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Live and Invest in the Land of the Sky

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Title Live and Invest in the Land of the Sky
Alt. Title Live and Invest in the Land of the Sky, Asheville, North Carolina
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Creator Original: Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Asheville Real Estate Board ; Digital: University of NC at Asheville
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Subject LCSH Real estate agents -- Asheville (N.C.)
Hotels -- North Carolina 
Resorts -- North Carolina
Tourism -- North Carolina 
Asheville (N.C.) -- Architecture
Date original 1920's
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Publisher Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Asheville Real Estate Board

Planned and Produced by Leigh Edwin Gill. Printed by The Inland Press at Asheville, N.C. Photos: Asheville-Biltmore Film Company and Plateau Studio. 

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Description A 44 page promotional booklet for real estate interests in Asheville and environs. Includes descriptions of many planned communities in the region. Grouped by real estate company, some information is included regarding the companies.
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Cover lai_cover [Cover] Live and Invest in the Land of the Sky
  lai_titlepage [Title Page] "For Your Year-Round Home, Asheville, North Carolina."
  lai001 [Image] Asheville Chamber of Commerce Asheville Real Estate Board. [Rearing horse and rider.]

"Live in the Land of the Sky. In Eastern America's great mountain playground. Live -- where every breath of air is washed by the clouds which crown the mountain-tops. Live where the softly whispering pines will lull you off to restful dreamland. Where you will awake to the call of the birds and step forth refreshed to welcome each bright new day. Land of crisp, sparkling sunshine! Land of cheering happiness!

Nowhere in America will you find life more delightful. Nowhere will you find such homes. Cozy little cottage hidden back among caressing trees. Magnificent mansion looking out from mountain crest upon a world of vivid wonders. Whatever the home ideal may suggest to you-- find it, or build it in Asheville.

Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Asheville Real Estate Board.


  lai002 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky!

[Image] "The Asheville Sky-line from Beaucatcher Mountain."

[Image] "A Land of a Hundred Mile-High Peaks."

Search out the nooks and corners of the whole world over -- nowhere will you find surroundings more conducive to healthy and happy homelife than in Asheville, in the "The Land of the Sky." Surely nowhere else can be found so many of the natural, essential, physical qualities which go to form the American ideal of home.

It is a land of mountains, of virgin forests, of dashing mountain streams -- of an atmosphere, pure and cool, in itself refreshing and inspiring.

Add to these natural features the enterprise of man which has built over 1,000 miles of motor highways through the depths of the wooded highlands and has, in these seclude mountains beauty spots, provided the many conveniences of modern city life.

That, then, is Asheville's promise to the home builder. A promise which included unbounded opportunities  -- for business vision and professional endeavor -- for health, happiness and contentment.


  lai003 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky!

[Image] "Lake Craig, at the City-owned Recreation Park."

[Image] "Mt. Mitchell, the Highest Point in Eastern America."

Asheville owes a great part of its appeal to nature.

For nature is responsible for the mountains which raise their shaggy crests on every side. And nature provided the invigorating atmosphere laden with the tang of wood-smoke and pine-clad mountain forests. Due to Asheville's elevation of from two to three thousand feet above sea-level, the air is cool and dry, possessing every quality that could contribute to healthful living.

To care for a rapidly increasing population, the water system has been enlarged to serve a city of 300.000 with the sparkling pure Asheville water which is brought down from guarded mountain water-sheds through fifteen miles of pipe line.

Nature gave Asheville its famous climate whose praises have been sung throughout the world. With an average of 38.1 degrees for the coldest month and 71.1 degrees for the warmest month, season blends into season so gently that the change is hardly perceptible.

  lai004 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky!

[Image] Asheville Offers Facilities for Every Sport and Olympic Swimming Champions in the Lakeview Pool.
[Image] Olympic Swimming Champions in the Lakeview Pool

"Next Spring will see 81 holes of golf in Asheville ready for play, with three new courses nearing completion. Important tournaments have been played at both the new courses in one being built for the City by Donald Ross.

The hunter will find the nearby forests packed with thrilling sport. Lakes and mountain streams provide fishing, swimming and canoeing. The mountains themselves are a paradise for hiker and camper. Bridle trails wind in every direction through the hills, and there's over a thousand miles of improved motor roads.

Asheville owns and operates a large recreation and amusement park, which, with a lake, lies a few miles outside the City limits. The City owns the Asheville Baseball Team, a member of the South Atlantic League, as well as a well-equipped stadium.

Playgrounds and smaller parks are located in the residential sections of the City."

  lai005 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky!

[Image] The Handsome Asheville High School 
[Image] The Well-Equipped Home of a Dairy Herd, near Asheville.

"Asheville's system of public schools represents the finest that modern educational thought can provide.  Private institutions are widely known, including the Asheville Normal School for teacher training, the Asheville School for Boys, Bingham Military Academy, St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines, Grove Park School and others.

