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Sidney Schochet Family Papers

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Sidney Schochet Family Papers
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1.4 Linear feet
Physical Description
The collection contains documents, correpsondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, ledger books, holiday cards, ephemera, an audio recording, bulletins, and other materials.
Boxes 1-2 Located in Special Collections Row 8, Section 6. Boxes 3-4 located in Oversize shelving.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Sidney Schochet Family Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina Asheville 28804

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Historical Note

A collection of material related to the lives of members of the Schochet family, Asheville, North Carolina.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


The collection is available for research.

Custodial History

The bulk of the collection was donated by Jan Schochet in 2006. Additional material were added in 2016.

Processing Information

Processed by Special Collections staff in 2006 with additional processing and updated finding aid in 2016.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Box 1, Folder 1: Westermann and Heinemann Legal Documents 

Old Leicester Road Deed, October 1936. 

Legal Document, October 1965. 

Ralph C. Heinemann and Westinghouse Electric Corporation Lease, December 1965. 

James C. and Elizabeth M. Barret deed, February 1967. 

Box 1, Folder 2: Schochet Legal Documents 

142 Church Street Deed, December 1967. 

Murdock Avenue property entitlement and restrictions, December 1967. 

Envelope, David B. Levy, 7 Patton Avenue. Postmarked September 6, 1935. 

16 Stewart Street Deed, Central Bank and Trust C6. of Asheville, Trustee to Blue Ridge Building and Loan Association, January 28, 1932. 

Valley Street Quitclaim Deed, Jennie B. Schocket to Eugene Schocket, November 1943. 

Letter from Sidney M. Schochet to Social Security Administration regarding termination of The Bootery and distribution of stock, n.d. 

Carpenter invoice, W.B. Helton to Mr. E. Schockette, August 8, 1932. 

Box 1, Folder 3: Blomberg Legal Documents 

Deed from Frank F. Brown and Wife to Sallie Blomberg, February 1902. 

Deed, Aaron and Sallie Blomberg to Duff Merrick, June 1905. 

Title Papers envelope, n.d. 

Aaron Blomberg, Last Will and Testament, January 1920. 

Deed, A.J. and Allie Merrell to A. Blomberg, April 1899. 

Homestead Returns, Guy Weaver vs. Aaron Blomberg, July 1916. 

Deed of Conveyance, E.P. Brownell, Jr., and Lillian Brownell to Aaron Blomberg, February 1924. 

Deed, Bernard and Susanna Elias to Aaron Blomberg, August 1925. 

Box 1, Folder 4: The Star Bootery 

Letterhead, The Star Bootery 

Box 1, Folder 5: Jan E. Schochet Masters Thesis 

"Teaching Jewish Family Folklore, Oral History, and a Community Study: A Model Course Outline," Jan E. Schochet, 1983. 

Newspaper clipping, "Asheville's Young Judeans will perform Monday night, May 6, for the Hadassah Conference...," Asheville Citizen-Times, April 24, 1963. 

Box 1, Folder 6: Schochet Cousins 

Newspaper photo clipping, "And maybe Martha Raye thinks she knows how he does it. At least she's giving some explanation to actor Sid Gould," n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "Blomberg, Yankees Check Braves, 6-5," The Atlanta Constitution, March 12, 1970. 

Box 1, Folder 7: Leonard Rapport 

Cosmos Club Bulletin (photocopy), "The Cosmos Club and Presidential Politics," by Leonard Rapport, March 2000. 

Newspaper photo clipping (photocopy), "Leonard Rapport, 81, recently drove his 1952 DeSoto from his home in Washington, D.C., to Asheville to attend UNCA's reunion...," Asheville Citizen-Times, November 11, 1994. 

Photograph (photocopy), two unidentified man and one unidentified boy, n.d. 

"List of my long walks," with accompanying photographs, Leonard Rapport, August 1993. 

Magazine clipping (photocopy), "MARAC's 20th Anniversary: MARAC Celebrates Leonard Rapport," n.d. 

Map of Southern Upland Way hike across Scotland, n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "Dr. S. Rapport Dies After Long Illness," n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 8: Asheville Schools 

Newspaper clipping, "Franklin Boy [Gilmer Lee Crawford] Stands Exams for Annapolis," n.d. 

