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Schandler Family Collection
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Includes documents, correspondence, clippings, postcards, and photographs related to the Schandler family, Joseph Schandler's activities with the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, and the Asheville Flood of 1916.
Located in Special Collections, Row 7, Section 6.
Jewish merchants were in Asheville very early in the twentieth century as evidenced by the Schandler family of David and Sarah Salem Schandler who had a business in the city by 1906. Many individuals recalled the business run by Aaron Schandler their son, called the "Pickle Barrel". One remembrance was recorded in the Asheville Citizen on Thursday 22, 1981 of Margaret W. Willett, Waynesville who said of Schandler's shop: "...As an out-of-town shopper it was always a pleasure to go into the Pickle Barrel -- a shop filled with many unusual items and delicious food. However, I found my purchases ranked quite secondary to the good feelings I carried away with me after receiving unfailing courtesy and sincere and friendly attention to my needs both from him and from all of this employees ... I found myself postponing purchasing items readily available in the large sterile malls and bigger stores preferring to experience these kindnesses which are almost totally absent in the larger establishments...when pros and cons of yet another of these impersonal conglomerates are being considered for downtown Asheville, I hope its residents will remember, among other things, the intangible and valuable merits of the many small shops with their unique flavor, and their warmth and appreciation of your business... Mr. Schandler's ... epitomized the best of these traditions of dedication to these virtues..."

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Biographical Note

David Schandler came to Asheville from New York city in 1906 and opened a cigar store and a handkerchief factory that became the Oak Street Cash Store. The cigar store stood where the annex to the First Baptist Church is located today and the upper floor of the building was also the home of the early Schandlers. Mrs. David Schandler was born Sarah Salem, daughter of Fannie F. and David Salem in Mitau, Kurland, Latvia in 1890. [She] came to the U.S. in 1905 where she married David S. Schandler in 1910 in Chicago, Ill. [She has been] a resident of Asheville since 1912.

They had one daughter, Ester Ruth Schandler Fox, Asheville; and five sons, Aaron Schandler, Asheville, NC; Joseph Schandler, Asheville, NC; Jack Schandler, Scranton, PA; Seymour Schandler, Sherman Oaks, CA; and Herbert Schandler, US Army Lt. Col.

Mrs. Schandler has been a member of the Congregation Beth Israel since 1912 and the Sisterhood. She is also a member of Hadassah, Council of Jewish Women, Cheerio Club.

Mr. Aaron Schandler was the son of the late David and Sarah Salem Schandler and was born in Buncombe County in 1913, the oldest of five sons. He graduated from Asheville-Biltmore College and later served for a time as the Alumni Association Vice-President. On the urging of his father, he visited his fifth cousin in New York following graduation and there fell in love and married his distant cousin Shirley "Lee" Senner. He remained in New York where he worked in the textile industry. A veteran of WWII, Schandler retired a lieutenant colonel after 27 years in active and reserve duty. He was on the board of directors of Beth Israel Synagogue and was a member of Chevro Kadisha. As a member of the Mid-City Merchants Association, Schandler began his business career at the Oak Street Cash Store in 1947 when his father called him home from New York to run the business founded by his father in 1906. He nurtured the business into the "Pickle Barrel" a fancy grocery and delicatessen at 50 Broadway, Asheville in 1963. His delicatessen stocked ingredients for foreign dishes, and gourmet foods from around the world. He was a member of the board of directors of Mutual Distributing Co., was past president of the Gold Nugget Investment Club and was past president of the Western North Carolina Chapter Reserve Officer Association.

He died October 17, 1981 while on a Caribbean cruise on the S.S. Norway to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary. An Aaron M. Schandler Memorial Scholarship was established at UNCA in his honor by the Alumni Association and awards were made annually to local residents majoring in business management at the university. [See Asheville Citizen-Times, Sun., Oct. 18, 1981.]

