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UNCA Center for Jewish Studies Collection
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1982-2017
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3.0 Linear feet  ; 11 boxes
Physical Description
Contains publicity materials, correspondence, meeting minutes, fundraising information, clippings and other documents and audio cassette tapes. One tape is broken. The collection has been processed and reprocessed several times, and neither the original order, or basis for current order, is known. It does appear that materials were collected by different people, most obviously by various Directors of the Center, and for this reason alone, duplication of materials does occur across files and boxes. However, duplicates of materials within a file have been removed.
Located in Special Collections, row 5, section 6

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[Identification of item], UNCA Center for Jewish Studies Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Historical Note

The Center for Jewish Studies of UNC Asheville was formed to collect and disseminate knowledge of Jewish culture, history and religion, particularly of the southeastern US. Its creation stemmed from a two day seminar on the Holocaust held in April 1982. The success of the seminar led the Asheville Jewish Community Relations Council to propose to Chancellor William Highsmith that a Southeastern Center for Jewish Studies be established. The university established the center on December 15, 1982, with Professor Milton Ready as its first Director.

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Scope and Contents

Contains materials gathered and donated by Richard Chess, President of The Center for Jewish Studies. The materials appear to have been from the files of previous Center presidents, specifically Milton ready, Ileana Grams, and Judith Shulimson, and focus on the 1980s. These materials include correspondence, minutes of meetings, documents related to conferences and events organized by the Center, as well as personal notes and jottings. There are also clippings and other reference materials, predating the establishment of the Center, and eleven audio cassette tapes believed to contain recordings of panel discussions from conferences and/or seminars organized by the Center in 1987.

Additionally, the collection includes brochures, posters, and other publicity materials for events organized by the Center from its creation, through to the present. This part of the collection will be updated whenever new publicity materials are received,

In 2017 materials were donated by Jay Jacoby. Publicity materials for events from this donation have been filed within the appropriate year in Box 1, but all other materials have been collected as an Addendum [Box 11]

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Administrative Information

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UNCA Center for Jewish Studies


Dr. Richard Chess ; Marty Gillen ; Jay Jacoby

Processing Information

Originally processed by Special Collections staff, 2009. Revised by H. Wykle 2012-02-22. Revised C. Reeve & J. Batson, Jan. 2014. Further Revisions by C. Reeve April 2016 and May 2017

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Correspondence and publicity materials. 1982-Present 

Folder 1: Miscellaneous correspondence and materials. 1983-2009 

Projected goals, objectives and budgets. (1983) 

Letter to "Community Member" from Federated Jewish Studies Inc. December 7, 1983 

Letter thanking Mr. & Mrs. Deutsch for their donation. Date May 22, 1984 

Anticipated projects, 1983 -1984. 

Call for papers, for 1986 symposium, "Heritage: The Jewish Experience in the South." 

Biography for Robert Chazan. (1986) 

Information on the Facing History and Ourselves National Foundation. Date May, 1988. 

Brochure for exhibit, "Jews and Georgians, a Meeting of Cultures 1733 - 1983." The Atlanta Jewish Federation, 1986. 

UNCA memo, Alfred Kazin, visiting professor. May 7, 1984. 

Outline of conference, "Is Western North Carolina the Ideal Place for your Retirement?" July - August 1985. 

Letter to Ileana Grams from Suzanne Stutman. September 16, 1985 

Outline of presentation by Cecil Holmes White. 1986. 

Publicity flyer.(1986) 

Publicity flyer.(1994) 

Photo taken by Alfred Hya, of scholar at Meron, in 1961. Sent by Richard Redfern to "Bob", February 1994 

Card from Kirness, souvenir shop Jerusalem. Undated. 

Names of founders, leaders, active members and contributers. (2009) 

Pamphlet celebrating 25 years of the Center for Jewish Studies. (2009) 

History of the Weil family of Goldsboro. Undated. 

Folder 2: Publicity materials for events. Undated. 

Folder 3: Publicity materials for events. 1980's. 

Folder 4: Holocaust seminar materials. 1982. 

Folder 5: Publicity materials for events. 1990's. 

Folder 6: Publicity materials for events. 2000. 

Folder 7: Publicity materials for events. 2001. 

Folder 8: Publicity materials for events. 2002. 

Folder 9: Publicity materials for events. 2003. 

Folder 10: Publicity materials for events. 2004. 

Folder 11: Publicity materials for events. 2005. 

Folder 12: Publicity materials for events. 2006. 

Folder 13: Publicity materials for events. 2007. 

Folder 14: Publicity materials for events. 2008. 

Folder 15: Publicity materials for events. 2009. 

Folder 16: Publicity materials for events. 2010. 

Folder 17: Publicity materials for events. 2011. 

Folder 18: Publicity materials for events. 2012. 

Folder 19: Publicity materials for events. 2013. 

Folder 20: Publicity materials for events. 2014. 

Folder 21: Publicity materials for events. 2015 

Folder 22: Publicity materials for events. 2016 

Folder 23: Publicity materials for events. 2017 

Folder 24: Publicity materials for events. 2018 

Folder 25: Publicity materials for events. 2019 

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Box 2: Jewish Studies Papers. 1986-1988. 

