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Beverly Hills: The Master Suburb
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Beverly Hills [cover]
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Title Beverly Hills:  The Master Suburb
Alt. Title Beverly Hills
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Subject Keyword Beverly Hills ; suburbs ; suburbia ; planned community ; real estate ; Asheville, NC ;
Subject LCSH Beverly Hills, N.C
Photography (Asheville, N.C.)
North Carolina -- Social life and customs -- Pictorial works
Date original 1902 [?]
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Inland Press, Asheville, North Carolina



Type Booklet: illustration, photographs, text
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Relation Frank Presbrey, The Southland: An Exposition Of The Present Resources And Development Of The South, Washington, D. C. Southern Railway Co., 1898, UNCA Special Collections, HC107.A13 P74 1898  ; E.M. Ball Photographic Collection, UNCA ; Documenting the American South, Chapel Hill: Asheville -- the Ideal Autumn and Winter Resort City: Electronic Edition. Washington: Southern Railway (U.S.) Passenger Traffic Dept., 1900?. Documenting the American South, UNC Chapel Hill: Autumn and Winter in the Land of the Sky: Electronic Edition. Washington: Southern Railway (U.S.) Passenger Traffic Dept., 1915? ; Western North Carolina Railroad Scenery "Land of the Sky" (1880's), UNCA Special Collections ; The Sunny South: drawings by E.H. Suydam (1924) ; Southern Summer Resorts and Camps in the Mountains - Southern Railway System (1922) New York: Rand McNally & Co. Special Collections F262.A16 S68 1922 A Motor Trip Veritably to Nature's Heart in "The Land of the Sky" (1920's?)  A Motor Trip Veritably to Nature's Heart in "The Land of the Sky" UNCA Special Collections  ; Land of the Sky (1913) : Southern Railway, Premier Carrier of the South  (1913?), UNCA Special Collections ;  The Land of the Sky (1920's) ;  Special Collections F261 .G7x  ;   Community Life in Western North Carolina (early 1900's) Special Collections  F264.A8 P92 1895.
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Description A small un-paginated booklet prepared by the Inland Press of Asheville that describes the newly developed suburb of Beverly Hills. It includes descriptions of the planned community and the homes in the area and includes some local history of the immediate area of Azalea and Beverly Hills. .
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Full view of Beverly Hills suburb, painting by Gibson Catlett
that once hung at 16 Patton Ave., Beverly Hills Asheville offices

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  bev_001 [Cover]  Beverly Hills: The Master Suburb beve001.jpg (614578 bytes)
  bev_002 What is that call that grips my heart
And fills my throat with pain?
It beckons me and I must start
Toward my hills again.
tired of pavements, sick of din,
The jostle of the mob;
I'm weary of lines that hem me in
The city's sickening throb.

It is a
call that shuntles down
city's raillery,
- ~
And fills
the air with pleasing sound—
hills are calling me.
beve002.jpg (443496 bytes)
  bev_003 BEVERLY HILLS has been named "The Master Suburb," and in this name there is incorporated no amazing superlatives and no subtle phrase of deception. To those who have the capacity to  distinguish the personality of a place, and the proper appreciation for a proudly planned motif that is to endure and maintain its prestige among the many valuable attractions yet to be formed, Beverly Hills will prove to be as distinctive, as enduring and as fascinating a place as any person, seeking solitude or practical pleasure, could desire.

The site of Beverly Hills was once within the borders of a vast and mighty Indian empire. Rising in majestic beauty above the Swannanoa river it has been for centuries one of the playgrounds of the children of nature. The Indians had no particular name for the Swannanoa river. Sometimes it is said to have originated from a Cherokee word meaning "beautiful." Other legends have it that it is another Cherokee expression meaning "nymph of beauty." From these early appreciations the history of the Beverly Hills section can be traced on down to one of the first white settlers of Western North Carolina, Samuel Davidson.

