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Curtis Bynum Family Collection

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Curtis Bynum Family Collection
Date [bulk]
Bulk, 1900-1950
Date [inclusive]
1.8 Linear feet  ; four boxes
Physical Description
Contains manuscripts, photographs, and newspaper clippings related to the Bynum family, and other published books and pamphlets. The original order is unknown, and one may never have existed, as the materials originate from three different people within the Bynum family. Boxes 1 to 3 contain Bynum related materials which have been foldered by broad topic, and generally arranged by the originator. Other published book and pamphlets are in Box 4, and do not have any formal arrangement.
Located in Special Collections row 7 section 5

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Curtis Bynum Family Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina Asheville

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Scope and Contents

Contains materials related to Curtis Ashley Bynum (1882-1964), his wife Florence Boyd Bynum (1878-1967), and their daughter Katherine Bynum Shepard (d. 2008). Much of the collection are materials originating from Curtis Bynum, including essays written by him, most probably either for presentation at places like the Pen and Plate Club, or for publication in newspapers. There is also business correspondence from the Asheville Creamery, which Bynum owned. The Florence Bynum materials include newspaper clippings and documents from her involvement with the Parents / Teachers Association, and other organizations. The Katherine Bynum Shepard materials include clippings, her school books, and university thesis. Photographs of the Bynum family are included, along with photographs of "Stonehaven", their home in Asheville. Finally, there are a number of published books and pamphlets, including several about Episcopalian churches around Asheville.

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


No restrictions. Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.


Curtis Shepard

Processing Note

Originally processed by Special Collections staff, 2002. Refoldering and new finding aid by Colin Reeve, January 2017

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Related Materials

Related Materials

Katherine Bynum Shepard oral history

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Folder 1: Curtis Bynum, Personal Correspondence, 1922-1958 

Folder 2: Curtis Bynum, Carolina Creamery Correspondence, 1926-1939 

Folder 3: "Destiny" Essay, 1943 

Folder 4: Correspondence Regarding "Destiny" , 1942-1944 

Folder 5: Curtis Bynum, Student Papers, UNC, 1902-1903 

Folder 6: Rotary Club, (1916-1943) 

Folder 7: Rotary Club Memorial Notices, (1945-1956) 

Folder 8: Rotary Club, Anniversary Documents and Newsletters, (1956)-1990 

Folder 9: Alumni Association of Buncombe County, 1916 

Folder 10: Pen & Plate Club, (1944) 

Folder 11: Ashley Family Narratives, 1816-1937 

Folder 12: Curtis Bynum, Book Reviews, [Generally Undated] 

Folder 13: Curtis Bynum, Speeches, [Generally Undated] 

Folder 14: Essay / Speech, Handwritten and Incomplete, nd 

Folder 15: Essay / Speech (on Philosophy), Incomplete, nd 

Folder 16: Essay, on Religion, nd 

Folder 17: Essay, "A Sketch of the History of the Anglican Church", Drafts and Published Pamphlet, nd 

Folder 18: Essay, "Wanted One Mustard Seed", nd 

Folder 19: Essay on Hayne / Webster Debate, nd 

Essay, "In Search of Noumenon", (1933) 

Box 2 

Folder 1: Essay, "Freedom", (1946) 

Folder 2: Speech / Essay in Response to "Freedom", 1946 

Folder 3: Essay, "Larva Nymph and Imago", nd 

Folder 4: Essay, "Prepardness...Morals", nd 

Folder 5: Essay, "Concerning the Philosophy of History", (1948) 

Folder 6: Essay, "Ontogeny of a Conservative", 1959 

Folder 7: Essay, "Between Dostoievsky & Nietzsche", nd 

Folder 8: Essay, "In the Little House", nd 

Folder 9: Essay (for Trinity Church), on Alaska, nd 

Folder 10: Essay, "The Waves Rule Britannia", nd 

Folder 11: Essay, "The Theory and Practice of Punishment", nd 

Folder 12: Essay, "A Little Symposium of Politics", nd 

Folder 13: Essay, "Assuming the Opponents of ABC Stores in are in Minority in Asheville", nd 

Folder 14: Essay on City Administration, nd 

Folder 15: Essay on Workmen's Compensation, published in The Asheville Citizen, January 7, 1921 

Folder 16: Act to Regulate Barbering in NC, nd 

Folder 17: Merchant Association, Aims & Objectives, nd 

Folder 18: "Party Politics in US Silly, States Bynum", Asheville Citizen-Times, September 18, 1938 

Folder 19: Asheville City Bonds, Letters and Clippings, 1937-1976 

Folder 20: Curtis Bynum, Miscellaneous 

Folder 21: Bynum Memorial Book Collection, 1968 

Folder 22: Florence Bynum, Commencement Program, University of Chicago, 1900 

Folder 23: Curtis Bynum, Miscellaneous Clippings, 1922 & 1932 

Folder 24: Florence Bynum, Miscellaneous Clippings, 1940-1965 

Folder 25: Florence Bynum, "Books I Have Read", and clipping about Joseph & Lynn Bynum, nd 

Folder 26: Florence Bynum, Parent / Teacher Association, 1935-1964 

Folder 27: Florence Bynum, Miscellaneous, 1917-1943 

Folder 28: Katherine Bynum Shepard, Clippings, 1938-1990 

Folder 29: Katherine Bynum Shepard, School Books & Photographs, (1920s) 

Folder 31: Katherine Bynum Shepard, "History of Asheville", Urban Sociology Thesis, 1930 

Folder 32: Bynum Genealogy 

Box 3 

Folder 1: Trinity Episcopal Church, Asheville, 1937-1993 

Folder 2: Calvary Episcopal Church, Fletcher, NC, 125 Year History of, 1959 

Folder 3: Cash Book of (Mrs. Ed Arunboug), 1933 

Folder 4: Photographs, Florence Bynum [BYN01-06] 

Folder 5: Photograph, Unidentified Woman [BYN07] 

Folder 6: Photographs, Miscellaneous [BYN08-15] 

Folder 7: Photographs, Bynum House, "Stonehaven", Macon Ave, Asheville [BYN16-34] 

Folder 8: Photographs, Bynum Memorial Window and Gravestones, Fletcher Episcopal Church [BYN35-38] 

Folder 9: Asheville Maps [copies], 1891 and nd 

Folder 10: "Lost Landmarks", Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe Co., 1984 Calendar 

Folder 11: Hand Drawn (by Child?) Map of Alaska and (Homemade) Table Mats 

Folder 12: Miscellaneous Clippings, Asheville Events and History 

Folder 13: Miscellaneous Clippings, Asheville Social Scene and Events 

Folder 14: Miscellaneous Clippings, (1928-1956) 

Box 4 

"Memorial of the Bowen Family, Part 1", E C Bowen, 1884 

"When Thou Hast Shut Thy Door", Amos R Wells, 1895 

"Battle of Asheville", nd 

"Richmond Hill, A Guided Tour", Thomas Pearson, 1961 

"Edward Buncombe and Buncombe County", 1976 

"The Story of The Junior League of Asheville, 1927-1952" 

"Moses Ashley Curtis, 1808-1872...A Tribute on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of His Birth" 

"North Carolina University Magazine", March 1902 

"The Grove Park Inn Story", nd 

"Services for Trial Use, Authorized Alternatives to Prayer Book Services", 1971 

"Carolina Architecture 1940" 

"A Pictorial History of the Episcopal Church in North Carolina, 1701-1964", Rev. Norvin C Duncan