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Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville Collection

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Collection Inventory
Box 1: Constitution and By-Laws. Materials covering the history of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1950-2004.
Box 2: History Materials - Materials relating to ministers and officials of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville, including personal correspondence, obituaries, and sermon notes. Dates 1963-2005.
Box 3: Audio Tapes & Movie Film - Miscellaneous audio tapes from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Tapes were originally located in Box 2. Dates 1989-1990. Movie film found in oral history collection. 4 tapes were part of 2017 additional donation.
Box 4: Canvass & Committees - Materials from the Canvass fundraising drives and various committees and groups associated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1972-2004.
Box 5: Committees - Materials from the various committees and groups associated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1957-2003.
Box 6: Newsletters - 1950s-1990s
Box 7: Newsletters - 2000s
Box 8: Membership Records - Attendance and visitor registers; membership directories. Dates 1963-2007.
Box 9: Membership Materials & Miscellany - Materials include membership lists, yearbooks, statistics, correspondence, clippings and testaments of belief. Dates 1963-2010.
Box 10: UUAC Buildings - Materials include documents and reports pertaining to church building purchases, demolition, maintenance, and fundraising. Dates 1971-2001.
Box 11: Social Concerns - Materials include documents related to social justice programming and fundraisers. Dates 1972-2005.
Box 12: Task Forces - Materials include long-range planning, retirement concept, welcoming, and Sunday morning task forces. Dates 1987-2000.
Box 13: Lay Programs and Services - Materials covering religious education, services, pastoral visits, photos and booklets. Dates 1955-2009.
Box 14: Board of Trustees & Reports - Materials pertaining to the Board of Trustees; annual reports; certificates; strategic planning files. Dates 1950-2010.
Box 15: Sermons - 1994-2006 [2015 addendum]
Box 16: Sermons - 2007-2010 [2015 addendum]
Box 17: Miscellaneous [2015 addendum]
Box 18: Miscellaneous [2015 addendum]
Box 19: Miscellaneous [2017 addendum]
Box 20: Miscellaneous [2017 addendum, and 2018 addendum]
Box 21: Miscellaneous [2018 addendum]

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville Collection
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The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, audio tapes, newsletters, church publications, and other documents.
Located in Special Collections, Row 5, Sections 6-7.

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[Identification of item], Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville Collection, Special Collections, D.H. Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 28804.

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Historical Note

The Asheville Unitarian church was founded following an assembly by Minister-at-large Reverend Ron Ray Call of Boston, MA and eleven people at the George Vanderbilt Hotel in Asheville on May 9, 1950. The American Unitarian Association officially welcomed the Unitarian Fellowship of Asheville, North Carolina as a member organization on May 26, 1950. The earliest services were held in the basement of the First Congregational Church and in homes, with a focus on comparative religion.

In 1951 the first newsletter was printed, recording recent church attendance ranging from thirteen to sixteen congregants, and the Building Fund was started. The church school began the following year, using rooms at the YMCA until 1956.

Reverend Daniel Welch of Tennessee became the first full-time pastor on June 1, 1955. The growing Fellowship purchased a building on 120 Vermont Avenue, West Asheville, and held a dedication service on October 1, 1957. The Women’s Alliance, the Laymen’s League, and the Liberal Religious Youth Group were started. On May 23, 1962 the Fellowship of sixty-seven members was officially recognized as a church, and in 1968 became the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville.

On October 17, 1972 the new church building at 1 Edwin Place was dedicated.

Reverend Richard R. Gross (1963-1967), Dr. Tracy Pullman (1968-1974), Reverend William Hammond (1974-1983), Reverend James Brewer (1983-1990), Dr. William Houff (1990-1991), Reverend Maureen Killoran (1991-2005) and Reverend Mark Ward (2005-present) have served as ministers.

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Scope and Contents

The collection spans the years from 1950 to the present. The material in the collection includes various document on church activities, the minutes of meetings, photographs, membership lists, materials related to a church history, service bulletins, and the plans for construction of the church on Charlotte Street. It also includes papers related to the governing board (Board of Trustees) and to the various ministers who have headed the Asheville, NC church. Included in the administrative records are minutes, annual reports and administrative correspondence; the personal correspondence of ministers of the church, and the correspondence related to the activities of various committees. Papers related to specific individuals and events are found throughout the collection. Personal oral histories are also included in the materials as are the taped sermons of some of the ministers.

Materials received as part of the 2015 and 2017 addenda were generally distinct from the initial donation and were therefore not incorporated into other materials. The exception was newsletters, which were added to materials in Box 7.

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Administrative Information

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504

Accruals Note

Additional accruals are expected.

Source of Acquisition

Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Original donation in 2009, with addendum donations in 2015, 2017, and 2018

Processing Note

Originally processed by DeAnn Brame in 2009. Reprocessed by Diane Lanctot in 2015. 2015 and 2017 addenda incorporated by Colin Reeve, May 2018, and January 2019

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Constitution and By-Laws. Materials covering the history of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1950-2004. 

Folder 1: Constitution and By-laws - Constitution and by-laws of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1982-1995. 

Photocopy of certification from The American Unitarian Association welcoming the Unitarian Fellowship of Asheville, North Carolina as a member organization of the association, dated May 26, 1950. 

Constitution of the Unitarian Universalist Association, undated. 

Proposed changes in the Church By-Laws. Date September 17, 1973. 

Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. N.C. Date May 30, 1972. 

Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. N.C. Date November 1973. 

Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. N.C. 10 pages. Date May, 1982. 

Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. N.C. 14 pages. Date July 1, 1991. 

Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. NC, Inc. 14 pages. Date June 7, 1992. 

Note from church historian Bob Potter dated April 21, 1995 regarding persons appearing on Reverend Lon Ray Call's Charter and the earliest mailing list. Attached is a letter from the UUA Office of Public Information in Boston responding to Mr. Potter's 1993 inquiry about original charter signers of the Unitarian Fellowship of Asheville in May 1950, with copies of suggested by-laws and meetings minutes from May 9, 1950 and an early mailing list. 

Regulations for Open Church, undated. 

Folder 2: History - Materials concerning the history of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1951-1993. 

Pages photocopied from unidentified book describing "the historical roots of Unitarian universalism," "an organized movement in America," and "Parker's 28 questions." 

Photocopy of "Our Universalist Roots". Author unknown. 14pp. Undated. 