Folder 1: Fundraising Letters. March 30 & August 20, 1987. 

Folder 2: Grants. 1987. 

Folder 3: Budget. 1986-1987. 

Folder 4: Active File Programs. 1986-1988. 

Folder 5: North Carolina Humanities Committee [NCHC} Project Grant - Application. 1988. 

Folder 6: Conference on Jewish Culture in the South - Proposals. 1988. 

Folder 7: NHCH Evaluation. 1988. 

Folder 8: Conference on Jewish Culture in the South - Publicity. 1988. 

Folder 9: Conference on Jewish Culture in the South - Planning. 1988. 

Folder 10: Conference on Jewish Culture in the South - Out-of-Town Attendees. 1987-1988 

Folder 11: Conference on Jewish Culture in the South. 1988. 

Folder 12: Yael Herbsman Conference paper and Vita. 1988. 

Folder 13: Sylvia Fishman Conference Presentation. 1988 

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Box 3: Jewish Studies Papers. 1987-1988. 

Folder 1: Theodore Weinberger Conference Paper. 1988 

Folder 2: Lee Shai Weissbach Conference Paper. 1988 

Folder 3: UNCA Hiring Procedures. 1987 

Folder 4: Appointment of Director of Center for Jewish Studies. 1987. 

Folder 5: Certificates of Appreciation. January, 1987. 

Folder 6: Board Meeting. January 25, 1987. 

Folder 7: Board Meeting. April 5, 1987. 

Folder 8: Board Meeting. August 10, 1987. 

Folder 9: Board Meeting. October 13, 1987. 

Folder 10: Board Meeting. December 9, 1987. 

Folder 11: Board Meeting. February 10, 1988. 

Folder 13: Board Meeting. June 8, 1988. 

Folder 13: Center for Jewish Studies General Information. 1987-1988. 

Folder 14: Working Files - Organization. Dates 1988. 

Folder 15: Publicity Information and Guidelines. 1987. 

Folder 16: Library Archives Publications. 1987-1988. 

Folder 17: Education and Outreach. 1987. 

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Box 4: Jewish Studies Papers. 1985-1988. 

Folder 1: By-laws and Organization. 1985 & 1987. 

Folder 2: Finances and Budget. 1986-1988. 

Folder 3: Inbound Correspondence. 1987. 

Folder 4: Outbound Correspondence. 1987. 

Folder 5: WNC Jewish Foundation. 1987-1988. 

Folder 6: Jewish Community Center. 1987. 

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Box 5: Jewish Studies Papers. 1983-1988. 

Folder 1: United Campus Ministry for UNCA. 1987. 

Folder 2: Southern Jewish Historical Society. 1987-1988. 

Folder 3: Duke-UNC Cooperative Program in Judaic Studies. 1987-1988. 

Folder 4: College of Charleston Jewish Studies Program. Undated. 

Folder 5: American Jewish Historical Association - Local Jewish Historical Society News. April 1984 

Folder 6:Jewish-Christian Relations. 1987. 

Folder 7: Jewish Chautaugua Society. Correspondence. May 15, 1986. 

Folder 8: Interfaith Institute at Wildacres. 1987. 

Folder 9: Showing of Films by Barbara Myerhoff. October, 1987. 

Folder 10: Jewish Book Month Lectures. 1986 

Folder 11: Jewish Book Month Lectures. November, 1987. 

Folder 12: Contacts. 1987. 

Folder 13: Presentations. 1987-1988. 

Folder 14: Program Possibilities. 1987. 

Folder 15: Book Cards UNCA. 1987. 

Folder 16: "Information on Program Ideas, etc. From Ileana." 1985. 

Folder 17: Materials from Ileana Grams. Including a Steno Notebook and hand written notes. 1983-1986. 

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Box 6: Jewish Studies Papers. 1979-1988. 

Folder 1: Diary of Anne Frank Study Guide. 1980. 

Folder 2: Bylaws. Board Meetings. Dates 1983-1987. 

Folder 3: Correspondence. 1982-1987. 

Folder 4: Academic Papers. 1979-1986. 

Folder 5: Programs. 1982-1988. 

Folder 6: Newspaper article concerning Sprinza Weizenblatt. April 25, 1987. 

Folder 7: Oral History Resource. 1987. 

Folder 8: Conference Publicity. 1985-1987. 

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Box 7: Jewish Studies Papers. 1951-1987. 

Folder 1: Holocaust Workshop Handouts. 1987. 

Folder 2: Newspaper and Journal Articles Concerning Jewish History. (1985). 

Folder 3: Civilisation and the Jew. 1985-86. [Includes materials from The Greater Asheville Intergroup Youth Congress, 1957-58] 

Folder 4: Judith Shulimson Curriculum Vitae. (1986). 

Folder 5: Local Jewish Bulletins. 1983-1984. 

Folder 6: Historical Materials Related to Asheville's Jewish History. 1951-1979. 

Folder 7: Letters Sent. 1979-1986. 

