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A selective of list of student research papers

All students in the Economics Department are required to write are required to write a senior paper or to produce a senior project to demonstrate competency as an economics major. Ramsey Library Special Collections holds bound volumes of senior papers from 2009 and some papers are also available for online viewing, but web-publication and/or copying of papers is dependent on the author's permission

Fall 2012

de Oliveira, Fernando Henrique -- A Bright Idea to Conserve Cash and Energy at the Y: A Case Study of Efficiency ; can copy/publish

Garrett, Natalie Kay -- Green for Green: Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy in Buncombe County ; can copy/publish

Giarrocco, Kelly -- Farmers and The Social Context of Trade at Tailgate Markets ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2012

Anastasio, Joel -- Consumption of Organic Food at UNCA: The Role Knowledge and Income Play ; can copy/publish

Donahue, Ryan -- Something's Brewing: A Case Study of Asheville's Craft Beer Market ; can copy/publish

Mahaley, Katy Elizabeth -- The Effects of Differential Pricing on Asheville Humane Society Dog Adoptions ; can copy/publish

Simpson, Katie Lauren -- To Russia with Love: An Economic Analysis of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment into Russian Oblasts ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2011

Barger Jr., Mark Andrew --The NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement: An Analysis of the Effect of Structural Changes on Competitive Balance ; can copy/publish

Bowers-Racine, Raj -- Asheville, North Carolina – The Case of the East Riverside Area: A Quantitative Analysis of the Acquisition of Property ; can copy/publish

Fields, Matthew Holcomb -- Economic Value of the Southern Appalachian Brook Trout ; can copy/publish

Gilbert, Benjamin -- Wealth and Income Inequality with a Focus on Race: Evidence from the US Survey of Consumer Finances ;can copy/publish

Houck, Meredith Leigh -- In Search of Gansu’s Binding Constraint: A Regional Growth Diagnostic in Northwest China ; can copy/publish

Malis, Prasoer -- The Impact of Government’s Budget Deficit on Corporate Bond Rate: An Empirical Study of Crowding Out Effect Causes by Spending Behavior of the United States Government ; can copy/publish

Ouellette, Eleanor Amanda -- The Effects of Emigration and Remittances on Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Latin American Source Countries ; can copy/publish

Phillips, James -- The National Sales Tax: The Economics Effects of a Representative Agent Analysis ; can copy/publish

Walker, Kassia Ana -- The Resource Curse: The Effects of Resource Abundance on Developing Countries ; can copy/publish

Wertheim, Andrew Jay -- Influencing Decisions Through Incentives: A Modification of the Ultimatum Game ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2011

Bava, Stephen James --The Cramer Effect; can copy/publish

Dent, Justin Hessing -- An Investigation of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment ; can copy/publish

Griffin, Jonathan Martin --The Organizational Economics of Roman Slavery: A Transaction Cost Analysis; can copy/publish

Jamaica, Sebastian Hernandez -- Salary Discrimination in MLB: An Empirical Examination of Salaries of Players of Diverse Races ; can copy/publish

King, Savannah Rachel -- The Illicit Market for ADHD Medication at a University ; can copy/publish

Merrick-Nguyen, Bethyn Vinh -- O Tannenbaum: A Case Study of the Christmas Tree Market in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Parris III, Gary Neal -- The Dictator Game: Does Fairness Count Among UNC Asheville Students? ; can copy/publish

Strazanac, Alyssa Ross -- Bolsa Familia: Location Adjusted Benefits and Their Potential Impact ; can copy/publish

Wheeler, Brittney Faith -- Transmission of Monetary Policy to Equity Markets ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2010

Haney, Richard Brandon -- Reconciliation House: A Nonprofit Organization Case Study ; can copy/publish

Herron, Callie Lamar -- How Local Can We Go? The Feasibility for UNCA's Future Wellness Cafe/ to Incorporate Local Produce ;can copy/publish

Strong, Derek Ryan -- An Economic History of Black Business in Asheville, North Carolina, 1921-1951 ; can copy/publish

Swafford, Crystal Michelle -- Accounting For Risk:  Fundamental Beta Prediction Model ; can copy/publish

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Spring 2010

Allison, Dustin Jay -- We Lift Our Wallets to the Mountains: The Economic Impact of the University of North Carolina at Asheville.; can copy/publish

Burgin, Jordan Severs -- Pricing Bubbles in Asset Markets: An Experimental Study of Asset Valuation Using UNCA Students;can copy/publish

Carlson, Noah Paul -- Financial Feasibility of Solar Water Heating; can copy/publish

Campbell, Cheri Donielle -- Explaining Prices of Champagne on the U.S. Market: A Hedonic Approach ; can copy/publish

Chipley, Price Sealy -- Exploring the Feasibility of a Local Carbon Offset Market in Western North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Dolan, Jr., Peter John -- NBA Ticket Prices: An Empirical Evaluation of Demand and Capacity ; can copy/publish

Luney, Jessie Marie -- The Benefit Reduction Rate For Social Welfare Programs: The Case of Buncombe County, North Carolina ; can copy/publish

Panucci, Alanna -- Additional Outcomes for an Additional Price: The Costs and Benefits of Purchasing Local Food for the Wellness Cafe ; can copy/publish

Roberts, Kevin Brady -- Addressing the Information Asymmetries of Lending to Low-Wealth Entrepreneurs: The Case of Mountain Bizworks and Self-Help Credit Union ; can copy/publish

Smith, Sean W. L. -- Determining NBA Ticket Prices: An Empirical Evaluation of the Variables Affecting NBA Ticket Prices ; can copy/publish

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Fall 2009

Ball, Jonathan Aaron -- Strikeouts, Stolen Bases, and Home Runs: What Really Matters in Major League Baseball ; can copy/publish

Childers, Keisha -- Playing Hooky: The Effect of Attendance on Student Performance in Introductory Macroeconomics Courses; can copy/publish

McGinnis, Whitney -- Asheville, North Carolina -- The Case of the East Riverside Area:  A Quantitative Analysis of on the Disposal of Property; can copy/publish

Penkov, Yana N. -- Consumer Online Behavior and the Perception of Risk ; can copy/publish

Reed, Jason Keith -- Estimating the Spillover Property Tax Impacts of Protected Lands in Buncombe County ; can copy/publish

Woodring, Ashley Miranda -- Paying for the Bulldog: The Willingness of Students to Pay for UNCA Athletics ; can copy/publish

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