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E. W. Grove Papers

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E. W. Grove Papers
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The collection contains primarily correspondence and related records.
Located in Special Collections, Row 4, Section 4

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[Identification of item], E. W. Grove Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804.

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Biographical Note

Edwin Wiley Grove (1850–1927) was born in Hardeman County, TN. He attended pharmacy school in Memphis, and established his own pharmacy in Paris, TN, in 1880. He developed two products that made him a millionaire – the antimalarial Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic and Grove’s Bromo-Quinine Tablets. His pharmaceutical business grew to an international business. He built a summer home in Asheville in 1897, and bought extensive property in the area. Along with this son-in-law Fred Seely, he constructed the Grove Park Inn in 1912-13. He later bought the Battery Park Hotel in downtown Asheville, tore it down, and built Grove Arcade. His dealings with his business partner Fred Seely involving management of Grove Park Inn were sometimes contentious.

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Arrangement Note

The collection retains the donor's original file organization.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


The collection is open for research. Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

Custodial History

Donated by Bruce Johnson, Spring 2019.

Processing Information

Processed by Derek Whisnant, Spring 2019

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: 1896 - February 1902

This box primarily contains correspondence between E.W. Grove and F.L. Seely. This correspondence is primarily to do with the business operations of the Paris Medicine Company, the Tasteless Quinine Company, and their merger. Also concerning business and financial matters, there is communication between F.L. Seely and James Drakeford. This box also contains some correspondence from E.W. Grove to his children discussing personal and family matters. Folders 14-17 almost exclusively contain materials on F.L. Seely’s Travel and his writing about Quinine production and Cinchona culture.

Folder 1: 1896 - June 1898

Folder 2: July - October 1898

Folder 3: November 1898

Folder 4: December 1898

Folder 5: January - February 1899

Folder 6: March - July 1899

Folder 7: August - November 1899

Folder 8: February - August 1900

Folder 9: September - December 1900

Folder 10: January - March 1901

Folder 11: May - June 1901

Folder 12: July - August 1901

Folder 13: September - December 1901

Folder 14: Annual Report on Governments Kina Company - 1901

Folder 15: F.L. SeelyCinchona Culture Writings - 1901

Folder 16: Quinine from the Ground Up, F.L. Seely - 1901

Folder 17: Correspondence on "Quinine from the Ground Up", June - December 1901

Folder 18: January - February 1902

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Box 2: March 1902 - December 1904

This box is primarily correspondence between F.L. Seely, E.W. Grove, and James Drakeford. There is also some communication from E.W. Grove to his children. A small amount of correspondence from The World publishing company, the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, and the Proprietary Association of America can be found as well. Substantively, the correspondence in this box is centered around the business operations of the Paris Medicine Co. (financial reports, manufacturing, material orders,etc.). Also contained in this box are materials about company advertising and property development.

Folder 1: March 1902

Folder 2: April 1902

Folder 3: May - August 1902

Folder 4: September 1902

Folder 5: October 1902

Folder 6: November - December 1902

Folder 7: January - February 1903

Folder 8: March 1903

Folder 9: April - May 1903

Folder 10: June 1903

Folder 11: July 1903

Folder 12: August - September 1903

Folder 13: October 1903

Folder 14: November - December 1903

Folder 15: January - February 1904

Folder 16: March - April 1904

Folder 17: May - July 1904

Folder 18: August - September 1904

Folder 19: October - December 1904

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Box 3: January 1905 - May 1907

This box contains a significant amount of correspondence between F.L.  Seely and E.W. Grove concerning corporate operations of the Paris Medicine Company (shareholder communication, expense/profit reports, etc.). Between Grove and Seely there is also correspondence dealing with real estate and property ownership and development (largely found in folders 11 and 16). Also contained in this box is correspondence about “The Atlanta Georgian” news corporation, and its interactions with Grove and the Paris Medicine Co. Notably, this box (particularly folders 1-9) have a great deal of correspondence from E.W. Grove to, and about, his children Edwin and Evelyn. A significant portion of which is about Edwin’s behavior and performance in school, and general Grove family operations (travel, health, finance). Names that appear in this box with less prevalence include Maud Williams, A.H. Lankford, and John Graves.