Typed extract of "Report of George L. Chaney, Southern Supt." Taken from American Unitarian Association Reports 1891-1899, Boston. In Yearbook 1892: pp34-35. 

Review of John E. Williams "A History of Universalism in North Carolina" by Robert J. Potter. Date 1964. 

Booklet "A Brief History of Unitarianism in Asheville, North Carolina." Two copies. Date 1972. 

Photocopied sheets, panel talk on early days of UUCA, April 30, 1972. 

Summary "Additional Information for 1986-87." Two typed pages listing events. 

Photocopied extract "Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville" by C. G. Hogan from unidentified book describing history of the church in Asheville. Two copies. 

Booklet "An Introduction to the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Asheville." 4pp. Dates 1990 and 1991. 

Notes on church history listing memorial plaques and presidents from 1950 to 1992. Date 1993. 

Report "The First Fifty Years." Handwritten pages describing the history of the church in Asheville from 1950. Author unknown. 9pp. 

Booklet, possibly draft, produced to celebrate the centenary of the church in Canton. Probably authored by Dan McCurry of Chicago, this copy includes a letter of comments from Bob Potter to McCurry. The manuscript includes penciled comments, possibly by Potter. Potter's letter also refers to the review of John E. Williams' book, referenced above. Date 1993. 

Notes, "Pertinent notes to use when writing history of church... June 1983 to June 1984." Author unknown. 

Notes, "Notes to use when writing a history of church... June 1984 to Dec 1985." Author unknown. 

Photocopied clipping "Constables To Lead Unitarian Meeting" from Asheville Citizen, September 6, 1951. 

Historical report covering 1955 to 1960, dated May, 1980. 3pp. 

Historical report covering the first thirty-five years of UUCA, dated February 21, 1985. 7pp. 

Pamphlet "Guide for Parents of Young People Studying Unitarianism and Universalism," published by the Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA. Date 1963. 

Booklet "Introduction to Unitarianism" by Paul Carnes, designed for use with Beacon Twenty-Five course. Undated. 54pp. 

Book "Unitarianism & Universalism," an illustrated history by Henry H. Cheetham, copyright 1962 by Beacon Press. 124pp. 

Folder 3: History Committee Guidelines. Dates 1989-2001. 

Retention schedule "What a church should keep and for how long." Written by Carol Gibson. Date 1992. 

Booklet "Oral history as an intergenerational religious education program." Published by Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society. Developed by Vicki Jenkins. Date 1992. 

Job description for committee chairs, 1995. Attached is an appreciation letter from Reverend Maureen Killoran to Ruth Beard dated 2001. 

Guidelines "Purpose of archives and what to retain." Date 2001. 

Guidelines "Writing the history of your local society." Written by Dorothy Tilden Spoerl. Undated. 

Extract from "Writing the history of your congregation - from The Congregational Handbook, How to Develop and Sustain Your Unitarian Universalist Congregation." Edited by Lawrence X. Peers. Date 1995. 

Extract from "Maintaining record and archives." From The Congregational Handbook, How to Develop and Sustain Your Unitarian Universalist Congregation." Edited by Lawrence X. Peers. Undated. 

Guidelines "Keeping Congregational Archives." Written by Bruce C. Harding. Undated. 

Guidelines "Tips For Interviewers." Pertains to conducting oral histories. Date June 5, 1982. 

Guidelines "Committee chair job description ; maintaining records and archives." From The UUA Congregational Handbook, 1995. Includes an oral history release form. 

Brochure "Keeping Local Congregational Records." Published by Canadian Unitarian & Universalist Archival Records Survey. Date 1989. 

Brochure "Scanning the Past for the Future." Published by BRM Imaging Inc. Undated. 

Extract "Electronic records." Source unknown. 

Guidelines "Church Historian: Remembering the Past and Inspiring the Future." Published by The General Commission on Archives and History. Undated. 

Extracts from "Double fold: libraries and the assault on paper." Written by Nicholson Baker. Date 2001. 

Folder 4: History Committee Correspondence - Correspondence to and from the historian and History Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1992-2002. 

Folder 5: History Committee Reports - Reports and meeting minutes from the History Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1992-2004. 

Folder 6: Timelines -Timelines charting milestones and changes in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville over different periods and timelines of notations and excerpts from newsletters from the 1950s and 1970s; an email from Jeremy Gould, University of Helsinki, to Reverend Mark Ward, suggesting that his "great-grandfather, one Henry Addison Westall, labored to establish a Unitarian congregation around the turn of the century." Dates 1992-2006. 

Folder 7: History Committee, Oral History Guidelines - Suggested guidelines pertaining to Oral History interviews. Dates 1992-2001. 

Folder 8: History Committee, Oral History Interviewees - Materials pertaining to conducting oral interviews and the church's oral history project. Dates 1992-2001. 

Folder 9: History Committee, Notes & Jottings - Notes from the History Committee. Dates 1974-1996. 

Folder 10: Historical Miscellany - Program for the Southern Unitarian Institute, Blue Ridge, North Carolina, August 1954; letter from Martha Foster, Chairman of the Extension Committee dated November 5, 1965 concerning social outreach via small group entertainment; letter of appreciation from Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston for $900.00 contribution to Annual Fund, 1972. Dates 1954-1972. 

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Box 2: History Materials - Materials relating to ministers and officials of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville, including personal correspondence, obituaries, and sermon notes. Dates 1963-2005. 

Folder 1: Daniel M. Welch - Two pieces of correspondence from Rev. Daniel M. Welch, Minister Emeritus. Dates 1963. 

Folder 2: Richard R. Gross - Materials include a newspaper clipping of Reverend Gross as pastoral successor to Reverend David M. Welch dated July 5, 1963 and his installation service program dated July 7, 1963; two pieces of correspondence; and a funeral notice and obituary from Monika Gross on the passing of her mother, Gudrun Gross, in 2009. Dates 1963-2009. 

Folder 3: William D. Hammond - Materials related to William D. Hammond, Minister Emeritus include memos, draft letters, correspondence, sermons, sermon notes, sermon drafts, announcements, church bulletins, schedules. Dates 1974-1991. -Also included are a burial certificate, eulogies, tributes and obituary notices following the death of William D. Hammond on November 17, 2005. Dates 2005-2006. 

Folder 4: James Brewer. Materials related to James Brewer, Minister Emeritus, include agreement of employment, correspondence, and sermons. Dates 1983-1989. 

