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Blomberg Family Papers

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Blomberg Family Papers
0.75 Linear feet  ; 2 boxes and lateral file drawer (Drawer excluded from linear measure)
Physical Description
Contains correspondence and other documents, telegrams, photographs, and postcards.
Boxes located in Special Collections, Row 7, Section 5. Oversize items located in lateral drawer.

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[Identification of item]; Blomberg Family Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina Asheville

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Biographical Note

Lithuanian emigrant Lewis Blomberg came to Asheville in 1887, and was soon followed by his older brother Aaron. Both brothers owned many businesses in Asheville, including, the Star Clothing Company, the Racket Store, the Model Cigar Store, and the Strand movie theater. The brothers' children also went on to own numerous businesses. These included the Emporium, the Bootery, and Nat Haberdasher. Lewis' youngest son Harry, created a large car dealership in Asheville, before purchasing Biltmore Industries.

[Based on information in, The family store : a history of Jewish businesses in downtown Asheville, 1880-1990 / collected and edited by Jan Schochet and Sharon Fahrer, F264.A8 S35 2006 ]

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Scope and Contents

Contains personal papers, photographs, and other documents from the Blomberg family of Asheville, particularly Lewis Blomberg, and his five children Sigmund, Nat, Marilyn, Freda, and Harry, and Lewis' brother Aaron. The collection also contains a 1992 directory from Congregation Beth Ha-Tephila.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


No restrictions. Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.


Items in Box 1, Folders 11 to 18, received from Blomberg family via Sharon Fahrer in November 2017. Other items donated in 2004 by Sharon Fahrer on behalf of Marilyn Patton.

Processing Information

Originally processed by Special Collections staff, 2004. Reprocessed with new finding aid by Jess Furst, December 2013. Further revisions and additions by Colin Reeve, November 2017

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Papers, Postcards, and Photographs 

Folder 1 

1992 Directory, Congregation Beth Ha-Tephila. 

Folder 2 

Undated letter from Harry Blomberg to Freada (sic) and Edna, on Harry's Motor Inns notepaper 

Undated letter from Harry Blomberg to Freda and Edna, on Nat's Clothiers notepaper 

Paper bag with logo,"The Racket Store, 1887--Asheville's Grand Old Store--1929. L. Blomberg, Proprietor, 16 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, N.C." 

Folder 3 

Russian Postal Card addressed to "Mr. A. Blomberg, 23 North Main Str. Asheville, N.C. America." 1907. Handwritten note in Yiddish (from a child thanking Blomberg for a pair of pants) 

Russian Postal Card addressed to "Mr. L. Blumberg, 17 Patton Ave. Ascheville,(sic) N.C. America." 1905. Handwritten note in Yiddish. 

Russian Postal Card addressed to "Mr. L. Blumberg, 17 Patton Ave. Asheville, N.C. America." Date indecipherable. Handwritten note in Yiddish. 

Folder 4 

Letter, in German, on stationery from "Model Cigar Store, 17 Patton Ave., Asheville, N.C", Jan. 31, 1893." Sender and recipient names indecipherable 

Document, in German, with two seals and multiple stamp-seals. (Reference to Pauline Paracleis and Benjamin Schmerl Segal.) November 12, 1888. [4 pages] 

Folder 5 

(List), in Yiddish. Undated 

Folder 6 

Letter, in Yiddish, on stationary from, "Blumberg Bros. Outfitters for Men, Women and Children, 113-119 Broughton Street, West, Savannah, Ga." Feb. 26, 1924 

Folder 7 - Telegrams for "Sig's Barmetzvah and Mames wedding." Originally in photo envelope from Allison's Drug Store Agency. Envelope is in folder. 

Wedding Telegrams, to Mr & Mrs. Lewis Blomberg, Oddfellows Hall, Savannah, GA 

From cousin Segal, October 12, 1899 

From Ike L. Ettinger, October 12, 189(9) 

From Mr. & Mrs. Frank, (12 Oct) 

Bar Mitzvah Telegrams, to Blomberg, 31 Woodfin St. or 17 Patton Ave., Asheville 

From Minnie & Sam, August 21, 1909 

From Uncle Albert, August 21, 1909 

From Abe Blanche, August 21, 1909 

From Mr. & Mrs. H Raskin, August 22, 1909 

From Mr. & Mrs. B Abramovitz and family, August 22, 1909 

From Mr. & Mrs. J Cohen, August 22, 1909 

From Blomberg Bros., August 22, 1909 

From Mr. & Mrs. L Bluestein, August 22, 1909 

From Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Marcus, August 22, 1909 

From Mr. & Mrs. S Ginsberg, August 22, 1909 

From Grandma & Uncle, nd 

Folder 8 

Check to A. Blomberg from D.L. Duck for $10.00, April 16, 1905. [Photocopy] 

