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Title Walter Ashe Collection [The USS Asheville]
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Creator Walter Ashe
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Walter Ashe ; USS Asheville ; Maritime History ; Henry Dale ; Larry Potter ; US Navy Asiatic Fleet ; WWI ; WWII ; submarines ; gunboats ; United States Navy ;
Description Newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets and three large scrapbooks,  describing the various USS Asheville ships and the adventures of the various crew of the ships. Includes the "USS Asheville Story"  written by Mr. Walter F. Ashe, Lt. SC, USN (Ret.) , n.d., a crewman on the USS Asheville.
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Walter Ashe
Date original 1930's - present
Date digital 2001-05-22, updated 2005-12, updated 2007-06
Type Collection ; Text 
Format 1 document box ; 3 large scrapbooks
Source M99.2.1-6
Language English
Relation "My Hong Kong Adventure,"  by Walter Ashe ; Walter F. Ashe Oral History, Ramsey Library Oral History Collections
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Walter Ashe was born July 2, 1916 in Jacksonville, Florida where his father was an orange grower.  In 1921 his father sold  his orange grove and the family moved to Los Angeles, California where the senior Ashe had purchased an apple orchard.  The venture failed and the family soon struggled to make ends meet. Soon after the business failure, Walterís parents divorced and the children went to live with their mother, Jenny. His father soon became a salesman, but the children soon experienced a very turbulent childhood.

During elementary school Ashe attended various schools in the Long Beach area, including Long Beach Military and St. Vincent Catholic School.  In 1930, his mother, Jenny, died after a prolonged illness and Walter went to live with the Taylors who were looking for a boy to adopt.  The Taylors lived in the nearby town of  Monterey Park.  Ashe and his sister, Virginia, kept in contact and he briefly went back to live with her. Both children saw their father occasionally but the family was fragmented and Walter went to live with a series of relatives. The first was an aunt Dell in Honeoye, New York, where he lived for a year.  He then moved to Rochester with his Aunts Mary and Nellie and while there he was introduced to his paternal grandparents, who sent him to a high school in Toronto, Canada.  After one year in Canada, Ashe wrote to the Taylors asking to be taken back, and they gave it a trial run.  After moving back to California Ashe joined the CCC and worked in Havilah Camp, on Kernís Mt. near Bakersfield.  There he earned $30 a week, sending $25 back home to the Taylors.  He eventually left the CCC to join the navy, but was turned down due to the large amount of applicants during the Depression.  His sister Virginia, always his ally, arranged through her connections to send him to Otis Art School, and following his graduation to again use her influence to get him a job at Disney.  The Disney position was not a satisfactory placement and soon he left the job and  was accepted by the U.S. Navy.

On April 18, 1935, he reported to boot camp.  After his training he was assigned to the U.S.S. Pennsylvania where he received electrical training, and was eventually sent to China.  He was transferred to the U.S.S. Henderson  and when the Henderson reached Hong Kong Ashe was reassigned to the U.S.S. Asheville (PG-21).  The Asheville was a gunboat that served in the Caribbean and off the coast of China.  After working in various assignments, Ashe was placed in the storeroom, where he stayed.

Ashe stayed in the navy for two and a half years, and in 1939 was honorably discharged.  He moved back in with the Taylors and got a job at the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Burbank.  Ashe also married Marian Woods at this time, but divorced six months later.  At the start of World War II Ashe was offered a chance to return to the Navy at the same rating he had on discharge and he took it.  He was assigned to the U.S.S. Mississippi and in three months transferred to a brand new battleship, the U.S.S. North Carolina (BB-55).

 The North Carolina was launched mid-June 1940 and sent to the Pacific, completing a shakedown tour of the Caribbean before Pearl Harbor.  In 1942 Ashe was transferred to the U.S.S. Cabot CVL28, at Philadelphia Navy Yard.  While off duty in Philadelphia Ashe met his future wife, Adelaide and married her on September 28, 1943.  Earlier in September Ashe had made Chief Store Keeper and was transferred to the U.S.S. Wasp (CV18) in Boston, Massachusetts.  Throughout their 57 years together the couple lived in many places.  They had two children, Walter and Marilyn,

 Ashe was promoted to Warrant Pay Clerk and spent the remainder of his career in this position in the Navy.  Upon retiring , he was very active in promoting the history of the Asiatic fleet and organizing reunions of shipmates.