Commencement program, St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines, June 3, 1924. 

Dedication program, new building, Asheville High School, September 25 and 26, 1919. 

Newspaper clipping, "High School Debates Greensboro and Winston-Salem Highs Tonight," The Asheville Times, March 24, 1922. 

"High School vs. Bingham - Please Wear This Tag," n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "Bingham Defeats Fruitland Five: Visitors Put Up Good Game in First Half," n.d. 

Newspaper photo clipping, "Bingham Cage Team," The Sunday Citizen, Asheville, N.C., February 4, 1923. 

Newspaper clipping, "Carolina Freshman Cagers Play Two Contests Today; Meet Cadets as 'Y' at 3:30," The Asheville Citizen, February 10, 1923. 

The Bingham Recall (newsletter), April 28, 1923. 

The Bingham Recall (newsletter), January 26, 1924. 

The Bingham Recall (newsletter), February 6, 1924. 

Newspaper clipping, "Bingham Draws First Blood in Basketball By Defeating Waynesville High, 26 to 19," January 10, 1923. 

Newspaper clipping, "Successful Season for Bingham Five: Cadets Won 10 Games and Lost But Five," n.d. 

Handwritten program for unidentified event (at St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines?) with schedule of music, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 9: Asheville City Leaders 

Newspaper clipping (photocopy), "A Personal Remembrance: He Worked For All Good Causes," a tribute to Rabbi Sidney Unger, Asheville Citizen, April 13, 1972. 

Newspaper photo (photocopy), Rabbi Sidney E. Unger, Asheville Citizen-Times, November 26, 1961. 

Newspaper clipping (photocopy), "Dr. Unger Retires Friday as Beth Ha Tephila Rabbi," September 1963. 

Information and activity booklet, "Coming to the Mountains: Immigration and Western North Carolina," February 23-March 19, 1999. 

Obituary, Sam Baer, The Asheville Times, November 22, 1971. 

Obituary, Bernhard Gordon, August 14, 1999. 

Obituary, Morris Israel Karpen, March 5, 2002. 

Obituary, Dr. Albert Kodack, August 5, 1999. 

Newspaper clipping, "If you want to keep a voice in how Asheville is developed, say no to Amendment One," by Jan Schochet, Asheville Citizen-Times, October 28, 2004. 

Newspaper clipping, "March By Klan Remains Peaceful," Asheville Citizen-Times, May 11, 1986. 

Newspaper clipping, "History then and now: Two famous fires," Asheville Citizen-Times, January 17, 2000. 

Biography of Rachel Pollack, born January 23, 1897, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 11: Asheville Jewish Community Center 

Heritage Edition: A 46 year history of the Asheville Jewish Community Center, 1938-1984. 

Centerpiece News (Jewish Community Center newsletter), October 1958. 

Centerpiece News (Jewish Community Center newsletter), December 1958. 

"The Centerpiece," 7th Annual Edition, 1956-1957. 

"The Centerpiece," 8th Annual Edition, 1957-1958. 

"The Centerpiece," 9th Annual Edition, 1958-1959. 

Jewish Community Center meeting, September 1, 1970. 

Jewish Community Center meeting, October 6, 1970. 

Box 1, Folder 10: Jewish History, Asheville 

Asheville Jewish Community Center envelope to Mr. and Mrs. S. Schochet, n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "Initiative to preserve history of downtown Asheville's Jewish businesses is commendable," n.d. 

Advertisement, "The Family Store: A History of Jewish Businesses in Downtown Asheville, 1880-1990." 

Pamphlet, "The Family Store: A History of Jewish Businesses in Downtown Asheville, 1880-1990, An outdoor exhibit in downtown Asheville during summer 2005." 

Pamphlet, "The Family Store: A History of Jewish Businesses in Downtown Asheville, 1880-1990, A People's Memory is History." 

The American Jewish Times-Outlook, October 1958. 

Box 1, Folder 12: B'nai B'rith Special Events 

Invitation, Testimonial Dinner honoring Dr. Leon H. Feldman, July 26, 1969. 