Folder 5: William Houff - Materials related to Rev. Dr. William Houff, Interim Minister include employment agreements, church news bulletins, sermons, and eight photographs. Dates 1990-1991. 

Folder 6: Maureen Killoran. Materials related to Maureen Killoran, Minister Emerita, include employment agreement, biography, Minister's reports, correspondence, sermons and other writings. Dates 1985-2002. 

Folder 7: Mark Ward. Materials related to Rev. Mark Ward include ordination and installation announcements; newspaper clippings. Date 2005. 

Folder 8: Other officials - Materials related to other officials include correspondence concerning the ordination of Sara Campbell; drafts of employment contracts for Jay Plumb; employment contracts and ordination announcements for Janet Harvey. Dates 1982-1993. 

Folder 9: Guest Preachers - Materials related to guest preachers include sermons, correspondence, church bulletins, church service proceedings, and newspaper clippings. Dates 1993-2000. 

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Box 3: Audio Tapes & Movie Film - Miscellaneous audio tapes from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Tapes were originally located in Box 2. Dates 1989-1990. Movie film found in oral history collection. 4 tapes were part of 2017 additional donation. 

Audio tape entitled "The Recovery of Silence. Ronald Manheimert and Richard Chess." Date January 7, 1990. 

Audio tape entitled "The Spirit of Democracy. Brewer." Date January 21, 1990. 

Audio tape entitled "Holiday Expectations. Brewer and Brass Choir." Date December 17, 1989. 

Audio tape entitled "Effects of the Arms Race. Drs. Clark, Grainger, Takaro." Date November 12, 1989. 

Audio tape entitled "Congregational Grow." Two tapes. Date March 1, 1989. 

Audio tape(s) entitled "Theology Seminar." One large and one small cassette tape. Date April 1, 1989. 

Audio tape(s) entitled "Quest for Reverence." One large and one small cassette tape. Date February 18, 1990. 

Movie film (8mm) of Sunday School from groundbreaking, 1/25/59 - 9/22/63, presented by B. Paul Goodman 

Audio tape: "Anniversary Sunday" Celebrating 60 Years, Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, May 9, 2010 [2017 donation] 

Audio tape: "A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning", Rev. Mark Ward, February 4, 2007 [2017 donation] 

Audio tape: "A Dream That's Big Enough!", Rev. Mark Ward & Strategic Planning Committee, November 11, 2007 [2017 donation] 

Audio tape: "Our Glowing Coal", Rev. Mark Ward, March 14, 2010 [2017 donation] 

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Box 4: Canvass & Committees - Materials from the Canvass fundraising drives and various committees and groups associated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1972-2004. 

Folder 1: 1979-1990 Canvass - Items pertaining to Canvass, the annual budget drive, include Host and Hostess and Canvass Committee Manuals and a Director's Final Report from 1979; proxy authorizations for a special election to determine whether to hire a professional fundraiser; church attendance graphs; membership reports, yearly agendas and event planning; a fellowship luncheon invitation; budget reports; and the satirical lyrics -- "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Pledge" -- intended for the committee members. 

Folder 2: 1991-1992 Canvass - Items pertaining to Canvass, the annual budget drive, include budget reports, handwritten committee history, correspondence, and Canvas Committee publications. 

Folder 3: 1994-1996 Canvass - Items pertaining to Canvass, the annual budget drive, include publication and advertising materials and two form letters. 

Folder 4: 1997-1998 Canvass - Items pertaining to Canvass, the annual budget drive, include publications, newsletters, form letters, yearly budget reports, meeting agendas, service topics, calendars, timelines, and committee announcements. 

Folder 5: 1998-1999 Canvass - Items pertaining to Canvass, the annual budget drive, include publications. form letters to members, emails, correspondence, and yearly budget reports. 

Folder 6: Pledges Miscellany - Materials include financial reports for 1980 and 1981; a declaration of intent to pledge, 1985; a pledge secretary's report, 1989; and an undated Building Enhancement Project brochure. Dates 1980-1989. 

Folder 7: Committees Programs and Activities - Annual Reports. Dates 1990-2000. 

Folder 8: Adult Education - Materials include booklets of programs and Adult Enrichment Courses; membership updates; advertisement materials; statements of purpose. Dates 1994-2004. 

Folder 9: Building Rentals Committee - Items include a lease agreement and report to the U.U.C./A. Board. Dates 1984-1985. 

Folder 10: Stewardship Committee - Materials include a final report from 2002; a member list; timeline; budget summary; fact sheets and information on pledging; sample form letters; pledge training sheets; and correspondence about fundraising. Dates 2001-2002. 

Folder 11: Finance Committee - Items include a retirement trust agreement from 1975; the handbook for the Church Finance Committee from 1980; handwritten memos; budget proposals and reports; meeting minutes; correspondence; two "Jello" reports from 1986 and 1987 discussing church growth and expansion; a memo from a congregant about the "fair share" of pledges as appropriate to family income; statements of proposed costs for ministerial internships from 1995 and 1996; and a draft of a fundraising calendar for 2003-2004. Dates 1972-2004. 

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Box 5: Committees - Materials from the various committees and groups associated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville. Dates 1957-2003. 

Folder 1: Laymen's League - Materials include meeting minutes; ledgers of expenses and dues; a receipt for four apple pies at $.50 apiece from Quality Bakery; the Constitution and By-Laws from May 1, 1967; fundraising letters and appeals; a memo addressing a constitutional amendment to raise annual fees. Dates 1957-1969. 

Folder 2: Long Range Planning Committee - Materials include a bar graph charting membership from 1950 to 1963; a resolution establishing the committee, November 16, 1963; meeting minutes from 1964-1969; committee membership lists from 1968-1971; annual report from 1986; a report on the feasibility of purchasing 21 Edwin Place. Dates 1963-1986. 

Folder 3: Membership Committee - Report to the board dated November 22, 1982; undated correspondence discussing committee duties and assignments. 

Folder 4: Ministerial Search Committee - Correspondence dated February 3, 1983 from Wm. D. Hammond, Minister addressing potential pastoral candidates; a two-page document of "Suggested Ministerial Search Committee Characteristics"; undated comprehensive questionnaire; summary report of committee questionnaire from 1982; an informational sheet on ministerial candidate Maureen Killoran; applications of ten finalists for Ministerial Search Committee, 2003; photocopied picture of Ministerial Search Committee from June 1, 2003; undated photos of three search committee members; packet for candidacy of Reverend Mark Ward, 2004. Dates 1982-2004. 

