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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
University Archives - Community & Other Miscellaneous Photographs
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Contains photographic prints, negatives and transparencies. The original order is unknown, and materials have therefore been arranged primarily by size, and then generally alphabetized by subject.
Located in Special Collections, Row 1, Section 7

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[Identification of item], University Archives, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Scope and Contents

A miscellany of photographs falling under the broad description of community involvement at UNC Asheville. These include alumni and alumni events, board of trustees and board of visitors members, speakers, and images of unknown origin or purpose. Some of the latter could include staff or students, possibly as alumni, but have been included in this collection because of unknown origins. There is therefore a likely overlap between this collection and others in the archive. Subjects and dates have been noted wherever possible, but a large number of images remained unidentified and / or undated. It is possible that some images predate, or postdate, the indicated date range of this archive.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504

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Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina Asheville assumes no responsibility


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University of North Carolina at Asheville

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Processed by Colin Reeve, February 2016

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: 57 Series 

Alumni Association Board Members, n.d. [COM571, 2 prints] 

Alumni Event, n.d. [COM572, 5 prints] 

Alumni Event, Basketball, (1978) [COM573, 13 prints] 

Alumni, Group of, n.d. [COM574, 1 print] 

Asheville Skyline, 1980 [COM575, 4 prints] 

Asheville Skyline, n.d. [COM576, 4 prints] 

Asheville Skyline, n.d. [COM577, 1 transparency] 

Asheville Skyline, n.d. [COM578, 1 print] 

Don Babb, n.d. [COM579, 1 print] 

Lynne Baber, n.d. [COM5710, 1 print] 

Elaine Barry, n.d. [COM5711, 1print] 

Carol Grotnes Belk, n.d. [COM5734, 1print] 

Board of Visitors, (1986) [COM5712, 13 prints] 

(Board of Visitors), Members of, (1986) [COM5713, 1print] 

(Board of Visitors), n.d. [COM5714, 1print] 

Wayne Boss, St. Joseph's Hospital, 1984 [COM5715, 1print] 

Jane Cahoon, n.d. [COM5776, 1 print] 

Catherine (Lynne) Brooks, n.d. [COM5716, 1print] 

Thomas Burke, Class of 1975, 1981 [COM5717] 

(Campus), n.d. [COM5718, 1 negative] 

Alf Cannon, (Walter St. George Gladding) & Unidentified Male, n.d. [COM5719, 1print] 

Center for Creative Retirement, Intergenerational Learning, 1990 [COM5720, 1print] 

(Check, Donation of), n.d. [COM5721, 1 print] 

Michael Cogdill, Alumni Award Winner, (1997) [COM5722, 1 print] 

(Chris Currie), n.d. [COM5723, 1 print] 

Myra Daniels, (Honorary Degree), n.d. [COM5724, 1print] 

James Day, Class of 1967, n.d. [COM5726, 1print] 

Kenneth Drupiewski, Class of 1969, 1981 [COM5725, 1print] 

John Ehle, Rosemary Harris & Others, n.d. [COM5727, 2 prints] 

Ellen Erwin, n.d. [COM5728, 1 print] 

(Family) Group of Three Women, n.d. [COM5729, 1print] 

(Tony Faulk), n.d. [COM5730, 1print] 

Thomas Fitzpatrick, n.d. [COM5731, 1 print] 

Hobart Ford, n.d. [COM5732, 1print] 

Bill Friday & Two Others (at Press Conference), n.d. [COM5733, 1print] 

Maralee Goldberg, n.d. [COM5735, 1print] 

Gordon Greenwood, (Class of 1930), n.d. [COM5736, 1print] 

Guitarist & Fiddler, "Thompson Negs", n.d. [COM5737, 2 negatives] 

Marian Harbison, Class of 1979, n.d. [COM5738, 1print] 

Marian Harbison, (Class of 1979), n.d. [COM5739, 1print] 

Henry Heimlich, (1986) [COM5740, 1print] 

Heidi Heinrich, n.d. [COM5741, 1print] 

Elsie (Hemshaw), n.d. [COM5742, 1print] 

Linda Hoffman, n.d. [COM5743, 1print] 

Darlene Hyler, n.d. [COM5744, 1print] 

John Johnson, Class of 1971 & 1976, n.d. [COM5745, 1 print] 

Joseph Johnston Jr., (American Association of Colleges), n.d. [COM5746, 1print] 

Adelaide Key, (Honorary Degree), n.d. [COM5747, 1 print] 

