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Howard H. Peckham Collection of WWI Monographs

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Howard H. Peckham Collection
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Bulk, 1914-1930
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Contains over 130 monographs. These are physically located in the Special Collections Reading Room where they are arranged by Library of Congress call number, although, in this finding aid, the monographs are listed alphabetically by author.
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[Identification of item], Howard H. Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Biographical Note

Born in 1910, Howard H. Peckham was a historian, author, archivist and librarian. He worked initially at the Clement Library, University of Michigan, where he was Curator of Manuscripts. He advocated a narrative approach to historical writing and was one of the first archivists to teach the skills of archival practice. His pro-active work for the archival profession resulted in the founding of the Society of American Archivists, where Peckham served as a founding member. In 1945, Peckham became Director of the Indiana Historical Bureau, and Secretary of the Indiana Historical Society. While in Indiana, he founded American Heritage magazine, and served as an editor for many years. He returned to Clement Library in 1953, becoming the Director and professor of history, and authored many monographs and articles. Peckham retired from the University of Michigan in 1971, and in 1976, he moved to Hendersonville, NC, where he lived until his death in 1995.

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Scope and Contents

The collection contains monographs amassed by Howard H Peckham. The monographs are accounts, mainly first person, of experiences during the First World War. The authors are civilians, and military personnel from Europe and the United States, and were mostly written during the war years, or in the first few years after the Armistice. Although the majority of the authors are not well known, the collection does include works by notables such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, John Pershing, and Siegfried Sassoon.

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Howard H Peckham

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Collection Inventory


Abbey, Edwin Austin. An American Soldier; Letters of Edwin Austin Abbey, 1918. [D640 A2.5] 

Aldrich, Mildred. A Hilltop on the Marne, Being Letters Written June 3-September 8, 1914. 1916 [D640 A3.5 1915] 

Aldrich, Mildred. On the Edge of the War Zone, from the Battle of the Marne to the Entrance of the Stars and Stripes. 1917 [D640 A3.8] 

Aldrich, Mildred. When Johnny Comes Marching Home, 1918 [D570.9 A4.5] 

Allen, Hervey, and Lyle Justis. Toward the Flame; A War Diary. 1934 [D570.9 A5.3 1934] 

American Red Cross. The Work of the American Red Cross During the War: A Statement of Finances and Accomplishments for the Period July 1, 1917 to February 28, 1919. 1919. [D629.U6 A5 1919] 

Ayscough, John. John Ayscough's Letters to His Mother During 1914, 1915, and 1916. 1919 [D640 B563] 

Baldridge, Cyrus Le Roy, and Hilmar R. Baukhage. "I Was There" with the Yanks on the Western Front, 1917-1919. 1919 [D527.B2] 

Baldwin, Harold. "Holding the Line,". 1918 [D640 B2.8] 

Bennett, Arnold. Over There: War Scenes on the Western Front. 1915 [D544 B4] 

Beveridge, Albert J. What Is Back of the War. 1915 [D640 B5 1915] 

Bigelow, Glenna Lindsley. Liege on the line of march; an American girl's experiences when the Germans came through Belgium. 1916 [D541 B5] 

Blunden, Edward Charles. Undertones of War. 1930 [D640 B5833 1930] 

Bott, Alan. An Airman's Outings. 1917 [D602 B6] 

Bott, Alan. Cavalry of the Clouds. 1918 [602 B62 1918] 

Brittain, Harry. To Verdun from the Somme; An Anglo American Glimpse of the Great Advance. 1917 [D544 B8] 

Buchan, John. The Battle of the Somme. 1917 [D545.S7 B52] 

Buffin, Camille, and Alice Hall Ward. Brave Belgians. 1918 [D541 B8.3] 

Chapman, Victor, and John Jay Chapman. Victor Chapman's Letters from France. 1917 [D570.9 C52 1917] 

Corbett-Smith, Arthur. The Retreat from Mons. 1916 [D544 C68] 

Crow, Malcolm C. Surgeon Crow; an American in the Russian Fighting. 1918 [D551 G8] 

Crump, Irving. Conscript 2989; Experience of a Drafted Man. 1918 [D570.9 C8] 

Cust, L. G. A. From Ploegsteert to Graudenz: The Story of a Prisoner-of-War. 1919 [D648 C87] 