 At the outbreak of World War II the Asheville was part of the Asiatic Fleet.  On December 8, 1941, the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Asheville was on Patrol in the Philippines.  She was immediately ordered south by CINCAF and made a twelve day, 2,000 mile journey to the coast of Java.  After the Battle of the Java Sea the Asiatic Fleet was severely challenged, and all ships were ordered to retreat to Australia or Ceylon.  The U.S.S. Asheville was delayed by engine troubles and the delay made the ship a ready target for the Japanese. It was torpedoed and sank on March 3, 1942.  Only one survivor is known from the ship. He was picked up by a Japanese destroyer and later died in a P.O.W. camp.

*Biography excerpted from and oral history taken in 2001 for D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections.

In 2008 the City of Asheville dedicated and renamed the City Hall exhibit of the four ships that bore the name USS Asheville in honor of Ashe. [Asheville Citizen-Times, February 6, 2008]

SERIES 1 Narratives: Includes My Hong Kong Adventure by Walter Ashe and Story of the USS Asheville by Walter Ashe
  2 Memorial Ceremonies and Reunions
  3 Newspaper clippings
  4 Pictures (photographs, drawings, copies of paintings)
  5 Miscellaneous
  6 3 large scrapbooks of WWII memorabilia
      Scrapbook #1 - China 1 and 1984 Reunion
      Scrapbook #2 - China 2
      Scrapbook #3 - China 3
      Scrapbook - USS Asheville SSN 758
      Scrapbook - USS Asheville SSN 758
  7 Additional Material - USS Asheville PG-21 (06-2007 addendum)
  8 Additional Material - USS Asheville PF-1 (06-2007 addendum)
  9 Additional Material - USS Asheville PGM-84 (06-2007 addendum)
  10 Additional Material - USS Asheville SSN 758 (06-2007 addendum)
  11 Miscellaneous microfilm, DVD, audiotape, realia (06-2007 addendum)
ITEM LIST - M992.1.1-6
Box and Folder Item # Title Source Date Description Narratives by Walter Ashe and  others 1 The Story of the USS Asheville PG-21 Walter Ashe


Description of the events surrounding the various ships named USS Asheville (Annotated and expanded version added 06-2007.)
    2 USS Asheville I, USS Asheville II, USS Asheville III Walter F. Ashe n,d. Descriptions of the 3 USS Asheville ships
    3 Lest We Forget Tim Miles 1984-08 History of the first USS Asheville and call for a reunion 
  4 The Fleet That Did Not Exist U.S. Navy Asiatic Fleet Committee


History of the Asiatic Fleet and notice of Memorial Reunion in August 1997
   5 USS Asheville Ron Holland and Walter Ashe


History of all USS Asheville ships with their configurations and a bibliography
   6 The USS Asheville Story by Walter F. Ashe,  Lt. SC, USN (Ret) Walter F. Ashe n,d. Chronological history of the USS Asheville ships
    7 USS Asheville IV     . n,d. Announcement of christening of the USS Asheville IV on October 28, 1989 in Newport News, VA
    8 The Sinking of the USS Asheville PG-21      n.d Detailed description of the events leading to the sinking of the first USS Asheville
    9 The Story of the U.S. Navy Ship's Named After the City of Asheville      n,d. Commemorative descriptions of the USS Asheville ships
    10 My Hong Kong Adventure Walter Ashe n,d. Story about USS Asheville sailor Walter Ashe and his experiences with the opium trade in Hong Kong
     11 U.S.S. Asheville PG-21 Lion G. Miles 1970 47 page history of USS Asheville PG-21 as told by the surviving son of USS Asheville PG-21 executive officer (includes departure dates from Tjilatjap and arrival dates to Fremantle)
  12 A New USS Asheville   n.d. Brief history of the three ships named USS Asheville and call for a fourth. (06-2007 addendum)
  13 Christening of the U.S.S. Asheville SSN 758 Walter Ashe 1989-10-29 First person narrative of events (06-2007 addendum)
   Memorial Ceremonies and Reunions 1 August 23rd Reunion - Noon,  City Plaza , Asheville, NC.