Samuel Davidson, his wife and child, and one female negro slave, settled near the site of Beverly Hills, a short distance from Azalea, the present nearby station on the Southern railroad. John C. Calhoun also in his day picked this site as his favorite summer resort, and it was he, merely by examination of the map and by inductive reasoning, reached the conclusion, long before facts had been demonstrated by measurement, that in the Black Mountains, near Beverly Hills, was the highest land in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.

The little paths that wind away
From highways and the mart,
They call to me and softly move
A something in my heart.


beve003.jpg (561621 bytes)
  bev_004 Beverly Hills has been painted by artists, trained in the interpretation of beauty and subtle expression, but there are things in connection with this masterpiece of nature that they have been unable to catch and transmit to canvas. These things are the natural and economic benefits of the situation and the myriad conveniences that have been supplied by man. Only four miles from Asheville proper, on the Asheville-Black Mountain-New York paved highway, this human paradise is planned in accord with the natural endowments of nature. Beverly Hills is not patted here and there and prettified to please the unseeing and incurious eye, but is a glorified development of primeval gifts.

There are four entrances to Beverly Hills. One of these entrances is at the western section of the Municipal Golf Course and another is near the main entrance of the Municipal Recreation Park. The Golf Course is practically surrounded by the Beverly Hills plot and it is one of the best courses in Western North Carolina, having been planned by Donald Ross. The Recreation Park, just across the Swannanoa river from Beverly Hills, has become in the last few years one of the most attractive and efficiently equipped parks in the country. It is, in addition to being a place for recreation, a* leisure place that attracts hundreds every summer day. A good zoo, with many fine specimens of the animal kingdom, is one of the features. Children find in a special portion of the park, built and equipped especially for them, a wonderful and a safe place in which to play.

beve004.jpg (512647 bytes)
  bev_005 This is only one of the many improvements that the city of Asheville and private corporations and individuals are bringing to the Beverly Hills section. To those who do not cater to public amusements, however, Beverly Hills is so situated as to be a secluded spot of silence. Across the Swan-nanoa river from the Recreation Park, and flanked by the Golf Course, it remains only a matter of inclination for the resident to participate in these activities or be absolutely segregated from such amusements.

The third and fourth entrances to Beverly Hills from the main highway are to the east of the Recreation Park. In this park, for those not caring to maintain private grounds for physical recreation, its every form may be found at the park across the Swannanoa, or either to the right or left, in the mountains or in the Golf Course. This Golf Course is practically adjacent to 500 home sites of Beverly Hills, and rising or dropping away in every direction are hills and valleys of rest or recreation.

Motor busses, operated by private companies and two new de luxe passenger cars of the Beverly Hills organization form a connecting link between Asheville and this "Master Suburb." Beverly Hills has been selected for its home sites and with an acknowledged view to its mounting values. Naturally artistic and distinctive in its location and environs, Beverly Hills lends a blending background to better homes, homes that are to be lived in and enjoyed as a permanent tribute to posterity. Logical in location, genuine in its increasing value, it is indeed a master of suburbs around Asheville.

The beaten path no romance holds;
Its ruts invoke a sigh.
I like to find a carefree way,
As eagles find the sky.

beve005.jpg (523921 bytes)
  bev_006 There is in most people a responding thrill to the stories of pioneer life, yet in these days there has come into cognizance a call for the happy medium. The hurry and rush of time surrounds the people of today, and it is no longer necessary that life be regarded as purely a matter of existence. It is a positive necessity, however, that the centers of commerce be easily accessible and that homes be both efficient and cynocures of beauty. There still clings, nevertheless, that love and admiration of nature in the nude and the primitive loveliness of natural life and ledge. It is with this urge of human nature kept constantly in mind that the Master Suburb has been brought to its present state of loveliness and efficiency.