Asheville is the center of a rich agricultural section, due to climatic conditions and productive soil, which provides apples and other fruits, berries and varied farm products in abundance at low prices. And there is plenty of rigidly inspected milk from the herds of thoroughbreds which graze on the rich, mountain pasture lands. Poultry raising, too, is profitable. A well-organized Farmers' Federation has placed modern business methods at the command of western North Carolina farmers, who enjoy a comfortable prosperity.

Catering as they do to a very high-class clientele, the shops of Asheville rival those of America's largest cities.

  lai006 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky!

[Image] Asheville's City-Owned Baseball Park
[Image] One of Asheville's Imposing Homes.

 "Grand opera week, when the musical classics are ably presented in the City-owned auditorium is a feature of the summer. A stock company of clever performers offers musical comedy during the season at the Plaza, where Keith vaudeville is presented during the remainder of the year. [Keith vaudeville was a circuit vaudeville that operated around the country and was known for its high-quality performances.]

There are many little places a few miles out of the City, where one can enjoy a splendid meal in the cool, restful countryside."

  lai007 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky!

[Image] Chart Showing Asheville's Steady Business Growth
[Image]  New Longchamps Apartments in Grove Park.

"The value of manufactured products in the Asheville district has grown from $3,000,000 in 1899 to $36.500,000 in 1925 -- an increase greater by 426 percent than that shown by the whole of the country over the same period of time. And Asheville's volume of check transactions shows 233 percent increase from January, 1920 to January, 1926 -- against a gain of 13 percent for the country as a whole.

The mountains of Western North Carolina offer resources of untold value to the manufacturer. And Asheville is only 24 hours by rail from the Eastern markets and the Atlantic seaboard.

The average total of State, county and municipal ad valorem tax rates in America is $3.07 per $100 valuation. The highest average is $7.64, being found in Florida. The lowest, $1.47, is that of North Carolina. Taxes in Asheville and Buncombe County are levied on 65 percent of the valuation. The Chamber of Commerce will gladly give you local tax information."

  lai008 LIVE! In the Land of the Sky! Busy Patton Avenue.

[Image] Busy Patton Avenue.
[Image] Western North Carolina Acreage Makes a Splendid Investment.

There's an active demand for "Land of the Sky" properties in and around Asheville -- a demand which has brought no insignificant return to the wise investor. Values are based upon the genuine worht of the properties, sustained by years of continuous increase, with no artificial stimulus to bolster them up and none needed.

The character of Asheville's new residential sections can be judged by the quality and scope of improvements their developers have installed. Streets are paved, sewer and water lines are laid  -- in many cases, even, before lots are offered to the public. Skilled engineers plan the layout. Materials are the best. When the homebuilder comes he will find every facility for comfortable homelife already provided . And homes are being built by the hundred. 

Asheville Realtors are proud to repeat the statement that "No one has ever lost money by investment in Asheville real estate." For it's true!

  lai009 Grovemont on Swannanoa

[Image] Airplane View of Grovemont-on-Swannanoa
[Image] A Home of Native Stone in Grovemont

"Grovemont is a model community. From its heart, where soon a civic center shall group around a broad, well-located plaza, to the farther-most homesite hidden back among sheltering trees halfway up the mountainside -- Grovemont represents the achievement of a cherished ideal by that pioneer in Western North Carolina's development, Mr. E.W. Grove.

Grovemont is a self-contained communuty nestling at the foot of a mountain. Asheville is 12 miles away, over a well-paved concrete h8ighway -- and but ten minutes from Grovemont farther along this same road lies Black Mountain. Great peaks lift their commanding heads on every side. The natural unspoiled "Land of the Sky" beauty is there in profusion.

Grovemont has its own water supply, coming from a guarded shed up in the mountains. Sewers have been installed. Streets are paved. Electric lines are in every convenience, in fact, that is considered so essential to modern home-life will be found in Grovemont."

  lai010 E.W. Grove Investments

[Image] Lake Eden -- Grovemont's Recreation Center
[Image] The Tea Room Overlooking Lake Eden.

"And, as Grovemont's own recreation center, a mountain stream has been made to form Lake Eden -- but three-quarters of a mile away over a new road now under construction. Here will assemble pleasure -seekers, to bath in its flashing waters and sport on its sandy beach. Here at Lake Eden Park, has been built a handsome club house where one can dance or dine on the broad verandas overlooking the lake. And a large bath house, which provides dressing room for hundreds.

Grovemont -- with its attendant Lake Eden Park -- has been planned as a community wherein the entire family can enjoy at its best the delightful life of the "Land of the Sky." As a site for permanent, year-round residence, for one's summer or winter home -- Grovemont's attractions are countless. Both business and residential lots can be purchased in Grovemont -- and at prices which make them a remarkably good investment. E.W. Grove Investments in Haywood Street, will gladly furnish descriptive literature."

  lai011 E.W. Grove Investments.

