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STUDENT PAPERS: Food in Literature

A selective of list of student projects

Students in the LIT374 Food in Literature course are required to explore literary depictions of food to identify how those depictions shape national perceptions of place and people. As a final project for the course, students produce a video summarizing their explorations.

The videos are available via NC Docks and the library You Tube site.

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Bergstedt, Carrie -- Gingerbread

Carpenter, Nicole -- Tea in Appalachia

Dadia, Mia and Carolyn Schweitz -- Biscuits

Edwards, Katie -- Ramps

Figaro, Manny and Sara Williams -- Moonshine

Hofmann, Chelsea -- Cornbread

Kuusela, Laura -- Pawpaws in American Culture

McCrory, Mae -- Peach Cobbler: Community and Condolences

Robb, Victoria -- Green Beans

Thomas, Audrey and Olivia Diamond -- Hard Cider


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Dowdy, Austin -- Squash Casserole

Harris, Olivia -- Apple Stack Cake

Harrod, James -- Green Beans

Hinton, Calla and Renee Ambroso -- Apple Achia

Schlanger, Dana and Natalie Jamali-Ashtiani -- Cornpone

Watson, Megan -- Liver Mush


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