(Koerber) Family, nd [COM57108, 12 negatives] 

Linda Lance, n.d. [COM5748, 1print] 

Rusty Lee, 1983 [COM5749, 1print] 

Dennis Lewter, Class of 1973, n.d. [COM5750, 1print] 

Gene McAlpin, n.d. [COM5751, 1 print] 

Sarah MacFarlane, n.d. [COM5752, 1print] 

Maintenance Crew, n.d. [COM5753, 1print] 

Merrimon Avenue, n.d. [COM5754, 1 print] 

David Miller, Class of 1975, n.d. [COM5755, 1 print] 

Drew Monitto, n.d. [COM5756, 1print] 

Jan Morgan, n.d. [COM5757, 1print] 

Michael Murphy, n.d. [COM5758, 1print] 

Penny Niven, Carl Sandburg Symposium, 1988 [COM5759, 1print] 

P Parris, n.d. [COM5760, 1print] 

PARSEC, (2004) ; Biology Student, (2005) [COM5761, 1 CD with 2 images] 

Sally Pealman, n.d. [COM5762, 1print] 

Robert Peaty, n.d. [COM5763, 1 print] 

Mike Peck, n.d. [COM5764, 1print] 

Robert Pew, Steelcase CEO, 1987 [COM5765, 1 print] 

Mike Pinner, n.d. [COM5766, 1 print] 

Presidential Candidates, "Summit" 1976 [COM5767, 5 print] 

Christiana Randall, n.d. [COM5768, 1 print] 

(Tom Reynolds), Alumni Board Member, n.d. [COM5788, 1print] 

Larry Rhodes, n.d. [COM5769, 1print] 

Mike Robinson Jr., n.d. [COM5770, 1print] 

Polly Rogers, n.d. [COM5771, 1print] 

Dorothy Rosenberg, n.d. [COM5772, 1print] 

Eldon W Ross, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, n.d. [COM5773, 1print] 

Rudman, 1988 [COM5774, 1 negative] 

Peter J Russell, (CUR Councillor 1994), n.d. [COM5775, 1print] 

Miquel Scarborough, n.d. [COM5777, 1 print] 

Sculpture on Campus, n.d. [COM5778, 2prints] 

Wilma Sherrill, (2000) [COM57106, 3 prints] 

John "Tony" Skipper, n.d. [COM5780, 1print] 

Sherwood Smith, Chief Executive, Carolina Power & Light, n.d. [COM5779, 6 prints] 

Cissie Stevens, Ananbelle Linn, Ted Linn, n.d. [COM5781, 1 print] 

David Stickel, Class of 1982, n.d. [COM5782, 1print] 

Stilts, Person on, n.d. [COM5783, 2 prints] 

John "Fred" Tone, n.d. [COM5784, 1print] 

UNC Asheville Entrance Signs, Alumni Presentation of, (1994) [COM5785, 2prints] 

Unidentified Alumni, n.d. [COM5786, 1 print] 

Unidentified (Alumni) Groups, n.d. [COM5787, 3 prints] 

Unidentified Couple, n.d. [COM5789, 3 negatives] 

Unidentified Event, Attendees at, n.d. [COM5790, 3prints] 

Unidentified Family (in Hotel Dining Room), n.d. [COM5791, 1 print] 

Unidentified Female, n.d. [COM5792, 1 print] 

Unidentified Female at Piano, n.d. [COM5793, 1 print] 

Unidentified Females & Males (from OLLI?), n.d. [COM5794, 6 prints] 

Unidentified Male, n.d. [COM5795, 1 print] 

Unidentified Male, n.d. [COM5796, 1 print] 

Unidentified Male Speaker, n.d. [COM5797, 5 prints] 

Unidentified Male Speaker, n.d. [COM5798, 1 print] 

Unidentified Males, n.d. [COM5799, 1 print] 

Unidentified Older People, n.d. [COM57100, 1 print] 

Unidentified Property, "Summit" 1980 [COM57101, 1print] 

Melanie Weatherford, n.d. [COM57102, 1 print] 

Ann Wells, n.d. [COM57103, 1 print] 

YMI, Unidentified Event at, nd [COM57107, 9 prints, 13 negatives] 

Jacqueline Young, n.d. [COM57104, 1print] 

Laura Young, (1977) [COM57105, 1 print] 

Box 2: 80 Series 

Kristina Abernathy, Class of 1993, n.d. [COM801, 1print] 

Isabel Allende, 1985 [COM802, 5 transparencies] 

