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Irwin Monk Papers

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Irwin Monk Papers
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1925-1975
Date [inclusive]
12.0 Linear feet
Physical Description
Contains personal correspondence, military papers, maps, newspapers, American Legion and Veteran's Council correspondence, and legal documents such as wills, property disputes, divorce cases, and deeds.
Manuscript boxes 1-13 are located in Row 8, Section 6 of Special Collections shelving. Maps and newspapers are located in the map case.

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[Identification of item], Irwin Monk Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Biographical Note

Irwin Monk was born in Asheville in 1897. He was a childhood friend of Asheville author Thomas Wolfe, and is said to have a brief cameo in Look Homeward, Angel as the boy scout, Lewis Monk. Not much is known about his early life, only that he was a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he joined the Phi Alpha Beta Law Fraternity. In World War I Irwin Monk served in the 30th Division, which was nicknamed the Old Hickory Division. He served as Sergeant (SFC) until Captain Charles E. Monk recommended him for a promotion and commission. After his commander was heavily gassed he assumed full control of his platoon.

After World War I he had a career as an attorney in Asheville . His cases were primarily related to real estate and property disputes. He worked on the North Carolina Supreme Court cases Aiken v. Andrews in 1951 and Forgartie v. Fogartie in 1952, in both cases he worked with Don C. Young. At the time of his death he had practiced law for fifty-four years. He was voted president of the Buncombe Country Bar Association and the 28th District Bar Association.

Beyond his professional life, Monk was actively involved in the veteran community. He was a member of both the Veterans Administration and the American Legion Rockwell-Ballew Post No.2. He served his fellow veterans by organizing reunions and serving as a guardianship officer and adjutant for his branch of the American Legion. He was also said to have founded Asheville’s first Boy Scout troop. Irwin Monk died in December 1978 at the age of eighty-one.

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Scope and Contents

This collection consists primarily of Irwin Monk's personal papers and legal documents. There is correspondence concerning the American Legion, Veteran's Administration, and the Buncombe County Bar, as well as personal correspondence between friends and family. The collection also contains copies of deeds and wills belonging to Irwin Monk's clients. Most of the legal documents are concerning property. Information on the Monk family is available, as well as personal photographs.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504

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The collection is open for research. Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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Processed by Chase Newsom and Tasmin Milner, 2014; finding aid by Tasmin Milner, 2014

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Irwin Monk ; Beulah S. Monk ; Eunice Chaplin ; Banker's Life and Casualty Company ; Personal Combined Ins. Co. ; insurance ; military service ; banking ; real estate ; veterans ; American Legion ; Buncombe County Veteran's Council

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Family Papers, Personal Papers, Awards, and Photographs 

Folder 1: Asheville High School Graduating Class Yearbook (1916), UNC Chapel Hill University Day (1922) 

Folder 2: Family Papers, Deeds, and Petitions (1908-1972) 

Folder 3: Family Papers, Petitions, and Mortgage Notes 

Folder 4: Family Papers, Newspapers, and Irwin Monk's Obituary. 

Folder 5: Asheville Housing Authority v. Irwin Monk, Et als (1972) 

Folder 6: Family Papers, Wills, Photographs, and Personal Items. 

Folder 7: Photographs 

Folder 8: Photographs and Film 

Folder 9: Unidentified Photographs 

Folder 10: Society and Membership Papers 

Folder 11: Selective Service Awards (1942-1969) and Newspaper Clippings 

Folder 12: Masonic Order Papers, Manuals, and Awards. 

Folder 13: Certificates from the American Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, and Chi Tau Fraternity. 

Folder 14: Miscellaneous Articles (1972-177) 

Box 2: Irwin Monk Personal Correspondence (1919-1929) 

Folder 1: Undated Personal Correspondence 

Folder 2: Personal Correspondence (1919). 

Folder 3: Personal Correspondence (1923). 

Folder 4: Personal Correspondence (1924). 

Folder 5: Personal Correspondence (1925). 

Folder 6: Personal Correspondence (1926). 

Folder 7: Personal Correspondence (1927). 

Folder 8: Personal Correspondence (1928). 