Folder 1: January - February 1905

Folder 2: March - April 1905

Folder 3: May 1905

Folder 4: June 1905

Folder 5: July - August 1905

Folder 6: September - October 1905

Folder 7: November - December 1905

Folder 8: January - February 1906

Folder 9: March 1906

Folder 10: April 1906

Folder 11: May - June 1906

Folder 12: July - August 1906

Folder 13: September - October 1906

Folder 14: November - December 1906

Folder 15: January - March 1907

Folder 16: April - May 1907

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Box 4: June 1907 - June 1909

The contents of this box are primarily correspondence from E.W. Grove and F.L. Seely. A significant portion of this correspondence deals with the business standing of the Atlanta Georgian newspaper. The paper’s support of prohibition, its business and financial reports, and issues with indebtedness are discussed frequently. The correspondence between Grove and Seely also has to do with the Paris Medicine Co., largely financial reports, negotiation of contracts, and advertising arrangements. Also relating to the Paris Medicine Company, at various points there is discussion between executives of augmentations to the company’s practices due to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Personal Correspondence is also present in this box from E.W. Grove to his children about various family matters. Additionally, there is a significant amount of communication to and from the Cadillac Motor and Swinehart Clincher Tire & Rubber Companies dealing with maintenance of automobiles. Lastly, throughout this box there is correspondence dealing with Grove’s property holdings, property development, and the acquisition of coal lands. Names that appear with less prevalence in this box are General Anderson, Maud Williams, Fred Hamm, Jacob Lang, and George Randolph.

Folder 1: June - July 1907

Folder 2: August - September 1907

Folder 3: October 1907

Folder 4: November - December 1907

Folder 5: Donor Labeled 1908

Folder 6: January 1908

Folder 7: February 1908

Folder 8: March - April 1908

Folder 9: May 1908

Folder 10: June - July 1908

Folder 11: August - September 1908

Folder 12: October 1908

Folder 13: November 1908

Folder 14: December 1908

Folder 15: January 1909

Folder 16: February 1909

Folder 17: March 1909

Folder 18: April 1909

Folder 19: May 1909

Folder 20: June 1909

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Box 5: July 1909 - February 1911

This box contains a great deal of correspondence between F.L. Seely and E.W. Grove. Primarily this correspondence is related to the operations of the Paris Medicine Company and the Atlanta Georgian, personal matters, and property acquisition and development. Developments mentioned frequently in this box include Atkins Park, Peachtree Road, Overlook Park, Grove Park, and the Beaverdam golf course. There is also significant communication between W.F. Randolph and E.W. Grove concerning the development of these properties (railroad and road construction, negotiations, etc.). Throughout this box there can also be found letters from E.W. Grove to his daughter about a variety of personal matters. Also contained in this box are financial reports on the Paris Medicine Co. and communications with a Dr. Kebler concerning changes to the production necessitated by the Pure Food and Drug Act. There is a small amount of communication between F.L. Seely and Jacob Lang pertaining to supply orders, and a small amount of material from the Cadillac Motor Co as well. Names found with some frequency in this box include: F.U. Hammett, George Randolph, Carl Reynolds, Maud Williams, J.M. Marsh, O.D. Seavey, and S.H. Hardwick.

Folder 1: July 1909

Folder 2: August - September 1909

Folder 3: October 1909

Folder 4: November 1909

Folder 5: December 1909

Folder 6: January - February 1910

Folder 7: March - September 1910

Folder 8: November 1910

Folder 9: December 1910

Folder 10: 1910 Part 1

Folder 11: 1910 Part 2

Folder 12: 1910 Part 3

Folder 13: 1910 Part 4 (April)

Folder 14: 1910 Part 5 (May - June)

Folder 15: 1910 Part 6 (July - September)

Folder 16: 1910 Part 7 (October)

Folder 17: 1910 Part 8 (November)

Folder 18: 1910 Part 9 (November - December)

Folder 19: Donor Dated CA. 1911

Folder 20: January 1911

Folder 21: February 1911

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Box 6: March 1911 - April 1912