Dawson, Coningsby, and Coningsby Dawson. Carry on: Letters in War-Time. 1917 [D640 D34] 

De Varila, Osborne. The First Shot for Liberty: The Story of an American Who Went Over with the First Expeditionary Force and Served His Country at the Front. 1918 [D570.9 D4] 

Douglas, John Harvey. Captured; Sixteen Months As a Prisoner of War. 1918 [D627 G3 D55] 

Doyle, Arthur Conan. A Visit to Three Fronts: Glimpses of the British, Italian and French Lines. 1916 [D640 D62] 

Empey, Arthur Guy. First Call: Guide Posts to Berlin. 1918 [D570.1 E5] 

Empey, Arthur Guy. "Over the Top": Together with Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches. 1917 [D640 E5] 

Erichsen, Erich Anton. Forced to Fight: The Tale of a Schleswig Dane. 1917 [D640 E6] 

Ford, Bert. The Fighting Yankees Overseas. 1919 [D570.3 26th F6] 

Forstner, Georg-Gušnther, and Russell Codman. The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner. [D591.F7] 

France. The Deportation of Women and Girls from Lille. 1916 [D639 D5 F7] 

Genet, Edmond Charles Clinton, and Grace Ellery Channing. War Letters of Edmond Genet: The First American Aviator Killed Flying the Stars and Stripes. 1918 [D640 G3] 

Genevoix, Maurice. Neath Verdun, August-October, 1914. 1917 [D545 V25 G5 1917] 

Gibbons, Floyd Phillips. "And They Thought We Wouldn't Fight.". 1918 [D575.9 G5] 

Gibbs, Philip. The Battles of the Somme. 1917 [D545.S7 G5 1917] 

Gibbs, Philip. Now It Can Be Told. 1920 [D544.G53 1920] 

Gibbs, Philip. The Soul of the War. 1915 [D640.G5] 

Gibson, Hugh. A Journal from Our Legation in Belgium. 1917 [DH682.G5] 

Gilliland, Horace Gray. My German Prisons; The Story of My Two and a Half Years of Captivity in Germany and My Final Escape, November 14, 1914-April 8, 1917. 1919 [D627.G3 G5] 

Great Britain. Evidence and Documents Laid Before the Committee on Alleged German Outrages ... . 1915 [D626 G3 G7 1915] 

Green, Horace. The Log of a Noncombatant. 1916 [D541.G65] 

Grider, John MacGavock, Elliott White Springs, and Clayton Knight. War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator. 1926 [D606.G7] 

Haigh, Richard. Life in a Tank. 1918 [D640.H25] 

Hale, Walter. By Motor to the Firing Line; An Artist's Notes and Sketches with the Armies of Northern France, June-July, 1915. 1916 [D640.H3] 

Hall, Bert. "En L'air!" (In the Air). 1918 [D603.H3 1918] 

Hall, James Norman. High Adventure; A Narrative of Air Fighting in France. 1918 [D603.H4] 

Hall, James Norman. Kitchener's Mob: The Adventures of an American in the British Army. 1916 [D640.H34] 

Hankey, Donald. A Student in Arms. 1917 [D640.H352 1917] 

Hay, Ian. The First Hundred Thousand: Being the Unofficial Chronicle of a Unit of "K (1)". 1916 [D640.B45] 

Hodder-Williams, J. E. One Young Man; The Simple and True Story of a Clerk Who Enlisted in 1914, Who Fought on the Western Front for Nearly Two Years, Was Severely Wounded at the Battle of the Somme, and Is Now on His Way Back to His Desk. 1917 [D640.H56 1917a] 

Holmes, Robert Derby. A Yankee in the Trenches. 1918 [D640.H6] 

Hopper, James. Medals of Honor. 1929 [D507.H65] 

Housman, Laurence. War Letters of Fallen Englishmen. 1930 [D640.H76] 

Howard, Frederick Thomas Rowland. On Three Battle Fronts. 1918 [D640.H77] 

Huard, Frances Wilson, and Charles Huard. My Home in the Field of Honour. 1916 [D640.H8] 

Ingpen, Roger. The Fighting Retreat to Paris. 1914 [D544.I5] 

Irvine, Alexander. A Yankee with the Soldiers of the King. 1923 [D570.9 I6] 

