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University Archives - Official Records of Roy Riggs, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UNC Asheville, 1971 - 1978

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
University Archives - Official Records of Roy Riggs, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UNC Asheville, 1971 - 1978
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1971-1978
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8.0 Linear feet ; 4 boxes
Physical Description
Contains reports, papers, and other documents. Where possible the original titles of files have been maintained. Although it is believed that files may have been arranged annually, with a separate file for each year, the materials have been condensed and arranged chronologically within alphabetized files. Duplicate materials within a file were removed during processing, but some materials may be duplicated across files.
Located in Special Collections, Row 1, Section 3

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Biographical Note

Dr. Roy A. Riggs joined the faculty of Asheville-Biltmore College in 1962, and served as chair of the literature and language department, and the humanities program, before being appointed Dean of the Faculty in 1967. Initially this was on a acting basis but was made permanent on March 21, 1968, after Riggs had been selected by a search committee. When, in 1969, Asheville-Biltmore College became the University of North Carolina at Asheville, Roy Riggs became the dean of the faculty of the new university. In 1971 the role of dean was replaced by the new postion of Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and Riggs became the first Vice Chancellor. Roy Riggs retired from UNC-Asheville in 1978, and died in Asheville on August 17, 2001, aged 88.

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Scope and Contents

This archive holds historically significant official papers of Roy Riggs,the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs of UNC-Asheville, from the creation of the role in 1971, until Riggs' retirement in 1978. There is a continuum between this archive and UA4.1 and UA4.2.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504

Restrictions to Access

Certain materials are RESTRICTED to researchers for 75 years from the date of their creation for reasons related to the confidentiality of personnel, student, medical, and other legally protected records. These have been removed from this collection and added to the restricted collection. A note to this effect is included the description of the relevant folder

Sensitive Materials Statement

Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina Asheville assumes no responsibility.


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University of North Carolina Asheville. Roy A. Riggs.

Processing Note

Initially processed by Special Collections staff, date(s) unknown. Reprocessed by Colin Reeve, March 2015.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1

Academic Calender, 1971-1978

Academic Direction, 1971

Academic Personnel Policies, 1972

Admissions, 1971-1972

Admissions, 1973-1978

Administration Staff, 1977-1978

Advising, 1973-1976

Affirmative Action, 1975

Afro-American Literature Workshop, 1971

Alcoholic Beverages, 1972

Annual Departmental Reports, 1971-1972

Annual Departmental Reports, 1972-1973

Annual Departmental Reports, 1973-1974

Annual Departmental Reports, 1974-1975

Annual Departmental Reports, 1975-1976

Annual Departmental Reports, 1976-1977

Appalachian Consortium, (1976?)

Art & Music, 1971-1978

"Ascent of Man" Course, 1974-1975

Biology, 1971-1978

Board of Trustees, 1972-1978

Botanical Gardens, 1975

Breman Foundation, 1974

Buncombe County Schools, Summer Program, 1975

Business Office, 1971-1972

Campus Commission for Student Service Funds, 1977

Capital Construction, 1971

Capital Improvement Projects, 1978

Chancellor Highsmith, 1971-1978

Chemistry, 1971-1978

Class Schedules, 1971-1972

Class Schedules, 1972-1973

Class Schedules, 1973-1974

Class Schedules, 1974-1975

Class Schedules, 1975-1976

Classics, 1971-1977

Committee: Academic Policies Committee, 1976-1977

Committee: Academic Policies Committee, 1977-1978

Committee: Athletics Committee, UA4.3

Committee: Computer Planning & Use, 1976-1978

Committee: Degree Programs, (N.D.)

Committee: Energy Conservation & Safety, 1975-1976

Box 2

Committee: Faculty Advisory on Teacher Education, 1976-1978

Committee: Honors, 1977

Committee: Institutional Development, 1976-1978

Committee: International Studies, 1976

Committee: Library, 1976-1977

Committee: Recreation Facilities, 1976

Committee: Special Programs, 1976-1977

Committee: Tenured Faculty, 1973-1978

Computer Center: 1971-1974

Computer Center: 1974-1978

Consolidated University of North Carolina, 1971-1972

Continuing Education Unit, 1975

Dean of Students, 1973-1977

Department Heads, 1971-1977

Department Heads: Statements on Innovation, 1971

Director of Administration, 1975-1978

Director of Student Services, 1971-1973

Dormitory Regulations, 1971

Drama, 1971-1978

Drugs, 1974

Economics, 1973-1978

Edmiston, Rufus: Visit to UNC-A, 1974

Education, 1971-1978

Education Department, Self Studies, 1976-1977

Elderhostel, 1977

Emergency Alert System, (N.D.)