Beverly Hills is in the midst of wild, untouched forests and hills that offer a chance to explore and adventure among the many forms of wild life. Added to this is the flavor of its traditions and its future. On the other side of the question, keeping in mind the change in man's circumstances and the requirements of his present modes of living, Beverly Hills has made the necessary additions and supplied the various improvements to meet every need, and they are the best obtainable. Among these attributes that man has added to nature are avenues and highways, paved with enduring concrete, wide and well planned. There is no purer nor more bountiful supply of water in any section on earth. The facilities of sanitation are perfect in detail and the finest lighting system to be had is now being installed. The wiring for all White Way appliances will be through underground conduits. The landscape work is in charge of men who are noted for their work and their artistic appreciation and application to various environments.


beve006.jpg (512805 bytes)
  bev_007 The Beverly Hills organization has maintained its own corps of engineers in the construction of its streets, building sites, landscape gardening and every detail of installation of all facilities that constitute this "Master Suburb." The Beverly Hills organization knew the type of development that Asheville would require and these men, skilled in various lines of development work, have made this spot to the liking of those who have discrimnating tastes, as the list of sales attest.

At the Recreation Park are facilities for the developing of all kinds of sporting tendencies and the Beverly Hills basketball team is a good representative of the organization and the opportunities presented for physical recreation.

In connection with the natural beauties of Beverly Hills over 3,000 spruce pines, perfect in contour and proportionate in their placings, are being planted along the streets, avenue garden plots and other points of vantage. Everything has been done, or is in the process of being done to make Beverly Hills the distinctive sanctum of perfect homes and happiness. Offices are being built on the property, and this building will carry out the general distinctive motif of all other arrangements throughout the place, and will be turned into another wonderful residence as soon as all business matters have been finished on the development.

The by-way calls my gypsy heart
To leave the road so straight,
And follow winding, untrod trails

different sort of fate.


beve007.jpg (536299 bytes)
  bev_008 Beverly Hills is an embellishment of nature and its site was chosen with an appreciation of the natural gifts that it affords. The gifts of nature add more to the real joy of living than all the artifices of civilization and it was with this happy thought in mind that the developers of Beverly Hills have known when and where to place their improvements to nature. Rather have they accentuated the glorious high lights of an old painting, bringing it out into sharp relief, adding here, taking from there, and with the finishing touches of modern conveniences inserted into the picture, conveniences that far surpass the ones that are bought without scientific study and application, there is brought before the eyes a perfect picture of Beverly Hills. It is a development with an ideal, etched into the eternal matrix of the hills, among natural resources and supplied luxuries that make life and daily living sweet and beautiful.

There are so many different points of view and vantage connected with the responsibility of choosing a site for a permanent home that one cannot rest alone on description, but must investigate for oneself. It is also necessary that in this day a thing be accepted for its value as well as its beauty, with an appraising eye ever turned to its possible increase. Beverly Hills makes no claim to please every home-seeker on earth, nor does it desire to clothe itself with stilted and gilded description. Beverly Hills is Beverly Hills, and it is only through one's actual presence on the grounds that a worthy appreciation and appraisal of the place may be made.

/ wandered down a valley path,
With many
a sudden turn;
It tolled me on
across a brook,
And up
a bank of fern

beve008.jpg (511978 bytes)
  bev_009 Beverly Hills is only a few minutes ride from Asheville. To launch into a description of Asheville, one of the best-known and oldest year-round resorts in America, is to unconsciously filch from the many books of praise on this famous place. Every conceivable form of amusement, the very best of shops, schools and churches may be found in Asheville. Beverly Hills is the hub of a small circle that encompasses Mount Mitchell, Mount Pisgah and its ancient Rat, Chimney Rock, the National Forests and Game Preserves, and innumerable other points of interest and historical prominence, all within a radius of 40 miles, and all easily reached over paved highways within an hour or two.

Rising to a height of one-half mile above sea level, Beverly Hills escapes that damp chill so common to the lower lands and maintains a healthy temperature, devoid of germ and insect plague, that is conducive to longevity and happiness. Beverly Hills has been so designed and developed as to offer the best of earth's gifts in this "Land of the Sky." It is composed of over 570 lots, and all conveniences, such as water mains, drainage systems and light cables, which will be well under construction by the date for the official opening about the middle of April.

