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The Independent Torch


The Independent Torch
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Title The Independent Torch (1985-1993)
Creator  Lewis W. Green


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Lewis W. Green ; newspapers ; Buncombe County news ; literary criticism ; politics ;

Subject LCSH: Green, Lewis W., d. 2008
Independent Torch
Native Stone
Buncombe County (N.C.) -- Newspapers
North Carolina -- Newspapers
Description This collection includes an incomplete run (Vo. 6, 1993 only) of the Independent Torch, a weekly newspaper published in Buncombe County, North Carolina and owned and operated by Lewis W. Green.

A statement of purpose from the 6:1 issue reads:

"This is a political (and sometimes literary) journal of opinion, satire, criticism, carping, taxpayer complaint, rumor, expose, cajolery, larger truth, snide remark, innuendo, some occasional objectivity, a fact now and then, selective omissions, some high standard yellow journalism mixed with scandal sheetism, deadpan innocence and little or no praise for public servants doing what they are supposed to be doing."

Publisher Special Collections, D.H. Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Southern Highlands Research Center
Date original 1985-1993
Date digital Digital issue;  2001-08-27 ; 
Type Collection ; Text
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Source D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, Manuscript Collections
Language English.
Relation The Native Stone, D. Hiden Ramsey Library, UNCA ;
Coverage temporal 1985-1993
Coverage spatial  Asheville, Buncombe County, NC
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Biography A native of Haywood County, North Carolina, Green spent most of his life writing either as a journalist or as an author of various publications of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.  His work as a journalist included his editorial direction of The Native Stone, Overtones, and the The Independent Torch. Two of these newspapers are represented in the collections at UNCA and include the The Independent Torch and  The Native Stone. Green also worked for various educational institutions, including UNCA, in its early years. 

He was also engaged as an investigator for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  For a time he worked with the East Tennessee Attorney General's office to research cases associated with their work.

His independent views and outspoken journalism gathered a wide following, as well as a body of detractors.  For example he waged a lengthy battle with the Episcopal Church which found his views of the church objectionable and which resulted in his excommunication from the religious body.  While often controversial, satirical, critical, opinionated, and obdurate, Green never ceased following his own convictions and ideas and risking his public voice in the airing of those views.

A sample of some of the stories are gathered by Green in his 2003 publication, Of Human Interest,  published shortly before his death.  They show the range of his controversial and often inflammatory language and ideas:  The Chief of Police wore diapers -- Asheville police corruption -- Incident report - the jailed whore -- John F. Kennedy, the plagiarist -- Francis Stevens -- Madison County vote-1964 -- An essay by Lewis W. Green on outlanders moving into the mountains -- Buck Lyda, in memory of -- The sheriff and Barbara -- The Wop at the top -- Surveillance of the editor at All Souls -- Nine gayes [sic] in group orgy in public park -- The piss-ant factor at Oral Souls Lesbyterian Cathedral -- Literary comments & review of the books by Lewis W. Green -- Ghosts by the wind grieved -- The high-pitched laugh of a sainted crazy ...

Item List :
Box 1 Folder Volume 6 (1993) Subject tags
Box  1 Folder  1 6:1 (1/4/93)        
6:2 (1/11/93)  
6:3 (1/18/93)  
6:4 (1/25/93)  
6:5 (2/1/93) c.1  
6:5 (2/1/93) c.2  
6:6 (2/15/93)  
6:7 (2/22/93)  
6:8 (3/1/93)  
6:9 (3/8/93)                       
6:10 (3/15/93)  
6:11 (3/15/93) c.1  
6:11 (3/15/93) c.2  
6:12 (3/29/93)  
6:13 (4/5/93)  
6:13 (4/5/93)  
6:14 (4/12/93)  
6:15 (4/19/93)  
6:16 (4/26/93)  
6:17 (5/3/93)  
6:18 (5/10/93)c.1  
6:18 (5/10/93) c.2  
6:19 (5/17/93)  
6:20 (5/24/93) c.1  
6:20 (5/24/93) c.2  
6:21 (5/31/93) c.1  
6:21 (5/31/93) c.2  
6:22 (6/7/93)  
6:23 (6/14/93)  
6:24 (6/21/93)  
6:25 (6/28/93)  
6:26 (7/5/93)  
6:27 (7/12/93)  
6:28 (7/19/93)  
6:29 (7/26/93)  
6:30 (8/2/93)  
6:31 (missing)  
6:32 (missing)  
6:33 (8/23/93) c.1  
6:33 (8/23/93) c.2