Janis, Elsie. The Big Show; My Six Months with the American Expeditionary Forces. 1919 [D570.9 J3] 

Keene, Louis. "Crumps"; The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went. 1917 [D640.K3 1917] 

Kellogg, Vernon L. Headquarters Nights; A Record of Conversations and Experiences at the Headquarters of the German Army in France and Belgium. 1917 [D515.K3] 

Kelly, Russell Anthony, and James Edward Kelly. Kelly of the Foreign Legion; Letters of Legionnaire Russell A. Kelly, to Which Is Added an Historical Sketch of the Foreign Legion. 1917 [D640.K4] 

Kerr, Wilfred Brenton. "Shrieks and Crashes." Being Memories of Canada's Corps, 1917. 1929 [D640.K38] 

Kilpatrick, James Alexander. Tommy Atkins at War As Told in His Own Letters. 1914 [D640.K56 1914] 

Kipling, Rudyard. France at War on the Frontier of Civilization. 1915 [D640.K65 1915b] 

Kreisler, Fritz. Four Weeks in the Trenches; The War Story of a Violinist. 1915 [D556.K7] 

Langer, William L. Gas and Flame in World War I [by] William L. Langer. 1965 [D570.9 L3 1965] 

Lauriat, Charles Emelius. The Lusitania's Last Voyage: Being a Narrative of the Torpedoing and Sinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania by a German Submarine Off the Irish Coast May 7, 1915. 1915 [D592.L8 L3] 

Leach, George E. War Diary. 1923 [D570.9.L43 1923] 

Lintier, Paul. My .75: Reminiscences of a Gunner of a .75m/M Battery in 1914 ; from the French of Paul Lintier. 1917 [D640.L52] 

Loti, Pierre, and Marjorie Laurie. War. 1917 [D640.V56] 

Lowry, Howard Haines, Margaret Erwin Holt Lowry, and Margaret Holt Lowry Butler. Letters to Tweeters: A Memorial to Howard Haines Lowry and Margaret Erwin Holt Lowry. 1980 D640 L6] 

MacArthur, Charles. War Bugs. 1929 [D570.9.M23] 

Mack, Arthur James. Shellproof Mack, An American's Fighting Story. 1918 [D640.M318] 

Masefield, John. The Old Front Line. 1917 [D545.S7 M3] 

McCollum, Lee Charles. History and Rhymes of the Lost Battalion. 1923 [D526.2 M16 1916] 

McNutt, William Slavens. The Yanks Are Coming! 1918 [D570.36.M32 1918] 

Millard, Shirley, and Adele Comandini. I Saw Them Die; Diary and Recollections of Shirley Millard. 1936 [D640.M478] 

Millen, De Witt Clinton. Memoirs of 591 in the World War. 1923 [D570.9.M46] 

Minder, Charles Frank. This Man's War; The Day-by-Day Record of an American Private on the Western Front. 1923 [D570.9.M48] 

Mirman, LeŽon, and J. Esslemont Adams. Their Crimes. 1917 [D626.G3 L73] 

Morlae, Edward. A Soldier of the Legion. 1916 [D544.M6] 

Morse, John. In the Russian Ranks, A Soldier's Account of Fighting in Poland. 1916 [D551.M6] 

Mottram, R. H., John Easton, and Eric Partridge. Three Personal Records of the War. 1929 [D640.A3 M6] 

Munro, Dana Carleton, George C. Sellery, and August C. Krey. German War Practices. 1918 [D626 G3 M18 1918] 

Nicolas, Rene, and Katharine Babbitt. Campaign Diary of a French Officer. 1917 [D548.N4513] 

Nobbs, Gilbert. On the Right of the British Line. 1917 [D640.N6] 

Notestein, Wallace, and Elmer Edgar Stoll. Conquest and Kultur: Aims of the Germans in Their Own Words. 1918 [D515 N65x] 

O'Brien, Pat. Outwitting the Hun: My Escape from a German Prison Camp. 1918 [D627.G3 O3] 

Orcutt, Philip Dana. The White Road of Mystery: The Note-Book of an American Ambulancier. 1918. [D640.O8] 

Palmer, Frederick. America in France. 1918 [D570.P3] 

Peat, Harold R. Private Peat. 1917 [D640.P36] 

Pershing, John J. My Experiences in the World War. 1931 [D570.P44] 