The region around Asheville is far-famed for its health resorts. The altitude is high and the climate very dry, and to this section every year throng thousands of visitors from all parts of the country in search of health and beautiful scenery. The summer climate of Western North Carolina is one of its greatest attractions, and although it is in the south, contrary to what might be thought by those who are unfamiliar with this section of the country, it is really cooler than northern resorts. Warm and pleasant days are followed by cool nights, the average temperature for July being 72.5 and for August 70.6.

Then through the brush it wound around
A poplar studded hill;
And wondering where it led from there,
I followed down it still.


beve009.jpg (523840 bytes)
  bev_010 The water of Western North Carolina has been given official credit for being 100 per cent pure, this water being used for most any purpose without being put through the usual processes of distillation so common a necessity in most quarters.

Pure, crystal clear water, that filters through the cleansing rock strata of the mountains and flows down the streams from thousands of springs is the kind of water that is found in this section without a single exception. Many people have had the plain spring water of this county shipped long distances for drinking purposes.

In the various swimming places along the rivers at any point the water will be found clear and pure, with a possible exception of dirt stains after a heavy rain. In Western North Carolina the inhabitants bathe in water that is much better than that to be had in many sections for drinking and medicinal purposes.

The sanitation and water supply of Beverly Hills has been featured as one of its principal attributes. The water supply comes from pure mountain springs and adequate pressure for all purposes is consistently maintained. Beverly Hills has been designed to live in and not for investment purposes alone. This fact, however, is proving to be the main reason that property values in this section are on a gradual and consistent ascent.

It was a vagrant, gypsy trail
That lured me on and on,
Away from highways, on to dreams,
Until the day was gone.


beve010.jpg (509935 bytes)
  bev_011 Beverly Hills, as pictured here, is an exact replica of the original painting which may be seen at the Asheville offices, 16 Patton avenue. This painting is a Gibson Catlett*  reproduction of the Beverly Hills property, showing its relative location with Asheville and its various scenic and recreative attributes.

In this particular impression of Beverly Hills may be seen the locations of the various hard-surfaced highways and avenues that interlace the entire section, the Recreation Park, the Golf Course, the Swannanoa river and the majestic sweep of the entire plot of desirable home-sites. Practically all of the general features of location may be seen in this painting, but as skillfully as this picture presents Beverly Hills and its environs of beauty and recreation it cannot faithfully portray all of its advantages. These must be seen from different points of vantage and from other perspectives.

The man with a vision of the future can easily picture Beverly Hills in a not too distant future as a suburban residential city of several thousand people, the home-site of a large number of people who have their business interests in Asheville throughout the entire year and many others who will live at their Beverly Hills home through the summer reason.

[* Gibson Catlett was born in Virginia in 1865. While a resident of San Francisco in 1907-17, Catlett painted landscapes and made trips to Portland, OR. Source: Edan Hughes, "Artists in California, 1786-1940" City Directory; Census.]

beve011.jpg (480459 bytes)
  bev_012 There are still other people who long to leave the clamor, clatter and confusion of business districts and, after a short drive, find rest and contentment in these highland homes of Beverly Hills. These hills possess all of the natural beauty one could desire and it is impossible to confine all of its attractions and allurements on canvas. It is, above all, a place to enjoy quiet of suburban life.

This picture of Beverly Hills has been painted simply to portray to a busy and hurrying public a part of an encompassing beauty that has won wide renown as a perfect environment for a home. Nature, however, is the real painter of Beverly Hills and it is finally through this original presentation that it lays claim to being a masterpiece of work and '"The Master Suburb" of Asheville.

beve012.jpg (485642 bytes)
  bev_013 "Ten minutes from Asheville" is the most expressive phrase than can be used to depict the highway conditions from the city to "The Master Suburb."

Considerable skill is evidenced in the plans adopted for the streets and boulevards of Beverly Hills, both in construction and beautification. They have been designed and constructed to amply accommodate the traffic demands which will be made upon them. Realizing the most prominent question of the day is the condition of roadways and the time required to get from place to place Beverly Hills was selected as the most logical site for a successful suburban city, and its streets have been constructed to follow up this important factor.