Folder 5: Ministerial Search Packet, 1983 - Materials collected in a single informational binder for potential UUCA ministerial candidates include a summary of the Ministerial Search Committee Questionnaire; sample service programs; newsletters; budgets; Board of Trustees and other reports; and booklets and brochures about Asheville and Western North Carolina. Dates 1982-1983. 

Folder 6: Music Committee - Program for a recital by pianist Carol Solenberger and organist Jay Plumb dated January 20, 1980. 

Folder 7: New Congregation Task Force - New Member Packet including membership directory from January 1, 1979, a pamphlet of "A Brief History of Unitarianism in Asheville North Carolina," brochures on church finances and core ideas, a flyer from the Boston Office of Development, a name badge order blank, information sheets on the co-operative church school, social programs, and Personnel Committee, and a "Profile for Giving" formula for calculating family contributions; correspondence, meeting minutes, a questionnaire and a report discussing the potential to develop an additional congregation in 1998; programs and membership lists from the UU Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley from 2002. Dates 1979-2002. 

Folder 8: Religious Education - Materials include program announcements; newsletters; reports; course schedules; adolescent "Coming of Age" program booklet; meeting minutes. Dates 1971-2002. 

Folder 9: Unicorns - Materials include brochures for fundraising auctions held in 1981, 1984, 1986, 1990 and 2001; undated information sheet about the Unicorns; undated song lyrics for "The Unicorn"; folder of minutes, notes, reports, announcements, bills, lists and instructions for auctions held from 1977 to 1984. Dates 1977-2001. 

Folder 10: Ways and Means Committee - Letter of thanks for donation to Jubilee Year Silent Auction, March 17, 2000; Jubilee Year bumper sticker; report of recommendations to the Stewardship Committee dated February 11, 2003; invitation to Stewardship Committee luncheons, March 2003; fiscal year-end report of fundraising and other activities dated June 28, 2003. Dates 2000-2003. 

Folder 11: Women's Alliance - Program from 1976 noting the transition from twenty years of the Women's Alliance to a new group for both men and women, with poem by Esther Logan Anthony; thank-you notes and miscellaneous correspondence; newspaper clippings of activities from 1963-1973; undated Alliance by-laws; program from dedication of UU Church of Asheville, October 15, 1972. Dates 1963-1976. 

Folder 12: Women's Breakfast Group - Materials include handwritten notes planning Women's Group organizational structure for the year 1993-1994; mission statements; forms; strategic plans; correspondence; a wallpaper poster; discussion topics; membership lists; committee reports; surveys; and a 1999-2000 annual report of UU Committees & Activities. Dates 1993-2001. 

Folder 13: Worship Committee - Memos from parishioners to committee expressing concerns over inappropriate clapping, behavior and content of services. Dates 1992-1995. 

Folder 14: Building Usage Committee - Two building usage reports from 1990 and 1991. 

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Box 6: Newsletters - 1950s-1990s 

Folder 1: UUCA Newsletters 1950s - Newsletter from Asheville Unitarian Fellowship dated August 1959; undated Newsletter History of UUCA documenting various items from 1952 to 1955. 

Folder 2: UUCA Newsletters 1960s - Newsletters from Asheville Unitarian Fellowship from September 1960 to September 1962; the Unitarian Church of Asheville from December 1962 to September 1967; the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville from September 1968 to September 1969. Dates 1960-1969. 

Folder 3: UUCA Newsletters 1970s - Materials include a special edition progress report from November 8, 1971 discussing construction of the Sanctuary and Social Hall; newsletters from September 1970 to August 1979. Dates 1970-1979. 

Folder 4: UUCA Newsletters 1980s - Newsletters from August 1980 to September 1988. Dates 1980-1988. 

Folder 5: UUCA Newsletters 1993 - Newsletters from January to December 1993. 

Folder 6: UUCA Newsletters 1994 - Newsletters from January to December 1994. 

Folder 7: UUCA Newsletters 1995 - Newsletters from January to December 1995. One newsletter from the Thomas Jefferson District, UUA of Atlanta, Winter 1995. 

Folder 8: UUCA Newsletters 1996 - Newsletter from January 1996. 

Folder 9: UUCA Newsletters 1998 - Newsletter from December 1998. 

Folder 10: UUCA Newsletters 1999 - Newsletters from June to December 1999. 

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Box 7: Newsletters - 2000s 

Folder 1: UUCA Newsletters 2000 

Folder 2: UUCA Newsletters 2001 

Folder 3: UUCA Newsletters 2002 

Folder 4: UUCA Newsletters 2004 

Folder 5: UUCA Newsletters 2005 

Folder 6: UUCA Newsletters 2006 

Folder 7: UUCA Newsletters 2007 

Folder 8: UUCA Newsletters 2008 

Folder 9: UUCA Newsletters 2009 

Folder 10: UUCA Newsletters 2010 

Folder 11: UUCA Newsletters 2011 

Folder 12: UUCA Newsletters 2012 

Folder 13: UUCA Newsletters 2013 

Folder 14: UUCA Newsletters 2014 

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Box 8: Membership Records - Attendance and visitor registers; membership directories. Dates 1963-2007. 

Folder 1: - UUAC Sunday Service Attendance - Notebook of handwritten service attendance records from 1963 to 1981. Categories include adults, children, Sunday School, weather and comments. 

Folder 2: - Visitors Register, 1992-1995 - Guest book of signatures and addresses from September 13, 1992 to August 27, 1995. 

Folder 3: - Visitors Register, 1995-1996 - Guest book of signatures and addresses from September 3, 1995 to December 15, 1996. 

Folder 4: - Visitors Register, 1996-1998 - Guest book of signatures and addresses from December 22, 1996 to January 11, 1998. 

Folder 5: Membership Tea Register - Hand decorated folder of signatures from attendees at a Membership Tea dated October 28, 1972. 

Folder 6: Milestones - Typewritten records of weddings, deaths and memorial services from 1969-1984. Records of births and presentations from 1972-1984. Dates 1969-1984. 

Folder 7: Membership Directories, 1963-1995 - Directories from 1963, 1965, 1969, 1988, 1989, 1993, 1994 and 1995. Note: the 1963 and 1965 directories include professional backgrounds and personal interests of members. 

Folder 8: Membership Directories, 1996-1999. Directories from 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. 

