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Housing Authority of the City of Asheville Records (HACA)

 Part 5 - Redevelopment Commission Files

Summary Information

UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Housing Authority of the City of Asheville - Part 5 - Redevelopment Commission Files
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Physcial Description
Part 5, Redevelopment Commission Files, contains documents, photographs, correspondence, property descriptions, social work case files, and legal documents.
Located in Special Collections, Row 6, Section 5.
Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) Records, Part 5, Redevelopment Commission Files, contains 5 boxes of administrative records from HACA files, and is part of the larger HACA Records Collection.

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Scope and Contents

The Redevelopment Commission Files contains correspondence, reports, planning documents, maps, and other materials related to various redevelopment projects. Much of this material was donated in 2011, four years after the original 2007 donation.

Box 22 contains correspondence to and from the Urban Renewal Commission (1956-58) and the Redevelopment Commission (1960-1968) as well as administrative files (1959-63) and copies of The Community Improver from 1966.

Box 23 includes documents and internal publications related to several downtown area redevelopment projects: The South Pack "The Block" area (1994), the Eagle/Market Street Neighborhood & Economic Development project (1978), the Haywood/Wall Street Redevelopment Project (1985-86), and the Biltmore Avenue Acquisition Project (1984).

Box 24 contains some general documentation related to downtown redevelopment as well as files related to the Pack Plaza project.

Boxes 25 and 26 contain files related to the Haywood/Wall Street and Pack Plaza Projects

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504

Custodial History

The records of the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville were acquired by UNCA in July 2007, and the legal transfer of ownership occurred on October 16, 2007 when the Asheville City Council approved the transfer of the material files and photographs and provided a subsidy for the processing of the collection. Since then, additional materials were identified and acquired in 2008. Additional materials were transferred to UNCA in 2011.

Processing Information

Initially processed by Special Collections staff, students, and volunteers, 2007-2012. Physical reprocessing and finding aid updates for the Redevelopment Commission files by Gene Hyde, 2015.

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Collection Inventory

Box 22: Redevelopment Commission Correspondence 

Folder 1: Assorted correspondence, 1956-58, Urban Renewal Commission 

Folder 2: Correspondence, 1960 

Folder 3: Correspondence, 1961 

Folder 4: Correspondence, 1962 

Folder 5: Correspondence, 1963 

Folder 6: Correspondence, 1964 

Folder 7: Correspondence, 1965 

Folder 8: Correspondence, 1966 

Folder 9: Correspondence, 1967 

Folder 10: Correspondence, 1968 (Incoming) 

Folder 11: Administration,1959-60 

Folder 12: Administration, 1961 

Folder 13: Administration, 1962 

Folder 14: Administration, 1963 

Folder 15: The Community Improver (newsletter), 1966 

Box 23: Downtown Area Redevelopment Projects 

Folder 1: Eagle - Market Street Neighborhood & Economic Development Project: 1) Renewal plan book (July 1978); 2) Draft environmental impact statment (November 1978) 

Folder 2: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Project: Redevelopment plan (July 10984_ 

Folder 3: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Project - documents 

Folder 4: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Project - documents 

Folder 5: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Project - acquisition documents and deeds 

Folder 6: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Project - acquisition documents and deeds 

Folder 7: BIltmore Avenue acquisitions 

Folder 8: BIltmore Avenue acquisitions 

Folder 9: BIltmore Avenue acquisitions 

Folder 10: BIltmore Avenue acquisitions 

Folder 11: Haywood - Wall Street Redevelopment plan 

Folder 12: Haywood - Wall Street Redevelopment - market research report (March 1984) 

Folder 13: Haywood - Wall Street Redevelopment maps 

Folder 14: 8 South Lexington Avenue files 

Folder 15: South Pack Commons 

Box 24: Downtown Redevelopment Files - Pack Plaza and South Pack Square 

Folder 1: Asheville -Buncombe Development Corporation memberships 

Folder 2: Historic Preservation materials 

Folder 3: HUD Regulations for redevelopment 

Folder 4: "Land of the Sky": A Summary of the population and economy of metropolitan Asheville" (1966 study) 

Folder 5: "Downtown Asheville, N.C. - Specialty Retail and Residential Market Analysis" (May 1983 study) 

Folder 6: Urban Development Action Grant Policy Book - Working Draft (JUne 1984) 

Folder 7: "How Shall We Grow? Asheville NC Plans and Policies" (July 1970 study) 

Folder 8: South Pack Square Redevelopment: plat maps 

Folder 9: South Pack Square Redevelopment: Old Pack Library correspondence 

Folder 9: South Pack Square Redevelopment: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 