Program, Dr. Leon H. Feldman Testimonial Dinner, July 16, 1969. 

Box 1, Folder 13: Theodore Israel Seamon 

"Poppy," eulogy by grandson of Theodore Seamon, June 14, 2001. 

Biography, Theodore Israel Seamon - Prominent Aviation Attorney 

Eulogy, Theodore Israel Seamon, June 11, 2001. 

Eulogy for Theodore Seamon by Alaskan client. 

Eulogy for Theodore Seamon read by Thomas Seamon, June 11, 2001. 

"Lois Marie Seamon and descendants of Aaron Blomberg, Lucy Schochet, Albert Rabinowitz," compiled by Ken Seamon, May 10, 1998. 

Box 1, Folder 14: Leo Finkelstein 

Obituary, Leo Finkelstein, Asheville Citizen-Times, March 24, 1999. 

Newspaper clipping, "Local businessman Finkelstein dies at 93," Asheville Citizen-Times, March 24, 1999. 

Newspaper clipping, "Lions Club honors Finkelstein," Asheville Citizen-Times, May 16, 2005. 

Newspaper clipping, "Jewish Welfare Board Gives Party at Oteen," n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 15: Yom HaShoah Commemoration 

Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial Service, Congregation Beth HaTephila, April 18, 2004. 

Asheville Yom HaShoah Commemoration, Holocaust Memorial Service, "We Must Tell the Story," Beth Israel Synagogue, April 28, 2003. 

Yom HaShoah Commemoration, Congregation Beth HaTephila, April 9, 2002. 

Yom HaShoah Service, Asheville Community Holocaust Memorial Service, Beth Israel Synagogue, April 19. 2001. 

Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial Service, Congregation Beth HaTephila, April 22, 1998. 

Box 1, Folder 16: Asheville Hadassah 

Newspaper photograph, "One of these women - Mrs. Sidney Schochet, Mrs. Harry Winner, Mrs. Ben Shulimson, Mrs. Philip Ness or Mrs. David Narder - will be chosen Queen of Hadassah at the annual donor dinner...," The Asheville Citizen, March 8, 1962. 

Hadassah Headlines (newsletter), February 1959. 

Hadassah Donor Dinner order form, Battery Park Hotel, Asheville, N.C., January 14, 1959. 

Hadassah Donor Cocktail Party and Banquet RSVP. 

Program, Asheville Chapter of Hadassah Twenty-fourth Annual Donor Dinner, March 12, 1960. (Marked up with edits for Twenty-fifth Annual Donor Dinner program.) 

Program, Asheville Chapter of Hadassah Celebrates a Silver Anniversary, Twenty-fifth Annual Donor Dinner, March 18, 1961. 

Newspaper clipping, "Mrs. Winner Installed at Hadassah Meet," n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 17: Congregation Beth Israel 

Dedication Service of the new Beth Israel Synagogue, Asheville, North Carolina, May 25, 1969. 

Box 1, Folder 18: Congregation Beth HaTephila Brotherhood 

"Growing in the Mountains," Congregation Beth HaTephila directory, 2000. 

Constitution, Congregation Beth HaTephila Brotherhood, Revised November 1, 1961. 

Box 1, Folder 19: Congregation Beth HaTephila Bulletins 

Beth HaTephila Bulletin, December 6 & 13, 1963. 

Beth HaTephila Bulletin, November 28, 1958. 

Beth HaTephila Bulletin, April 1998. 

Beth HaTephila Bulletin, October 1, 1992. 

Beth HaTephila Bulletin, February 1, 1980. 

Box 1, Folder 20: Congregation Beth HaTephila Special Events 

Program, Seventy-Fifth Birthday of Dr. Sidney E. Unger, May 7, 1971. 

Dedication program, New Religious School Building, September 18, 19, 20, 1959. 

Sisterhood of Beth HaTephila Annual New Year Eve Dance, December 31, 1958. 

Confirmation Service, May 28, 1963. 

Congregation Beth Ha Tephila Opens its doors and Cordially Invites you to The Centennial Dinner at The Great Smokies Hilton, Saturday, August 10, 1991. 