Folder 9: Membership Directories, 2002-2007. Directories from 2002 through 2007. 

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Box 9: Membership Materials & Miscellany - Materials include membership lists, yearbooks, statistics, correspondence, clippings and testaments of belief. Dates 1963-2010. 

Folder 1: Membership Lists, Unbound - Membership lists, pledge lists, directories and addenda. Dates 1972-1993. 

Folder 2: Membership Lists, Voter Eligibility - Lists of eligible voters and quorum numbers. Dates 1993-1995. 

Folder 3: Membership Committee Miscellany - Description of responsibilities for the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and general committee members; directory update, 1996; new member welcome sheets, 2001; guest commentary from a new member, 2003; undated Newcomer Picnic and new member update memos. Dates 1996-2003. 

Folder 4: Yearbooks - Two membership yearbooks with color photos of parishioners and staff. Dates 1995 and 2000. 

Folder 5: Informational Pamphlets - Three information pamphlets from the Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston, MA; two from 1982 and one undated. One welcome booklet for new UUCA members, "What's Going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville"from 1998; a UUCA All-Church Program Guide from 2001. Dates 1982-2001. 

Folder 6: Membership Statistics - Materials include UUCA member rosters and dates joined; membership figures, 1982-2002; membership by location, 1998; membership status in 1998; membership reports to the Board, 1992-1996. Dates 1990-2002. 

Folder 7: Deaths & Births - Obituaries, birth and death notices, and funeral programs. Dates 1972-2006. 

Folder 8: Reuben Robertson - Clippings and death notices for industrialist Reuben B. Robertson, who died December 26, 1972 at the age of 93. 

Folder 9: Lewis Nolan - Clippings and death notices for Dr. Lewis Nolan, who died December 8, 1970 at the age of 69. 

Folder 10: Elizabeth Andrews - Correspondence and memorial tributes pertaining to Elizabeth Andrews, who died June 4, 1998 at the age of 92. 

Folder 11: Sandburg - Clippings on Carl and Lillian Sandburg, including obituaries of Lillian; numerous articles on a Carl Sandburg exhibit at the Henderson County Library; the opening of Connemara National Historic Site in Flat Rock, NC; the groundbreaking ceremony and the new church building which housed a Sandburg collection donated by UUCA member Lillian Sandburg; and "The Poet and the Dream Girl", love letters of the Sandburgs published in 1987. Dates 1963-1987. 

Folder 12: Letters to the Church - The file includes letters from church members and staff to the congregation; the Board of Trustees; the Worship Committee; the New Congregation Planning Group; the History Committee; the Asheville Citizen-Times; the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners; and Unitarian Reverend Istavan in Romania. Dates 1985-2001. 

Folder 13: Correspondence - The file includes letters to and from the UUCA Board of Trustees; "Dear Abby" clippings about the appropriateness of applause in church; letters of appreciation; a Christmas card; and thank you cards. Dates 1993-2005. 

Folder 14: "This I Believe" - Materials include essays on belief by UUCA members from 1993-2003 and undated. 

Folder 15: Assorted Clippings - Dated and undated clippings from The Asheville Citizen, UU/World, Asheville Citizen-Times, and WNC Woman include advertisements for Unitarianism from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville, 120 Vermont; coverage of a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Habel; a picture of Dr. Tracy Pullman; local authors from the congregation; a fledgling UU congregation from Swannanoa Valley; building dedication by the UU of Transylvania County; Reverend Forrest Church of the UUA New York on the nature of sin; the passage of an organ donation bill; letters to the editor on Christmas, the repeal of the estate tax, Bush tax cuts, media bias, Patsy Keever's congregational candidacy, alternative news sources, the environmental record of Representative Charles Taylor, faith and freedom, the rights of the terminally ill, nuclear issues, and the term "socialism"; a church attack in Knoxville; a production of Cyrano de Bergerac; the Tocqueville Society; a profile of Reverend Sarah York; efforts by volunteer Larry Holt to clean up graffiti; the concept of "patience" and the healthcare system; and a cleanup of the French Broad River. Dates 1964-2009. 

Folder 16: Miscellany - Materials include a bequest from a church member; limericks and poetry; a list of favorite books from the Women's Breakfast, 2001; invitations to the NPR (No Partner Required) discussion group, the Mountain Microenterprise Fund Gala, a church dedication of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley, and the UUCA 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration; a WCQS radio station newsletter; an issue of UU World from Fall 2009 with an advertisement for UU're Home hosting service; a poster of photos of Care-Ring Leaders honoring Ann Deupree. Dates 1972-2010. 

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Box 10: UUAC Buildings - Materials include documents and reports pertaining to church building purchases, demolition, maintenance, and fundraising. Dates 1971-2001. 

Folder 1: Construction of New Church Building, 1971 - Materials include specifications for a church building from Moore-Robinson Associates dated April 1971; mortgage papers; a newsletter progress report from November 1971; architectural plans; an undated newspaper clipping announcing the construction plans; a clipping from 1975 concerning a merit award for William O. Moore's architectural designs of 1 Edwin Place; instructions, manuals and maintenance and repair records for the heating and cooling systems. Dates 1971-1980. 

Folder 2: 9 Edwin Place - Materials include four photographs; legal documents and correspondence; a fact sheet; and insurance binder pertaining to the acquisition and demolition of property at 9 Edwin Place. Dates 1975-1981. 

Folder 3: Addition, 1979 - Materials include architectural plans and specifications; newsletter updates; Board of Trustees correspondence; church completion program reports; eligible congregation voting lists; project bids for the demolition of Beacon House at 7 Edwin Place; Building Fund and Budget Canvass, 1979 brochure; project proposals; three unidentified photographs; building loan papers; Building Committee, budget and financial reports; financing plans; correspondence pertaining to acoustical wall treatments, a sound system, and landscaping. Dates 1977-1982. 

Folder 4: 21 Edwin Place (Jefferson House) - Materials include architectural plans; purchase agreements and statements; appraisals; inspection reports; a promissory note; mortgage papers; and insurance memos pertaining to 21 Edwin Place. Dates 1986-1987. 

Folder 5: Lease to Montessori Children's Center - Draft of proposed lease of church premises to Montessori Children's Center. Date 1984. 

Folder 6: Executive Building Committee - Materials include a list of Building Committee recommendation replies; a church completion program report; and a list of committees and subcommittees and their respective duties. Dates 1978-1979. 