Folder 8: "North Carolina" from "American Jewish Landmarks A Travel Guide & History, Volume II." 1979. 

Red Spiral Bound Notebook of Class Notes (from Brown University). Unidentified Author. (1986). 

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Box 8: Jewish Studies Papers. 1945-1986 

Folder 1: Workshop Questionnaire. Undated. 

Folder 2:(Class Notes / Observations). Undated. 

Folder 3: Jewish Federation of Little Rock, Holocaust Awareness Program. (1982) 

Folder 4: Materials Concerning the Instruction of Jewish History in an Academic Setting. (1973-1984) 

Folder 5: "Jews and Georgians, A Meeting of Cultures, 1733-1983." Twelve Laminated Vintage Photographs of Jewish Culture. 

Folder 6: Center for Jewish Studies Annual Report 1985-1986. 

Folder 8: Jewish Heritage & Culture Brochures & Pamphlets. (1980-1982) 

Folder 9: Newspaper Clippings. 1951 & 1985 

Folder 10: Miscellaneous Materials Including: Postcards from the Touro Synagogue, Workshop Outline and Pack Library Bibliography on Rise of Nazism, (Prayer Booklet) and Article Claiming the Holocaust was a Hoax. Dates 1945-1985 

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Box 9: Form of Prayers and Audio Tapes 

Book. "Form Of Prayers for the Feat of Passover", Vienna 1900. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: Side One "Umansky." Side Two "Disc. of film." May 31, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: "Joseph Mann & Panel, 1:15-2:30." May 31, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled : "Jim Abrahamson & Panel, 2-3:30 pm." May 30, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: "Henry Meyers LRC/UNCA COPY." November 12, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: Side One "9:30-Shirley Kolack." Side Two "10:00-Stanley Rosenbaum." May 30, 1987. 

Audio Cassette tape. Labeled: "Bland." Undated. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: Side One "Gittleson." Side Two "Herbsman." May 31, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: "Panel 1 11-12:30. Panel 2 11-12:30." May 30, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: "Panel on Intermarriage, 3:45-5:30." May 30, 1987. 

Audio Cassette Tape. Labeled: "Panel." Undated. 

One Spectrum Audio Cassette Tape. Unidentified. Tape is broken. 

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Box 10: "The First 35 Years" 

Video and interviews made to celebrate the first 35 years on the Center for Jewish Studies. Filmed and edited by Marty Gillen in 2016/17, the interviewees talk about their lives and the Center for Jewish Studies. All mp4 format on DVD 

Film, "The First 35 Years" 

Judi Barr interview [Disk 1] 

Andrew Blum interview [Disk 1] 

Dave Brown interview [Disk 2] 

Sari-Rose Brown interview [Disk 2] 

Jennie Burrowes interview [Disk 2] 

Gabe Chess interview [Disk 3] 

Laurie Chess interview [Disk 3] 

Rick Chess interview [Disk 4] 

Carol Cohen interview [Disk 5] 

Bob Deutsch interview [Disk 5] 

Carol Deutsch interview [Disk 5] 

Sharon Fahrer interview [Disk 6] 

Sara Gerall interview [Disk 6] 

Randee Goodstadt interview [Disk 6] 

Sharyn McDonald Groh interview [Disk 6] 

Jay Jacoby interview [Disk 7] 

Ed Katz interview [Disk 7] 

Ron Manheimer interview [Disk 7] 

Deborah Miles interview [Disk 9] 

Ileana Grams Moog interview [Disk 8] 

Merritt Mosely interview [Disk 9] 

Milton Ready interview [Disk 10] 

Neal Reed interview [Disk 10] 

Ken Schapira interview [Disk 10] 

Arnie Sgan interview [Disk 11] 

Arnold Wengrow interview [Disk 11] 

Bob Yearout interview [Disk 12] 

Walter Ziffer interview [Disk 12] 

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Box 11: Addendum, 2017 

Folder 1: 35th Anniversary Programs and Invitations March 2017 

Folder 2: 35th Anniversary Correspondences (Jay Jacoby and others), 2015 

Folder 3: 35th Anniversary Correspondences (Jay Jacoby and others), 2016 

Folder 4: 35th Anniversary Correspondences (Jay Jacoby and others), 2017 

Folder 5: 35th Anniversary Planning Committee, 2015-2017 

Folder 6: 35th Anniversary Misc. 

Folder 7: CJS Board, 2005-2013 

Folder 8: CJS Budgets & Treasurer's Reports, 2005-2013 

Folder 9: Correspondences, 2005 

Folder 10: Correspondences, 2006 

Folder 11: Correspondences, 2007 

Folder 12: Correspondences, 2008 

Folder 13: Correspondences, 2009 

Folder 14: Correspondences, 2010 

Folder 15: Correspondences, 2011 

Folder 16: Correspondences, 2012 

Folder 17: Correspondences, 2013 

Folder 18: Newspaper Clippings, Feb 7, 2010 and nd 

Folder 19: Jewish Studies Courses, 2004-2007 

Folder 20: Academic Writings and Proposals 

Folder 21: Other Writings 

Folder 22: Events 

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