Accent Winter, 1999

Folder 4: Accent Winter, 2000

Folder 5: Accent Spring, 2000

Folder 6: Accent Summer, 2000

Folder 7: Accent Fall, 2000

Folder 8: Accent Winter, 2000-2001

Folder 9: Accent Spring, 2001

Folder 10: Accent Summer, 2001

Folder 11: Accent Fall, 2001

Folder 12: Accent Winter, 2001-2002

Folder 13: Accent Spring, 2002

Folder 14: Accent Summer, 2002

Folder 15: Accent Spring, 2003

Folder 16: Accent Summer, 2003

Folder 17: Accent Fall, 2003

Folder 18: Accent Winter, 2003-2004

Folder 19: Accent Winter, 2002

Folder 20: Accent Summer, 2002

Folder 21: Accent Summer, 2004

Folder 22: Accent Fall, 2004

Folder 23: Accent Winter, 2004-2005

Folder 24: Accent Spring, 2005

Folder 25: Fall Accent, 2006

Folder 26: Accent Spring, 2007

Folder 27: Accent Spring, 2008

Folder 28: Accent Winter, 2009

Box 46: WNCA Meeting Notes, Madison County Land Use Notes, Clearcutting Petitions and Amendments on Pisgah-Nantahala and Grandfather Ranger Districts

Folder 1: WNCA Meeting Minutes, Planning, Task Force Guidelines, 2005

Folder 2: North Carolina Chapter- American Planning Association, ENVR 390 Wildlife Ecology and Management Written Paper Critique, 2005

Folder 3: Madison County Land Use and Development Panel Discussion Notes, Equinox Environmental Firm Profile, WNC Green Building Directory, 2005

Folder 4: Front Page of Carolina Journal, Petitions Against Clearcutting in Big Ivy

Folder 5: Newspaper and Magazine Articles on Clearcutting

Folder 6: Pisgah-Nantahala Amendment and Comments on Land and Resource Management Plan, Correspondence, Signed Petition to Stop Clearcutting in Grandfather Ranger District, 1994

Folder 7: Pisgah-Nantahala Amendment Plan, Comment Appendices B-N, 1991

Folder 8: Pisgah-Nantahala Amendment Plan, Comment Appendices O-T, 1991

Box 47: NC Environmental Administrative Code Booklet, WNC Air Pollution Control Booklet, Volumes I-III of Sustainability Resource Booklet

Folder 1: North Carolina Environmental Management Commission Administrative Code Booklet

Folder 2: Western North Carolina Regional Air Pollution Control Agency Rules and Regulations

Folder 3: Sustainability Resource Book, Includes Various Booklets, Annual Reports

Folder 4: Sustainability Resource Book, Volume II Includes the Second Interim Report of the Southwest Virginia Economic Development Commission and Appalachian Consortium Correspondence, 1986

Folder 5: Sustainability Resource Book, Volume III, Including Booklets, Pamphlet from the Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere Conference

Box 48: Scrapbooks, Booklets, Newsletters, Walton R. Smith Green Papers, WNC Alliance Membership Notes

Folder 1: North Carolina's Mountain Treasures Booklet by The Wilderness Society and Protection of Aquatic Biodiversity in the Southern Appalachian National Forests and their Watersheds Booklet by The Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition

Folder 2: Scrapbook Pages with Photographs from Historic Broadway Greenway Scrapbook, Pebbledash Newsletter, Photocopied News Articles

Folder 3: Scrapbook Historic Broadway as Urban Trail, Photos, Newspaper Articles, Greenways Bring Greenbacks Booklet, 1995

Folder 4: Walton R. Smith Green Papers, Little Laurel Timber Sale

Folder 5: Blue Ridge Paper Products INC. Environmental Overview Forum, Champion International Corporation Agreement to Sell Canton Mill and Dairypak Operations to the Carolina Paper Company, 2000

Folder 6: WNC Alliance Membership Reports, Correspondence to Members, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, 1986-1987

Folder 7: WNC Alliance Membership Meeting on Family Farms, Planning Notes, Various Newsletters, 1993

Folder 8: WNC Alliance Membership Profiles by County

Box 49: Various Meeting Minutes, Governmental Correspondence, WNC Alliance Policies, Guides, Reports

Folder 1: WNC Memberships and Organizations, WNC Alliance History, Steering Committee Membership and Minutes, Correspondence, 1987-1995

Folder 2: Steering Committee Minutes and Retreat Notes, 1989-1991

Folder 3: Steering Committee Minutes and Retreat Notes, WNC Alliance Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1992-1995

Folder 4: Steering Committee Minutes from WNC Alliance Annual Meeting, 1996-1999

Folder 5: WNC Alliance Reports, History, Activity Write-Ups

Folder 6: WNC Alliance Policies, Members Guide, Chapter Protocols, Finance Policies, Personnel Policy

Folder 7: WNC Alliance Outgoing Correspondence to Government Groups and Members, Accent on Action Publications, Guest Editorials , 1992-1993

Box 50: WNC Alliance Meeting Minutes of Steering Committee, Correspondence, Publications, Reorganization Notices

Folder 1: Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 2013-2014

Folder 2: Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 2011-2012

Folder 3: WNC Alliance Task Force and Committee Workplan, 1993-1994

Folder 4: WNC Alliance General Information Including Correspondence, Remarks Against Clearcutting, Task Force Workplans

Folder 5: WNCA Congressional Correspondence, 1993

Folder 6: WNCA General Correspondence to US Forest Service, Membership and Employee Positions