Folder 10: South Pack Square Redevelopment: Community meeting minutes, YMI, 1983-84 

Folder 11: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: general files 

Folder 12: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: legal documents 

Folder 13: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: development plan, 1984 

Folder 14: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: work papers 

Folder 15: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: property management/ invoices 

Folder 16: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: Plaza Theatre correspondence 

Folder 17: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: property management, 5 Biltmore Ave. facade renovation 

Folder 18: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: South Lexington Retaining Wall bids, photos 

Folder 19: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 5 Biltmore Avenue lease documentation 

Folder 20: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 5 Biltmore avenue basement, lease documents 

Folder 21: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 7 1/2 Biltmore Ave, lease documentation 

Folder 22: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 9 Biltmore Ave, lease documentation 

Folder 23: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 7, 9, 13 BIltmore Ave lease documents 

Folder 24: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 11, 13 Biltmore Ave lease documentation 

Folder 25: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: various properties, lease information 

Folder 25: Pack Plaza Redevelopment Plan: 8 S. Lexington Ave, lease documentation 

Box 25: Downtown Redevelopment Files 

Folder 1: Wall Street Project Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) Applications, 1984 

Folder 2: News articles, 1987-90 

Folder 3: Financial data, correspondence, City of Asheville check payment orders 

Folder 4: Haywood/Wall Street Redevelopment Project Plan 

Folder 5: Revised Wall Street Economic Revitalization UDAG Application, 1984 

Folder 6: Wall Street Redevelopment - Building Condition Survey, April 1985 

Folder 7: Memorandum of Understanding/ Wall Street Project - Southeastern Historic Properties 

Folder 8: Haywood/Wall Street project preliminary information, including maps 

Folder 9: Haywood/Wall Street building inspections and maps 

Folder 10: Haywood/Wall Street - consultant's report of project, news clippings, merchant concerns 

Folder 11: Haywood/Wall Street general information 

Folder 12: Zoning information, 1985-86 

Folder 13: Correspondence/Reports 

Folder 14: Legal materials 

Folder 15: Financial documents 

Folder 16: Haywood/Wall Street Project Maps, 1984-86 

Folder 17: Haywood/Wall Street Project - old Ivey's Building 

Folder 18: Haywood/Wall Street Project - Jared & Eagle buildings 

Folder 19: Haywood/Wall Street Project - Asheville Hotel 

Folder 20: Haywood/Wall Street Project - Flat Iron building 

Folder 21: Rankin Parking Lot; Haywood/Wall Street Parking Lot 

Folder 22: Rankin Street Parking, 

Folder 23: Kress Building 

Folder 24: Bon Marche Building; Penny's Building 

Folder 25: Downtown Asheville Design Guidelines, 1986 

Folder 26: Vanderbilt Apartments 

Folder 27: Bus Stop, 1989 

Folder 28: Proposed Downtown Mall Project building survey; April 1980 

Folder 29: YMCA Pool 

Box 26: Downtown Redevelopment: Pack Plaza Property Files and Wall Street Project Files 

Folder 1: Block 1, Parcel 6, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 2: Block 1, Parcel 7. Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 3: Block 1, Parcel 8. Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 4: Block 1, Parcel 9, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 5: Block 1, Parcel 10, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 6: Block 1, Parcel 11, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 7: Block 1, Parcel 12, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 8: Block 1, Parcel 13, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 9: Block 1, Parcel 14, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 10: Block 1, Parcel 15, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 11: Block 1, Parcel 18, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 12: Block 1, Parcel 16, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 13: Block 2, Parcel 1, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 14: Block 2, Parcel 2, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 15: Block 2, Parcel 3, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 16: Block 2, Parcel 4, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 17: Block 2, Parcel 23, Pack Plaza Project 

Folder 18: Rankin & Haywood Street Project - payment records 

Folder 19: Aston Park Towers 

Folder 20: Wall Street Project: Appraisal Services 

Folder 21: Wall Street Project: General File 

Folder 22: Haywood/Wall Street Project - Ward 3, Sheet 1, Tax Lot 63 

Folder 23: Haywood/Wall Street Project - Old Bon Marche Building 

Folder 24: Haywood/Wall Street Project - Old Penny's Building 

Folder 25: Wall Street Parking Development - Bama Co. Parking Lot 

Folder 26: Wall Street Parking Development - lots 

Folder 27: Wall Street Parking Development - lots 

Folder 28: Wall Street Parking Development - lots