D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections and University Archives

Reading Room
Procedures and Guidance Notes for Student Workers


Acknowledge researchers when they enter the Reading Room and, unless you are already helping another researcher, stop what you are doing and ask how you can help the new arrival

Never tell a researcher we cannot help them; you may not be able to locate what they are looking for, but someone else might, so ask a member of staff


Reading Room Procedures - the goals, ethics and scope of service provided by student assistants in the Special Collections reading room

Assisting Researchers - answering simple reference questions

Physical Collections - accessing physical materials

LCC Classification - how to locate and shelve books. Here's a game (really!) that will help you shelve book in the correct order

Copyright and Other Restrictions - questions about copying materials should be referred to a member of staff, but this gives a simple overview of restrictions that could apply