The streets and avenues of Beverly Hills have been constructed to carry out the enduring qualities of time and to conform to the speed that this age demands. The very best of materials have been used in their construction and the engineering work is second to none in the whole country. The motorists of Buncombe county have become accustomed to the finest roads and North Carolina is noted far and wide for its wonderful highways. Beverly Hills presents its paved ways for the inspection of the most discriminating critics of motor roads and street construction.

Winding in smooth undulations, Beverly Hills is interlaced with ribbon-like roadways that are pictures of beauty and service. Any point in Beverly Hills may be reached from Asheville in a very few minutes.

These avenues are so constructed as to present the views in every direction that have made Western North Carolina world famous.

beve013.jpg (488334 bytes)
  bev_014 A haven for homes—a residence place that is certain to achieve a lasting prestige and a permanent popularity, the Master Suburb stands solidly behind any claims that may be made for it. The mere fact of its location in "the Land of the Sky" is sufficient promise of attraction from scenic or health standpoint—to see Beverly Hills is to appreciate the mountain country.

Western North Carolina has long been referred to as a Heaven for those with a love for outdoor and indoor sports. Beverly Hills is so situated as to present at all times to its residents every conceivable opportunity to enjoy a great variety of healthful recreations.

Those who live in Asheville and in the communities adjacent, have always realized the fact that the section in which the Master Suburb is located has many desirable features along the line of sports facilities. The Recreation Park to which several references have been made in this booklet, the golf course which will be ready for play some time during the early fall, the gun club —these are specific reasons for thoughtful consideration when the matter of homesite selection is brought up. In connection with these public and the various private facilities for sports, Beverly Hills possesses all attractions that have made "The Land of the Sky" far-famed.

The altitude of this section—the bracing, health-inducing atmosphere, the moderate all-year around temperature, these are things that combine to enhance the attractiveness of Beverly Hills.

I lingered long beside a spring,
Then sadly turned about

I half-way hoped that I was lost
And never would get out.

beve014.jpg (512793 bytes)
  bev_015 The facilities for swimming at Beverly Hills are of the best. In the Recreation Park across the river from Beverly Hills there is being constructed one of the most modern and complete cascade swimming pools in the entire South. This pool will be thoroughly equipped with all conveniences, including a sand beach and bath-house, having a capacity of 600 persons. It will be fed by filtered spring water, flowing over a cascade in one end of the pool. This pool will be 250 by 100 feet in dimensions.

Every device for swimming and diving contests are being installed at the new pool in the Recreation Park.

All kinds of water sports may be played and every precaution has been taken to prevent the pollution of this pool. Safety devices and life guards are stationed at all swimming places and water of any depth, from a few inches to many feet, can be found in a number of places. All of these have been carefuly [sic] constructed under scientific and sanitary methods. It is generally admitted by old residents that in no other place around Asheville can better inducements be offered for swimming and all water sports. After the Recreation cascade pool is finished the Beverly Hills section will be adjacent to the finest swimming and contest pool in the State. It will be open by the time the weather will permit outdoor swimming and some of the national contests are expected to be staged here.

The sport of swimming is growing more and more in popularity and many new vogues have been devised among outdoor water sports. The new swimming pool will be amply capable of accommodating any such sports or contests. This pool is within a few minutes walk or drive from any part of Beverly Hills and throughout this, the only park of its kind around Asheville, may be found many other attractions.

beve015.jpg (558195 bytes)
  bev_016 Beverly Hills is within a short distance of many points of national interest, many of which are internationally known. Beverly Hills is indeed in the heart of "The Land of the Sky." This happy and appropriate name was given Western North Carolina by Mrs. Frances Christian Fisher Tiernane, a gifted writer of this State, better known as Christian Reid.

Mount Mitchell, Mount Pisgah, Caesar's Head, Chimney Rock, the National Forests and Game Preserves and any number of camps and recreation centers of national repute can easily be reached from Beverly Hills in one hour's time, or less, by motor. North Carolina has long been acclaimed for its good roads and each day sees more mileage added to the great network of highways in every direction. All points of interest may be reached over paved highways from "The Master Suburb."

