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General Hugh Hester Collection

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General Hugh Hester Collection
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Contains correspondence, personal papers, miscellaneous publications and articles, magazines, and photographs.

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General Hugh Hester Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Biographical Note

Hugh B. Hester was born in Hester, North Carolina on August 5th, 1895. After spending time at UNC Chapel Hill, he entered military service in 1917, where he continued to serve until his retirement in 1951. Eventually rising to the rank of Brigadier General, Hester was a veteran of World War I in France, where he was named to the French Legion of Honor, and World War II, serving in Australia on the staff of Gen. Douglas A. MacArthur. After leaving the army, he became a staunch critic of US foreign policy, writing extensively in protest of the Vietnam War. General Hester moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 1970 with his wife Pauline (Polly), where he lived until his passing on November 25th, 1983.

Adapted from, "Hugh B. Hester, Retired General Who Opposed Cold War Policies". Obituary. The New York Times. 26 November, 1983.

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Scope and contents

The collection comprises documents generally arising from the years General Hester lived in Asheville, NC and center around his opposition to the Vietnam War and US foreign policy. Included is correspondence that Hester sent and received, and news clippings and articles he collected. Also included in the collection are a small number of photographs of General Hester and his wife.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


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Hester Family

Processing Information

Originally processed by unidentified Special Collections staff in 1984 and 2001. Re-foldered and new finding aid prepared by Joey Harrington, 2016.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Folder 1: Incoming Correspondence 1951-1967 

Folder 2: Incoming Correspondence 1968-1971 

Folder 3: Incoming Correspondence 1972-1973 

Folder 4: Incoming Correspondence 1974-1980 

Folder 5: Incoming Correspondence 1981 

Folder 6: Incoming Correspondence 1982 

Folder 7: Incoming Correspondence 1983 

Folder 8: Incoming Correspondence Undated 

Folder 9: Outgoing Correspondence 1961-1962 

Folder 10: Outgoing Correspondence 1963 - 1970 

Folder 11: Outgoing Correspondence 1971-1974 

Folder 12: Outgoing Correspondence 1975-1978 

Folder 13: Outgoing Correspondence 1979 

Folder 14: Outgoing Correspondence 1980 

Folder 15: Outgoing Correspondence 1981 

Folder 16: Outgoing Correspondence 1982-1983 

Folder 17: Outgoing Correspondence Undated 

Folder 18: Personal items-Miscellaneous (1 of 2) 

Folder 19: Personal Items-Miscellaneous (2 of 2) 

Folder 20: Hugh Hester's Writings 1960-1967 

Folder 21: Hugh Hester's Writings 1968-1969 

Folder 22: Hugh Hester's Writings 1970-1973 

Folder 23: Hugh Hester's Writings 1974-1977 

Folder 24: Hugh Hester's Writings 1978-1982 

Folder 25: Hugh Hester's Writings Undated (1 of 3) 

Folder 26: Hugh Hester's Writings Undated (2 of 3) 

Folder 27: Hugh Hester's Writings Undated (3 of 3) 

Folder 28: Public Meetings and Activities 1963-1970 

Folder 29: Public Meetings and Activities 1977-1983 

Folder 30: Committe and Organizational Letters 1973-1983 

Folder 31: Committe and Organizational Letters Undated 

Folder 32: Articles and Reprints 1953-1969 

Folder 33: Articles and Reprints 1970-1976 

Folder 34: Articles and Reprints 1977-1978 

Folder 35: Articles and Reprints 1979-1981 

Folder 36: Articles and Reprints 1982-1983 

Folder 37: News Clippings 1963 

Folder 38: News Clippings 1966-1967 

Folder 39: News Clippings 1968-1971 

Folder 40: News Clippings 1972-1975 

Folder 41: News Clippings 1976-1982 

Folder 42: News Clippings 1983 

Folder 43: Booklets Miscellaneous 

Folder 44: Canadian Far Easter Newsletter 1970-1974 

Folder 45: William Winter Comments 1972-1983 

Folder 46: Byer's Newsletter 1967-1968 

Folder 47: Byer's Newsletter 1973 

Folder 48: Byer's Newsletter 1974-1975 

Folder 49: The Churchman 1982-1983 

Folder 50: Peace and Freedom 1981-1983 

Folder 51: Peking Review/Voice in the Wilderness 1971-1982 

Folder 52: US Farm News 1963-1983 

Folder 53: The American Report 1972-1973 

Folder 54: The Washington March 1968-1972 

Folder 55: The New Man 1968-1971 

Folder 56: Congressional Record Newsletter 1957-1965 

Folder 57: Congressional Record Newsletter 1966-1982 

Folder 58: Senate Newsletters 1973-1983 

Folder 59: The Nation 1970/Miscellaneous Pamphlet 

Folder 60: Obituary/Miscellaneous 

Folder 61: Babson Bulletin 1982 

Folder 62: Photographs