Folder 7: WNC Alliance Correspondence, Maps, and Information on Appeals Against Clearcutting

Folder 9: WNC Alliance Publications, Membership Notices on Reorganization, Correspondence, 1990-2000

Folder 8: WNC Alliance Correspondence to Members to Write Letters Against Various Environmental Concerns

Box 51: Water Bond Newsclippings, Correspondence, Press Releases

Folder 1: Water Bond Voting Correspondence Regarding French Broad River, Fundraising and Membership Committee Meeting Minutes, 1989-1993

Folder 2: WNCA Press Releases, 1987-1991

Folder 3: WNCA Press Releases, 1991-1995

Folder 4: WNCA Press Releases, 1996-1999

Folder 5: WNCA Steering Committee Notebook

Folder 6: Henderson-Buncombe Water Plan

Folder 7: Citizens for Safe Drinking Water Meeting Minutes

Folder 8: Citizens for Safe Drinking Water Correspondence

Folder 9: French Broad Water Quality, Including Newsletter and Graphs of Waste Water Facts and Figures

Folder 10: Water Efficency Task Force Memorandum

Folder 11: Newspaper Clippings on Water Sources in Buncombe County and Issues Related, 1990

Folder 12: Water Task Force Clippings, 1990

Folder 13: Hominy Water Plan Newspaper Clippings, 1991

Folder 14: Water Bonds/Water Authority Notes

Folder 15: Water Authority Notes

Box 52: Asheville Watershed Materials, Clean Air, Grassroots Movement, Newspaper Clippings, Timber Sales and Clearcutting, Sustainable Forestry

Folder 1: Asheville Water Supply Task Force, Citizens for Safe Drinking Water Correspondence, Press Releases, 1990

Folder 2: Asheville Watershed Management Plan, Water Supply Protection Plan, City of Asheville Boards and Commissions Completed Application Forms, Newspaper Clippings

Folder 3: Forest Management Newspaper Clippings

Folder 4: Clearcutting and Old Growth Newspaper Clipping Copies, Bluff Mountain, Rutherfordton

Folder 5: WNC Alliance Copies of Newspaper Clippings, Walton R. Smith Obituary

Folder 6: Copies of Newspaper Clippings, Clean Air Act

Folder 7: Newspaper Clippings from Franklin on Grassroots Activism, 1993

Folder 8: Laminated Newspaper Clearcutting Clippings, Asheville Citizen-Times and The Mountain Times, 1994

Folder 9: Newspaper Clippings on WNC Alliance Grants and Elections Mailing

Folder 10: Newspaper Clippings, The Sustainable Economic Development Conference for WNC, 1994

Folder 11: Newspaper Clippings on Mining in National Forests and WNC Alliance Old-Growth Initiatives

Folder 12: Forest Management and Ecosystem Newspaper Clippings

Folder 13: Various Environmental Newspaper Clippings, Summer, 1994

Folder 14: Various Environmental Newspaper Clippings, Fall, 1994

Folder 15: Timber Sales Clippings, Clearcutting, Timber Land Management Newsclippings

Folder 16: Clearcutting and US Forest Service Newspaper Clippings

Folder 17: WNC Alliance Politics and Civic Engagement Newspaper Clippings, Brownie Newman Newspaper Article, 1998

Folder 18: Sustainable Forestry Clippings

Box 53: Various News Clippings and Articles on WNC Alliance Issues including Clearcutting, Clear Water and Air Acts, Old-Growth, Forest Uses, Canton, I-26 Corridor

Folder 1: Department of Transportation, Greenways Copies of Newspaper Clippings, 1998

Folder 2: Asheville, Big Choga, Blue Ridge Parkway, Logging and WNC Alliance Copies of Newspaper Clippings, 1998

Folder 3: Department of Transportation Chemical Dumping Copies of Newspaper Clippings, 1998

Folder 4: Timber Sales and Upper Hominy Land Swap Copies of Newspaper Clippings, 1998

Folder 5: Air Quality Newspaper Clippings, 1998

Folder 6: Industry in National Forests, Mining Permits, Logging Permits, Copies of Newspaper Clippings, 1998

Folder 7: Industry Protests, Mining and Clearcutting Copies of Newspaper Clippings, 1995

Folder 8: Newspaper Clippings on WNC Alliance Resignations and Reorganization, 1995

Folder 9: Old-Growth Newspaper Clipping Copies

Folder 10: Newspaper Clippings of Landfills and Solid Waste Management

Folder 11: WNC Alliance Call for Members, Timber Cutting Newspaper Articles, 1997

Folder 12: Sustainable Forestry, Eco-Tutors, Dr. Robert Zahner Newspaper Articles, 1997

Filder 13: WNCA Rally, Forestry Conference, Chip Mill Newspaper Clippings, 1997

Folder 14: Forestry Multiple Uses Photocopied Pages from Mountain Xpress and Asheville Citizen-Times, 1997

Folder 15: Land Development Newspaper Clippings, 1999

Folder 16: Air Pollution and Forestry Practices Photocopied Newspaper Clippings, 1999

Folder 17: Asheville City Council Election Newspaper Clippings, 1999

Folder 18: WNC, Watauga River, Sabbath Project, Forestry Newspaper Clippings, 1997

Folder 19: Air and Water Pollution Newspaper Clippings, 2000

Folder 20: Waterway Relicensing, Road Construction Ban, Newspaper Clipping Photocopies, 2000