This box largely contains correspondence pertaining to planning and financing the construction of E.W. Grove’s hotel on Sunset Mountain. Most of this correspondence is between E.W. Grove, F.L. Seely, W.F. Randolph, and the banks and individual investors involved in the project. There is some correspondence with the Southern Railway Co. and various architecture firms which submitted proposals for the hotel. There is some correspondence relating also to other property holdings such as Atkins Park, Fortified Hills, and coal lands in Virginia. Also contained in this box are communications and reports on the operations of the Paris Medicine Co. and Atlanta Georgian, although with less prevalence than in other boxes in this collection. Interspersed in this box there is a small amount of personal correspondence between E.W. Grove and his daughter. There is also correspondence found with some frequency between F.L. Seely and Terence Stewart concerning some financial and tax matters. Also from F.L. Seely there is communication with Jacob Lang about the order of various products. Additional names that appear with significant frequency in this box include: George Randolph, H.M. Daugherty, Maud Williams, W.M. Fisher, F.U. Hammett, a Mr. Powell, a Mrs. Morse, and W.M. Bricken.

Folder 1: March 1911

Folder 2: April - May 1911

Folder 3: June 1911

Folder 4: July 1911

Folder 5: August 1911

Folder 6: September 1911

Folder 7: October 1911

Folder 8: September 1911

Folder 9: October 1911

Folder 10: November 1911

Folder 11: December 1911 (Part 1)

Folder 12: December 1911 (Part 2)

Folder 13: Donor Dated 1912

Folder 14: January 1912

Folder 15: February 1912

Folder 16: March 1912

Folder 17: April 1912

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Box 7: May 1912 - February 1913

This box is almost exclusively correspondence relating to the purchase, sale, and development of properties managed by the Grove Realty Company, or ones of interest to E.W. Grove personally. Largely, the financing and construction of the Grove Hotel dominates this correspondence. Relating to the Grove Hotel and surrounding properties, there is communication between F.L. Seely, E.W. Grove, W.F. Randolph, Walter Hoff Seely, Carl Reynolds, Edwin Ray of the Citizen Trust and Savings Bank, and J.B. Moberly of the Mercantile Trust Company. This communication includes discussion of bonds, deeds, equipment rental, construction proceedings, and nearby projects. Some other property holdings such as the Atkins Park and Fortified Hills developments are discussed in this box. This box includes some limited material pertaining to the operations of the Paris Medicine Co., mostly business reports and dividend payments. There is also some personal correspondence between E.W. Grove and his daughter Evelyn. Additionally this box contains some newspaper clippings of pieces related to Grove and Seely. Names not mentioned above that appear with some frequency include: Clifford Anderson, a Mr. Buckner, Paul E. Wilkes, George A. Randolph, Capt. J.T. Mills, Maud Williams, and a Mr. McNally

Folder 1: May 1912

Folder 2: June 1912

Folder 3: July 1912

Folder 4: August - September 1912

Folder 5: October 1912 (Part 1)

Folder 6: October 1912 (Part 2)

Folder 7: November 1912

Folder 8: December 1912

Folder 9: January 1913 (Part 1)

Folder 10: January 1913 (Part 2)

Folder 11: January 1913 (Part 3)

Folder 12: February 1913

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Box 8: March 1913 - December 1914

As with other boxes in this collection, the bulk of this box is correspondence between F.L. Seely and E.W. Grove. The primary topic in this correspondence is the sale, purchase, and development of various properties by the Grove Realty Co. The main properties discussed in this box include the Grove Park Inn, Atkins Park, Fortified Hills, Ponce De Leon Avenue, Evelyn Place, and Edwin Place. Also concerning property development and finance, there is significant correspondence to or from Seely and Grove frequently involving: Edwin L. Ray (Citizens Trust and Savings Bank), J.B. Moberly (Real Estate Loan Officer for Mercantile Trust Co.), W.M. Bricken (Secretary and Treasurer of E.W. Grove Park), Mr. Waddell (A Director at Battery Park Bank), W.F. Randolph, Joseph A. McCord (Atkins Park), J.T. Mills (superintendent of Atkins Park and Fortified Hills), J. Oscar Mills (Sales agent for Atkins Park and Fortified Hills), S.B. Turman (Turman, Black and Calhoun Real Estate Renting and Mortgage Loan), Clifford L. Anderson (Anderson and Rountree Attorneys at Law), Judge Adams, a Mr. McNally, William H. Harrison, W.R. Campbell, Thomas W. Raoul, the St. Louis Union Trust Co., and the Mechanics-American National Bank. There is also material in this box pertaining to the operations of the Paris Medicine Company. This includes financial materials, supply orders, and dividend statements. Most of this correspondence is between F.L. Seely, E.W. Grove, Maud Williams, and F.U. Hammett. A Dr. Van Linge is mentioned in this correspondence with some frequency, as well as Jacob Lang. This box also contains personal correspondence between E.W. Grove and his children, Evelyn and Edwin. 

