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F. Stuart Chapin Collection
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Printed materials, handwritten notes and newspaper clippings. Items originally grouped as the "Neighborhood as a Community" have been spread across several folders but the original title has been maintained in the folder title to indicate this reallocation.
Located in Special Collections, Row 8 Section 3

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F. Stuart Chapin Collection, D. H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Biographical Note

Dr. Francis Stuart Chapin was born February 3, 1888 and was a sociologist, university administrator and academic. In 1923 he became head of the Sociology department at the University of Minnesota, where worked until his retirement in 1953 when he moved to Asheville. In 1961, NC Governor Terry Sanford appointed Chapin to the Commission of Education Beyond High School, and in 1963 he served as consultant to the North Carolina Board of Higher Education. From 1961-64, he was a member of the board of commissioners of the Asheville Housing Authority, serving as chairman from 1962-64. He died in Asheville on July 7, 1974.

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Scope and Contents

Collection includes pamphlets, brochures, journals, news articles and statistical analysis relating to US neighborhood development policy in the 1930s and 1940s, with an emphasis on role of the Tennessee Valley Association, and the town of Norris, Tennessee. The materials focus on the neighborhood and social impact of the TVA, and cover, outdoor recreation management, greenbelt revival and planning, housing developments, and waterway planning. In addition to the published materials, the collection includes handwritten notes and correspondence by Dr. Chapin and papers, possibly by students.

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Eula P. (Mrs. F. Stuart) Chapin

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Southern Highlands Research Center Staff, 1977 ; Special Collections staff, 2001 ; checked 2005-12-15 ; Reboxed and new finding aid by Markia Brooks, April 2016

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Folder 1: TVA Statistical Bulletin No. 1, "Development and Utilization of Electricity in Tupelo, Mississippi under Tennessee Valley Authority Power Program", 1934 

Folder 2:TVA Statistical Bulletin No. 2, "Progress in the Utilization of Electricity in Athens, Alabama under Tennessee Valley Authority Power Program", 1934 

Folder 3: TVA Statistical Bulletin No. IV, "Operations of the Alcorn County Electric Power Association under the Tennessee Valley Authority Power Program", 1935 

Folder 4: TVA Statistical Bulletin No. VIII, "Economics of Electrical Distribution", 1936 

Folder 5: TVA Annual Report, 1950 

Folder 6: TVA Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1950 

Folder 7: "Food at the Grass Roots. The Nation's Stake in Soil Minerals", TVA, 1947 

Folder 8: "Soil. People, and Fertilizer Technology", TVA, 1949 

Folder 9: Newspaper Clippings 1938-1963 

"Dr. F. Stuart Chapin, Civic Leader, Dies". The Asheville Citizen. Asheville July 8, 1974 

Porter, B. Russell. "TVA'S Domain: A Land of Individualists." The New York Times Magazine: July 10, 1938 

"Individualists in TVA's Domain. Price, Clair." The New York Times Magazine: July 10, 1938 

"Individualists in TVA's Domain." The New York Times Magazine: July 10, 1938 

"TVA Thriving Now and Very Popular." May 24,1960 

Greene, Roger. "Raging Battle Over TVA: It's Private Vs. Public Power." May 11, 1958 

Rawlins, Bill. "TVA Credited With Preventing Second Biggest Flood." Asheville Citizen-Times: April 28, 1957 

Edson, Peter. "TVA's Great Record During Flood Perils." February 15, 1957 

Morin, Relman. "Nation Built Big Dams Should It Sell Them Now?." March 15, 1953 

"Three-fourths of People Who Know of MVA Say They're for It." November 30, 1947 

"Missouri Plan Called 20-year Labor Boon." September 22, 1947 

Duffus, R.L. "T.V.A.'s Challenge-After Twenty-Five Years." The New York Magazine: May 18, 1958 

Floods Reopen Debate on Control of Missouri. concerning the Missouri Valley Authority. 1944? 