[Image] Beautiful Kimberly Avenue Homes.
[Image] [Kimbery Avenue]

 Facing the course of the Asheville Country Club and the famous Grove Park Inn is Kimberly Avenue -- one of Asheville's choicest residential thoroughfares and the location of many of its most imposing homes.

In the shadow of majestic Sunset Mountain, Kimberly Avenue is a worthy part of Grove Park, which has been classed among the largest and finest residential sections to be found in any resort city.

Kimberly Avenue is a broad, asphalt boulevard. Its surroundings have a well-groomed natural beauty, with hundreds of handsome trees to add the dignity of their presence. It is an avenue providing a fitting setting for the most substantial type of home the builder might care to erect. And wise restrictions will keep it so.

Home sites in Kimberly Avenue extension are for sale through E.W. Grove Investments, and members of the Asheville Real Estate Board. Prices and information regarding the available plots will be furnished upon request.

  lai012 E.W. Grove Investments.

[Image] Airplane View of Coxe Avenue."
[Image]  Coxe Avenue, Scene of Great Building Activity.

"When Mr. Grove removed Battery Park mountain, he used the material thus made available to fill the unsightly ravine which at that time ran parallel to Coxe Avenue, an important thoroughfare connecting downtown Asheville with Biltmore and the railroad station.

And in doing so, he turned this waste property into valuable business lots, and created what promises to be the automobile center of Asheville. For Coxe Avenue has been widened to 66 feet, and now carries a very large proportion of Asheville's automobile traffic. A number of Asheville's leading automobile dealers have already erected handsome sales offices on Coxe Avenue and others are on the way. This section of Asheville has been the scene of considerable trading activity in the last few months.

Coxe Avenue lots are generally conceded to be a splendid business property investment. Purchases may be handled through any Asheville Realtor, or through E.W. Grove Investments.

  lai013 E.W. Grove Investments.

[Image] Famous Battery Park, and the Battery Park Hotel. [Image] Airplane View of Famous Battery Park.

"Through the vision of Mr. E.W. Grove, whose name is well known to everyone familiar with Asheville, a mountain in the heart of the City was torn down to make valuable business property.

That, briefly, is the story of Battery Park. And now, as a broad level expanse is the shopping center of the City, it is the site of the new Battery Park Hotel, the Bon Marche, Asheville's largest department store, and the handsome Flatiron Building now nearing completion.

Dr. John Nolen, in his Asheville City Plan, calls Battery Park the tourist capital of Western North Carolina. And well it might be possessing every feature of location and improvement necessary to make it so. Five acres of new streets are thus added to the city -- paved with smooth asphalt over concrete, illuminated with the latest type of ornamental white-way lights and providing free parking space for 500 cars."

  lai014 E.W. Grove Investments.

[Image] The Grove Arcade Building (Under Construction). [Charles Parker Architect.]
[Image] The Bon Marche Building in Battery Park.

And now, as the crowning feature of Battery Park, Dr. Grove is building a magnificent arcade building to cover the plaza in front of the Battery Park Hotel. 

This structure will be two stories high, with an arcade running through from north to south, and another from east to west. At the exact intersection of these two arcades will rise a seven-story tower. 

The top of the arcade building will be a permanent roof-garden and promenade open to the public night and day. The arcade will provide room for 80 stores, and the tower section will include a restaurant opening on the roof-garden, with office or hotel rooms above. The estimated cost of the structure is $1,000,000.

Business property in Battery Park is considered as one of Asheville's most attractive investment opportunities. Mr. Grove, after putting these lots on the market for a short while, has withdrawn the remainder which he intends to hold temporarily. 

  lai015 Biltmore Forest.

[Image] A Beautiful Biltmore Forest Garden.
[Image] A Charming Residence in Biltmore Forest.

Biltmore Forest was founded by a group of discerning men whose primary purpose was the establishment of a community in which they could locate their own country homes. A most attractive portion of the famed estate of the late George W. Vanderbilt was secured. Improvements, complete in scope and of the very highest quality, were installed. Landscape architects worked out a plan which would preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the location, and suitable restrictions were laid down. Biltmore Forest can only take on added charm and delightfulness as the years go by. 

To insure the un-crowded privacy so desirable to the type of homes which were to be erected, the property was divided into generous plots ranging from one to three acres in size, and provision made that these plots could never be subdivided. 

The result is undoubtedly one of the most delightful communities to be found anywhere in America. 

  lai016 Biltmore Forest.

[Image] The Swimming Pool at Biltmore Forest.
[Image] Convenient Busses Serve Biltmore Forest.

A feature of Biltmore Forest is and always will be the facilities for outdoor life and recreation. 

The Biltmore Forest Riding Stables offer facilities for those who enjoy horseback riding, and the many woodland trails winding through the Forest make this form of amusement particularly attractive. 