Folder 21: Housing and Trust Fund Photocopies from Asheville Citizen-Times, 2000

Folder 22: Canton Mill, Old-Growth Forests, Roads, Photocopies of Asheville Citizen-Times Newspapers, 2000

Folder 23: Power Plants and Air Quality, Urban Sprawl Newspaper Clippings, 2000

Folder 24: I-26, Sugar Loaf, Watauga, and Air Quality Plan Newspaper Clippings, 2000

Folder 25: Progress Energy, Clean Water Amendment, Public Transportation Newspaper Articles, 2003

Folder 26: Utility Pollution, Bus System Photocopies and Printed Web Page News Articles, 2003

Box 54: Various Newspaper Articles Related to WNC Alliance Initiatives, Board Meetings and Minutes

Folder 1: Department of Transportation, Utility Pollution, and Clean Smokestacks Act, Shore Road Photocopies of Newspapers, 2002-2003

Folder 2: Asheville Green Organization, Asheville Citizen-Times Newspapers to Photocopy, 2005-2006

Folder 3: Air Quality and Transit Asheville Citizen-Times Photocopied Articles, 2005-2006

Folder 4: Photocopied Newspaper Articles on Water Quality, 2004-2006

Folder 5: Asheville Citizen-Times and Mountain Xpress Photocopied Newspaper Articles on Forests and Public Lands, Blue Ridge Parkway Superintendent Phil Francis, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, 2004-2006

Folder 6: Photocopies of Asheville Citizen-Times Road Development Projects including the Road to Nowhere, UNCA Parking Lots, 2004-2006

Folder 7: Articles with WNC Alliance, J. Dan Pittillo, Elk Release, 2003-2006

Folder 8: Asheville Citizen-Times Newspaper Articles, Chimney Rock Park Sale, Tourism, Chattooga Headwaters Fight, 2003-2006

Folder 9: WNC Alliance Newspaper Clippings, 1980s

Folder 10: WNC Alliance Newspaper Clippings on Clearcutting, Land Development Policies, I-26 Environmental Study Impact, 1990-1992

Folder 11: WNC Alliance Newspaper Clippings on Watershed Studies, Grassroots Organization, 1993

Folder 12: WNC Alliance Board Meeting Minutes, Budget, 2015

Folder 13: WNC Alliance Board Minutes and Budget, 2017

Box 55: Various Color and Black and White Photographs of Mostly Unidentified People at Various Events Associated with WNC Alliance

Folder 1: Color and Black and White Photographs of Construction for Highway 50 FR (BR) Park, ECL Billboard

Folder 2: One Color Photograph of Wild Summit

Folder 3: Color Photographs, J. Derril Smith, Presumed Photo of Ned Doyle

Folder 4: Random Color Office Photos, 3/99

Folder 5: Color Photographs of Clean Air Raleigh Trip, Used in Summer 2001 Accent

Folder 6: Random Color Photographs of Presumed 1st Clean Air Rally on UNC Asheville Campus

Folder 7: Color Photographs of Fundraising, Clay Ballantines Retirement Party, 2000

Folder 8: Stock Photos, Rep. Ray Rapp, Senator Joe Sam Queen

Folder 9: Bob's Annual Meeting Photos, 2000

Folder 10: PPTF-Mt. Pisgah Campground Sewer Repair-Negatives, (Dan Pittillo Has Prints)

Folder 11: Color Photographs of Possible WNC Alliance Fundraiser

Folder 12: Color Photographs of Asheville Watershed

Folder 13: Color Photographs, Some of the Backs of the Photographs are Labeled with Names and Locations

Folder 14: Duke Rankin United States Forest Service Botanist. Mitch Crisp, WCU Invasive Coordinator/Intern. Standing in front of WNCA Franklin Office.

Folder 15: Color Photographs of Balsam Mt. Preserve Hike, October 30th, 2004

Folder 16: Color Photographs Labeled "Volunters are Priceless" and "Joan Cantalino"

Folder 17: Various Color Photographs of Unknown Individuals at Unknown Forest Location, Rally

Folder 18: "Little Tenn. Perspectives" Article Photographs Including Ben Brown, Accent, Summer 2005

Folder 19: Two Color Photographs of Unidentifed People, Accent, Winter 2004-06 Issue

Folder 20: Three Sleeves of Various Color Photographs, Some Labeled on Back, Possibly Madison Country Chapter Hike and Fall Membership Meeting

Folder 21: Sleeve 1: Various Color Photographs With Pleasant Gardens Poster Boards (Probable Meeting), Sleeve Two: One Color Photograph of Man Presenting to Audience in Probable Classroom Setting, Sleeve Three: Floppy Disk Labeled "L. Glennville Pix"

Folder 22: One Color Photo of Three People on a Trail, Negative Photo Page, July 13, 2003

Folder 23: Sleeve 1: Various Color Photographs, One Photo at Devils Canyon Trail, 2 Negative Slides in Separate Sleeve, Sleeve 2: Don Mcleod (Labeled on the Reverse), Sleeve 3: Denison College Students Listening to Forest Lecture by R. Kelly, Sleeve 4: Black and White Photo of Possibly WNC Alliance Steering Committee Members

Folder 24: Three Color Photographs of Unidentified People- Two of a Man Holding WNC Alliance Bumper Stickers, One of a Woman Standing in Front of a Low Rock Wall

Folder 25: Two Sleeves of Various Color and Black and White Photographs, Some Labeled