Artwork (and Artists), 1982 [COM803, 29 negatives & contact sheet] 

Board of Trustees, 1972 [COM8056, 1 print] 

Board of Trustees, 1973 [COM804, 1 print & newspaper clipping] 

Board of Trustees, 1973 [COM805, 1 print & newspaper clipping] 

Board of Trustees, 1983 [COM806, 16 negatives, contact sheet, 1 print] 

Board of Visitors, 1986 [COM807, 1 print] 

Board of Visitors, 1986 [COM808, 1 print] 

Senator Dale Bumpers, n.d. [COM809, 29 negatives & contact sheet] 

Charles C. Campbell, Emerson College, (1974) [COM8010, 1print] 

Campus, Views from, 1986 [COM8011, 3 transparencies] 

Circus, n.d. [COM8012, 35 negatives & contact sheet] 

Michael Cogdill, n.d. [COM8013, 1print] 

Wilma Dykeman, Signing Books Watched by Mel Blowers, n.d. [COM8014, 1print] 

Ann Flynn, 1984 [COM8015, 1print] 

(Bill Friday) Interview ; Unidentified Staff / Faculty, n.d. [COM8016, 18 negatives & contact sheet] 

Mike Grace [UNCA Alumnus] & Senator Edward Kennedy, n.d. [COM8017, 1print] 

(William Highsmith) Meeting People ; Unidentified Female, n.d. [COM8018, 8 negatives] 

Homecoming 1993, Mini Alumni Reunion [COM8019, 7 prints] 

Christopher Leach, (University of Rochester), 1985 [COM8020, 2 prints, 18 negatives & contact sheet] 

Laura Meagher, n.d. [COM8021, 1 print] 

Medical Staff & (Radio Station), n.d. [COM8022, 32 negatives & contact sheet] 

Mural, (Artist) Standing in Front of, n.d. [COM8023, 9 negatives & contact sheet] 

NC Center for Creative Retirement, Images Taken for, 1985 [COM8024, 35 transparencies] 

Olin Ecusta Paper & Film Group Pisgah Forest NC, Factory of, "Summit" 1980 [COM8025, 1print] 

(Picnic) at Lake, n.d. [COM8026, 30 negatives & contact sheet] 

Terri Smith & Rush Crawford, n.d. [COM8027, 1print] 

Dr. Stanton Tefft, 1979 [COM8028, 1 print] 

Robert Thompson, Yale University, 1984 [COM8029, 1print] 

Unidentified (Award Presentation), n.d. [COM8030, 19 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified (Award Presentation), n.d. [COM8031, 19 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Children, n.d. [COM8032, 6 negatives] 

Unidentified (Engineers) Reviewing Plans, n.d. [COM8033, 6 negatives] 

Unidentified Female, 1978 [COM8034, 34 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Female, 1983 [COM8035, 11 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Females, n.d. [COM8036, 5 negatives] 

Unidentified Female (on Phillips Hall balcony), n.d. [COM8037, 5 negatives] 

Unidentified Female ; Unidentified Male ; Unidentified Building ; Library, n.d. [COM8038, 13 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Female & Two Males in Woodland, n.d. [COM8039, 16 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Group on Library Steps ; Unidentified Male, n.d. [COM8040, 15 negatives] 

Unidentified Group with William Highsmith, n.d. [COM8041, 13 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Guest Lecturer, n.d. [COM8042, 21 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Male, n.d. [COM8043, 4 negatives] 

Unidentified Male in Library, n.d. [COM8044, 1 print] 

Unidentified Male with Books, n.d. [COM8045, 8 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Meeting, n.d. [COM8046, 13 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Meeting & (Library), n.d. [COM8047, 7 negatives, contact sheet & print] 

Unidentified [Older] Females, n.d. [COM8048, 10 negatives] 

Unidentified People in Library, Physio & Offices, n.d. [COM8049, 57 negatives] 

Unidentified (Public) Meeting, n.d. [COM8050, 17 negatives & contact sheet] 

Unidentified Registration Event, n.d. [COM8051, 35 negatives] 

Unidentified Speaker(s) at Podium, n.d. [COM8053, 6 negatives] 

Unidentified Speaker at Podium outside Zales, n.d. [COM8054, 17 negatives] 

James J Whalen, Ithaca College President, n.d. [COM8055, 1print] 

Unidentified Male, n.d. [COM8057, 6 negatives] 

Group (panel?) of unidentified females, n.d. [COM8058, 5 negatives]