      1984-08-23 Advertisement for dedication ceremony and installation of bronze plaque to commemorate the USS Asheville PG-21 (original and copy)
       2 Proclamation of USS Asheville PG-21 Memorial Day Board of Commissioners for the County of Buncombe 1994-03-01 Proclamation that March 3rd is USS Asheville PG-21 Memorial Day for Buncombe County (2 copies)
      3 Proclamation Larry McDevitt  . 1984-08-21 Proclamation of USS Asheville PG-21 Memorial Day
      4 U. S. S. Asheville PG-21 Memorial Reunion        1984-08-21 Reunion program (original and copy)
      5 USS Asheville PG-21 First Reunion 21-23 August 1984 Asheville, N.C. Walter Ashe 1984-08-21 Reunion program with photographs of attendees (original and copy) 
      6 57th Anniversary Memorial of the USS Asheville PG-21, Naval Reserve Center, Asheville, NC       1999-03-03 Reunion program (4 copies)
      7 The Last Days of the Gunboat USS Asheville PG-21 Walter Ashe 2001-03-03 Speech given by Walter Ashe
      8 Remarks Given by Commander Kerry D. Ingalls, USN, Commanding Officer of the USS Asheville SSN-758 Kerry D. Ingalls 2001-03-03 Speech given by Kerry D. Ingalls at the 59th Anniversary Memorial for the USS Asheville PG-21
      9 Change of Command, United States Ship ASHEVILLE (SSN 758)       2002-02-15 Change of command ceremony program with photographs of all USS Asheville ships (original)
  10 Commissioning of Asheville SSN758   1991-09-28 Ceremonial booklet commemorating the commissioning of SSN758 (06-2007 addendum)
  11 Change of Command, USS Asheville (SSN 758)   1995-05-01 Change of command ceremony program with photographs of all USS Asheville ships (original) (06-2007 addendum)
  12 South China Patrol Association, Second Reunion, May 14, 15, 16 1987   1987-05-14 Reunion program (06-2007 addendum)
  13 Combined Forces, U.S. Navy Asiatic Fleet, Memorial Reunion, August 20-24-1997   1997-08-20 Reunion program (06-2007 addendum)
  14 Proclamation: City of Asheville   2001-03-01 USS Asheville PG-21 Memorial Day (Leni Stinick, Mayor of Asheville) (06-2007 addendum)
  15 Proclamation: City of Asheville   2005-03-05 Dedication of the USS Asheville Exhibit at Asheville City Hall (Charles R. Worley, Mayor of Asheville) (06-2007 addendum)
  16 Proclamation: City of Asheville . 2006-05-03 Proclamation of South Chine-Yangtze Patrol, Asiatic Fleet, and United States Navy Asiatic Fleet Day (Terry M. Bellamy, Mayor of Asheville) (06-2007 addendum)
  17 Proclamation: City of Asheville . 2003-05-23 Copy of Proclamation honoring former crew of USS Asheville PG-84 (Charles R. Worley, Mayor of Asheville) (06-2007 addendum)
1.1 Gunboat Asheville Takes Water Today News and Courier, Charleston, SC 1918-07-04 Account of christening of USS Asheville, launched by Miss Alyne Reynolds (copy)
  1.2 Gunboat Asheville Takes the Waters The News and Courier, Charleston, SC 1918-07-05 Account of christening of USS Asheville, launched by Miss Alyne Reynolds (copy) *note: article is difficult to read exceeds margins
  1.3 The "Asheville" Was Launched Asheville Times 1918-07-05 Account of christening of USS Asheville, launched by Miss Alyne Reynolds (copy)
     2 Launching of Boat a Notable Success Asheville Citizen [?] 1918-07-04 Account of christening of USS Asheville, launched by Miss Alyne Reynolds (copy)
     3 Launching of Naval Gunboat 'Asheville' in 1918  - Recalled Asheville Citizen 1935-05-12 Christening recalled (copy)
     4 United States Warship Asheville is Caught in the Bombardment [?] 1937 News article on page from Tom's Dorton's scrapbook (copy only)
     5 Navy Announces Loss of Gunboat South of Java [?] 1942 1270-ton gunboat presumed lost in enemy action south of Java (copy only)
     6 U.S. Gunboat Sunk Off Java, All of Crew Lost New York Herald Tribune 1942-03 Article with photograph (copy only)
     7 Navy Calls 17 to 50 to Replace the Crew of the U. S. S. Asheville Asheville Citizen-Times 1942-08-30 8-page USS Asheville Edition. (copy only)
     8 Mystery Shrouds Fate of Gunboat Asheville, by J. S. Coleman, Jr. Asheville Citizen-Times 1945-09-01 Article with photograph: "Warship One of 4 Lost in World War II Without Trace" (copy only)
     9 Puget Sound Gets Taste of Asheville, by Jack Ryan Asheville Citizen 1965-05-03 Account of christening of second USS Asheville (copy only)
     10 U.S.S. Asheville Nears Completion at Tacoma Asheville Citizen 1965-11-07 Second USS Asheville is commissioned (copy only)
     11 USS Asheville's Last Voyage, by Bill Moore Asheville Citizen-Times 1984-08-05 Article about first USS Asheville and seaman Fred Lewis Brown (original and copy)
     12 USS Asheville Designed for Central America, by Mike Boyd Asheville Times 1984-08-21 Memories of first USS Asheville by seaman Leslie Knickerbocker (copy only)
     19 Ceremony Pays Tribute to Gunboat "Asheville" Asheville Citizen 1985-03-04 Tribute to gunboat with bronze plaque at City Hall. (copy only)
    20 Navy to Christen New Nuclear Sub USS Asheville IV Asheville Citizen-Times 1986-10-30 City Hall ceremony to announce new submarine to be named USS Asheville (original and copy)
     21 Model Sought of Original USS Asheville, by Barbara Blake Asheville Citizen [?]