Folder 26: Five Sleeves of Various Color Photos of the CCRC Horselogging Event, Location Listed as Asheville School, 1999

Folder 27: Two Sleeves of Color Photos Possibly of Steve Laurence, and Various Photos of Unidentified People, One Sleeve of Negatives

Folder 28: Sleeve 1: Color Photos of Norma Ivey and Other Unidentified People, Sleeve 2: One Color Photo of Norma Ivey at Clean Air Lobby Trip (Identified on Reverse), Sleeve 3: Color Photo of Unidentified Person Sitting on Tree Limb (Reverse Reads- "Unidentified Sitting Object"

Folder 29: Sleeve 1-2: Color Photos of Unidentified People at a Clean Air Rally in Asheville, Sleeve 3: Two Color Photos of Rick Maas at Clean Air Rally, Sleeve 4: Various Negatives and One Slide Negative

Folder 30: Sleeve 1: Two Color Photos of an Unidentified River, Sleeve 2: Various Negatives

Box 56: Various Color and Black and White Photos Related to WNC Alliance, Forest Hikes, Logging, Meetings, Rallys, Speeches

Folder 1: Sleeve 1: Black and White Photo of Unidentified People in River with Nets, Sleeve 2: Standing Ovation for Michael Frome at Parks Forum (Identified on Reverse, 10/5/98), Sleeve 3: Photo of White Oak, Sleeve 4: Color Photograph of Blue Ridge Parkway

Folder 2: Sleeve 1: Color Photos of Rally on the Corner of Macon/Charlotte St., Sleeve 2-3: Color Photos of May Raleigh Lobbying Trip (Identified on Reverse as 2000, Photo by Molly Diggins), Sleeve 4: Color Photograph Clean Air Rally Franklin of Senator Bob Carpenter and Bob Zahner (Identified on Reverse), Sleeve 5: Color Photo of Marilyn Granger Serving Ice Cream at Franklin Rally (Identified on Reverse), Sleeve 6: David Donnell at Roadless Hearing (Identified on Reverse)

Folder 3: Sleeve 1: Various Color Photographs of Unidentifed People, Sleeve 2: Three Photos (Two Color and One Black and White) of Unidentified Men, Sleeve 3: Color Photo Labeled "CCRC Horselogging"

Folder 4: Sleeves 1-2: Various Color Photographs of Possibly Big Choga Timber Stand Related to Sale, Sleeve 3: Negatives

Folder 5: Black and White Photo of Woman and Cat

Folder 6: Exposed Roots and Erosion on Trail

Folder 7: Color Photos of WNC Alliance Meeting, Highlands Hike (Post-it Note on Reverse with Various Names)

Folder 8: Eight Sleeves of Various Color Photos from the 2000 Watauga Riverfest

Folder 9: Color Photo of Various Unidentified People in the Fall; Possibly Members of WNC Alliance

Folder 10: One Sleeve of Color Photos of Various Unidentifed People with "Buncombe Chapter Outing Rough Creek Watershed" Written on Reverse

Folder 11: Color Photo of Unknown Woman- Labeled as Lena Hausen

Folder 12: Sleeve 1-4: Color Photos of Various People Logging via Horses, Building Wood Structure, Sleeve 5: Logging with Horses, Outdoor Festival, Sleeve 6: Logging with Horses, Bike Ride, Unidentified Women Speaking

Folder 13: Sleeve 1: Color Photo of Buildings in London, Sleeve 2: Color Photo of Hugh Koontz by Mary Kelly (Labeled on Reverse), Sleeve 3: Unidentified Women at GreenPeace, Toxic Tour in the UK (Labeled on Reverse), Sleeve 4: Color Photos of Landscapes Including Linville Gorge, Sleeve 5: Black and White Photo Labeled David Young, Sleeve 6: Color Photo of the Little Tennessee River at Needmore

Folder 14: Sleeve 1: Color Photo Labeled "CW Hardin Speaks at Roadless," Sleeve 2: Color Photo Labeled "McDowell Hike #4," Sleeve 3: Various Color and Black and White Photos of People Gathered at a Trailhead and Speaking to Crowds, Sleeve 4: Color Photo Labeled "Citizens Turning out for Clean Air," Sleeve 5: Various Color Photos of Unidentified People Possibly Hiking

Folder 15: Sleeve 1: Color Photo Labeled Bill McClarney discusses Needmore Issue at Macon Chapter Mtg, 2000, Sleeve 2: Color Photo Labeled Bill McClarney at Needmore Trail, 2000, by Norma Ivey, Sleeve 3: Various Color Photos of Unidentified People, One Labeled CRCC Horselogging

Folder 16: Sleeve 1: Color Photo of Tree Labeled, "6/15/98 Big Choga Timber Sale st. #30 White Ash 33.6" dbh (84 cm)," Sleeve 2-3: Color Photo of Tree Labeled, "6/15/98 Big Choga Timber Sale st. #30 White Ash 40.0" dbh -near stream (101 cm)," Sleeve 4: Color Photo of Tree Labeled, "6/15/98 Big Choga Timber Sale st. #30 Yellow Birch 30.6" dbh (76.5 cm)," Sleeve 5: Color Photo of Tree Labeled, "6/15/98 Big Choga Timber Sale st. #30 N. Red Oak 40.6" dbh (101.5 cm) Rob Messick," Sleeve 6: Color Photo of Tree Labeled, "6/15/98 Big Choga Timber Sale st. #30 Sugar Maple 29.2: dbh (73 cm)"