Folder 7: Building Task Force - Materials include meeting minutes; reports on space and facility needs; a waste reduction report; a draft of goals, objectives and activities by program budget categories; 5-year projected plans for facility space; task force correspondence, memos and emails; a report on proposed repairs and improvements for Jefferson House; and an information sheet about a proposed addition and renovation to Sandburg Hall. Dates 1998-2001. 

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Box 11: Social Concerns - Materials include documents related to social justice programming and fundraisers. Dates 1972-2005. 

Folder 1: Social Justice Program and Miscellany - Materials include proposed budgets for Social Concerns Committee, 1986; information sheets about structuring a social justice program; proposals for social action projects; meeting minutes and memos; notes and reports from Care Ring meetings to clarify social action projects; and a resource booklet entitled "Social Justice Empowerment Program" from The Unitarian Universalist Association. Other items include a 1972 flyer on a program called Sharing Suppers; a 1982 clipping from the Asheville Citizen-Times on Advocates for a Nuclear Arms Freeze; correspondence to and from church historians in 1995 and 1997; clippings from the Asheville Citizen-Times on oral historian Dorothy Joynes, and a reunion of Allen High students, 1996. Dates 1972-1997. 

Folder 2: Social Action Committee, 1995-1999 - Materials include proposed budgets and agendas; meeting minutes; correspondence; memos; letters to the editor related to an Atlanta family clinic bombing; a signed petition defending the KKK's right to assembly but decrying the promotion of hatred; a mission statement; a handout on Structuring a Social Justice Program; and A Handbook For Helping Congregations to Adopt Needy Families. Dates 1995-1999. 

Folder 3: Social Action Committee, 2000-2005 - Materials include a committee mission statement adopted October 1, 2000; organizational structure and membership list; meeting minutes, reports, correspondence; proposed budgets and agendas; newsletters; a resource guide on Criminal Justice and Prison Reform; memos discussing the Announcement Policy at Sunday services; and a 2005 clipping of a guest commentary by Robert H. MacPherson on alternatives to prison in the Asheville Citizen-Times. Dates 2000-2005. 

Folder 4: Social Action Fair - Materials include Social Fair invitations and RSVP cards, floor plans, mailing lists, and table markers for designated organizations; memos; and correspondence. Dates 1998-2005. 

Folder 5: Jinotega, Nicaragua - Materials include fundraising appeals, correspondence, newsletters, bills, balance sheets, and financial statements connected with the Jinotega Medical Support Project of the Central America Task Force. Dates 1988-1990. 

Folder 6: Social Justice Workshop - Materials include flyers; workshop minutes; correspondence; and an official submission to the Department of Social Justice, Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston pertaining to a Social Justice Empowerment Workshop. Date: 1997. 

Folder 7: Social Action Committee Task Force on Prevention of Violence - Materials include copies of task force committee letters to President Clinton; the Asheville Citizen-Times; Western North Carolina delegates; Senator Jesse Helms; Congressman Charles H. Taylor; and Senator Lauch Faircloth. Topics include nuclear disarmament; prison expenditures and social programs; handgun legislation; environmental regulations; land mines; domestic violence; and the Anti-Terrorism Act. Dates 1995-1998. 

Folder 8: Anti-Racism - Materials include a photocopied page of a church bulletin and a clipping of an article highlighting Shirleigh Moog, recipient of the 2000 Martin Luther King Jr. Award; photocopy of the program for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration, January 15, 2000; a clipping from the Asheville Citizen-Times, March 24, 2002, on Victor Lewis, participant in the UUCA Annual District Conference on Anti-Racism; and flyer for the conference. Dates 2000-2002. 

Folder 9: UUSC - Contains two items of correspondence to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee in Cambridge, MA. Dates 1996-1997. 

Folder 10: Helpmate, Inc. - Correspondence from staff at Helpmate, Inc., a domestic violence agency,to UUCA acknowledging church donations. Date 2000. 

Folder 11: Mountain Learning Disabilities Camp - Correspondence from staff at Mountain Learning Disabilities Camp to UUCA acknowledging church donations. Date 1974. 

Folder 12: Crop Walk - Photocopied flyer of donations, committee members, walkers and badge winners for fundraising Crop Walk. Undated. 

Folder 13: Book Sale - Materials include instructions, volunteer and vendor lists, correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, publicity flyers, thank-you notes, and schedules pertaining to annual book sales, 1995-1998; an undated handwritten sheet listing annual Rummage Sale Profits from 1966 to 1974. 

Folder 14: Sunday at the Center Blood Drive - Materials include flyers; memos; correspondence; recruitment and publicity materials; a church announcement concerning AIDS and blood donation from 1986; host site lists; meeting agendas; American Red Cross pamphlets, brochures, bumper stickers, posters, information cards, pledge forms, and planning guides pertaining to the Sunday at the Center Red Cross blood drive program. Dates 1978-1998. 

Folder 15: Robert MacPherson, Ph.D. - Materials include continuing education certificates; correspondence to the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee in Boston; an editorial to the Asheville Citizen-Times; and a poem tribute from his secretary. Dates 1983-2002. 

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Box 12: Task Forces - Materials include long-range planning, retirement concept, welcoming, and Sunday morning task forces. Dates 1987-2000. 

Folder 1: Reach for the Sky, I - Materials include information sheets; meeting minutes and agendas; memos; correspondence; mission statements; reports; and budget tables pertaining to the Reach for the Sky Task Force, a committee assembled to develop a five-year plan for UUCA. Dates 1999-2000. 

Folder 2: Reach for the Sky, II- Materials include information sheets and newsletters; meeting minutes and agendas; memos; correspondence; reports; and budgets pertaining to the Reach for the Sky Task Force, a committee assembled to develop a five-year plan for UUCA. Date 2000. 

Folder 3: UURA Documents/Meetings - Materials include reports; by-laws; statements of purpose; proposed admission criteria; Articles of Incorporation dated May 9, 1989; meeting minutes and agendas; flyers; memos; proposals; and lists of board members associated with the Universalist Unitarian Retirement Association of Asheville, North Carolina, formed to study the feasibility of developing a UUCA retirement community. The earliest record is a copy of a statement of intention to be submitted with a grant proposal in June 1987. A memo dated June 6, 1991 concerns a request "for a standing committee on housing in lieu of our UURA." Dates 1987-1991. 