Dedication of Torah in Memory of Rabbi Sidney E. Unger, November 17, 1972. 

A Tribute to Rabbi Robert J. and Susan Ratner in Honor of their Tenth Anniversary with the Congregation, December 7, 2002. 

Welcome to Founder's Weekend, November 19, 2004. 

Box 1, Folder 21: Congregation Beth HaTephila, Yom Kippur Roll of Remembrance 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Roll of Remembrance, October 1, 1979. 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Roll of Remembrance, September 20, 1980. 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Roll of Remembrance, October 9, 2000. 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Roll of Remembrance, September 27, 2001. 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Roll of Remembrance, September 16, 2002. 

Congregation Beth HaTephila Roll of Remembrance, October 6, 2003. 

Box 1, Folder 22: Congregation Mickve Israel 

Contact, May 1989. 

The Worship Service at Mickve Israel 

A Short History of Congregation Mickve Israel of Savannah, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 23: Kesher Israel Congregation 

Shabbat Announcement Page, November 4, 2000 

Box 1, Folder 24: The Carolina Israelite 

The Carolina Israelite, November-December 1958. 

Box 1, Folder 25: Camp Judaea 

Blue Star Camps for Boys and Girls, Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

Letter to Jackie Hoffman regarding the schedule for Junior Weekend, May 3, 1966. 

Itinerary, First Junior Spring Conclave of Southern Region Chapters, May 14-15, 1966. 

Camp Judaea Visitor's Day Schedule 

Camp Judaea Visitor's Day Instructions. 

Photograph, North Carolina Summer Council Convention, June 1963. 

Box 1, Folder 26: National Council of Jewish Women 

Council Woman (Newsletter of the National Council of Jewish Women), November 1958. 

Box 1, Folder 27: Soviet Resettlement 

Soviet Resettlement Administrative Manual, January 1992. 

Box 1, Folder 28: American Association for Jewish Education 

Talks on Television Series: Look Up and Live, March 6, 13, 20, and 27, 1955, by Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld. 

The Functions of the American Association for Jewish Education, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 29: Southern Jewish Historical Society 

Program, 10th Annual Meeting of the Southern Jewish Historical Society, October 18-20, 1985. 

Skokie Valley Hadassah cordially invites you to an Israel Bond Dinner honoring Mr. and Mrs. William Ship Book, October 29, 1978. 

Box 1, Folder 30: Message of Israel 

Message of Israel: "The Jewish Jesus and the Christian Christ I," December 2, 1951. 

Message of Israel: "The Jewish Jesus and the Christian Christ II," December 9, 1951. 

Message of Israel, "What Chanukah Means To Christians - What Christmas Means To Jews," December 23, 1951. 

Message of Israel, "Corruption Is Not Inevitable," December 16, 1951. 

Message of Israel, "Twelve Months To Live," January 27, 1952. 

Box 1, Folder 31: Richmond Jewish Community Center 

The Reflector (Newsletter of the Richmond Jewish Community Council and the Richmond Jewish Center)," May 16, 1955. 

50th Anniversary Commemorative Journal, 1935-1985, Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Virginia, November 1985. 

Jewish Community Center Dedication, Richmond, Virginia, February 7, 1960. 

The Reflector (newsletter of the Richmond Jewish Community Council and the Jewish Community Center), March 1959. 

Box 1, Folder 32: Jewish Religious School 

Barry Schochet Report Card, Bikur Cholim Talmud Torah, 1st Term 1956. 

Barry Schochet Kindergarten Portfolio, Group Two: Obedience. 

Barry Schochet Kindergarten Portfolio, Group Three: Helpfulness. 

Barry Schochet Kindergarten Portfolio, Group Four: Kindness. 

Barry Schochet Kindergarten Portfolio, Group Five: Bravery. 

Box 1, Folder 33: Maria Beale Fletcher 

Greeting card, "Every Good Wish for the Holiday Season," signed "Beale and Peggy Fletcher," n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 34: Photographs 

Photo postcard, two unidentified women, Branagan's Studio, Asheville, N.C. 

Photo postcard, unidentified girl and boy, n.d. 