Folder 17: Various Color Photos of Public Speaking Events, Earth Day, Clean Air, and Solar Power Rallys

Folder 18: Four Color Photo Sleeves of Various Meetings and Forest Pictures, ?1987

Folder 19: Sleeve 1-3: Color Photos of WNC Alliance Meeting and Members

Folder 20: Sleeve 1-3: Color Photos of Various WNC Alliance Meetings, Sleeve 4: Color Photo Labeled on Reverse as Macon Chapter Meeting

Folder 21: Color Photos of Press Meeting, Sleeve Previously Labeled as Accent, Summer, 2001

Folder 22: Sleeve 1: Color Photos of Three Men on a Hiking Trail, Sleeve 2: Negatives, Sleeve Previously Labeled as Sprout Sale, David, Brian, Andrew

Folder 23: Sleeve 1: Color Photos of Lowe's Construction on Tunnel Road and Swannanoa River Road, Corner of Glendale Ave, Sleeve 2: Labeled "Alyx's Photos," Sleeve 3: Color Photos of Lowe's Construction

Folder 24: Sleeve of Miscellaneous Color Photos of River Quality, Baptism Rock Sign

Folder 25: Sleeve 1: Black and White Photo of Road Carved into the Side of a Mountain, Sleeve 2: Floppy Disk, Sleeve 3: Negatives

Box 57: Various Color and Black and White Photos of Meetings at Mimi Cecil's Home "The Frith," Biltmore Estate Outings with Lecturer Bill Alexander, Fundraisers

Folder 1: Sleeve 1: Man Looking at Photos of Dead Trees (Sleeve Reads WNC Alliance Ecologist Looking at Photos From Blue Ridge Parkway), Sleeve 2: Governor Signing Bill at Arboretum

Folder 2: Sleeve 1: Color Photo of Three Men Holding Dr. Mary Kelly an Award, Sleeve 2: Winning Photo of 1989 Ugliest Clearcutting Campaign, Sleeve 3: Color Photo of Three Men Holding Dr. Mary Kelly an Award, Sleeve 4: Color and Black and White Photos of Various Unidentified People, Sleeve 5: Various Color Photos of Unidentified People, Last Photo Has "BLM Office" Written on the Front

Folder 3: Sleeve 1: Color Photo of Unidentified Man (Sleeve Previously Reads: "WNCA Dr.(Pillillo) Puts Evolutionary History into Long Term Context, Sleeve 2: Various Black and White Photos of Unidentified People and River (Labeled Bill McClarney with Volunteers on Cullasaja River), Sleeve 3: Various Color and Black and White Photos of Unidentified People, Sleeve 4: Color and Black and White Photos, Including Photocopies of Photos, Related Primarily to Cut the Clearcutting Campaign

Folder 4: Five Sleeves of Various Color and Black and White Photos of Unidentified People and WNC Alliance Events (Sleeves Previously Labeled with Names of People in Photos)

Folder 5: Sleeve 1: Color Photo of Two Unidentified Men, Sleeve 2: Color Photo of Group Listening to Former Landscape and Forest Historian, Bill Alexander at Biltmore Estate, 11/3/98

Folder 6: Fifteen Sleeves of Color and Black and White Photos of Various People and Places Associated with WNC Alliance; Presentation of Esther C. Cunningham Award, Clearcutting, Flooding

Folder 7: Two Sleeves of Various Color and Black and White Photos of WNC Alliance Members, Child Being Examined by Doctor, Polaroid of an Unidentified Man

Folder 8: Six Sleeves of Various Color and Black and White Photographs of People Associated with WNC Alliance, Landscape, Conferences, US Forest Service

Folder 9: Sleeve 1: Various Photos of Landscapes and Trees (Possibly Mt. Mitchell), Sleeve 2: Color Photo of Unidentified People, Sleeve 3: Color Photo of Various People, Some US Forest Service, Back of Photo Labeled with Garrett Smathers Name and Other Information, Sleeve 4: Various Color Photos of Trees and Unidentified People Meeting, Some at Nantahala National Forest

Folder 10: Sleeve 1: Various Color Photos of People at Clear Air Rally, Sleeve 2: Fundraiser Meeting at Mimi Cecil's, Sleeve 3: Meeting at Biltmore Estate, Bill Alexander, Mimi Cecil in Photo, Sleeve 4: Unidentified Photo, Illegible Writing on Reverse, Sleeve 5: Color Photo of Hurricane Creek Sale Hike, Sleeve 6: Color Photo Labeled "S/C Retreat 11/19/1998," Sleeve 7: Color Photo of Unidentified Building, Sleeve 8: Fundraiser at Mimi Cecil's Home "The Frith" in Biltmore Forest, Sleeve 9: Color Photo of Fundraiser Meeting, Likely at The Frith, Sleeve 10: Color Photo of a Meeting, Sleeve 11: Biltmore Estate Outing

Folder 11: Sleeve 1 and 2: Smog Conditions Along Blue Ridge Parkway, Sleeve 3: Bill Alexander Lecturing on Biltmore Estate, Sleeve 4: S/C Retreat, Sleeve 5-6: Sustainable Development Buncombe Meeting on 2/17/99

Folder 12: Sleeve 1-15: Various Color Photos of River Clean-Ups, Meetings, NAACP, WLOS, Retreats, Fundraisers, and Clearcutting

Folder 13: Sleeve 1-4: Children on Playground and Negatvies, Sleeve 5-10, Annual Meeting at Blue Ridge Assembly, 1998

Folder 14: Sleeve 1: Various Black and White Photos of Air Quality in the Mountains, Sleeve 2: Eastern Continental Divide Hike, Sleeve 3: Photos from Coast, 2003, Sleeve 4: Walnut Street Photos, Sleeve 5: Negatives

Box 58: Various Color Slides of WNC Alliance Members and Events

Folder 1: WNC Alliance Spring Meeting, 3/27/2004, Franklin, NC

Folder 2: Forest Sustainability, Tray A, 55 Slides

Folder 3: Forest Sustainability, Tray B, 54 Slides

Folder 4: Miscellaneous Slides, 42 Slides

Folder 5: Various Negatives

Folder 6: 1987 Homecoming Fundraiser. Mountains.