The Biltmore Forest Country Club is located in the center of Biltmore Forest and offers to its members every facility possible in a country club of the highest type. Its 18-hole golf course, designed by Donald Ross, is considered one of the outstanding courses in the country, and the Southern Championship tournament of 1925 was held here with the largest attendance of any Southern Championship. 

Plots in Biltmore Forest may be purchased through any Asheville Realtor, or through the real estate department of the Commerce Union Trust Company, selling agents, with Asheville offices at 11 Church Street. 

  lai017 Lake View Park.

[Image] One of the Seventy-Odd Fine Homes in Lake View Park.
[Image] A Community Can Best Be Judged by Its Residences.

Representative of the very finest home property to be found in Western North Carolina, Lake View Park stands out, not only as a beautiful home section, but as one that is supremely located. 

Set in the hollow of a placid Blue Ridge glen, Beaver Lake was created as the center about which this exclusive residential community should grow. Lake View Park itself was conceived and planned by Dr. John. Nolen, the nationally known genius of city planning. 

The improvements are thoroughly in keeping with the character of the park itself. Of the highest quality and most lasting type, these improvements include all city conveniences as well as exceptional recreation facilities. 

The location is of equal importance and appeal. Practically adjoining the city limits, Lake View Park is within ten minutes drive of the heart of Asheville activities, yet itself enjoys the peaceful quiet of the secluded countryside. 

  lai018 Lake View Park. 

[Image] Beautiful Beaver Lake -- Lake View Park Office in Foreground.
[Image] Modern Architectural Beauty Marks Lake View Homes.

The golf course at Lake View Park is an unusually fine example of the craft of Donald Ross, whose keen sense of the game has won him nation-wide fame as a golfing engineer. Consisting of eighteen holes, it follows the course of Beaverdam valley up to standard golf-course length. 

The Lake View Country Club will acquire the bathing, boating, fishing and water sports of Beaver Lake for the use of its members. And the founders of Lake View Park will complete in 1927 the construction of the $400,000 club house -- a building which will be luxurious and distinguished in style. 

Lake View Park has its own out-of-door pool of filtered, germ-free water and a true ocean sand beach upon which to romp and rest. Lake View Park has its own out-of-door pool of filtered, germ-free water and a true ocean sand beach upon which to romp and rest. 

People from twenty-six states now own homes or home-sites in Lake View Park. On June 1, 1926, the seventy-fourth home was begun. Gray Gorham, general sales manager, with offices at 14 Government Street, or any Asheville Realtor, will furnish information. 

  lai019 J.T. Bledsoe & Company.

[Image] A Charming Residence in Lucerne Park.
[Image] The Entrance to Beautiful Lucerne Park.

On the crest of a beautifully wooded knoll, just eight minutes walk from the end of the West Asheville car line, is located Lucerne Park -- a residential development within Asheville city limits being offered to home-builders by J.T. Bledsoe and Company, whose offices are at 16 Government Street.

Lucerne Park is already established. Many fine homes have been erected on its gentle slopes where tall trees add their sheltering charm. Streets are paved with durable concrete; water, sever and electric lines have been installed ready for the use of its resident. Everything is ready for the home-builder.

The shopping center of West Asheville is nearby, and constant bus and car service make the business section of Asheville most convenient. It is only a short walk to the Vance School.

Lucerne Park is restricted to use for high-grade residential purposes only, and lots may be purchased at the very reasonable prices of from $1,500 to $4,000.


  lai020 J.T. Bledsoe & Company.

[Image] Many Desirable Homes are Listed With Bledsoe.
[Image] A Typical Section of "Land of the Sky" Acreage.

In addition to developing Lucerne Park, J.T. Bledsoe & Company conduct a general real estate brokerage business which is the result of twenty years successful operation. 

Affiliated with the Asheville Real Estate Board and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, the members of the Bledsoe organization stand for th every highest ideals in their profession. And whether the prospective purchaser be interested in acreage, business or residential property, in any section of Asheville or the surrounding country-side, he can be assured of a conscientious attention. 

The Bledsoe Company is not only prepared to handle the purchase and sale of real estate. In addition, it has a department which specializes in financing construction of homes and other worthwhile building. Insurance is also handled. 

The person who is interested in Asheville or "Land of the Sky" properties is invited to communicate with the Bledsoe organization at 16 Government Street for service and counsel. 

  lai021 [Map] Asheville, North Carolina & Surrounding Developments "In the Land of the Sky."
  lai022 [Map] Asheville, North Carolina & Surrounding Developments "In the Land of the Sky."
  lai023 Malvern Hills.

[Image] School Road, Near the Entrance, in Malvern Hills.
[Image] With All the Charm of an English Country Estate.