Letter from Senator Robert R. Reynolds, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stern, June 1, 1940 

Folder 9 

Postcard, reply to Biltmore Industries from Lillian (Stickh) requesting samples, nd 

Folder 10 

Newsprint advertisement for The Racket Store, 78 N. Lexington Avenue, with photo of L. Blomberg. nd 

Folder 11 - Postcard to Fred Seely 

From Phil & Helen, view of First Baptist Church, Asbury Park NJ, 1928 

Folder 12 - Postcard to Lewis Blomberg 

From (Mollie), view of Thomas Circle, Washington, DC, 1909 

Folder 13 - Postcards to Marilyn Blomberg 

From (her father), images of Hotel Edison, NYC, 1940 

From "Mommie", image of Hotel Alden, Miami Beach, 1941 

From "Mommie" and Babe, image of Hotel Alden, Miami Beach, 1941 

From Mommie and Daddy, images of the Hickory House, Miami Beach, date not readable 

Folder 14 - Postcards to Sigmund Blomberg 

From 'Your Mother', view of The Tower, Dreamland, Coney Island, NY, 1909 

From Mother, view of Mt. Vernon Mansion, 1909 

From Mother, view of Johns Hopkins University, 1909 

From Shirley & Harry, image of Kururstendamm, Berlin, date not readable 

Folder 15 - Postcards to Freda Blomberg Stern 

Unsigned, view of John Brown's Monument and War Tablets, Harpers Ferry, WV, date not readable 

From Mother, US Congressional Library, Washington, DC, 1909 

From (Cousin Benny), picture of swans, 1911 

From (Mary A) Blomberg [Cousin], picture of man writing, 1909 

From (Mother), image of Baltimore St., Baltimore MD, 1909 

From Mother, image of Tybee Island lighthouse, 1910 

From (Madeline), image of The Warwick, Philadelphia, 1953 

From (Shirley & Harry), view of "Old Dutch" Restaurant, Rotterdam, 1959 

From Edna, view of floral clock, Niagara Falls, 1962 

From Sig, view of Long Beach, CA, 1964 

From George & (Riette), view of Malecon, Mexico, (1978) 

From (Harry & Shirley), Berlin-Charlottenburg, date not readable 

From (Harry & Shirley), view in Vatican Museum, date not readable 

From (Bette & George), view of St. Maarten, date not readable 

From (Stephanie), view of the Eiffel Tower, date not readable 

From (Shirley & Harry), view of Bakkhaus Resi, Berlin, date not readable 

From (Shirley & Harry), view of the Savoy, London, date not readable 

From (Riette), view of Tourkolimano, Greece, not not readable 

Folder 16 - Postcards to Biltmore Industries 

From Beatrice (Cobb) regarding check, image of Morganton, NC, 1941 

From H A Crieth, requesting Fall Wardrobe, view of Creith Lumber, Columbus, OH, 195 

Folder 17 - Unsent Postcards 

Image of Atlanta Biltmore Hotel 

View of Big Cove Camp Ground near Maggie Valley, NC 

Folder 18 - Photographs 

Miss Maude Branch 

Unidentified man, (in WWI era army uniform), Girard's Studio, Savannah, GA 

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Box 2: Photograph Albums 

Album with "S M A 1919" written on cover. (Contains photos of Harry Blomberg at military academy and family members) [Prints removed from album pages and placed in photo sleeves probably during initial processing] 

Album with photos of baby/young boy with various adults, dated 1933 - 36 [Some pages have become detached from album] 

"Photo Book of Edna Blomberg 1916", contains photos taken 1915 - 17, many are captioned, and seem to be of Edna, her friends, and family. Also includes loose print of woman (possibly Edna in 1960s), and clipping of Asheville street scene (in 1930s) 

Album with photos primarily featuring Freda Blomberg circa 1907 - 15, and several telegrams Also includes loose photos, generally from same era, but one is dated 1940, two newspaper clippings, and postcard from Moe to Edna Blomberg, dated 1965 [Post-it notes identifying people added by unknown person(s)] 

Series of photographs in archive sleeves and identified as (removed from) "Red Album". Photographs seem to show Blomberg family from the (1940s). [Sleeves are numbered bloRA001 to 0042, but 003 is used twice, and sleeves 039 to 041 were empty and removed from series during reprocessing.] 

14 sleeved photographs, possibly originally in the "Red Album" [Sleeves have bloRA prefix, but are not numbered] 

Folder with photograph of men on stage with "Dr G Farrow Parker" identified. Also photocopy of family photograph, circa early 20th century. 

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Oversize Items 

Marriage document in Yiddish. Undated. Published by A.L. Cremansky, 30 Canal Street, N.Y. 

Photograph, family group, undated (early 20th century) 

Photograph, family (wedding) group, The Plateau Studios, Asheville, undated (1920s) 

Photograph, family group, undated (1980s) 

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