Folder 7: Forest Management Taskforce Mtg, 2/21/1987 and Bent Creek Tour, 4/14/1987

Folder 8: Flat Creek Conference, 12/2/1987

Folder 9: Clearcutting, Billboard, Staff-Winter, 1987 and Macon County Retreat, Nuclear Dump Anniversary, Old Growth Walk, 1991

Folder 10: Spruce Pine, Micaville, Caldwell County Rally

Folder 11: WNC Alliance Annual Meeting/WCU November 1987

Folder 12: Various Negatives

Folder 13: Waterfalls, Highway Shots, Local Residents, Scaly Mountain Clearcutting

Folder 14: French Broad Field Trip, Highway Shots

Box 59: Various Color Slides and Negatives of WNC Alliance Members, Meetings, and Associated Events

Folder 1: Barnardsville Meeting, 1988, Fish and Wildflowers, SOUM Meets WNCA, 8/94, Signs, Protests, Concerts

Folder 2: Logs on Trucks, Waldee, Forestry Education

Folder 3: Columbia Forest Products, Clearcut Meetings, B. McLarney Fish Count, Garbage Recycling

Folder 4: Aerial Clearcut Shots, McLarney Fish Count

Folder 5: Meetings/Landfill, Garbage, and Recycling

Folder 6: Columbia Carolina Wood Products Tour, 7/94, Fishing Foothills, Environmental Alliance, Clearcutting

Folder 7: Big Ivey and Fish, Forest Conference at UNCA, 1993

Box 60: Environmental Analysis on Natural Areas of Importance in Henderson and Buncombe Counties; Three Books on Insects and Diseases Affecting Trees, Wildnerness Areas, and Aquatic Biodiversity

Folder 1: Natural Areas of Henderson County, Includes Inventory of Plants and Areas in Henderson County with Special Significance; Environmental Analysis with Maps

Folder 2: Natural Areas of Henderson County, Includes Inventory of Plants and Areas in Henderson County with Special Significance; Environmental Analysis with Maps

Folder 3: Natural Areas of Buncombe County, Includes Inventory of Plants and Areas in Buncombe County with Special Significance; Environmental Analysis with Maps

Folder 4: Natural Areas of Buncombe County, Includes Inventory of Plants and Areas in Buncombe County with Special Significance; Environmental Analysis with Maps

Folder 5: Book on Insects and Diseases of Trees in the South, Booklet Titled, "North Carolina Wilderness: A Reality or Just a Memory?" and Booklet Titled, "Protection of Aquatic Biodiversity in the Southern Appalachian National Forests and Their Watersheds"

Box 61: Maps Related to Pisgah and Nantahla Forest Plan Management

Folder 1: Booklet on Highlights of Land and Resource Management Plan for Nantahala and Pisgah, Amendment 5

Folder 2: Pisgah and Nantahala Map on Forest Management Revisions, Old-Growth Stands and Alternative Plans

Folder 3: Pisgah National Forest, Alternative C and Alternative D Maps

Folder 4: Pisgah National Forest, Alternative E and Alternative F

Folder 5: Pisgah National Forest, Alternative H

Folder 6: Nantahala National Forest, Alternatives A and B

Folder 7: Nantahala National Forest, Alternatives C and D

Folder 8: Nantahala National Forest, Alternatives E and F

Folder 9: Pisgah National Forest, Alternative G and Alternative H

Folder 10: Pisgah National Forest, Alternative C and Alternative D

Folder 11: Uwharrie National Forest and Croatan National Forest Plans

Folder 12: Nantahala National Forest, Alternative Plans A-D

Folder 13: Nantahala National Forest, Alternatives E-H

Folder 14: Pisgah National Forest, Alternative E and F

Folder 15: Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah District and French Broad District Forest Plan

Folder 16: Nantahala National Forest and Pisgah National Forest, Grandfather and Toecane District, Forest Plans

Folder 17: Management Areas Booklet

Box 62: Maps Related to Forest Management Plans in Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, Grandfather and Toecane, French Broad River Districts

Folder 1: Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized Inventory

Folder 2: Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest, Forest Plan Amendment #5, Alternative E Modified

Folder 3: USDA Correspondence Letter to Friends of the Forests, March 25, 1994

Folder 4: Nantahala National Forest, Alternative A and B and Alternative C

Folder 5: Pisgah National Forest, French Broad District, Alternative D and E

Folder 6: Nantahala National Forest, Alternative D and E

Folder 7: Pisgah National Forest, French Broad District Watershed and Initial Inventory of Possible Old Growth

Folder 8: Pisgah National Forest Pisgah District Alternative A and B. Alternative C.