Folder 1: March 1913 (Part 1)

Folder 2: March 1913 (Part 2)

Folder 3: April 1913

Folder 4: May 1913

Folder 5: June 1913

Folder 6: July 1913

Folder 7: August - September 1913

Folder 8: October 1913

Folder 9: November 1913

Folder 10: December 1913

Folder 11: 1914 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 12: 1914 Part 2 (January - February)

Folder 13: 1914 Part 3 (March - April)

Folder 14: 1914 Part 4 (May)

Folder 15: 1914 Part 5 (Misc.)

Folder 16: 1914 Part 6 (Misc.)

Folder 17: 1914 Part 7 (June - July)

Folder 18: 1914 Part 8 (August - September)

Folder 19: 1914 Part 9 (October)

Folder 20: 1914 Part 10 (November)

Folder 21: 1914 Part 11 (December)

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Box 9: 1915 - December 1917

As with other boxes in this collection, this box primarily contains correspondence between E.W. Grove and F.L. Seely. Primarily, this correspondence deals with the sale, purchase, and development of Grove’s property interests. Frequently mentioned properties include ones purchased by W.J. Bryan, Edwin Place, Macon Avenue, the Randolph house, the Overlook property, and the Merrimon Property. Names mentioned frequently as being involved in property dealings include William Jennings Bryan, The Bank of Bay Biscayne, J.B. Moberly (real estate loan officer for Mercantile Trust Co.), Judge J.G. Adams (deed contracts and leasing agreements), and W.R. Campbell. This box also contains discussions concerning the possible construction of a Sanitarium close by to one of Grove’s properties. Included are descriptions of personal agreements and legislative attempts (legislative proposal written by Judge J.G. Adams) to prevent construction. Also included in communication between Grove and Seely is correspondence about the operations of the Paris Medicine Co., E.W. Grove Park Inc., Grove Park Motor Car Co., and the Grove Park Inn. This correspondence is primarily shareholder correspondence, financial reports, account statements. This box includes a bit of personal correspondence between E.W. Grove and his daughter Evelyn, as well. Additional individuals mentioned with some notable frequency in this box include a Mr. Curran, F.U. Hammett (financial/tax matters), John A. Nichols, Judge Webb, Sneede Adams, and M.H. Burnham (concerning a property interest in Mexico).

Folder 1: 1915 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 2: 1915 Part 2 (Misc.)

Folder 3: 1915 Part 3 (January)

Folder 4: 1915 Part 4 (February)

Folder 5: 1915 Part 5 (March - April)

Folder 6: 1915 Part 6 (May)

Folder 7: 1915 Part 7 (June - September)

Folder 8: 1915 Part 8 (October)

Folder 9: 1915 Part 9 (November - December)

Folder 10: 1916 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 11: 1916 Part 2 (Misc.)

Folder 12: 1916 Part 3 (Misc.)

Folder 13: 1916 Part 4 (Misc.)

Folder 14: 1917 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 15: 1917 Part 2 (January)

Folder 16: 1917 Part 3 (February - March)

Folder 17: 1917 Part 4 (April - July)

Folder 18: 1917 Part 5 (August - December)

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Box 10: 1918 - December 1924

