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Title Deryl J. Howard Collection
Creator Deryl J. Howard
Subject Keyword Deryl J. Howard ; philosophy ; causation ; freedom of will ; human nature ; John Searle ; psychophysical interaction theory ; new mentalism ; philosophy of the mind ; Roger Sperry ; Douglas Hofstadter ; dualism ; Libertarian position ; George Schlesinger ; E. M. Adams
Description The Deryl Howard Collection include Deryl Howard's personal notes on a variety of subjects, including broadly the Humanities and specifically the philosophy of the mind, existentialism, phenomenology, and other subjects within the field of philosophy. Some of his notes are found in notebooks dating back to his years in graduate school. Most of them, however, are from the years during which he was a member of the faculty at UNC Asheville. From this period there are also a substantial amount of course materials, including syllabuses and course descriptions from most of the classes he taught. The collection also contains a final copy and several drafts of his PhD thesis, his masters thesis, correspondence, and copies of several papers intended for publication, and numerous letters responding to his death.  
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
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Date Original 1970
Date Digital 2010-02-09
Type Collection ; Text ; Image
Format 2 manuscript boxes
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Language English
Coverage Temporal 1966-1996
Coverage Spatial Chapel Hill, N. C. ; Asheville, N. C.
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Citation Deryl J. Howard Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville.
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Biography Dr. Deryl J. Howard came to UNC Asheville in 1972, becoming the second member in the philosophy department. Five years later, in 1977, fostered by his leadership as department Chair, the department grew to four faculty members and over twenty-five majors. Dr. Howard served as program coordinator of the humanities program soon after, from 1980-1984. He worked on many committees including the search committee for the new chancellor, working on the general education core curriculum, and the Faculty Senate. In 1985, he began working ardently on building UNC Asheville's first graduate program.

His dissertation on the philosophy of the mind remained a topic of interest for Dr. Howard. He published an article in the International Philosophical Quarterly called "The New Mentalism and the Mind" in 1986 and was twice selected to participate in the National Endowment for the Humanities summer institutes for philosophical studies at Berkeley and at Santa Clara University. Dr. Howard's enthusiasm contributed to his dedication to teaching; he became known for his intense involvement in classroom discussion and for his skill as a lecturer. Students found him engaging and helpful, in and out of class; colleagues placed confidence in his integrity and judgment.

He died on February 9, 1996, and a memorial service was held on campus on February 16, 1996.

Series Biographical memorabilia: including commemorative letters and items  two photographs of Deryl Howard, and a writing teacher's notebook.

Correspondence: correspondence between faculty members and between publishers and Deryl Howard.

Writings of Deryl Howard:  including PHD dissertation and drafts, masters thesis, and several papers intended for publication.

Notes by category: these notes form the bulk of the papers. They are from classes Deryl Howard took, classes he taught, and his ongoing research.