Folder 4: UURA Concepts/Correspondence - Materials include correspondence; memos; statements of concept and purpose; and proposals pertaining to the planned UURA Retirement Community. Miscellany includes information materials from other UU Retirement Housing nationwide; The Beaverdam Community Land Use Ordinance from 1991; articles from Blueprint for Social Justice, Loyola University, 1991; Chicago Tribune, 1993; and a 1995 report and 2005 article from AARP on retirement housing. Dates 1987-2005. 

Folder 5: UURA Surveys - Materials include several surveys, disseminated over different stages of the project, to UUCA members and others to gauge interest in the proposed retirement community and possible sites for development. The most comprehensive survey was returned on October 7, 1990. Survey responses and tabulations; reports; and spreadsheets are included. Dates 1988-1990. 

Folder 6: Welcoming Congregation Task Force - Materials include a summary of the work of the committee to determine "readiness of UUCA to be a Welcoming Congregation in accordance of guidelines established in the Welcoming Congregation Handbook" and discussion of an application to the UUA Office of Lesbian and Gay Concerns for this recognition; guidelines from the UUA Welcoming Congregation Handbook; and responses from the task force addressing specific actions to align the congregation with guidelines for inclusivity. Dates 1994-1995. 

Folder 7: UUCA Growth Task Force - Materials include an undated list of Task Force members, ca. 1993; a series of overhead slides for a presentation of the five-phase plan for growth begun in February 1997; a comprehensive task force report from 1998; and a graph and chart indicating growth patterns from 1950-1999. Dates ca. 1993-1999. 

Folder 8: UUCA Growth Task Force, Ministerial Area Profile - Site study prepared by Percept Group addressing demographics, trends, and projected population growth for select zip codes in the Greater Asheville region. Date 1999. 

Folder 9 - Sunday Morning Task Force - Materials include correspondence; a congregational survey; and a newsletter pertaining to the church's transition to an additional Sunday service; and a report to to the Board of Trustees regarding Sunday morning activities. Dates 1993-1995. 

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Box 13: Lay Programs and Services - Materials covering religious education, services, pastoral visits, photos and booklets. Dates 1955-2009. 

Folder 1: Lifework - Information sheets and a flyer on Lifework, a 6-unit program "designed to deepen and enhance a lay person's religious life and sense of fulfillment within the liberal religious community." Date 1999. 

Folder 2: Religious Education - Materials include a letter inviting UUCA parents to a meeting to discuss religious education; an information sheet of "Great Ideas" from a leadership training conference in 1983; an undated handout on suggestions to recognize volunteers; a UUCA brochure on the religious education program, 1985-1986; and an undated poster entitled "America's Real Religion". Dates: 1980-1986. 

Folder 3: Membership Ideas - A memo from Reverend Killoran regarding assimilation of new church members is supplemented with a relevant chapter from the UUA's Congregational Handbook, an orientation chart, information sheets, a congregational survey and a rating scale. Minutes from two UUCA Membership Committee meetings and correspondence from a UU recruitment program manager in Olympia, Washington are included. Dates 1997-1999. 

Folder 4: Congregation Surveys - A report from a 1990 survey delineating the characteristics of members, philosophy and religious orientations, attitudes towards congregational identity, church programs, religious education, and outreach and growth; and tabulated results from a 2003 survey with data on demographics, congregational involvement, and attitudes towards church growth and challenges. Dates 1990-2003. 

Folder 5: Sunday Service, End of Life Choices, November 16, 2003 - The file pertains to a UUCA service of November 16, 2003 entitled, "What Choice Do We Have?" exploring end of life issues. Materials include a soliloquy from Hamlet; the Unitarian Universalists statement on the Right to Die with Dignity,1988; lyrics to The Hemlock Song by Mimi Manners and Jeanne Levy; and a program packet for the service, with information about Health Care Power of Attorney, Advance Directives and the Caring Friends program, which promotes alternatives to achieve a peaceful death. Date 2003. 

Folder 6: New Member Welcoming Ceremony - Materials include testimonials from new members; a newsletter page from a UU church in Greenville, NC referencing Reverend Killoran's meditation on membership; and an outline for conducting the new member service. Dates 1992-1998. 

Folder 7: Dedication of the New Ediface, 1972 - Materials include programs, appreciation cards, and newspaper clippings from the The Native Stone and Asheville Citizen-Times connected to the dedication weekend and service for the new ediface at 1 Edwin Place on October 15, 1972. Date 1972. 

Folder 8: Miscellaneous Services - Materials include programs for services in 1974, the bicentennial celebration in 1976, 1982 and 1983; a program, an outline, an invitation, and place cards for the UUCA thirtieth birthday service, 1980; a program for the minister installation service for Reverend M. Maureen Killoran, 1991; an ordination service for Janet Knox Harvey into the Ministry of Religious Education, 1991; a program from a Leadership Covenant weekend, 1992; a brochure outlining program changes due to Reverend Killoran's Sabbatical from August 1 to December 31, 1998; readings from world's traditions, 2000; and programs for services entitled "UU Women: Shouting & Singing", 2002; and "Calling All Fathers", 2003. Dates 1974-2003. 

Folder 9: Pastoral Visitors - Materials include memos, information sheets, newspaper articles, meeting minutes and agendas, organizational charts, and correspondence pertaining to UUCA Pastoral Visitors and the shifting role of the committee, with an emphasis on the church's transition to a new minister, Mark Ward, In 2004; dated and undated brochures and flyers highlighting local resources for palliative, medical, social support and hospice care; and photocopied pictures of church activities from August 2003 to March 2004. Dates 1999-2004. 

Folder 10: Photographs & Negatives - Subjects include church school, dated May, 1955; a farewell party for Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Drost, 1972; Bob and Helen Potter, 1995; Women's Breakfast; minister's office; Canvass, 1997, ballgame and Top Donor Event at Bilbreys; and a group photo from 2004. Dates 1955-2004. 

Folder 11: Photo Album, 1990s - Eleven envelopes of assorted photos from the 1990s, including OWL classes and BVG cleanups. 

Folder 12: Photographs, 2000s - Assorted photographs and photocopied photos. Subjects include Spring 2000; ministerial Search Committee, annual meeting; Sunday services; No-Talent Show; reception for Mark Ward. Dates 2000-2005. 