Thousands of persons throng annually to Western North Carolina for its health giving properties and its wonderful mountain scenery. The pictures of the National Forests and the famous places among them make a gallery of scenic art that is highly prized by the government. And all of these places can be reached from Beverly Hills within one hour.

This one fact alone will result in its development reaching proportions far beyond the fondest expectations within a few years. Considering this favorable location, the beautiful surroundings and the modern improvements of the place, Beverly Hills has innumerable possibilities for fastidious home-seekers.

beve016.jpg (436827 bytes)
  bev_017 Beverly Hills, "The Master Suburb' has been especially planned to accommodate the better class of homes. There is no end to the possibilities that are presented as to the architectural designing of a home in Beverly Hills. Presenting a background and an environment that is distinctive and impressive it may well be said that it fully merits its name of "The Master Suburb."

All homes in Beverly Hills will be of the type that are termed "different." They will possess a personality and charm all their own and will radiate a distinctiveness of motif that will be immediately welcomed and accepted by persons who would naturally want such a location in which to live. A Beverly Hills home will be pleasing to the eye, a jewel mounted in a perfect setting and a place that will be more than just a house in which to seek shelter. They have been so planned and designed by the developers as to fit naturally into the atmosphere of the entire locality.

Beverly Hills offices on the property. When no longer needed, this building will be used as a home, being so designed and constructed that it will be one of the finest of the fine homes for which the Master Suburb is to become famous.

beve017.jpg (450982 bytes)
  bev_018 In the final analysis of this chosen spot no more pungent words could be chosen than to say that this Book of Beverly has not been written in any flights of fancy, but has been a conscientious chronicle of things as they are and as they have appeared to the various experts and buyers connected with the development.

Beverly Hills has been planned and constructed by engineering experts. The building plots are laid out to show the homes to the greatest possible advantage, assuring however an exclusiveness that provides against the plans being spoiled by haphazard construction.

The lack of certain restrictions has been proven to be the ultimate failure of many developments near many cities and in this Beverly Hills is in a position to insure its residents against the encroachment of undesirable building that would materially lower the value of properties.

Along the beautiful roadways of Beverly Hills every variety of mountain scenery is available, from the rugged grandeur of lofty peaks to the softly etched contours of rolling foothills. Mile after mile of road has been built until now North Carolina boasts a State highway system of approximately 50,000 miles of improved highways. When the 1926 program of road construction is completed the State will have a total of 62,000 miles of hard-surfaced highways. In addition to the State built roads each county has added a large mileage of improved and paved roads. This great road program has placed North Carolina near the top of the list of states in the Union leading in the construction of improved highways.

This great system, together with a great wealth of undeveloped natural resources, unrivaled scenery, modern spirit of progress, co-operation and hospitality has earned for this section an enviable reputation as a place in which to live and own property. And Beverly Hills has been signally shown to have had all these heritages showered upon it with a lavish hand as well as possessing attributes that are peculiar to its own position among them.

The sketch at the right gives some idea of the grace and beauty of the lights that are to be used on the white way along the golf course. Streets bordering the fairways will be effectively illuminated.


beve018.jpg (536156 bytes)
  bev_019 BEVERLY HILLS' basketball team won the City Championship in 1925 and each member was presented with a gold basketball as a prize for skill. Members of the team, reading from left to right, are Coach Little, Worley, A. Brandl, Persohn, Estes, C. Brandl, Logan, Osborne, Manager O'Donnell.

This is the Engineering Staff charged with the important task of laying out BEVERLY HILLS streets, locating sewer and water lines, etc. No small credit for the beauty of the development is due to this efficient organization. Reading from left to right, members are Coker, Brian, C. Brandl, Dillingham, Estes, Bowen, O'Donnell, A.Brandl, Osborne, Persohn, Little, Humphreys.

beve019.jpg (407600 bytes)

Location Map Showing Relative Position of Master Suburb
[Map drawn by G.E. Colt]

beve020.jpg (906950 bytes)