Book Reviews. Rural Sociology, Vol. 13, No. 2., June 1948 

"CVA for Pacific Northwest Introduced: Authority Would Deal with Dams." Irrigation, Power: April 14, 1949 

Callahan, John P. "TVA Power Figure Called Deception" n.d 

"149 Million Asked for Missouri Basin." January 15, 1951 

Wickland, John A. "U.S. Abandons Fort Peck Diversion After 9 Years." Minneapolis Sunday Tribune: April 12, 1953 

Lilienthal, David E. "Shall We Have More TVA's? Yes, says Chairman Lilienthal, if we can adhere to certain essential principles." The New York Times Magazine: January 7, 1945 

MVA: Biggest Domestic Issue Since the Louisiana Purchase. Drew Pearson., April 15, 1945 

"Foreign Nations Study TVA Plan." Aug. 10, 1943. "Waterway Group Urge Congress to Kill 'TVA'." April 9, 1943 

Duffus, R.L. "A Giant Goes to War." The New York Times Magazine. July 27, 1941 

McGaffin, Marr. "F.R. May Get Into Hot Water on MVA." Minneapolis Sunday Tribune: Dec. 3, 1944 

"Is MVA th Solution to Critical Missouri." Dec. 2, 1944 

"25 Great Years of TVA Achievements." Asheville Citizen-Times: Jan. 15, 1959. "TVA Issues Report" Dec. 30, 1962 

Horton, Bob. "Dams And Computer Help TVA Avert Dixie Floods." The Asheville Times: March 20, 1963 

Thompson, Escar. "TVA Controversial Today As At Birth 30 Years Ago" The Asheville Times: May 6, 1963 

Lilienthal, David E. "TVA: "The Second Phase"." The New York Times Magazine: Aug. 20, 1939 

Folder 10: Playground Space: Plans, Standards. 1938-39 

Recreation Chart. on index card 

Twelfth Meeting of the Committee on the Hygiene of Housing, A.P.H.A. Cincinnati, Ohio. 4/15/1941. 

Map of street in Cambridge, Mass: F.J. Adams. 1941 

Note. To: Selzmuck (sp.) from: F.S. Chapin. renting recreation space. 10/4/1946 

Article: Adams, Frederick J. "Shall We Ration Crowding?." The Technology Review: May, 1943. 

Article: Thorndike, Edward L. "How We Spend Our Time and What we Spend it For." The Scientific Monthly: May 1937 

Hand written. recreation factors in a play space 

Correspondence: From: F. Stuart Chapin To: Frederick J. Adams. 1939 

Correspondence, Notes: From: F. Stuart Chapin To: Frederick J. Adams. 1939 

Folder 11: The Neighborhood as a Community: Papers, Notes & Clippings 

Handwritten: The Community or neighborhood unit in Housing Reform. 1933 

Community Unit in Housing: Types and Specific Communities of Housing. by Gertrude Munsell 

Community Unit in Housing: costs of housing. by L. Irving Peterson 

The Community Unit in Housing Reform: The Method. by Julius Jahn 

Radburn and Sunnyside: Sunnyside, Queens and Radburn, N.J plans for playspace. by Deborah Miller 

The Community Unit In Housing: bibliography, Green Belt Projects. by Douglas Monahan 

Handwritten. Housing as Environment: Theory and Practice 

Handwritten. Housing in re- Human Ecology and Population 

The Community Unit in Housing. by Peterson, Munsell, Jones, Rosenthal 

Research in Community Housing. Course: Social Aspects of Housing and Standards of Living. Instructor: Dr. F.S. Chapin. Student: Bernard R. Rosenthal 

Gropius, Walter. "Prospective Boom a Chance To Plan Neighborhoods as Wellsprings of Democracy." The Chicago Sun Feature Page. Chicago: March 2, 1945. p.12 

Johnson, Walter. "More Than Classrooms." Milwaukee: March 9, 1946 

Folder 12: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Making Good Communities Better", Irwin T. Sanders, n.d. 

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Box 2 

Folder 1: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Standards", National Recreation Association, NYC, n.d. 

Folder 2: The Neighborhood as a Community: "The Neighborhood Improvement Act", National Association of Real Estate Boards, Chicago IL., n.d. 

Folder 3: The Neighborhood as a Community: "We were Asked", National Recreation Association, NYC, n.d. 