USS Asheville Committee wants a replica of the first USS Asheville. (original and copy)
     22 Model of Old USS Asheville Is in Well-Qualified Hands, by Tula Andonaras Asheville Citizen [?] 1988-12[?] Larry Porter works on model of first USS Asheville (original and copy)
     23 History on Display Asheville Citizen-Times


Photograph of replica of the USS Asheville. (original and copy)
     24 New USS Asheville Christened, by David Nivens Asheville Citizen-Times   1989-10-29 Nuclear attack submarine christened USS Asheville (original and copy)
     25 Asheville to Ply Pacific, by David Nivens Asheville Citizen-Times 1989-10-29 History and pictures of the four ships to bear the name USS Asheville. (original and copy)
     26 Navy Officer Donates USS Asheville Mementos, by Barbara Blake Asheville Citizen-Times

1989 [?]

Henry Dale, first commander of the third USS Asheville, decides to give mementos to USS Asheville exhibit (original and copy)
     27 USS Asheville Asheville Citizen-Times 1991-09-14 Local committee nears goal of $107,000 to celebrate submarine commissioning (original and copy)
     28 Teamwork Key to Successful "Asheville" Sea Trials Shipyard Bulletin, Newport News, VA


Description of sea trials before being commissioning of submarine (original and copy) 
     29 WNC Historical Association Honors Ashe Asheville Citizen-Times 1992 Walter Ashe receives organization's Achievement Award (original and copy)
     30 The  USS Asheville 55th Anniversary Memorial Asheville Citizen-Times 1997-02 [?] Announcement of event to be held March 8, 1997 (original and copy)
    31 Asian Fleet Survivors Honored in Capital Asheville Citizen-Times 1997-08-?? Washington, DC gathering remembers the efforts of the Asiatic Fleet (original and copy)
     32 "Forgotten Fleet" Recognized Asheville Citizen-Times 1997-08-25 After 55 years, the men of WW II's Asiatic Fleet are recognized (original and copy)
     33 USS Asheville Sailors Honored in Celebration Asheville Citizen-Times 1999-03-04 Walter Ashe honoring sailors killed aboard USS Asheville in WW II (copy)
     34 Original USS Asheville Honored, by Paul Clark Asheville Citizen-Times   2001-03-04 59th anniversary memorial of the sinking of the gunboat USS Asheville (original and copy)
     35 Model of USS Asheville brings memories of original to surface, by John Boyle Asheville Citizen-Times   2002-01-24 Larry Porter builds model of second USS Asheville PF-1, World War II patrol frigate (original and copy)
     36 New USS Asheville Model Completes Local Airport Exhibit Asheville Citizen-Times 2002-01-25 PF-1, fourth and final USS Asheville model completed by Larry Porter (original and copy)
     37 City Receives USS Asheville Video, by John Boyle Asheville Citizen-Times 2002-04-15 Video of ceremony (Sept 1, 2002) when the crew of the current USS Asheville held a memorial on the Java Sea where the first USS Asheville went down (copy; original added 6/07)
     38 We Already Have a War Memorial Here  Asheville Citizen-Times 2002-04-30 Letter to the editor about USS Asheville memorial (copy only)
  39 USS Asheville Remembrance Being Set Up Asheville Citizen-Times 1984-05-13 Memorial observation being organized by area residents led by Walter Ashe (06-2007 addendum)