Folder 13: Booklets - Assorted informational booklets on topics such as the history of Unitarian Universalism; discussions of death; durable medical equipment on loan; fundraising; intergenerational worship; and activities. Dates 1976-2009. 

Folder 14: Dinner Speech, 5/1- DVD. 

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Box 14: Board of Trustees & Reports - Materials pertaining to the Board of Trustees; annual reports; certificates; strategic planning files. Dates 1950-2010. 

Folder 1: Board of Trustees/Reports, 1965-1968 - Materials include board minutes, correspondence, budget reports, agendas, treasurer's reports, and minister's reports. Of note is an inquiry to the Secretary of State in Raleigh regarding the formal change of the church name from "The Unitarian Church of Asheville" to "The Unitarian-Univeralist Church of Asheville"in 1968. Dates 1965-1968. 

Folder 2: UUCA Board of Trustees/Church Council - Materials include lists of past Boards of Trustees and Presidents, meeting minutes, budget reports, agendas, and treasurer's reports. Of note are an outline of the duties of the president of the Board of Trustees, 1970, and a letter from the chairman of the board of the First Parish, Concord, MA addressed to member churches and fellowships noting the "historic" Beacon Press publication of the Pentagon Papers, 1971. Dates 1970-2008. 

Folder 3: Annual Reports/Minister's Reports - Materials include annual Historian reports; letters to the Board of Trustees; Annual Meeting minutes, agendas and reports; Minister's Reports; and committee reports. A Carolinas Unitarian Universalist Conference Annual Report from 1962-1963 is included. Dates 1963-2010. 

Folder 4: Certificates - Assorted certificates, including the Board of Directors of the American Unitarian Association welcoming the Unitarian Fellowship of Asheville, North Carolina as a member organization, May 26, 1950; a certificate of appreciation to the Asheville Unitarian Fellowship for support of the United Unitarian Appeal, 1954-1955; certification of Reverend Daniel M. Welch as Minister Emeritus, 1964; a certificate of appreciation from the Unitarian Universalist Association to the Unitarian Universalist Church in support of association programs, 1972-1973; the James Luther Adams Award for corporate commitment to UUCA in support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, 1993. Dates 1950-1993. 

Folder 5: UUCA Strategic Planning, 2007-2009 - CD of files. 

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Box 15: Sermons - 1994-2006 [2015 addendum] 

Folder 1: Sermons, 1994-2003 

Folder 2: Sermons, 2004 

Folder 3: Sermons, Jan - May 2005 

Folder 4: Sermons, July - Dec 2005 

Folder 5: Sermons, Jan - April 2006 

Folder 6: Sermons, May - Dec 2006 

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Box 16: Sermons - 2007-2010 [2015 addendum] 

Folder 1: Sermon Mailings, (2007) 

Folder 2: Sermons, Jan - June 2007 

Folder 3: Sermons, July - Dec 2007 

Folder 4: Sermons, 2008 

Folder 5: Sermons, 2009 

Folder 6: Sermons, 2010 

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Box 17: Miscellaneous [2015 addendum] 

Folder 1: Wm. D. Hammond, Sermons, 1975-83 

Folder 2: William Harper Houft, Writings, (1990) 

Folder 3: Miscellaneous Items Grouped in Folder, (1970s) 

Folder 4: Strategic Planning, 2006-08 

Folder 5: "A History of Universalism in NC", 1964 

Folder 6: History of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville, (2009) 

Folder 7: UUCA Board Planning Retreat, 2010 

Folder 8: Interfaith Thanksgiving, 2009 

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Box 18: Miscellaneous [2015 addendum] 

Folder 1: Social Justice Program, 2005-11 

Folder 2: Marriage Equality, 2004-14 

Folder 3: Day One, 2014 

Folder 4: "Ponderings & Prayers", M. Maureen Killoran, 1999 

"Liberalism is Still the Answer", Tracy M. Pullman, 1948 

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Box 19: Miscellaneous [2017 addendum] 

Folder 1: Board Book 

Folder 2: Campus Ministry, 2004-07 

Folder 3: Committee on Ministries, 2008-11 

Folder 4: Carl Sandburg 

Folder 5: Annual Gatherings, 2003-12 

Folder 6: Interfaith Group, 2007-08 

Folder 7: Membership - New Members 

Folder 8: Association of Congregations 

Folder 9: Membership Leaflets 

Folder 10: UUCA Communique, 2014 

Folder 11: A Welcoming Congregation, 2015 

Folder 12: WNC Citizens Ending Institutional Bigotry [WNCCEIB] 

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Box 20: Miscellaneous [2017 addendum, and 2018 addendum] 

Folder 1: Member Directory, 2008 

Folder 2: 60th Anniversary Photo Directory, 2010 

Folder 3: Campaigns, 2015-16 

Folder 4: "Celebrating Our Future", 2000 

Folder 5: "Reflections on the First Ten Years", Mark Ward, 2014 

Folder 6: Year-End Summary, 2014-15 

Folder 7: Worship Associates Training, 2015 

Folder 8: Worship File, (1995-2005) 

Folder 9: Alternative Worship Experience, 2014-15 

Folder 10: Color Slide of Unidentified Man, 1979 

Folder 11: Interweave, (1994-1999) 

Folder 12: Church Matters - Hal Reed File, (1955-1970). Contains history of UU church in Asheville and elsewhere, dedication programs, and correspondence. Some items are duplicates of materials in other parts of the collection. 

Folder 13: Helen Reed File, (1967 - 1975) - Meeting notes, remarks, and other documents 

Folder 14: Living the Welcoming Congregation, nd 

Folder 15: Ethical Eating, (2008) 

Folder 16: Women at Risk, (2009) 

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Box 21: Miscellaneous [2018 addendum] 

Folder 1: Social Justice Council - Meetings, 2006-2008 

Folder 2: Social Justice - Miscellaneous, 2006-2007 

Folder 3: Social Justice Council - Teams, Budget & Events, 2007 

Folder 4: Building History, 2008 

Folder 5: Name Change, 2007-2010 

Folder 6: Strategic Plan, 2009 

Folder 7: Clara Barton Sisterhood, 2011 

Folder 8: Annual Reports and Annual Meetings, 2003/04 - 2007/08 

Folder 9: Annual Reports and Annual Meetings, 2008/09 - 2013/14 

Folder 10: Audio cassette - Walden, talk by Clark Olsen, choir led by Anita Freeman with solos by Bill Frisch. [Cannot be copied] 

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