Folder 4: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Opportunities and Responsibilities of the Health Officer in Connection with the Federal Housing Acts", American Journal of Public Health and The Nation's Health, American Public Health Association, 1938 

Folder 5: The Neighborhood as a Community: Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 32, "Cooperatives in the U.S. -A Balance Sheet", 1939 

Folder 6: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Play Space in New Neighborhoods", National Recreation Association, 1939 

Folder 7: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Housing and Recreation" United States Housing Authority, 1939 

Folder 8: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Housing in Neighborhood Rehabilitation", National Association of Housing Officials, Chicago, IL, 1941 

Folder 9: The Neighborhood as a Community: "Community Services and Public Housing", National Association of Housing Officials, Chicago, IL, 1947 

Folder 10: The Neighborhood as a Community: Technical Bulletin No. 5., "Planning Neighborhoods for Small Houses", Federal Housing Association, Washington, DC, 1936 

Folder 11: "Heating at Norris, Tennessee: A Study of Thermal Efficiency in Housing", TVA, 1938 

Folder 12: Greenbelt Housing Project and Resettlement Administration 

"Government Town Marks 10th Year." Aug. 3, 1941. p.52 

Handwritten. notes on Greenbelt 

Bulletin. FPHA. Sep. 1, 1946 

Information for the Press: United States Department of Agriculture: "Farm Security Administration Announces Greenbelt Rentals." September 2, 1937 

Newspaper Clippings: "First Co-op Town in Modern U.S. History Proves Full Success" "U.S. Will Turn Model Town Over to Co-operative Group" "U.S. Prepares to Sell Its Model Townships" 1937-1940 

Booklet: Greenbelt Resettlement Administration. map inside. 

Photograph: "Dispelling the Gloom In Mass Housing" 

Newspaper Clipping: "Tells of Success In English Housing." Cites Bournville Plan. Sept. 5, 1937 

Newspaper Clipping: Dinwoodey, Dean. "TVA Verdict May Have Far-Reaching Effect." New York Times: New York., Jan. 30, 1939 

Folder 13: "Greenbelt" by O. Kline Fulmer, American Council on Public Affairs, Washington, DC, (1941-2) 

Folder 14: "Greenbelt Planning" by John Dreier, reprint from "Pencil Points", 1936 

Folder 15: "Greenbelt Towns", The Resettlement Administration, Washington, DC, 1936 

Folder 16: Tennessee Valley Authority 

Packet of Postcards from Norris, Tennessee 

Pamphlet: Fort Loudoun Dam 

"TVA--A National Asset." Address by Gordon R. Clapp. Chairman of the Board, TVA. Rosevelt College Chicago, Illinois. Sept 28, 1950 

Tennessee River Terminal Development. Address by James P. Pope. June 28, 1940 

T.V.A. Office of the General Manager. Administrative Bulletin No. 30-4. March 16, 1942 

Map: Town of Norris Tennessee. November 9, 1937 

Pamphlet: A Unified Program of Land and Water Conservation 

Floor Plan: T.V.A. Hiwassee House Type D 

Handwritten: Authorization of T.V.A. may 1933 to demonstrate reconstruction planning 

Handwritten notes: Greenbelt projects 

Handwritten notes: on monies needed for house upkeep 

Post card. black and white, houses 

T.V.A. statistics on dams and water projects 

T.V.A. List map of board of directors and employees 

Folder 17: Article, "The Planning of The Town of Norris", 1936 

Folder 18: "Analysis of the Annual Report of the T.V.A.", The Commonwealth & Southern Corporation, 1937 

Folder 19: "The Development of the Tennessee Valley", TVA, 1936 

Folder 20: "The Widening of Economic Opportunity Through T.V.A." adapted from an address by David Lilienthal, TVA Director, 1940 

Folder 21: "T.V.A. Its Work and Accomplishments", 1940 

Folder 22: "Forests and Human Welfare", TVA, 1940 

Folder 23: "Soil, The Nation's Basic Heritage", n.d. 

Folder 24: "T.V.A. Power 1958-59", TVA, 1959 

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