Malvern Hills is the modern development of the historic old Sulphur Springs property, where Asheville's fame as a resort was born. Playground of Carolina aristocracy of a century ago, it presents unimpaired today the same qualities of natural charm enhanced by a host of improvements and conveniences which skilled landscapers and engineers have made possible. 

That portion of Asheville which is now Malvern Hills has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful properties to be found anywhere in the South. Nature, to begin with, was more than gracious in bestowing her charms in Malvern Hills. It is a place of gently rolling slopes, of wooded knolls, of velvet green turf and winding roadways -- with a host of magnificent mountain peaks on every side to add their inspiring presence. 

Although lying within the city limits of Asheville, Malvern Hills possesses all the spacious restfulness of a well-groomed country estate. 

  lai024 Malvern Hills.

[Image] The Beautiful Malvern Hills Country Club Building
[Image]  Velvet Turf, Cool Shadows and Rolling Heights.

Malvern Hills, as a community, is most unique in the facilities for a full and happy home-life it offers to those who choose to live within its boundaries. 

There's an attractive golf-course provided for the exclusive use of Malvern Hills' residents. There's  a charming Country Club which will be the center for the social life of the community -- and the inviting waters of Lake Ashnoca where residents may enjoy the privileges of bathing, fishing and boating. And an expert landscaping service is available without extra cost to help you beautify you site according to your wishes. 

Every roadway in Malvern Hills is paved with standard six-inch concrete. Sidewalks and white-way lights flank every street. Asheville water flows through its mains, and a more than adequate system of sewers serves every lot. Telephone and electric wires are hidden away in underground conduits, with no unsightly poles. Every utility and convenience has been installed for permanent, lasting service. 

  lai025 Morningside East o'Beaucatcher.

[Image] The Left Section of a Huge Painting of Morningside
[Image] A Winding Drive in Morningside East o' Beaucatcher.

Morningside, "East o' Beaucatcher," has successfully passed through the "development" stage and it is now recognized as one the real, soundly established suburbs in the Kenilworth-Haw Creek section . . . with a fine system of paved highways that has attracted favorable attention.  The fact that is has a complete list of facilities is one of the many reasons for its instant acceptance as a good place in which to live.  Today there are something over thirty-five handsome homes in process of erection.  These homes are being built by honest home builders, each home a model as to floor plan and exterior appearance.  They are being built just as rapidly as possible, but not so quickly that they will suffer in construction.  Already several homes have been completed and are now occupied by satisfied residents.

Morningside offers every delightful advantage of life in "the Land of the Sky" at prices which make the purchase of a site in this charming suburb an exceedingly substantial investment.

  lai026 Morningside East o'Beaucatcher.

[Image] The Right Half of Morningside Showing Asheville in Distance
[Image] Streets are Already Paved in Morningside.

Morningside's nearness to the heart of the City -- its convenience of all points of interest, to good schools, and churches is certainly a solid argument in its favor.  Recently a new and fine development has been announced -- a suburb that will help to increase property values in Morningside because of the excellence of its plans and because of the fine people it will bring to the areas fist recognized as a good home-place by the founder of Kenilworth.  The Brown Realty Company under whose direction Morningside has been developed and though whose organization all sales have been made, consider this development their finest, both in point of location and of layout.  On the "morningside" of Beaucatcher Mountain, its residents command superb views of magnificent mountain ranges.

The offices of this company are located in their own building, at 45 North Market Street, just a few steps off Pack Square, and half a block away from the Chamber of Commerce.

  lai027 Oaklyn.

[Image] Left Section of the Big Picture-Map of Oaklyn
[Image] The Oakley School Which Adjoins Oaklyn

Since the first issue of this booklet came off the press, Oaklyn, pictured above, has achieved the heights of a Realtor's dream, being completely sold out.  And today Oaklyn, "On Fairview Road," is no longer a stripling development, but is a thriving community standing testimony to the capabilities of its developers.  And it is this same organization, The Brown Realty Company, that is behind an aggressive campaign as Realtors to "Sell Asheville and Western North Carolina to the World."  Like others in their profession, officers of the Brown organization, are firm in their belief that the "ballyho" has no place in the disposal of any property that possesses genuine points of merit.  Their entire sales personnel is built upon that one belief and theirs is a sales staff that is above all things efficient.  If you are interested in any phase of Asheville of "Land of the Sky" real estate, your inquiries addresses to this firm will receive a prompt and accurate response.  The Brown Building is located at 45 North Market Street.

  lai028 Oaklyn.

[Image] Oaklyn's Plan Utilizes Every Natural Feature.
[Image] The Brown Realty Company Building at 45 Market Street.