Folder 9: Nantahala National Forest Watershed and Initial Inventory of Possible Old Growth

Folder 10: Pisgah National Forest, Grandfather and Toecane Districts, Alternatives A and B, Alternative C

Folder 11: Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah District Watershed and Initial Inventory of Possible Old Growth

Folder 12: Pisgah National Forest, Nanatahala National Forest, Bear Habitat

Folder 13: Pisgah National Forest French Broad District, Alternatives A, B, and C

Folder 14: Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah District, Alternatives D and E

Folder 15: Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah District Alternatives A, B, and C

Folder 16: Pisgah National Forest, French Broad District, Alternative D and E

Folder 17: Pisgah National Forest, French Broad District Watershed and Initial Inventory of Possible Old Growth

Folder 18: Pisgah National Forest, Grandfather and Toecane Districts, Alternatives A, B, C

Box 63: Handmade Scrapbook of Appalachian Hikes

Scrapbook: "Whither, The Beloved Mountains, The Story of 30 Years of Conservation Battles and Hiking Joys with My 52 Favorite Hikes in the Southernmost Appalachians," by Carl A. Reiche

Box 64: Various Booklets on WNC Alliance Environmental Topics- Natural Areas, Heritage Tourism, Air Quality, Growth in North Carolina

Folder 1: Mapping Change in Buncombe County, August 2003

Folder 2: Booklet- Natural Areas Inventory for Haywood County, North Carolina, 1993

Folder 3: Booklet- Sunnybank: The Inn at Hot Springs, A History (March 1980)

Folder 4: Booklet- Asheville: At the Nuclear Crossroads, June 2006

Folder 5: Report- Study on Transport of Nuclear Waste in the Carolinas, April 3, 2007

Folder 6: Booklet- Return the Great Forest: A Conservation Vision for the Southern Appalachian Region, 2002

Folder 7: Booklet- "Establishing a Baseline: Status of Water Policy in Great Lakes and Southeastern States, 1998 and 2003"

Folder 8: Booklet- "Saving the Goodliest Land: A Five-Year Plan for Investing in North Carolina's Land, Water, History, and Future," June 2005

Folder 9: Booklet- "A Safer Ride to School: How to Clean Up School Buses and Protect Our Children's Health"

Folder 10: Booklet- "The Next American Metropolis- Ecology, Community, and the American Dream"

Folder 11: Booklet- "The Rules of the Game: An Election Year Legal Guide for Nonprofit Organizations"

Folder 12: Booklet- "Our Lakes at Risk: The Impact of Growth on North Carolina's Water Quality," Summer 2005

Box 65: Various Booklets on WNC Alliance Environmental Issues- Radioactive Waste Dispersal, Climate Change, Forestry, Rivers

Folder 1: Booklet on DOE's Dispersal of Radioactive Waste Into Landfills and Consumer Products

Folder 2: North Carolina Report: "Death by Degrees, The Health Threats of Climate Change in North Carolina"

Folder 3: CD-ROM- "Macon Voices" WNC Alliance

Folder 4: Booklet- "Standing Tall, A New Path for North Carolina's Private Forests"

Folder 5: Booklet- EPA on Parking Spaces/Community Places, Smart Growth

Folder 6: Booklet- "The Asheville Riverfront Open Space Design Guidelines"

Folder 7: Booklet- "The Riverfront Plan"

Folder 8: Booklet- "The French Broad, River of Trouble--River of Hope"

Folder 9: Booklets (3)- Tennessee Valley Authority Watershed and Biomonitoring Survey in Various Rivers in TN and NC

Folder 10: DVD (2)- "Worth Saving" UNC Asheville Video

Folder 11: Booklet- Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest Management Plan Comments, December 1992

Box 66: 3 File Folders of Signatures for the Cut the Clearcutting Campaign

Folder 1: Signed Petitions for Cut the Clearcutting Campaign

Folder 2: Signed Petitions for Cut the Clearcutting Campaign

Folder 3: Signed Petitions for Cut the Clearcutting Campaign

Box 67: Signed Petitions Against Clearcutting and Appeal No. 2004

Folder 1: Signed Petitions for Cut the Clearcutting Campaign

Folder 2: Appeal No. 2004- Reply to the Regional Forester's Responsive Statement on Environmental Impact of Land and Resource Management Plan in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest (May 16, 1998)

Folder 3: Appeal No. 2004- Reply to the Regional Forester's Responsive Statement on Environmental Impact of Land and Resource Management Plan in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest

Box 68: Signed Petition Booklets on Cut the Clearcutting, 4 Volumes

Folder 1: Volume 1 of 4 of Signed Petition Signatures for the Cut the Clearcutting Campaign, Appeal 2004

Folder 2: Volume 2 of 4 of Signed Petition Signatures for the Cut the Clearcutting Campaign, Appeal 2004

Folder 3: Volume 3 of 4 of Signed Petition Signatures for the Cut the Clearcutting Campaign, Appeal 2004

Folder 4: Volume 4 of 4 of Signed Petition Signatures for the Cut the Clearcutting Campaign, Appeal 2004

Box 69: Haywood Community Alliance and WNC Alliance Materials

Folder 1: Paper Copy of UNCA Photo, Date Unknown, Folder with ID's of People in Photo

Folder 2: Haywood Community Alliance Meeting Minutes, Newspaper Clippings, Agendas for Steering Committees, and Landowner Information Related to Cataloochee Wildnerness Resort

Folder 3: Email Printings of Newspaper Clippings from Haywood County Alliance, 2007