Photo postcard, unidentified girl, n.d. 

Photograph, four unidentified people in car, n.d. 

Photograph, nine unidentified people, n.d. 

Photograph, ten unidentified people, n.d. 

Photograph, three unidentified people with car, n.d. 

Photograph, unidentified boy on doorstep, n.d. 

Photograph, unidentified man with cigar, n.d. 

Photograph, unidentified woman in chair on front porch, n.d. 

Photograph, unidentified boy, n.d. 

Envelope and receipts, Robinson's Photo Stock & Arts. 

Photograph, Mrs. Coleman Zageir with unidentified women and girls, n.d. 

Photograph, North Carolina Summer Council Convention, June 1963. 

Photograph, North Carolina Council AZA, BBG, n.d. 

Photograph, [Camp Blue Star?], n.d. Pictured (left to right): 1st row - Les Jacobs, Joe Werthammer; 2nd row - Bert Levy, Morton Gordon, Ronald Robbins, Barry Schochet, Barry Lapidus; 3rd row - Ross Abrams, Jeffery Blum, Barry Garfinkel, Larry Colker, Nicky Hume ; 4th row, counsellors - Zach Barnes, Lewis Millender, Hyman Shapiro, Robert Miller. 

Box 1, Folder 35: Newspapers and newsletters 

The Native Stone, a Buncombe County weekly newspaper, April 20, 1972. 

The Centralizer (newspaper of Central High School, Philadelpha, PA), March 28, 1924. 

The Centralizer (newspaper of Central High School, Philadelpha, PA), April 4, 1924. 

Progressing: News of the Charlotte Progressive Club, February 10, 1923. 

Progressing: News of the Charlotte Progressive Club, September 10, 1924. 

Progressing: News of the Charlotte Progressive Club, January 10, 1925. 

The Tar Heel, Chapel Hill, N.C., June 14, 1923 - Commencement Issue. 

Box 1, Folder 36: Miscellaneous Publications 

B'nai B'rith Today: Meeting the Needs of B'nai B'rith Members Across the Nation, Summer 2006. 

At the JFR, newsletter of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, Spring/Summer 2006. 

Box 1, Folder 37: Hagadah for Passover 

Hagadah for Passover, booklet in English and Hebrew, n.d. 

Hagadah Passover Seder Service, booklet, 1949. 

Box 1, Folder 38: Christmas Cards from Evelyn and Roy Taylor 

Greeting card, "Evelyn and Roy Taylor extend Christmas greetings and best wishes for a joyous New Year," n.d. 

Greeting card, "Christmas Greetings and sincere wishes for your happiness in the coming year, Evelyn and Roy Taylor," n.d. 

Greeting card, "Evelyn and Roy Taylor extend Christmas Greetings and best wishes for a joyous New Year," n.d. 

Greeting card, "Evelyn and Roy Taylor extend Christmas Greetings and best wishes for a joyous New Year," n.d. 

Greeting card, "Christmas Greetings and sincere wishes for your happiness in the coming year, Evelyn and Roy Taylor," n.d. 

Greeting card, "Wishing you a good Old Fashioned Christmas and happy New Year, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Stuart," 1923. 

Box 1, Folder 39: Convention Programs 

Program, Fifty-Third Convention, District Grand Lodge Number Five, The Independent Order B'nai B'rith, February 12-14, 1928. 

Program, Carolina Lodge No. 603 Independent Order of B'nai B'rith honoring the 47th Annual Convention of the Fifth District, January 23, 1922. 

Program, First Annual Conference of the North Carolina Association of Jewish Women, January 22-24, 1922. 

Program, Mt. Hermon Lodge No. 118, Trestle Board, November 1952. 

Card, Forty-Seventh Annual Convention, Independent Order B'nai B'rith Fifth District, January 22-24, 1922. 

Box 1, Folder 40: Maps 

Map of Indiana courtesy of Sinclair, c.1950. 

AAA Official Road Map of the United States, 1954. 

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce, 30 E. Broad St. Columbus, Ohio, n.d. 