  40 USS Asheville (SSN 758) drydocks ? 2001 [?] Commander Ingalls's relinquishing of command, which took place on Feb. 15, 2002, is mentioned as upcoming. (06-2007 addendum)
  41 Local sailor serves on USS Asheville Asheville Citizen-Times 2002 Local Reynolds High graduate serves on USS Asheville.  (06-2007 addendum)
  42 Two Enemy Warships Sunk Japan Times and Advertiser 1942-03-06 Japanese English-language paper reports sinking of USS Asheville PG-21 (mounted and Oversize) (06-2007 addendum)
   Pictures 1 U.S.S. Asheville     .     . Sketch and dedication of the USS Asheville
    2 Watching Japanese Planes Fly Over Swatow, China, June, 1938     .      . Photocopy of photograph in a book 
    3 Photograph of the USS Asheville I    .       . Original photograph and copy
    4 Commemorative sketch of USS Asheville I    .     . Copy of sketch
    5 Letter to the members of the USS Asheville Committee  Kelly Ross Terry 1992-01-28 Letter of commission for oil painting of the USS Asheville to be displayed at airport navy exhibit, based on original pencil sketch by Kelly Ross Terry,  
    6 USS Asheville Under Fire From Japanese Task Force, March 3, 1942 Kelly Ross Terry 1992 Original signed pencil sketch of USS Asheville
    7 USS Asheville SSN 758 bumper sticker    .      . Bumper sticker 
  8 Commemorative sketch of USS Asheville II (PF-1) and short history . 1986 Copy of sketch by Kelly Ross Terry with short history attached (6/07 addendum)
  9 Commemorative sketch of USS Asheville III (PGM-84) . 1986 Copy of sketch by Kelly Ross Terry (6/07 addendum)
  10 Commemorative sketch of USS Asheville IV (SSN 758) . n.d. Copy: unattributed (6/07 addendum)
  11 Photograph of USS Asheville SSN 758   n.d. (6/07 addendum)
  12 Sketch of USS Asheville
P-21 under fire
  1989 Copy of sketch by Tom Freeman (6/07 addendum)
M99.2.1.5 Miscellaneous 1 United States Asiatic Fleet U.S.S. Asheville, Port's of Call of U.S.S. Asheville   .      . List of arrivals, ports, and departures of the USS Asheville
    2 List of Officers and Crew Lost in the Sinking of the USS Asheville PG-21         List of officers and enlisted men killed on March 3, 1942
    3 Photograph and description of Jacob William Britt    .     . Photocopy from book; Britt was the last commanding officer of the USS Asheville PG-21
    4 Welcome Aboard USS Asheville SSN 758    .    . Pamphlet of general information on the USS Asheville SSN 758
    5 Charleston's Navy Yard, A Picture History Jim McNeil     . Photocopy of book pages with pictures of the building of gunboat Asheville
   6 USS Asheville (SSN 758) Pays Respects to USS Asheville (PG-21) USS Asheville Public Affairs 2002-01-21 E-mail and picture of the tribute
    7 Welcome USS Asheville SSN 758 Salute, Volume LXI, No. 03 2001-12-06 Naval magazine, with brief article on the USS Asheville SSN 758
    8 Letters exchanged between Walter Ashe and Thomas Dorton   . [?]-02-18 Letters discussing Asiatic Fleet membership issues
   9 A Navy Museum Looking for a Home Walter Ashe 1990-01-21 Article which details the process of finding a home for the navy museum
    10 "Retiree's Effort to Honor Asheville"    . 1995-summer Excerpt from "Shift Colors," the newsletter for navy retirees 
    11 USS Asheville SSN 758 K.D. Ingalls, Commander     . Program for the presentation of a ceremonial wreath to the city of Asheville