Folder 9: Personal Correspondence (1929). 

Box 3: Irwin Monk Personal Correspondence (1930-1940). 

Folder 1: Personal Correspondence (1930). 

Folder 2: Personal Correspondence (1931). 

Folder 3: Personal Correspondence (1932). 

Folder 4: Personal Correspondence (1933). 

Folder 5: Personal Correspondence (1934). 

Folder 6: Personal Correspondence (1935). 

Folder 7: Personal Correspondence (1936). 

Folder 8: Personal Correspondence (1937). 

Folder 9: Personal Correspondence (1938). 

Folder 10: Personal Correspondence after 1939. 

Box 4: Military Papers, Postcards, and Manuals. 

Folder 1: Military Postcards 

Folder 2: War Correspondence and Personal Journals. 

Folder 3: Military Manuals and Pamphlets 

Folder 4: Army Papers, Honorable Discharge, and a copy of a Victory Medal. 

Folder 5: Military Operations 

Box 5: Veteran's Council Papers and 30th Division Reunion Correspondence. 

Folder 1: Personal Correspondence concerning a 105 F.S. Reunion (1930) 

Folder 2: Correspondence concerning Veterans (1934-1942). 

Folder 3: Veteran's Council Correspondence (1945, 1953-1956) 

Folder 4: Veteran's Association Correspondence, Fiscal Reports, Scholarships, Newspaper Clipping (1956-1965). 

Folder 5: Veteran's Council Meeting Descriptions, Membership Lists, and Fiscal Reports (1960-1961) 

Folder 6: Veteran's Council and Veteran's Commission Correspondence, Meeting Descriptions, and Scholarships (1961-1962, 1974-1975). 

Folder 7: 30th Infantry Division Association Correspondence and Announcements (1964, 1973, 1975) 

Folder 8: Miscellaneous Veteran's Council Correspondence (1964-1974) 

Folder 9: 30th Infantry Division Reunion at Battery Park Hotel (1970) 

Folder 10: World War I Veteran's Papers and Address Lists (1971-1975) 

Folder 11: Veteran's Miscellaneous Documents 

Box 6: American Legion Papers (1935-1966) 

Folder 1: American Legion Correspondence (1935-1940) 

Folder 2: Membership Directory of the Kiffen Rockwell Post (1936-1947) 

Folder 3: American Legion Correspondence concerning conventions (1936-1940) 

Folder 4: Corps Summary Report Sheets 

Folder 5: Rockwell-Ballew Post no.2 Meeting Minutes and Correspondence (1955-1962) 

Folder 6: Documents concerning the American Legion National Convention (1960-1974) 

Folder 7: Rockwell-Ballew Post no. 2 Meeting Minutes and Correspondence (1962-1966) 

Folder 8: American Legion Post no. 505 Correspondence 

Box 7: American Legion Papers (1972-1975) 

Folder 1: American Legion Meeting Minutes (1971-1972) 

Folder 2: American Legion Post no. 2 Members List 

Folder 3: American Legion Rockwell Ballew Post no. 2 Correspondence and Financial Reports (1974-1975) 

Folder 4: American Legion Bulletins 

Folder 5: American Legion List of Members and Membership 

Folder 6: American Legion Miscellaneous Correspondence 

Folder 7: American Legion and Veteran's Council Press Documents 

Box 8: North Carolina and Buncombe County Bar Association Papers 

Folder 1: UNC Class of 1923 Class Reunion (1948) 

Folder 2: NC Bar Association Correspondence and Notes (1952-1959) 

Folder 3: Buncombe Bar Association Papers, Correspondence, Bar Notes, and Newspapers (1960-1964 

Folder 4: NC Bar Association Papers, Correspondence, Newspapers, and Bulletins (1965-1966) 

Folder 5: NC Bar Association Papers, Correspondence, Membership Lists (1967-1969) 

Folder 6: NC Bar Association Correspondence and Proposed Legal Services Program (1970-1971) 

Folder 7: Buncombe Bar Association Papers, Meeting Minutes, Ratified Bill, Correspondence (1972-1975) 