Brochure, Your Guide to the Ida Cason Callaway Gardens on U.S. Route 7, Chipley, GA, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 41: Music Programs and Playbills 

Program, Symphony Stories By Adeline McCall, North Carolina Symphony Children's Concerts, 1957. 

Program, The University of North Carolina Music Club Fall Trip, 1922. 

Program, Fifth Annual Asheville Music Festival, 1925. 

Program, "The Fool" at the Auditorium, October 30, 1924. 

Program, Tau Gamma Presents The Children's Vaudeville, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 42: US Politics and Miscellaneous 

United States War Bonds envelope. 

Political cartoon, "Cartoon Takes Country By Storm," n.d. 

Cartoon, "Flapper," n.d. 

"Tune: Smiles," lyrics for song dedicated to Mrs. Weil, n.d. 

Bank currency band stamped June 25, 1945. 

Booklet, Forms Suggested for Telegraph Messages, issued for the convenience of patrons by The Western Union Telegraph Company, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 43: The Benjamin School for Girls 

The Benjamin School for Girls, Commencement Week Program. 

Invitation to the Benjamin School for Girls Commencement Exercises, May 24, 1923. 

The Tusitala (1923 yearbook, Benjamin School for Girls). 

Box 1, Folder 44: Miscellaneous 

List of names and addresses, n.d. 

Hebrew writing on back of Kent cigarette label, n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 45: Union prayer book 

Print, the Western Wall, Jerusalem, n.d. 

The Union Prayerbook for Jewish Worship, 1961, with dedication to Lillian Levy, April 1964. 

Box 1, Folder 46: Postcards 

Postcard, Smile Messengers Comic No. 142, "Right here's where I'se SORELY TEMPTED." 

Postcard, "Andrew's Geyser by Moonlight, 'In the Land of the Sky'," n.d. 

Postcard, "The St. Moritz-on-the-Park, New York," n.d. 

Postcard, "St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, Vic." Note on back dated September 2, 1942 reads, "Dear Nathan: Miss Meyers wrote me of your marriage. Good luck and best wishes. Please tell Mrs. Petersal to look after you until I get back. As you see some parts of Australia are beautiful but lots of it is a desert, especially the interior. Am enjoying my work selling war bonds. Our boys have more money than they can spend, and lots of them are saving their money. They are the real wise guys. Kindest regards. Drop me a line sometime." 

Postcard, "Where night turns into play - The Terrace Room - At the Hotel New Yorker, New York City," n.d. 

Box 1, Folder 47: Invitations and Small Ephemera 

Three placeholders - one bluebird, two girls with jokes, n.d. 

Four admission cards: Weekly dance at the Jewish Welfare Board Center, Benefit Bridge by Tau Gamma for Charity Fund (April 26, ?), Tau Gamma Hard Times Ball (June 29, 1927), Tau Gamma Luncheon and Conference of Rabbis (June 23, 1926). 

Bridge Scoring and Tally, Freda and Cy, June 10, 1924. 

Invitation to reception and dance for Lilyan Sylvia Jacobs and Moses David Levitch, September 3, 1925. 

Invitation to The Annual Dance given by W.A.H. & W., December 25, 1922. 

Invitation to a dance in honor of Samuel Hockfield and Ida Levy, April 7, 1924. 

Program, Reception and Dance in compliment to Miss Jean Adelstein by Mr. and Mrs. L. Michalove, February 2, 1925. 

Invitation to a dance given by the Durham Circle of Jewish Women, December 25, 1923. 

Invitation to Tau Gamma Benefit Aid Society Masquerade, n.d. 

Tau Gamma treasurer acceptance speech, November 31, 1927. 

Box 1, Folder 48: Asheville Ephemera 

The Pullman Company railroad ticket, Asheville to Durham, January 3, 1923. 

University of Pennsylvania Seals 

City of Asheville driving licenses, 1921, 1922. 

Two cards for Dr. Lawrence L. Joblin, Asheville Dental Co., one with a note, n.d. 

Booklet, "Grove Park Inn: Finest Resort Hotel in the World, Sunset Mountain, Asheville, N.C. - Absolutely Fireproof - Open all the Year - The Altitude Makes it Cool in Summer," [1920]. 