Energy Conservation Committee, 1977

Enrollment, 1971-1972

Enrollment, 1972-1973

Enrollment, 1973-1974

Enrollment, 1974-1975

Enrollment, 1975-1976

Enrollment, 1976-1977

Enrollment, 1977-1978

Environmental Studies, 1972-1974

Faculty & Staff, 1971-1976

Faculty Committees, 1971-1978

Faculty Meetings, 1974-1977

Faculty Senate, 1971-1978

Faculty Tenure Document, 1973 & 1976

Faculty Travel, 1971-1976

Financial Aid, 1971-1976

Food Service, 1973-1974

Foreign Languages, 1971-1976

Foreign Languages, Annual Report, 1977-1978

Graduates: Class of 1971-1972

Graduates: Class of 1972-1973

Graduates: Class of 1973-1974

Graduates: Class of 1974-1975

Graduates: Class of 1975-1976

Graduates: Class of 1976-1977

Historical Resources & Archives Committee, 1977-1978

History, 1971-1977

Humanities, 1971-1978

Humanities Sequence Review, 1971-1972

"Images" Magazine, 1973

Incomplete Grades, 1975-1977

Independent Study by Extension - Chapel Hill, 1977

Box 3

Infirmary, 1972-1974

Institutional Research & Development, 1973-1977

Instrument of Government, (1972?)

Intermurals & Recreation Student Committee, 1977

International Education, University of North Carolina, 1973

Joint Planning Committee with Western Carolina University, 1977-1978

Journal of Irish-American Studies, 1975

Learning Resources Center, 1972-1975

Library, 1971-1972

Library, 1972-1973

Library, 1973-1974

Library, 1974-1975

Library, 1975-1976

Library, 1976-1977

Library, 1977-1978

Literature & Language, 1971-1976

Maintenance (M&O), 1971-1978

Majors, Declaration of, 1972-1974

Management, 1975-1978

Management & Urban Affairs, 1973-1975

Mathematics, 1971-1973

Memoranda, 1972-1973

Memoranda, 1973-1974

Memoranda, 1974-1975

Memoranda, 1975-1976

Memoranda, 1976-1977

Meteorology: National Weather Records Center, 1972-1974

Miscellaneous, 1972-1977

Model Program, 1971-1972

Moon Tree Planting, 1976

National Association of Summer Sessions, 1972-1976

"Native Stone", 1976

New University of Ulster, 1971-1977

Newspaper Course, 1973-1976

NC Arts Council, 1970-1973

NC Council on Economic Education, 1975-1978

NC Department of Public Instruction, 1970-1975

NC State University, 1971-1976

NC State University: BS in Engineering Operations, 1971-1972

Organizational Charts, 1974-1977

Orientation, 1971

Phi Beta Kappa, 1976

Philosophy, 1975-1976

Physical Education, 1971-1974

Physics, 1971-1975

Pi Delta Phi, 1974-1976

Piedmont University Center, 1972

Planned Parenthood, 1974

Political Science, 1972-1978

Pre-medical Program, 1973

Probation, (N.D.)

Proposed Graduate Degree Programs, 1974

Psychology, 1971-1976

Registrar, 1971-1978

Box 4

Rhododendron Society, 1974

"The Ridgerunner", 1971-1978

Safety Committee, 1977

Scholarships & Student Aid, 1976 [Restricted]

Science & Mathematics, 1977-1978

Science Building, 1967-1976

Senior Demonstration of Competency, 1973-1975

Simulation Service Learning, 1973

Smoking Regulations, 1973-1975

Social Sciences, 1972-1975

Sociology, 1971-1973

SOLINET - Southeastern Library Network Inc., 1974-1975

Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (1976?)

Staff meetings, 1977

Student Evaluation of Faculty, 1975

Student Government Association, 1972-1976

Student Strike, 1974

Summer School, 1971

Summer School, 1972

Summer School, 1973

Summer School, 1974

Summer School, 1975

Summer School, 1976

"Summit", 1976

Teacher Education Program, 1974-1975

Teacher Education Review, 1977

Teacher Education Self-study, 1973-1974

Television Courses, 1971-1973

Tenure Policies & Regulations, 1976

Testing & Counseling, 1971-1972

Testing & Counseling, 1972-1978

UNC-A Board of Trustees, 1974-1975

UNC-A Botanical Gardens, 1973

UNC-A / NC State Forestry Program, 1975-1976

UNC-A Oxford, 1971-1978

UNC Central Faculty Position Listing Service, 1975

UNC-Chapel Hill, 1970-1977

UNC General Administration, 1972-1977

UNC-Greensboro, 1971-1972

Undergraduate Programs, Baseline Inventory, 1973

Undergraduate Review, 1974

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 1971-1978

Vice Chancellor for Finance, 1972-1974

Vice Chancellor for Finance, 1974-1975

Vice Chancellor for Finance, 1974-1978

Weekly Bulletin, 1971-1972

Weekly Bulletin, 1972-1973

Weekly Bulletin, 1974-1974

Weekly Bulletin, 1974-1975

Weekly Bulletin, 1975-1976

Weekly Bulletin, 1976-1977

Weekly Bulletin, 1977-1978

Weekly Bulletin [Printed], 1974-1975

Weekly Bulletin [Printed], 1975-1976

Weekly Bulletin [Printed], 1977-1978

Western Carolina University, 1971-1975

Western Carolina University, 1975-1978

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges, 1972-1976