Folder 8: NC Bar Association Bar Notes, Annual Meeting Notes, Membership List, and the rules for Criminal Procedure (post-1975) 

Folder 9: NC Bar Association Papers, Correspondence and Articles concerning the Legal Aid Society 

Folder 10: NC Bar Legal Aid Committee Forms 

Folder 11: Court Transcripts, Wortman v. Britt and an unidentified case involving a workplace accident 

Box 9: Assorted Wills and Divorce Cases (1955-1977) 

Box 10: Private Property Deeds and Related Documents 

Folder 1: Clarence F. Stirewalt, Deeds 

Folder 2: Jewel Carlton Wright, Property Deeds and Insurance 

Folder 3: Ross M. Stribling and Frank A. Barber Property Sale 

Folder 4: Ross M. Stribling, Griffin Property Indenture and Map 

Folder 5: H.P. Street, Lots 141, 142 S6 W2, Contract and Warranty Deeds 

Folder 6: Limestone Sheet No. 19, Property Map 

Folder 7: Veldia Surrett, Sandmush Township; Map no. 17 

Folder 8: Ross M. Stribling, Property Lot 150 S27 W9; Correspondence 

Folder 9: William W. Worley Files; Property Deeds, Inheritance, Insurance, Funeral Arrangements, Correspondence, and Maps 

Folder 10: E.B. Stokes Property, Lot S4.5 s17 W2; Title report, Correspondence, Notes 

Folder 11: H.B. Stroup Property, Lots 229, 230, 231 S8 W6 

Folder 12: C.L. Stoney Jr. Property; Sale of Property and Correspondence 

Folder 13: E.F. Stiles, Lot 53.25 S10 Lower Hominy Township; Deeds, Correspondence, and Map 

Folder 14: Documents concerning the sale of Dr. James H. Worley Property to Mr. and Mrs. Scott 

Folder 15: Dr. J.H. Worley Property, Clyde Street; Deeds, Will, and Indenture 

Folder 16: A.H. Sharp and W.O. Stiles Property; Map, Property Description, and Correspondence 

Folder 17: Melgar Lee Worley Files; Property Deed, Warranty, and Correspondence 

Folder 18: W.O. Stiles Files; Property Deeds, Correspondence, and Tax Inventory 

Folder 19: G.V. Wright Fairview Township; Deeds, Map, and Property Sale 

Folder 20: Baxter Thomas Wright Jr. Files; Blueprint, Deed of Trust, Certificate of Reasonable Value, and Correspondence 

Folder 21: Flacca Stroup Property, Lots 132 and 133 S28 W7; Correspondence and Property Description 

Folder 22: Vaan Stringfield Files; Notice of sale and Correspondence 

Folder 23: Ned M. Strachla, Lot 374 S9, Black Mountain Property 

Folder 24: F.L. Stockton Files; Property Description, Family Ties, Notes 

Folder 25: C.H. Wyatt-Wiggins Foreclosure; Newspaper clipping, Deed of Trust, Correspondence, and Property Description 

Folder 26: Cooper v. Bockman 

Box 11: Private and Public Property Documents 

Folder 1: William Wright Fairview Township 

Folder 2: Henry B. Stockinger, Lot 9, Royal Pines; Deeds, notes, correspondence 

Folder 3: DeWayne Smile Property Handover Papers 

Folder 4: Louis Stevens Sale of Property; Inventory, Father's Will, Final Account 

Folder 5: C. Ray Smith Property Deeds, Map, and Correspondence 

Folder 6: Cromwell W. Strickland, Lots 100 S25 W8; documents regarding Project No. 8.1901403 II: Widening of Tunnel Road 

Folder 7: Stoney Fork Church Property Documents 

Folder 8: Eviction Cases for Joe Price and Norma Bugg; Correspondence and Complaint 

Folder 9: Charles E. Stinette Jr. Correspondence only. 

Folder 10: Charles R. Stinette Sr. Obsolete Stocks and Proof of Value 

Folder 11: Nina Lee Diefenbach née Stinette as Executrix of the Charles Stinette Estate 

Folder 12: Charles R. Stinette Property Deed, Will, and Correspondence. 