Box 2 

Box 2, Folder 1: Service Programs 

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Sabbath Service, August 12, 1966. 

A Friday Evening Service, material selected and edited by Richard Anderman, n.d. 

Havdallah Service, n.d. 

Yom Ha-sho'ah, Beth Israel Synagogue Holocaust Program, April 20, 1982. 

Box 2, Folder 2: Letters to Sidney Schochet 

Letter from Leo Finkelstein soliciting donations to Leon Feldman and the B'nai B'rith Foundation, July 7, 1969. 

Greeting card, "Wishing you a Happy New Year," signed "Bucks Restaurant," n.d., postmarked September 25, 1965. 

Notecard to Sidney Schochet announcing District 5 AZA Camp Convention, postmarked July 23, 1937. 

Invitation to a meeting of the Jewish Young People's League, postmarked March 19, 1937. 

Letter to Sidney Schochet from Julius Bisno, Executive Secretary of Lapidus Forest Memorial, January 21, 1937. 

Letter from Department of the Army to 1st Lt. Sidney M. Schochet, January 25, 1954. 

Letter from Department of the Army to 1st Lt. Sidney M. Schochet, January 21, 1954. 

Letter to Barry Schochet from the Flying W Wranglers at Flying W Ranch, postmarked September 27, 1965. 

Letter to Sidney M. Schochet from H.D. Reynolds, Southeastern Factors Corporation, April 30, 1953. 

Handwritten letter to Barry Schochet from Sidney Unger, May 29, 1969. 

Letter to Sidney Schochet from Melvin Karesh, The American Jewish Times, August 18, 1938. 

Correspondence between Rabbi S. Wrubel, Ben Fox, and Elliott Serotta, July 1937. 

Letter to Sidney Schochet from Ben Fox, July 18, 1937. 

Letter from Ben Fox to Sidney Schochet, July 6, 1937. 

Correspondence between Ben Fox, Sidney Schochet, and Solomon Breibart, July 1937. 

Note of appreciation from Gladys Waldrop to The Bootery, postmarked June 7, 1957. 

Thank-you card to Sidney Schochet from Mary Louise Biddle, postmarked July 20, 1953. 

New Year's greeting card to Mary, Sidney, Jan and Barry, signed "It was really good to see you - We had a wonderful time being together with the family. Love, Pearl and Seymour," postmarked September 1980. 

Letter to Sidney Schochet from Arnold Sgan with enclosed newspaper photo of Schochet receiving the Kiddush Cup from the National Federation of Temple Brotherhoods, January 22, 1984. 

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Schochet from Frances and Sam Sandmel, postmarked April 30, 1960. 

Letter to Sidney Schochet from Ernie and Vicki Hice, July 4, 1959. 

Handwritten letter to Mary Schochet from Sylvia Gordon, October 5, 1980. 

Journal article, "Dumped from a Wharf into Casco Bay: The Historical Records Survey," April 1974. 

Letter from Department of the Army to 1st Lt. Sidney Schochet, January 21, 1954. 

Congratulatory card to Sidney Schochet from Leo Marley with attached newspaper photo of Sidney Schochet receiving Kiddush Cup, postmarked January 24, 1984. 

Letter from Department of the Army to 1st Lt. Sidney Schochet, December 8, 1953. 

Box 2, Folder 3: Beth HaTephila Documents 

Jewish Community Bulletin, a bulletin published by the Congregation Beth-Ha-Tephila, Asheville, NC., first issue, n.d. 

Congregation Beth-Ha-Tephila Certificate of Appreciation presented to Sid Schochet, Jewish Chatauqua Society Chairman, n.d. 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Calendar, 1984-95. 

"Welcome to Congregation Beth ha-Tephila," n.d. 

Congregation Beth ha-Tephila Bulletin, February 1, 1984. 

Composition book, "Minutes and Roll Call for Bar Mitsvah Club," n.d. 

"The Mitvah, By the MITs," a booklet for members-in-training, n.d. 

"Ritual for the Bar Mitzvah Club of Beth Ha-Tephila," n.d. 

Box 2, Folder 4: The Bootery, Legal Documents 

The Star Bootery, Inc., Stockholders Agreement, January 1, 1981. 