The Brown Building, on North Market Street, is the realization of a plan long considered, and today this company is housed in its own home to which a recent addition has almost reached  completion.  If a firm's office home is any index to its character, then one can read in this office a story of integrity and conscientious salesmanship that is worth indeed.  The offices are in good taste throughout, with none of the gilt that is apt to indicate "showmanship" instead of salesmanship.  Every member of the office staff is given room in which to efficiently transact his or her duties.  In the new addition are several conference rooms, a library, a bully equipped ladies rest room, as well as the long corridor in which are desks for the salesmen.  Upstairs are the engineering department's spacious quarters and a large conference room.  If you are really interested in real estate investment, ;you will find in the offices of Brown Realty Company a valuable and sincere service, as they handle all types of property.

  lai029 Royal Pines, Asheville's Suburb Supreme. 

[Image] A Typical Street in Royal Pines
[Image] The Mansion-house in the Royal Pines Estate.

Royal Pines, beautiful new suburban city lying midway between Asheville and Hendersonville, is being created from a magnificent old estate, a heritage of the glorious Southland of antebellum days. 

And wisely mindful of the fact that natural beauty can the careful planting and care of four generations is to be an important factor in the success of Royal Pines, its founder have left undisturbed the development of a century around the old Estate Mansion, adding, of course, modern improvements, thus providing a maximum of enjoyable living conditions.

The principal streets of Royal Pines are 70 feet wide; none are less that standard width.  They are now being paved with concrete, and cement walks will be laid to flank every one of them.  Electric service will be furnished and pure water will be available in unlimited quantities.  A sanitary sewage system will serve every lot.  Handsome ornamental street lights will make each boulevard a "white way."

  lai030 Royal Pines, Asheville's Suburb Supreme

[Image] Tall, Stately Trees in Royal Pines
[Image] At the Foot of Mt. Royal in Royal Pines.

"A PLOT of several acres has been set aside as a recreation park for the use of Royal Pines residents. A swimming pool, casino, tennis court and children's playground will be provided here—and a number of smaller parks will be located in various parts of the community.

The success of Royal Pines is shown by the tremendous sales which have featured it. During the past year more than $1,500,000 worth of property was sold. People from 37 states, Canada and Cuba have made purchases. Several homes are now under construction and many others are planned for erection this Spring, and lots in the new Mt. Royal addition are now being sold. Royal Pines is growing rapidly.

Royal Pines fronts on the Dixie Highway, main artery of automobile traffic between North Carolina and Florida and called the Main Street of North Carolina. The William I. Phillips Organization, at 31 Patton Avenue, will furnish additional information.

  lai031 Asheville Real Estate Board. 

[Image] A Bit of Charming "Land of the Sky" Countryside.
[Image] Looking Up Haywood Street from Patton Avenue.

After all, the chief commodities of Asheville and Western North Carolina are scenery and climate.

And these commodities stand paramount among the features which the real estate men of Asheville would present.  Man can install improvements, can provide modern comforts and conveniences.  Facilities for recreation can be developed.  But a plot of ground, unless it possesses a goodly portion of the charming handiwork of nature -- remains a plot of ground.

It is this inspiring mountain grandeur and beauty which attracts people to "The Land of the Sky," from over the entire world.

It comes with the land, the girt of a beneficent nature, possessed in some degree by even the humblest bit of acreage.  And so people come here, beauty the land, and settle down to enjoy the truly marvelous scenery and climate of this justly famous "Land of the Sky" mountain wonder country.

  lai032 Asheville Real Estate Board. 

[Image] Asheville is a City of Beautiful Homes.
[Image] Market Street -- Important Asheville Thoroughfare

Real Estate  -- the buying, selling and development of property -- is one of Asheville's leading commercial activities. And as the result of the organization of the Real Estate Board, member of the national association, in which practically all the reputable real estate firms of this city have joined together for high, uniform standards and policies of service, the stranger can deal with any firm so affiliated with absolute confidence.

More than ninety local firms have passed the Board's requirements of membership and a re thus permitted to call themselves Realtors. And you'll find any of these organizations happy to answer your questions regarding Asheville and Western North Carolina real estate, to give the stranger the benefit of their long experience and worth-while advice regarding the purchase of local property for residence or for investment.

Upon request, the Chamber of Commerce, or the Secretary of the Board, will mail you a list of Asheville Realtors.

  lai033 Asheville School Estates, A System of Private Roadways.

[Image] The Story-Telling Bowl at the Asheville School
[Image] Mt. Pisgah Looms Up in the Skyline.

Asheville is expanding -- yet cannot expand without developing the estates of Asheville School, Biltmore Estate, Biltmore Forest and Malvern Hills -- 20,000 acres of wooded land looking up at Mt. Pisgah -- of which Asheville School Estates on Lake Ashnoca is the extreme West.

We predict this large tract now held by strong interests -- extending form Asheville School on the West to Biltmore Forest on the South -- will be a future exclusive residential section of Asheville that will be second to none.  Where else can we find so large a tract with such possibilities, close in to the City of Asheville?