Folder 13: W.E. Strider, Montford Drug Company; Documents concerning bankruptcy 

Folder 14: South Forest Decorating Center Inc. Registry Paper and Bill of Sale 

Folder 15: R.N Stancil, Pure Oil Company; Lease Agreement and Assignment 

Box 12: Property Dispute Cases and Assorted Property Deeds/Loans 

Folder 1: Moskins Credit Clothing Confession and Boone Shortage 

Folder 2: Documents Concerning the Repayment of a Loan to Mack R. Warren from Mary and Max Klein 

Folder 3: B.W. Davis Deed; E.S. Koon Deed Agreement; Rachel D. Yates Will 

Folder 4: Sale of Property George C. Shehan 

Folder 5: H.L. Waddel Property; Correspondence, Purchase Agreement, and Property Boundary 

Folder 6: Robert Ted Young, Lots 293, 294 S21 Biltmore Ward; Title Examination, Deed, Map 

Folder 7: John M. Young Property; Map, Deed, Claim of Lieu, Correspondence 

Folder 8: E.L. Warren Property; Deed 

Folder 9: B.U. Warren and Trula M. Miller Property; Handwritten Notes, Property Description, Indenture 

Folder 10: Assorted Deeds, Correspondence and Agreement for the Ratcliff and Sullivan Deed 

Folder 11: Assorted Deeds and Petitions 

Folder 12: Cecil H. Cordell Property; Legal Description, Sale Contract, and Correspondence 

Folder 13: Norma Mae Huntley, Bill F. And Betty Styles Property 

Folder 14: B.U Warren and Claude Williams Property Dispute, Indenture of Land for the Trs. Episcopal Church 

Folder 15: Mabel D. Zachary Property, Lots 6 and 7 S3, 21 Mulberry Court 

Folder 16: Bertha A. Sugg Property Contract with Dr. Wood and E. Farmer 

Folder 17: Thomas W. Summey Property, Lots 40 and 47 Black Mountain 

Folder 18: Herman Cole Property; Indenture, Assignment, and Map 

Folder 19: William Harold Sams Memorial Service 

Folder 20: Charles and Marion Nesby Property; Correspondence and Property Description 

Folder 21: Estate of Sudie Sullivan, Assorted Papers 

Folder 22: Surret v. Ferguson, Property Dispute 

Folder 23: B.U. Warren v. Lloyd Step, Property Dispute 

Folder 24: Claude DeBruhl v. B.U. Warren, Property Dispute 

Folder 25: Stuckey v. Phillips 

Box 13: Property Disputes, Court Cases, Miscellaneous Legal Correspondence and Legal Documents 

Folder 1: Title Insurance Company Correspondence 

Folder 2: W.P. Wortman v. Charles M. Britt, Property Dispute 

Folder 3: Monteath Cycle Flo Corporation v. William E. Payne 

Folder 4: Karl H. Straus and George W. Slaight Release Deed 

Folder 5: Wayne Worley Insurance Claim Documents 

Folder 6: Duncan v. Collings et al 

Folder 7: Myra Gardner and Paul R. Launer v. Wayne E. Alexander et al 

Folder 8: John H. Sloan, Trespassing Claim 

Folder 9: John H. Sloan v. Dewey Lisenbee 

Folder 10: Charles W. Smith, Legal Documents concerning Suspension 

Folder 11: Miscellaneous Legal Correspondence 

Folder 12: Miscellaneous Legal Documents 

Folder 13: Miscellaneous Correspondence 

Maps and Newspapers (in map case)

4 World War I 30th Division Maps: 3 of the Somme Offensive showing trench positions, 1 of the Ypres-Lys Offensive showing trench positions

Reproductions of Historic Citizen-Times front pages: 1)1916 flood; 2) End of World War II; 3) Sinking of Titanic; 4) John F. Kennedy assassination; 5) Bombing of Pearl Harbor; 6) Charles Lindbergh transatlantic flight; 7) death of Franklin D. Roosevelt; and 8) End of World War 1