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University Archives - Photographs of UNC Asheville Chancellors

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
University Archives - Photographs of UNC Asheville Chancellors
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Contains photographic prints, negatives, slides and digital images. The images have come from a variety sources, and therefore any overall original order is unlikely to have existed. Materials have been grouped by chancellor, and photographs taken at the same time have been placed together within these chancellor groupings. Identified photographers have been credited.
Located in Special Collections, Row 1, Section 6

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[Identification of item], University Archives, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804

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Scope and Contents

This archive holds photographic materials where the Chancellors of UNC Asheville is the primary subject. Six chancellors, and one interim chancellor, serving between 1969 and 2014, are included. Usually the subjects have posed, or photographed at formal events, but there are some informal shots and, in the cases of William Highsmith and David Brown, images that were published in the Summit yearbooks.

In 2015, following the retirement of Anne Ponder, various prints and digital images were received from the Chancellor's Office. These are collected in Box 2 along with general photographic materials received from the Chancellor's Office.

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Initially processed by Special Collections staff, date(s) unknown. Reprocessed by Colin Reeve, September 2015

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

William Highsmith 

CH1: Highsmith with fingers intertwined, undated 

CH2: Highsmith sitting behind desk, with cassette recorder. Printed in Summit 1976. [2 prints, landscape and portrait, minimal other variation] 

CH3: Highsmith sitting behind desk, undated 

CH4: Highsmith walking downstairs, undated 

CH5: William Highsmith and Allene Highsmith, undated [Two prints 5A & 5B] 

CH6: Highsmith sitting in office chair, dated Oct. 1970 

CH7: Highsmith standing in office. Printed in Summit 1979, page 82 

CH8: Highsmith sitting behind desk, undated but seems have been printed in currently unidentified publication 

CH9: Highsmith in office with "witch" and "pumpkin head" for Halloween, undated 

CH10: Highsmith and two female students at Rockmont. Printed in Summit 1976, page 106 

CH11: Highsmith being held hostage by Mary Border, Teresa Atkinson, and Michelle Raymond. Printed in Summit 1981 page 48 

CH12: Highsmith at Board of Trustees meeting. Printed in Summit 1976, page 30 

CH13: Highsmith and (Alice Wutschel) with two unidentified men, undated 

CH14: Highsmith standing and shaking hands with a man, watched by two sitting men, undated 

CH15: Highsmith and two women looking at photo and diplomas, undated 

CH16: Highsmith, William Pott (l) and two other men, undated. Copyright owned by Asheville-Citizen Times. "Pledge Fulfilled" written on rear 

CH17: Highsmith in office with two men, undated 

CH18: Highsmith with two other men standing in front of painting on easel 

CH19: Highsmith and Distinguished Service Award recipients, May 1977 commencement 

CH20: Highsmith presenting Roy Taylor with Distinguished Service Award, May 1977 commencement 

CH21: Highsmith presenting Glenn Bushey with Distinguished Service Award, May 1977 commencement 

CH22: Highsmith presenting Wilma Dykeman with Distinguished Service Award, May 1977 commencement 

CH23: President William Friday and chancellors of UNC System, undated 

CH24: Highsmith being interviewed by Bill Friday [10, 35mm negatives] 

CH25: Highsmith in office and at reception, 1979 [4 slides] 

CH26: Highsmith meeting unidentified people in office, undated [19, 35mm negatives] 

CH27: Reception, undated [27, 35mm negatives] 

CH28: Reception (for Highsmith's retirement?), August 1984 [17, 35mm negatives] 

CH29: Highsmith meeting two women (for presentation), undated [40, 35mm negatives] 

CH30: Head and shoulders shots, 1986 [10, 35mm negatives & contact sheet] 

CH31: Head & shoulders, nd [1, 2.5"x 2.5" negative (and printing/painting instructions)] 

CH32: Highsmith (receiving award, possibly from Asheville Chamber of Commerce, 1984) 

David Brown 

CB1: Posed shot, color, undated [3 prints of different poses] 

CB2: C D Spangler, Jack Cecil, David Brown, (Lin Brown) at farewell reception, (1990?) 

CB3: David and Lin Brown, posed shots, undated [4 color slides] 

CB4: Brown, b&w, head & shoulders, exterior, undated 

CB5: Brown and C D Spangler with honorary degree recipients, 1987? [ 2 b&w prints] 

CB6: Brown with unidentified couple, undated 

CB7: Brown posing in robes and suit in front of books, (1993) [12 slides & 2 prints] 

CB8: Posed shot, b&w, head & shoulders, undated 

CB9: Posed shot, b&w, head & shoulders, undated 

CB10: Brown talking to Martin Nesbitt in woodland, undated 

CB11: Brown at Rotary Club, undated 

CB12, Brown, C D Spangler, and Board of Trustees, undated 

CB13: Mayors of Asheville with Dr. Brown, October 1985 [11, 35mm negatives] 

CB14: Brown with wife and children. Printed in Summit 1985, page 60 [6, 35mm negatives] 