This box contains significant E.W. Grove correspondence with F.L. Seely about Paris Medicine Co. operations, the purchase of the Battery Park Hotel and adjoining property, the sale of Seely’s lease on the Grove Park Inn, and ownership of the Homespun property. There is also a personal conflict between the two which is discussed some in the earlier folders in this box. Other frequently appearing correspondence from Grove in this box is with J.E. Dickerson (auditor for the Grove Park Inn), and with A.H. Malone and W.V. Curran discussing the Battery Park Hotel development. A larger portion of this box than others in this collection contains correspondence from F.L. Seely. Frequently appearing addressees include F.U. Hammett (Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, Paris Med. Co.), W.R. Benham (U.S. Department of Justice), W.V. Curran, E.M. Skinner and E.J. Barnard (Skinner Organ Co.), T.W. Bickett, C.D. Beadle (Biltmore Estate), Judge J.G. Adams, J.E. Dickerson, W.B. Davis (President of Central Bank and Trust Co.), E.W. Grove Jr., F.J Wade (Mercantile Trust Co.), J.J. Britt (leasing contracts). Additional names which appear in these materials with notable frequency not mentioned above include: J.S. Coleman, Jacob F. Lang (Paris Medicine Co. material supplies), M. Stocker (Paris Medicine Co. finance department), W.H. Seely (Secretary and Sales Manager for The Osborne Co.), T.W. Raoul, W.R. Campbell (Managing Director for The Battery Park Hotel), H.D. Miles, C.F. Burgman. This box also contains various news paper clippings relating to Grove and Seely, and sales or financial statements for the Paris Medicine Company.

Folder 1: 1918 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 2: 1918 Part 2 (January - August)

Folder 3: 1918 Part 3 (September - December)

Folder 4: 1919 (January - December)

Folder 5: 1920 (January - December)

Folder 6: 1921 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 7: 1921 Part 2 (January - December)

Folder 8: 1922 Part 1 (January - February)

Folder 9: 1922 Part 2 (March - July)

Folder 10: 1922 Part 3 (August - October)

Folder 11: 1922 Part 4 (November - December)

Folder 12: 1923 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 13: 1923 Part 2 (January - April)

Folder 14: 1923 Part 3 (May - December)

Folder 15: 1924 Part 1 (January - March)

Folder 16: 1924 Part 2 (April - July)

Folder 17: 1924 Part 3 (August - October)

Folder 18: 1924 Part 4 (October - November)

Folder 19: 1924 Part 5 (December)

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Box 11: 1924 - 1942

A large portion of this box contains materials relating to a dispute between E.W. Grove and F.L. Seely concerning their agreement for the leasing and management of the Grove Park Inn and arrangements for the division of E.W. Grove’s estate after his death. Frequently appearing names in F.L. Seely’s correspondence in this box are F.U. Hammett (Secretary and Treasurer of Paris Medicine Co.), W.V. Curran, H.L. Parker (Manager of E.W. Grove Investments), George A. Randolph, Haywood Parker (Bourne, Parker, & Jones Attorneys and Counselors), J.J. Lannin (The Balsams Estate). Frequently appearing names in E.W. Grove’s correspondence include Wallace B. Davis (Central Bank and Trust Co.), Baxter P. Fullerton, and F.U. Hammett. There is a great deal of personal correspondence between F.L. Seely, E.W. Grove, Edwin Grove, and Evelyn Grove. There is also a considerable amount of correspondence with J.A. Fraser (Superintendent of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency) and detective reports from T.E. Williams on day to day movements of and interviews with people involved in the dispute between Grove and Seely. This box also includes many newspaper clippings relating to property developments, the dispute, E.W. Grove’s death, and a lawsuit brought against E.W. Grove Jr. by a nurse. The last 3 folders in this box contain miscellaneous materials from the collection which were not filed by the donor before the materials were donated. 

Folder 1: 1924 Sales Part 1

Folder 2: 1924 Sales Part 2

Folder 3: 1925 Part 1 (January - February)

Folder 4: 1925 Part 2 (March - April)

Folder 5: 1925 Part 3 (May - June)

Folder 6: 1925 Part 4 (July - December)

Folder 7: 1926 Part 1 (Misc.)

Folder 8: 1926 Part 2 (January - March)

Folder 9: 1926 Part 3 (April - September)

Folder 10: 1927 Part 4 (October - December)

Folder 11: 1927 Part 1 (January - February)

Folder 12: 1927 Part 2 (March - December)

Folder 13: 1928 - 1942

Folder 14: Additional Materials Part 1 (1904 - 1915)

Folder 15: Additional Materials Part 2 (1915 - 1916)

Folder 16: Additional Materials Part 3 (1916 - 1942)

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