    12 Letter     . 1992-03-11 Describes the USS Asheville committee in relation to the building of the fourth USS Asheville (submarine)
    13 USS Asheville SSN 758    .    . List of ship configurations
    14 Letter from K.D. Ingalls to. Kenneth Vasilik    . 2002-02-14 Regarding the wreath memorial 
    15 Letter from K.D. Ingalls to Kenneth Vasilik    . 2002-02-01 Regarding the wreath memorial and the September 11th attacks
    16 The Story of Fred Lewis Brown    .     . Describes the plight of the sole survivor of the USS Asheville PG-21 attack
    17 Map of USS Asheville Asiatic route    .   .  Shows ship route and location of Japanese prison camp where Fred Lewis Brown was held
    18 Blueprints of USS Asheville SSN 758 [Originals held at Asheville County Courthouse]     . Approximate scale model of all compartments on USS Asheville SSN 758
  19 Inventory list and design sketch for Navy exhibit . n.d. Featuring all four ships named USS Asheville (6/07 addendum)
  20 Suggestions for USS Asheville (PG-21) Reunion Walter Ashe n.d. (6/07 addendum)
  21 Announcement of award to CDR Bruce E. Grooms, commanding officer USS Asheville (SSN 758) Office of the Chief of Naval Operations 1999-08 Grooms was named recipient of the Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership for 1999. (6/07 addendum)
  22 Correspondence Gene Van Orden and James L. Westbrook, City Mgr., Asheville, NC . 2003-05 Regarding request from Mr. Van Order on behalf of the Patrol Gunboat Association. Included copy of City Proclamation honoring crew of PG-84.
5 large scrapbooks of WWII memorabilia
1 CHINA I - SCRAPBOOK and 1984 Reunion Walter Ashe 1938-1947 Scrapbook of material gathered while deployed to the South China Sea. Includes 1984 Reunion.
  2 CHINA II - SCRAPBOOK Walter Ashe 1938-1947 Scrapbook of material gathered while deployed to the South China Sea
  3 CHINA  III - SCRAPBOOK Walter Ashe 1938-1947 Scrapbook of material gathered while deployed in the South China Sea
    USS Asheville SSN 758 - I Walter Ashe . Scrapbook of material gathered regarding the USS Asheville SSN 758 (submarine)
    USS Asheville SSN 758 - II Walter Ashe   Scrapbook of material gathered regarding the USS Asheville SSN 758 (submarine)
Additional material, USS Asheville PG-21
1 Ship's log and Personnel and Officer listing: Dec. 1 - Dec. 31, 1937   1937-12-31 copy
  2 Ship's log Dec.1 -Dec. 31 1941 . 1941-12-31 (note cover copy of log for 8 December)
  3 Ship's log Jan.1 -Jan. 31 1942 . 1942-01-31 .
M99. 4 Ship's Log book; list of officers only Jan. 1, 1941 - Jan. 31, 1942 . 1942-01-31 .
  5 Report of Changes: Dec. 1941 and Jan. 1942 . 1942-01 With Walter Ashe's notes attached
  6 Muster Roll of the Crew: for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 1941 . 1941-12-31 Last muster report filed.
  7 List of officers and crew lost in sinking of USS Asheville . . .
  8 Statement by Joe Sisk, who was held as POW with only survivor of USS Asheville sinking. . 1945-11-28 2 copies
  9 Letter from Joe Sisk to Walter Ashe Walter Ashe 1985-01-29 .
  10 Correspondence regarding fate of USS Asheville and its executive officer, Lt. Lion T. Miles. Lion G. Miles via Walter Ashe 1942-1973 In response to inquiries from Capt. A.H. Miles (his father) and Lion G. Miles (his son), letters (copies) are from Admirals Thomas Hart, Richard Kelly Turner, and Chester W. Nimitz; Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal; and others.