Folder 4: WNC Alliance Emails re: Blue Ridge Paper Products and Cataloochee Wilderness Project, 2007

Folder 5: Membership Information, WNC Alliance

Folder 6: Environmental Protection Agency Ordinances Related to Watersheds and Mountain Ridge Protection

Folder 7: Haywood County Growth Readiness Roundtable Newsletters, 2007

Folder 8: Northwest Earth Institute Manual on Discussion Courses and Russell Family Foundation Grant Agreement

Box 70: Western North Carolina County-By-County Organizational and Development Notes and Correspondences

Folder 1: Henderson County Organizational Notes

Folder 2: Jackson County Organizational Notes

Folder 3: Macon County Organizational Notes, Development, and Achievements

Folder 4: Madison County Organizational Notes

Folder 5: McDowell County, Greenway Information CD, Good Earth Steward Minutes, Organizational and Development Notes, Bumper Stickers, Business Cards, Membership Lists

Folder 6: Tuckaseegee Community Newsletter

Folder 7: Tusquittee Development Notes, Including Mission Dam Project

Folder 8a: Watauga River Conservation Partners Correspondence

Folder 8b: Watauga Development Correspondence

Folder 8c: Watauga River Conservation Correspondence

Folder 8d: Watauga River Conservation Partners Meetings and Data Sheets, Includes CD

Box 71: Western North Carolina County-By-County Organizational and Development Notes and Correspondences, Chapters Assessments and Compensations

Folder 1: Yancey County Organizational and Development Notes

Folder 2: Buncombe County Bank Drafts and Organizational Notes

Folder 3: Buncombe County Planning and Development, Strategic Planning Notes

Folder 4a: Haywood County Correspondence re: Mining Permits, Blue Ridge Paper Company and Clean Water Act, Haywood Community Alliance Membership Notes

Folder 4b: 3 Color Photos of Eagles Nest Mountain, CD-ROM of Haywood County Alliance Records From 2008-2009

Folder 4c: Haywood County Petition Signatures Unsubmitted and Submitted (2008) and Haywood County Event Mailing Addresses (Spring 2010)

Folder 5: Save the French Broad Paddle Trip Insurance Documents From BB&T

Folder 6: Chapters Assessments, Audits, and Allocations From 1991-2000

Box 72: Federal Energy Regulatory Re-Licensing Projects in Nantahala, Tuckaseegee, Lake Glenville, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Remarks, CORA- Commission on Religion in Appalachia and Funding Advocacy Paperwork with WNC Alliance

Folder 1a: Tuckaseegee Project, Duke Power Project, Nantahala Project, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Notes and Correspondence

Folder 1b: Development of CRMP's in Nantahala, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Correspondence re: Nantahala, Lake Glenville Scoping Documents, FERC Re-Licensing Mission Hydroelectric Project

Folder 2a: CORA- Commission on Religion in Appalachia, Newsletters, Correspondence, WNC Alliance Collaboration Proposal, Funding Advocacy Paperwork

Folder 2b: CORA- Commission on Religion in Appalachia, Newsletters, Correspondence, WNC Alliance Collaboration Proposal, Funding Advocacy Paperwork

Folder 2c: CORA- Commission on Religion in Appalachia, Newsletters, Correspondence, WNC Alliance Collaboration Proposal, Funding Advocacy Paperwork

Box 73: WNC Alliance Important News Clippings, Membership Rosters, Photos, Articles of Incorporation, Awards and Certificates, Executive Committee Reports; RESTRICTED FILE (FOLDER 12)

Folder 1: WNC Alliance Membership Reports and Statistics, 1988-1992

Folder 2: WNC Alliance Photos, Newspaper Clippings, and Historical Summary of the Alliance

Folder 3: Important News Clippings, 1995

Folder 4: Accent on Action Publication Copies, 1997-2006

Folder 5: Awards and Certificates of Achievement

Folder 6: Articles of Incorporation for Western North Carolina Alliance

Folder 7: Esther Cunningham Correspondence

Folder 8: Executive Committee Reports

Folder 9: Greek National Network

Folder 10: Institute for Conservation Leadership Workshop, 2006

Folder 11: WNC Alliance Income History, 1983-1997

Folder 12: RESTRICTED FILE; Legal Case

Box 74: Bylaws, Procedures, Policies, Leadership Manual, Organizational Charts, Contact Information

Folder 1: WNC Alliance By Laws, 1985

Folder 2: WNC Alliance By Laws of Incorporation, 1989

Folder 3: Profit and Loss Margins, Budget, Strategic Plan, Organizational Charts

Folder 4: WNC Alliance Contact Information, Budget, Organizational Chart, 2005

Folder 5: WNC Alliance Platforms, Policies, and Personnel Policies

Folder 6: Parliamentary Procedures and Historical Practices

Folder 7: WNCA Leadership Manual

Folder 8: WNCA Organization, Bylaws and Platforms, Policies

Folder 9: WNC Alliance Meeting Notes and Minutes

Box 75: Statistics on Membership, Surveys, Steering Committee Notes

Folder 1: WNC Alliance Statistics, 1987-1990

Folder 2: Comprehensive Consultation Report for WNC Alliance, 2000

Folder 3: Steering Committee Notes, Budgets, Correspondence

Folder 4: Steering Committee Notes, Budgets, Correspondence

Folder 5: WNC Alliance Membership Survey, 1995

Folder 6: Membership Involvement Response, 1996

Folder 7: Membership Survey, 1996

Folder 8: Membership Survey, 1997