Platoon Commander. With My Regiment from Aisne to La Bassee. 1916 [D640.W5] 

Pollard, Hugh B. C. The Story of Ypres. 1917 [D542.Y7 P6] 

Powell, E. Alexander. Fighting in Flanders. 1915 [D541.P6 1915] 

Pym, T. W., and Geoffrey Gordon. Papers from Picardy, By Two Chaplains, the Rev. T.W. Pym and the Rev. Geoffrey Gordon. 1917 [D639.R4 P9] 

Read, Herbert. In Retreat. 1925 D546.5th.R4] 

Redier, Antoine, and Philip Duncan Wilson. Comrades in Courage (Meditations Dans La Tranchee). 1918 [D640.R33] 

Rendinell, J. E., and George Pattullo. One Man's War: The Diary of a Leatherneck. 1928 [D570.9.R4] 

Reynolds, Francis Joseph, and C. W. Taylor. Collier's Photographic History of the European War, Including Sketches and Drawings Made on the Battle Fields. 1915 [D527.C7] 

Roberts, E. M. A Flying Fighter; An American Above the Lines in France. 1918 [D603.R6] 

Ruhl, Arthur Brown. Antwerp to Gallipoli; A Year of War on Many Fronts - and Behind Them. 1916 [D640.R8 1916a] 

Sassoon, Siegfried. Memoirs of an Infantry Officer. 1930 [D640.S3415] 

Scully, C. Alison. The Course of the Silver Greyhound. 1936 [D570.S35 1936] 

Seeger, Alan. Letters and Diary of Alan Seeger. 1917 [D640.S38] 

Sheahan, Henry. A Volunteer Poilu. 1916 [D548.3.S5 1916] 

Sherwood, Elmer W. Diary of a Rainbow Veteran. 1929 [D575.9.S46 1929] 

Spencer, Carita. War Scenes I Shall Never Forget. 1916 [D640.S725 1916] 

Stallings, Laurence. The First World War: A Photographic History. 1933 [D527.S73] 

Stephens, Daniel Owen. With Quakers in France. 1921 [D570.9.S7] 

Stevenson, William Yorke. From "Poilu" to "Yank,". 1918 [D570.9.S76] 

Stevenson, William Yorke. At the Front in a Flivver. 1917. [D640.S727] 

Streeter, Edward, and G. William Breck. Dere Mable: Love Letters of a Rookie. 1918 [D526.2.S85] 

Streeter, Edward, and G. William Breck. "Thats Me All Over, Mable". 1919 [D526.2.S86] 

The Cannoneers Have Hairy Ears; A Diary of the Front Lines. 1927 D570.9 C26] 

Thomason, John W. Fix Bayonets! 1927 [D570.348.T5] 

Toland, Edward Dale. The Aftermath of Battle: With the Red Cross in France. 1916. [D629.F8.T7] 

Toynbee, Arnold. The German Terror in Belgium. 1917 [D626.G3 T5] 

Toynbee, Arnold. The German Terror in France, By Arnold J. Toynbee. 1917 [D626.G3 T7] 

United States. How the War Came to America. 1917 [D619 A34x] 

Van Vorst, Marie. War Letters of an American Woman. 1916 [D640.V3 1916] 

Wallgren, Abian A. Wally, His Cartoons of the A.E.F. 1919 [D526.2.W27] 

Washburn, Slater. One of the Y.D. (Yankee Division). 1919 [D570.9.W4] 

Wells, Clifford Almon, and O. C. S. Wallace. From Montreal to Vimy Ridge and Beyond; The Correspondence of Lieut. Clifford Almon Wells, B.A., of the 8th Battalion, Canadians, B.E.F., November, 1915-April, 1917. 1917 [D640.W37 1917] 

Werner, M. R. "Orderly!". 1930 [D570.W42] 

Westover, Wendell, and Lucien Jonas. Suicide Battalions. 1929. [D570.34 5th.W4] 

Wood, Eric Fisher. The Note Book of an Attache; Seven Months in the War Zone. 1915 [D640.W7 1915] 

Wright, Jack Morris, and Sara Greene Wise. A Poet of the Air; Letters of Jack Morris Wright, First Lieutenant of the American Aviation in France, April, 1917-January, 1918. 1918 [D570.9.W8] 

Yanks; A.E.F. Verse. 1919. [D526.2.S72]