  11 Letter to Mrs. Kenneth M. Hoeffel . 1942-04-06 Letter to Mrs. Kenneth M. Hoeffel, wife of USS Asheville's commanding officer with information regarding officers lost.
  12 Press release and short biographical sketch of Lion G. Miles . . .
  13 William F. Carlin Terence Carlin via Asheville Citizen-Times and Walter Ashe 1937-2001 Information, clippings, copies of photographs regarding William F. Carlin,  lost when the USS Asheville was sunk.
M99. 14 Narrative and accompanying material from A.L. Lind, Capt. USN (Ret.) A.L. Lind via Walter Ashe 1984 Captain Lind served aboard USS Asheville in the  early 1920s.
  15 USS Asheville in the Caribbean Department of the Navy . copies of excerpts from Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships and Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Navy, 1929-1932.
  16 Asheville Skyline . 1936 Onboard publication for the interest of the crew of the USS Asheville
  17 Miscellaneous ship's log, 1936 . . Log entries containing references to W.F. Ashe, including his initial reporting for duty.
Additional material, USS Asheville PF-1
1-4 Photographs . . These photographs may be of the USS Asheville PF-1, but are unidentified.
Additional material, USS Asheville PGM-84
1 Commissioning of USS Asheville PGM-84 Walter Ashe has noted: contributed by E.L. Hupp, Naylor, Missouri 1966-08-06 Ceremonial booklet commemorating the commissioning of PGM- 84 (Added 06-2007)
  2 Commemorative sketch of USS Asheville III (PGM-84) . 1986 Copy of sketch by Kelly Ross Terry (6/07 addendum)
  3 USS Asheville (PG-84) official history      
  4 USS Asheville (PG-84) official history: 1968 . . .
  5 clippings, USS Asheville (PG-84) . . clippings (newspaper and other) copies and an original
  6 Images . . four pictures, including USS Asheville scrapped at Brownsville TX (with Walter Ashe's annotations on back)
Additional material, USS Asheville SSN 758
1 USS Asheville (SSN758) commissioning . 1991-09-22 Special supplement to the Asheville Citizen Times (2 copies)
  2 The Commissioning of the USS Asheville SSN-758 Walter Ashe . First person narrative
  3 Our New USS Asheville SSN758 Walter Ashe . Press release by Ashe for the USS Asheville Committee
  4 SSN758 stickers and patch . . .
Miscellaneous microfilm, DVD, audiotape, realia
1 Deck Log and Muster Roll for USS Asheville PG 21, Dec. 1937 National Archives 1937-12 Microfilm
  2 Deck Log for USS Asheville PG-21, Dec. 1941 and Jan. 1942 National Archives 1941-12 and 1942-01 Microfilm
  3 Personnel, USS Asheville PG-21, Jan. 1939-Jan. 1942 National Archives 1939-01 - 1942-01 Microfilm
  4 Speech made by Walter Ashe . 1997-03-08 Recording of speech made by Walter Ashe at ceremony honoring USS Asheville PG-21 (audio cassette)
  5 Presentation by CMR Kerry D. Ingalls, commanding officer USS Asheville SSN758 . 2001-03-01 DVD of presentation broadcast on The Asheville Channel
  6 Decking from USS North Carolina Walter Ashe . Marked: "Plankowner, USS North Carolina, Walter Ashe, 1941-1991
  7 Decking from USS North Carolina Walter Ashe . Marked: This teak is from the original decking removed during the 1994-1997 restoration project.