The four leading features of Asheville School Estates, beside the beautiful school with its 120 acres of landscaped campus and athletic fields, are the lake, the giant trees, the special setting of Mt. Pisgah and other mountains as related to the School property, and the private roadway system with its beautiful stone entrance ways.  Offices are on the Ground Floor of the Battery Park Hotel, Telephone 6062.

  lai034 Beverly Hills.

[Image] A Typical "Beverly" Home
[Image] Roads are of Enduring Concrete

BEVERLY HILLS is justly called the Master Suburb of Asheville, because it fulfills in a masterly manner Asheville's suburban residential requirements.

— Surrounding Asheville's Municipal Golf Course and just across the Swannanoa River from the city's new Recreation Park, Beverly Hills enjoys privileges not available to other residential sections.

Beverly Hills improvements will anticipate every possible feature which might add to the comfort and happiness of home-life in this beautiful section of "the Land of the Sky." It is but a few miles from the heart of Asheville—accessible over two fine paved thoroughfares, and served by a number of bus lines.

Beverly Hills is not the product of sudden real estate activity it was conceived to fill a definite need . . . was built substantially that it might endure, and stands today as one of the most desirable residential sections of Asheville.

  lai035 L.B. Jackson Company.

[Image] The New Asheville Flatiron Building

[Image] Asheville's First Sky-scraper -- The Jackson Building.

The two handsome structures pictured here stand testimony to progress of the L. B. Jackson Company, on of Asheville's most outstanding real estate firms.  The Jackson Building, located on historic Pack Square, is Asheville's first skyscraper.  The recently completed Flatiron Building stands in the new Battery Park Section, Asheville's largest office structure.  These two buildings, erected by this organization, provide Ashville with hundreds of needed office rooms.

The Jackson Company specializes in business properties.  An experience drawn from close contact with ever important step undertaken in down-town Asheville places and unusually valuable background at the service of its clients.  The development of Market Street into an important business thoroughfare, and the New Asheville-Biltmore Hotel, are Jackson achievements.

The Jackson Company, with offices in the Jackson Building will be glad to advise investors regarding Asheville properties.

  lai036 Kenilworth Realty Company.

[Image] Imposing Homes on Lakewood Drive, in Kenilworth
[Image] The Pergola, in Lakewood Park in Kenilworth

JUST a few minutes easy drive away from Asheville's business and shopping district is Kenilworth—"Asheville's Pioneer Suburb". Kenilworth is superbly located on a succession of rolling heights from which a vast panorama of mountain ranges is visible.

And as a center for community recreation and play Lake Kenilworth has been provided, giving its residents fishing and boating under charming conditions. Kenilworth has paved streets, sewers, water, lights—every city utility, ready for years of useful, satisfactory service. There are very few homesites in Kenilworth with less than lOU feet frontage. The homes are of the better type—and wise restrictions provide for future growth along the same line.

Lots fronting the lake shore addition may now be purchased. Kenilworth Realty Co., with offices in the Kenilworth Town Hall on Caledonia Road, will gladly send additional information.

  lai037 James A. McKay, Realtor. 

[Image] "Live and Invest in teh Land of the Sky."
[Image] A Well-Located Property Listed with McKay.

A personal service which has as its object an exceedingly thorough attention to the real estate interests of a limited number of investors -- that is the business ideal of James A. McKay, Realtor.

Asheville had unquestionable shown that money wisely invested in its real estate can be made to multiply itself with almost amazing speed.  "The Land of the Sky" has at last come into its own.

An extensive experience and knowledge of conditions in Asheville and Western North Carolina furnish a background for the advice and counsel of James A. McKay regarding investments in the properties of this section.  He will be glad to talk with responsible persons who are interested in any form of real estate -- those who wish to sell as well as those who wish to buy.  Inquiries by letter or wire will be give and conscientious attention and confidences will be respected.

Offices are maintained at Room 108 Imperial Life Insurance Building.

  lai038 Montford Hills, The Suburb in the City.

[Image] A Few of the Sixty Homes Already Erected in Montford Hills
[Image] Countryside Beauty in the Heart of Asheville.

 Montford Hills makes possible the enjoyment of restful, quiet "Land of the Sky" countryside life -- in the cent of Asheville's residential section.

Virgin trees cover its rolling slopes.  Roadways wind with unstudied charm -- roadways paved with standard six-inch concrete in generous width.  Every convenience and improvement that is enjoyed by Asheville residents is included in Montford Hills -- because Montford Hills lies within the city's limits, with Asheville's business and shopping district exactly one and one-tenth miles away with splendid street car service.

With more than sixty homes already completed, Montford Hills is already firmly established in the hearts of Asheville home-builders and investors.

Prices are as low as $1,250.  Lots may be purchased and additional information secured through Patterson & deVebre with offices in the Miles Building or any Asheville Realtor.

  lai039 Mountain Meadows, "Your Skyland Estate at Asheville."