Bill of Sale and Assignment of the Bootery, signed by Sidney and Mary Schochet, December 31, 1980. 

The Star Bootery, Inc., Agreement and Bill of Sale, January 2, 1981. 

Lillian Levy, Sidney Schochet, and Mary P. Schochet, Lessors., The Star Bootery, Inc., Lessee, Lease Agreement, December 30, 1980. 

The Star Bootery, Inc., Pre-Incorporation Agreement, December 15, 1980. 

Box 2, Folder 5: B'nai B'rith Youth Organization Documents 

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization newsletter, April 25, 1969. 

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization newsletter, April 25, 1969. 

"AZA District Five Folder & BBG 'Jewish Star'," n.d. 

Supreme Advisory Council emergency meeting, January 31-February 1, 1942. 

North Carolina Council B'nai B'rith Youth Organization Roster, 1964-65. 

A.Z.A. Defense Communique: Salvage for Victory Campaign, March 5, 1942. 

AZA BBYO Honor Certificate awarded to Barry Schochet for first place at North Carolina Summer Council Debates, June 1963. 

AZA BBYO Honor Certificate awarded to Barry Schochet for third place at AZA Oratory, December 29, 1963. 

B'nai B'rith Honor Certificate for 25 years of service awarded to Sidney Schochet, March 1976. 

Box 2, Folder 6: Newspaper Clippings 

Newspaper clipping, "3 From City Honored By B'nai B'rith," n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "'Luck' Helped Blum Survive Auschwitz," The Asheville Times, April 7, 1983. 

Newspaper clipping, "Friedman Nears End of Rabbinate, Feels Need To Be 'Ministered To'," Asheville Citizen-Times, May 18, 1980. 

Newspaper clipping, "Mideast Peace Is the Most Elusive Catch," The Wall Street Journal, May 10, 1983. 

Newspaper clipping, "Remembering Death and Life in the Holocaust," April 26, 1983. 

Newspaper clipping, "A Strong Marriage Grows in Adversity, Rabbi Says," Asheville Citizen-Times, May 4, 1975. 

Newspaper clipping, "Strictly Personal: Alternative to Holocaust," n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "Creation Of A Palestinian State Would Threaten U.S., Rabbi Says," n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "High Holy Days: A Time of Renewal," The Asheville Times, n.d. 

Newspaper clipping, "Rabbi's ecumenical efforts reach out to Christian world," Chicago Tribune, January 29, 1981. 

Newspaper clipping, "Rabbi Friedman Observes Four Decades of Service," The Asheville Citizen, October 24, 1975. 

Box 2, Folder 7: New Year Cards 

47 New Year cards signed by various friends and relations. 

Box 2, Folder 8: New Year Cards 

40 New Year cards signed by various friends and relations. 

Box 2, Folder 11: Children's Workbooks for Learning Hebrew 

Rocket To Mars, Unit 1: The Rocket Takes Off, 1953. 

Rocket To Mars, Unit 2: A Prisoner on Mars, 1953. 

Box 2, Folder 9: Miscellaneous Cards 

16 greeting cards and postcards marking various holidays and occasions. 

Box 2, Folder 10: Miscellaneous items 

Items include "The Centerpiece," the 1965 directory of the Asheville Jewish Community Center, and "Personal experiences," by Samuel Srolovic Jacobson 

Box 2, Folder 11 - Hebrew lesson workbooks 

"Rocket to Mars" lesson books for learning to read Hebrew 

Box 2, Folder 12 - Miscelleous Items 

Includes newspaper clippings and other items 

Box 2, Folder 13: Audio Register 

** RESTRICTED ** Cassette Tape (and CD copy), Bill Britt talks about a business opportunity that promises "success for life," May 22, 1973. 

Box 3 

Box 3 contains 3 accounting ledger books from The Bootery: 1) 1950-52; 2) Profit & Loss records, 1946-1962; 3) General accounting records, 1946-1946-62 

Box 4 

Box 4 contains 3 accounting ledger books from The Bootery: 1) 1961-62; 2) 1955-57; 3) 1952-54