CB15: Brown ar dinner function with 3 unidentified men and 1 woman, undated 

CB16: Graduation 1986, Brown with honorary degree recipients (Roy Taylor, Sarah Belk Gambrell, Merrimon Cunninggim) 

CB17: Chancellor's installation, March 31, 1985 [53, 35mm negatives] 

CB18: Chancellor's Installation, March 31, 1985 [8 prints, some captioned with incorrect date. Negatives for some included in CB16] 

CB19: Brown at unidentified event on Quad, 1985 [2 prints] 

CB20: Brown at desk, looking to his right, undated 

CB21: New dorm groundbreaking, 1986 

CB22: Brown dramatizing tight classroom space for legislative delegation, undated 

CB23: Dave & Lin Brown with William & Allene Highsmith, undated 

CB24: Brown accepting donation from Asheville Federal Bank, 1986 

Roy Carroll 

CC1: Portrait, undated 

Samuel Schuman 

CS1: Posed shot, half body, undated 

CS2: Posed shot, head & shoulders, undated 

CS3: Schuman posing on bridge at Phillips Hall, undated 

CS4: Schuman sat on steps with group of students 

CS5: Sam Schuman and (wife), undated. Photo by Robert A. Flynn 

CS6: Posed shot, head & shoulders, (1991) 

CS7: Posed shot, Schuman in academic regalia, matted, 1995 

CS8: Posed shots, Schuman in academic regalia and suit, from same session as CS7, 1995 [6 prints] 

CS6: Posed shots, (from same session as CS6), 1991 

CS10: Sam Schuman installation. 1992 [3 prints] 

CS11: Chancellors of the 16 institutions of the UNC system, 1991 

Patsy Reed 

CR1: Reed posing with arm on back leather chair, 1994 [2 prints, different poses] 

CR2: Posed shot, head & shoulders, August 1995 [2prints, color and b&w, slightly different poses] 

CR3: Reed posing with arm on back leather chair and head & shoulders, 1994 [2 prints] 

CR4: Standing in front of bookcase, alone and with husband, undated [2 prints] 

CR5: Reed posing with arm on back leather chair and head & shoulders, undated [2 prints] 

CR6: Standing in front of library door, undated 

CR7: Posed shot, head & shoulders, undated 

CR8: Standing in Red Oak Room, Ramsey Library, undated 

CR9: Reed shaking hands with unidentified man, 1998 

CR10: Talking with VC Jim Pitts, SGA President Adrian Tatum, Board of Trustees Chairman, Jesse Ray Jr., (1997) 

James Mullen 

CM1: Posed shot, head & shoulders, undated [2 prints, slightly different pose] 

CM2: Posed shot, head & shoulders, undated [Blake Madden Photography] 

CM3: Wearing academic regalia and Chancellor's Medallion, 2000 [4 prints, different poses. Blake Madden Photography] 

CM4: Posing with wife and children, 2000 [2 prints, different poses] 

CM5: Talking with unidentified man, undated 

CM6: Chancellor's Medallion ceremony, March 31, 2000. Gov. Jim Hunt, Wayne McDevitt, Jim Mullen [Blake Madden Photography] 

CM7: Mullen at podium, 2000 

CM8: Mullen with (President of A-B Tech), (1999) 

Anne Ponder 

CP1: Formal poses, indoors, undated 

CP2: Formal poses, outdoors, undated 

CP3: Formal poses, outdoors, October, 2005 

CP4: "New Chancellor", (2005) [37 negatives] 

CP5: "New Chancellor", (2005) [17 negatives] 

CP6: "New Chancellor", (2005) [35 negatives] 

CP7: Donning stoles, undated [20 negatives] 

CP8: Donning stoles, undated [29 negatives] 

CP9: Donning stoles, undated [37 negatives] 

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Box 2 

Anne Ponder 

CP10: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP11: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP12: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP13: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP14: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP15: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP16: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP17: Installation, 2006 [20 prints] 

CP18: Installation, 2006 [15 prints] 

CP19: (Zeiss Hall Dedication), 2009 [4 prints] 

CP20: "Doc" Watson, Commencement, 2009 

CP21: Les Purce, Commencement, 2009 [2 prints] 

CP22: "Dick" Spangler & Tom Ross, Commencement, 2011 [10 prints] 

CP23: Installation, 2006 [393 low res images on CD. Blake Madden Photography] 

CP24: Installation, 2006 [652 high res images on CD. (Blake Madden Photography)] 

CP25: Founders Day, 2005 [57 images on CD. Blake Madden Photography] 

CP26: Platform Part, Commencement, 2006 [2 images and cast list on CD] 

CP27: Images for "Our State" and other Miscellaneous, 2006 [21 images on CD] 

CP28: Coach Roy Williams and Jim Buckner, 2010 [1 image on CD] 

CP29: Honorands Gala, 2012 [38 images on CD] 

CP30: Senator Apodaca, Broadway Project, 2013 [43 images on CD] 

CP31: Anne Ponder & Unidentified Man, n.d. [2 prints] 


CGen1: Chancellor's Medallion, 1995 [4 transparencies] 

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