[Image] Your Mountain Meadows' Homesite Commands Entrancing Views.
[Image] A Beautiful Shady Drive Through Mountain Meadows Estates.

Mountain Meadows Estates, a rolling meadow and forest land, 3,500 to 4,000 feet high, and just twenty minutes from the heart of Asheville by automobile, is an unique, new enterprise in the Western Carolina realty world.

Here the Lloyd-Skinner Carolina Corporation if offering estates, ranging from one to ten acres, at an unusually moderate price per acre.  Here in the pure air, golden sunshine, and purple glow of mountain ranges, the developers have under way an improvement program literally bringing a virgin wonderland to the threshold of a rapidly growing city.

Each homesite must have an acre of land.  Bungalow or mansion may be built provided the plans are approved by the company architect.  Trough it will run the Asheville-Buncombe County Scenic Highway, destined to be one of the most famous drives in eastern America.  Offices are located at Patton Avenue, Asheville, N. C.

  lai040 The Wythe M. Peyton Company, Inc. Realtors

[Image] Site of the Peyton Eden Hills Development
[Image] The Convenient Peyton Office on College Street

The Wythe M. Peyton Company (Inc.), with offices on College Street less than one block from the Chamber of commerce headquarters, combines the essential factors in real estate purchase, development and investment.  The Real Estate department, made p of experienced and capable experts, is equipped to render prompt and efficient service to both buyer and seller.  On its records are many valuable up-to-the-minute listings.  Its members know the market with the keen insight which can only come with experience.

The Engineering department, with it corps of consulting and civil engineers, can handle any engineering problem.  Land surveys and subdivision receive special attention.  The Blue Print department is up-to-date.

Believing in the motto, "We Profit Most By Serving Best," The Peyton Company will gladly advise inquirers.  A careful, thorough handling of every detail is assured.

  lai041 W.T. Rowland and Company

[Image] "The Pisgah Range as Seen from Arden Heights"

[Image] "Arden heights, in a Beautiful Carolina Forest"

In that very section of Western North Carolina which Bill Nye, the famous humorist, chose over all America for his home --- is Arden Heights.

Charming old estates surround it on nearly every side. Here is a 300-acre natural forest of virgin timber, and truly inspiring views of mountain magnificence.

Arden Heights., by all manner of comparison, is one of the prettiest home communities it would be possible to find anywhere in the world. Asheville or Hendersonville is only 15 minutes' ride away, over the paved Dixie Highway, with busses operating on convenient schedules.

Arden Heights is owned, and being developed and exclusively sold by W.T. Rowland and Company, with offices in Asheville and Tampa, Florida.. This organization also specializes in large acreage tracts, and has enjoyed 12 years of uninterrupted success. Come, wire, phone or write -- your inquiry to either office will receive prompt attention. And the Rowland motto is -- "It Can Be Done!"

  lai042 Steele and Company

[Image] "Reception Room, in the Steele and Company Office"

[Image] "The Steele and Company Office at 77 Patton Avenue."

Steele & Company is one of the firms who cover the entire field of real estate. If you desire to rent an apartment, buy a home, a farm or a business block, they have a department, managed by thoroughly experienced and reliable men to serve you. Home building and financing are also important departments in this well rounded organization. They are the developers and selling agents of Morningside Park, and while this development has been marketed in a sane and conservative way, it is rapidly becoming one of Asheville's best home communities.

The Company has been in existence for a number of years, with L.F. Steele as president and M.B. Steele as secretary. They are members of the Asheville Real Estate Board and The National Association of Real Estate Boards. Their handsome suite of offices is located at 77 Patton Avenue.

Your are welcome to rest in their reception room or seek information. Truly, "Steel's Service Satisfies."

  lai043 LIVE! "In the Land of the Sky"

[Image] "The Asheville Chamber of Commerce Building"

[Image] "The Mountains Have a Rare, Rugged Beauty."

You've read about Asheville and Western North Carolina. You're interested  and, perhaps, would like to know more.

Ask the Chamber of Commerce.

This organization has assembled a wide range of facts regarding the opportunities presented by the "Land of the Sky," This information has been arranged in booklet and folder form.

Do not hesitate, then, to direct your general or specific questions to the Chamber of Commerce. Publications covering Asheville's general attractions, folders of maps and tour guides, condensed information and suggestions for visitors, industrial possibilities, schools, lists of hotels, apartments and boarding houses ; Asheville's season of Grand Opera, golf tournaments, National Forest Playgrounds and Smoky Mountain National Park will be mailed free to any address.

The Realtors of Asheville will be happy indeed to tell you about homesites, homes and investment properties. A list of Realtors will be mailed you on request.

    Planned and Produced by Leigh Edwin Gill. Printed by The Inland Press at Asheville, N.C. Photos: Asheville-Biltmore Film Company and Plateau Studios. [n.d.., 1920'S ?]