Course materials: syllabuses, course descriptions, and notes

E. Maynard Adams: papers and notes

G. Schlesinger: papers, publications, and Deryl Howard's notes on

Miscellaneous papers and publications

Box Folder Item Description
1 1 two photographs of Deryl Howard
Helen Howard's writing teacher's notebook
certificate awarded to Deryl Howard by UNCA for ten years teaching
1 2 memorial materials including letters from friends and colleagues and two buttons
1 3 correspondence, spanning 1970-1992, between Howard and colleagues, publishers, etc..
1 4 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Speculations Toward a Unified Psychology: With a Note on the Representational Limits of Any Science," 20 April, 1970
1 5 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Distinguishing Laws of Nature from Empirical Generalizations"
1 6 Writings of Deryl Howard: "The New Mentalism and the Mind"  (includes copy)
1 7 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Some Alleged Limitations on Psychology as Science"   (includes correspondence with publishers)
1 8 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Value Causation and Freedom of the Will"  (includes copy and correspondence with publishers)
1 9 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Three Concepts of Human Nature"  (includes correspondence with publishers)
1 10 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Searle's Psychophysical  Interaction Theory"
1 11 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Teleology and Operant Conditioning"  (includes drafts and original, correspondence with publishers and revisions)
1 12 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Are Rationality and Naturalistic Determinism Incompatible?"  (includes draft, notes, copy of a source: "Probabilistic Functionalism: A Conception of Research Method" by Louis Petrinovich)
1 13 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Mind Matters"
1 14 Writings of Deryl Howard: "NEH Research Project Proposal"
1 15 Writings of Deryl Howard: "The Game of the Name: Introducing Logic, Language and Mind" by Gregory McCulloch  (book review)
1 16 Writings of Deryl Howard: "Intentionality, Consciousness, and Mechanism"  (includes correspondence, referee's comments, no manuscript)
1 17 Writings of Deryl Howard: Final PHD Dissertation, "Science, Causation, and Behavior" 1974
1 18 Writings of Deryl Howard: PHD dissertation draft
1 19 Writings of Deryl Howard: PHD dissertation draft
1 20 Writings of Deryl Howard: PHD dissertation draft
1 21 Writings of Deryl Howard: Masters Thesis, bound, with revisions
1 22 "Phenomenology and "Objectivity" in Modern Science: Being and Knowing"  (includes notes, correspondence, copied sources) 1983
1 23 Notes By Category: Consciousness and Mind. Topics include:
-Turing Test
-Mind-Body Problem
1 24 Notes by Category: Determinism
1 25 Notes by Category: Epistemology
1 26 Notes by Category: A notebook on Epistemology from a graduate level class taken by Deryl Howard at UNC-Chapel Hill
1 27 Notes by Category: Ethics, Metaethics
1 28 Notes by Category: Kant
1 29 Notes by Category: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life, probably all notes related to a course taught by Deryl Howard at UNC-Asheville. The syllabus for this course is in
1 30 Notes by Category: General Relativity. Includes notes on:
-Merleau Ponty
1 31 Notes by Category: Philosophy of Religion. Includes notes on:
-Pascal's Wager and probability
-The ontological argument for the divine
-the problem of evil
1 32 Notes by Category: Sex, gender, abortion. These notes are probably all related to a course taught by Deryl Howard at UNC-Asheville.
1 33 Notes by Category: Value Theory. This is a notebook from a course taken by Deryl Howard at UNC-Chapel Hill.
1 34 Course Materials: syllabuses and course descriptions for a wide variety of classes taught by Deryl Howard or other faculty members of UNC-Asheville.
1 35 Course Materials: These are materials directly related to the course Humanities 214.
1 36 Course Materials: These are materials directly related to the course Humanities 224.
1 37 Departmental and Administrative: This folder includes memoranda, letters, forms, and other documents specific to the department of philosophy and the administration thereof.
2 1 E. M. Adams: "The Accountability of Religion: A Philosophical Study Toward a Responsible Religion for Our Time." This is a draft of a book later published under another title, Religion and Cultural Freedom. The draft varies from the final publication not in its structure or table of contents but in its tone. It features a different introduction, conclusion, and epilogue.
2 2 E. M. Adams Publications: These are papers written by E. M. Adams and published in various periodicals and journals. The copies here are the published versions in those periodicals. The titles of his articles are listed here:
    -"Anxiety and Despair," published in The Journal of Religion, Vol. 42, No. 4. October 1962.
    -"Classical Moral Philosophy And Metaethics," published in Ethis, an International Journal of Social,, Political, and Legal Philosophy, Vol. 74, No. 2. January  1964.
    -Review of Freedom and Reason in Morality, published in The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 3, No. 2. Summer 1965.
    -"A Defense of Value Realism," published in The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 4, No. 3. Fall, 1966.
    -"What,  if Anything, Can We Expect from Philosophy Today?", published in The Personalist, Vol. 49, No. 1, Winter 1968.
    - "Persons and Morality," N.D., N.P.
2 3 E. M. Adams: "Mind and the Language of Psychology," 1965.
2 4 E. M. Adams: "Morale and Morality in America," 1968.
2 5 E. M. Adams: "Value Theory," 1970. This was published in the Dictionary of World Literary Terms, Shipley, Joseph T. ed.
2 6 E. M. Adams: "The Scientific and the Humanistic Images of Man-In-The-World," 1971.
2 7 E. M. Adams: "Skinner on Freedom and Dignity," written in 1972, published in 1973.
2 8 E. M. Adams: "The Subjective Normative Structure of Agency," 1984. This was published in Gewirth's Ethical Rationalism: Critical Essays with a Reply by Alan Gewirth, Edward Regis, Jr. ed.
2 9 E. M. Adams: "The Grounds of Ethics," N. D., apparently unpublished.
2 10 E. M. Adams: "Value Judgments and Action," N. D., apparently unpublished.
2 11 E. M. Adams: "Human Rights and the Social Order," N. D., apparently unpublished.
2 12 E. M. Adams: "The Humanities in Today's World," N. D., apparently unpublished.
2 13 E. M. Adams: "The Autonomy of Ethics," N. D., apparently unpublished.
2 14 E. M. Adams: "The Mind of E. M. Adams," written by Dr. Anthony Coyne, published in 1978.
2 15 E. M. Adams: Deryl Howard's marked copies of articles not in publications, from Dr. Howard's class, "The Philosophy of E. M. Adams."
2 16 E. M. Adams: Deryl Howard's notes on E. M. Adams, including a notebook from NEH seminar.
2 17 E. M. Adams: "NEH Summer Seminar: Metaphysics, Morality, and Moral Theory," source material booklet.
2 18 G.  Schlesinger: "Probabilistic Arguments for Divine Design," Philosophia - Philosophical Quarterly of Israel, Vol. 3, No. 1, January 1973.
2 19 G. Schlesinger: "The Absolute Incompetence of Predictors," N. D. Cites sources as late as 1973.
2 20 G. Schlesinger: "The Two Notions of the Passage of Time." N. D.
2 21 G. Schlesinger: "The Similarities Between Space and Time." N. D.
2 22 G. Schlesinger: Deryl Howard's notes on G. Schelsinger.
2 23 G. Schlesinger: Deryl Howard's notebook from a course taught by G. Schlesinger. The notebook is labeled "Space and Time."
2 24 Miscellaneous Papers and Publications: "Autonomy: A New Paradigm for Research." Krimerman, Leonard I. University of Connecticut.
2 25 Miscellaneous Papers and Publications: "The Subject of Change." Arnold, K.
2 26 Miscellaneous Papers and Publications: "Heidegger and the Future Task of Thinking." Millholland, Donald.
2 27 Miscellaneous Papers and Publications: "The Dilemma of Homuncular Functionalism." Author unknown.
2 28 Miscellaneous Papers and Publications:
    -"Student Action, Campus Happenings of a World Wide Student Movement."
    -The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 34, No. 14. July 8, 1937.
    -Carolina Christian, Vol. 17, No. 2, February 1975.
    -Phenomenology and Existentialism: Continental and Analytical Perspectives on Intentionality in the Philosophy Curriculum, 1981.
    -Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology Membership Directory, August 1989.
2 29 Miscellaneous: "Collegium Phaenomenologicum" reading list, Summer 1978.
3 30 Papers: 1966 -70 (for Masters degree?)
3 31 Papers: undated drafts. [With the exception of "The new mentalism and the mind", it is unclear if any of the papers were published.]