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"Cut the Clearcutting" Papers

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Cut the Clearcutting Papers
Date [inclusive]
2.5 Linear feet  ; 6 boxes
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Contains correspondence, handwritten notes, news clippings, government reports, and other documents
Located in Special Collections, Row 9, Section 4

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[Identification of item], Cut the Clearcutting Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804.

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Scope and Contents

The papers in this collection were donated by Monroe Gilmour who, as part of the Western North Carolina Alliance, was actively involved in opposing the Forest Services Plan for management of the Nantahala and Pisgah Forests, specifically even-aged management through clearcutting and shelterwood cutting. The papers document activities to change the Forest Service plans, and include correspondence, personal notes, newspaper clippings covering forestry activities, and petitions to increase public awareness.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


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Donated by Monroe Gilmour, February, 2017

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Processed by Evan Bretan, Special Collections Intern, with additional metadata by Colin Reeve, March 2018

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Folder 1: WNC Alliance 

Folder 2: WNC-Accent Winter1994 (CCC) Review 

Folder 3: Wikle 

Folder 4: Expulsion of Members 

Folder 5: WNCA: Meditations on Ecology 

Folder 6: WNCA: FMTF 

Folder 7: WNCA- Mailing/Media 

Folder 8: Business Petition-Letter to the Editor 

Folder 9: Raleigh News and Observer Below- Cost Sales: 3/90 (March 1990) 

Folder 10: Bent Creek 

Folder 11: BEMIS 

Folder 12: Petition Drive (Business) BM News 5-16-91 (May 16th, 1991) 

Folder 13: Champion 

Folder 14: Chestnut Ridge 

Folder 15: C.C.C.- Accent 

Folder 16: CCC Sanford Letter 

Folder 17: Dahl- OP- ED- 12-31-91 (December 31st, 1991) 

Folder 18: Defining the Debate 

Folder 19: Employment Figures/Info 

Folder 20: Executive Summary (Super GP NENF) 

Folder 21: Ecologist on Forest Destruction 4/6/90 (April 6th, 1990) 

Folder 22: Episcopal Church 

Folder 23: Forest Stewardship Prep 

Folder 24: Forest Reform Network (NED FRITZ) 

Folder 25: Forest Voice 

Folder 26: Forest Fact 1985 

Folder 27: Donor Program 

Folder 28: WNCA- Mechanics CCCampaign 

Folder 29: Wilderness Magazine Fall 90 (1990) 

Box 2 

Folder 1: WNCA Forms 

Folder 2: Western North Carolina Development Association (Forestry Commission) 

Folder 3: Business Petition: Follow Up 

Folder 4: Ash. Tree and Greenery Commission 5-18-1992 (May 18th, 1992) 

Folder 5: City of Asheville Annual Report 

Folder 6: Newspaper Packets 

Folder 7: KATUAH- Primary Issue Fall '92 (1992) 

Folder 8: Lighthawk- Correspondence 5chedule etc 

Folder 9: Lighthawk: Background 

Folder 10: Timber Sales- USFS 

Folder 11: Activity Lists 

Folder 12: CC- Q and A 2/92 (February 1992) 

Folder 13: Cartoons 

Folder 14: CCC: Operation's/Misc 

Folder 15: Cut Clearcut Proposal CCC 

Folder 16: Old/New Petition Forms CCC: 1986 Petition 

Folder 17: CCC: Babcock Foundation 

Folder 18: Society or Foresters CCC Counterdemonstration 

Folder 19: CCC: Letters to Chief 

Folder 20: CCC Bumper Stickers 

Folder 21: CCC Timber Frames Statement 

Folder 22: CCC Photo Contest 

Folder 23: CCC: Clippings 

Box 3 

Folder 1: CCC: Training Manual 

Folder 2: For Service Told to Review CCC: Harvest Homes 11/27/86 (November 27th, 1986) 

Folder 3: C. G. Photos 

Folder 4: Craggy Clearcut Unpopular CG: AC 11-1-89 (November 1, 1989) 

Folder 5: Forest Service Reconsidering CG: Hendersonville 11-1-89 

Folder 6: Clearcut Plans Draws Fire... CG: 11-9-89 (November 9th, 1989) 

Folder 7: US Forest Disservice Blue Ridge Scam 11-15-1989 

Folder 8: Forest Service Credibility Gap Widens CG: 11-7-1989 

Folder 9: Forest Service does a Good Job CG: 11-9-1989 

Folder 10: CG: Greenline Article 2/90 CRAGGY GARDENS 

Folder 11: Craggy Gardens: Meetups/Cronegs. 

Folder 12: Public Outery Persuades ...... CG: 11-9-89 

Folder 13: Commissioner Ask Forest Service ...... CG: 11-9-89 

Folder 14: Gilkey Lumber Co. 

Folder 15: 10/23/90 Cut the Baloney 

Folder 16: Clear-Cutting Misc. Articles 

Folder 17: Conflicts of Interests 

Folder 18: Karin Heiman 

Folder 19: Heiman: Travis Payne 

Box 4 

Folder 1: Karin Action 

Folder 2: HARE: Greenline Article 1/92 

Folder 3: Ricky Hawkins 

Folder 4: Helms- Clearcutting 

Folder 5: Mountain Times Series on CC Spring '88 

Folder 6: Minckler 

Folder 7: Timber Articles Aug 92 Calvin Allen 

Folder 8: Grandfather District 

Folder 9: Gelder/Gilmour Letters 

Folder 10: Greenpeace (Forest) 

Folder 11: Graham County CC 

Folder 12: Pinchot Quote 

Folder 13: CACAW- 1992/ Pow Wow 

Folder 14: PLANT-A-TREE /Letters to Ashe. Cit. 

Folder 15: PAT COOK: "Forest User Form" 

Folder 16: Police Permits -CC Day -Craggy Gardens 

Folder 17: Pow Wow: Notebook 

Folder 18: Green Cove Platform/ Pow Wow: 

Folder 19: Pow Wow News Release 

Folder 20: Pow Wow- Contact/Expenses 

Folder 21: New Forestry Nov/Dec 1989 

Folder 22: Pow Wow Clippings 

Folder 23: NC State: Finding Due Way to 20th Century 

Folder 24: New Yorker Article 

Folder 25: USFS: 1992 Draft (Alter) 

Folder 26: Dover Branch Sale 

Box 5 

Folder 1: USFS: WNCA Action Draft Plan '92 

Folder 2: USFS: Regulation on Appeals 4/92 

Folder 3: USFS CC Policy Change Misc 

Folder 4: USFS: Reanalysis 

Folder 5: USFS- Road Building 

Folder 6: Uwharrie 

Folder 7: USFS: Ozone Study 

Folder 8: USFS: Shelterwood Tour 4-29-92 

Folder 9: USFS- Phillips 93-94 

Folder 10: Grievance Form 

Folder 11: USFS- Pam Robinson Croatan 

Folder 12: USFS- Reinventing USFS 

Folder 13: USFS Plan is a Sham 

Box 6 

Folder 1: USFS- Sunshine Timber 8/94 

Folder 2: USFS- Cheoah District 

Folder 3: USFS: Pisgah Dt/ Art Rowe 

Folder 4: USFS: Acres Harvest 

Folder 5: USFS: Acreage 

Folder 6: 25% Myth Randal O'Toole 

Folder 8: O'Toole's 1990 Report 

Folder 9: Outward Bound 

Folder 10: Toecane Dt- Roan Mt 

Folder 11: Recycling Crop 

Folder 12: Photographs: Cut the Clearcutting Rally