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Jack and Debbie Longren Schandler, Linda Newman (daughter of Aaron Schandler)

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Jewish businesses ; small business ; merchants ; grocery stores ; economics ; Sol Schuman ; Jewish humor ; postcards ; 1916 flood ; synagogues ; Congregation Beth Israel ; Jewish Youth ; youth organizations ; AZA

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Collection Inventory

Folder 1: Family History

Biographical note on Mrs. Schandler and sons, n.d.

Letter from David Schandler to son Aaron, June 20, 1931.

Newspaper clipping (photocopy), editorial on Aaron Schandler by Elizabeth Kdan, n.d.

Letters of condolence to Mrs. Aaron Schandler, Noember 1981.

Letter to Mickey, Turdy, and Linda, March 6, 1968.

Newspaper clipping (photocopy), "Aaron M. Schandler, Merchant, Dies at 68," Asheville Citizen-Times, October 18, 1981.

Newspaper clipping, "A Memorial To Schandler," by Nancy Brower, Asheville Citizen-Times, January 24, 1982.

Newspaper clipping, "Aaron Schandler, Merchant," by Margaret W. Willett, Asheville Citizen-Times, October 22, 1981.

Folder 2: B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, Documents

Budget for the North Carolina Council, 1963-1964

Winter Executive Meeting, October 5, 1963.

Schedule for Winter Council

Constitution of the North Carolina Council of B'nai B'rith Youth Organization.

Judaism in Social Action: A Newsletter, June 1963.

Letter from Jerry Carver, District #5 BBYO Director to Dr. Joseph Schandler, March 22, 1961.

Summary of recent travel through the district from Jerry Carver to commissioners and BBYO committee members, April 3, 1962.

Preplanning for Summer Council BBYO Convention, from Marcia Weinstein to council discussion leaders and steering committee members, 1963.

The Problem of Youth Conventions in BBYO: Are there too many conventions? n.d.

BBYO convention notice, June 5, 1962.

Letter from Ricky Wainer to parents of convention attendees, November 19, 1962.

Report of the Citizens' Committee on Youth Activities of Greensboro, North Carolina, October 1963.

Letter from Mark LeVine to Joseph Schandler, n.d.

Schedule for Winter Council, n.d.

North Carolina Council Convention registration form.

Discussion Groups, lists of names.

International Convention Scholarship form.

North Carolina Council Convention schedule, July 9-July 13, 1963.

Survey on the Proposed National Service Corps, n.d.

The Challenger, Volume 9, Number 4, n.d.

Application for N.C. BBYO Israel Scholarship, Marilyn Laura Alper, n.d.

Code of Ethics, n.d.

Directory, Charimen for Summer Council Convention.

Schedule for Summer Council Convention.

AZA-BBG Convention Health Certificate form.

Constitution of the North Carolina Council of B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, n.d.

AZA Godol (newsletter), November 1962.

Schedule for District #5 AZA-BBG Convention, June 21-26,1963.

Schedule for Winter Council.

North Carolina BBYO Council Special Report to District V Concerning Summer Council Convention, June 11-15.

Letter from Ronnie Taylor to Dodi and Jerry, February 4, 1962.

Reorganization of geography and structure of the Southern Region, from Jerry Carver to Bernard Spector, April 9, 1962.

Letter from Jerry Carver to commissioners and committee members, March 15, 1963.

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation Newsletter.

Notice to advisers of B'nai B'rith Youth Chapters in North Florida, January 30, 1962.

Code of Ethics, n.d.

Notice regarding Winter Convention, November 1, 1962.

Summer executive meeting, March 18, 1961.

General letter from B'nai B'rith Youth Committee regarding meeting to discuss holding the Summer Convention in Asheville.

General letter from Joseph Schandler regarding the Summer Convention, June 20, 1962.

Questionnaire for conventioneers with information sheet on agendas of President Kennedy, the extremist left, and the extremist right, June 1963

Six Year Report and Final One for Present National BBYO Commissioner Representing the District #5 Grand Lodge B'nai B'rith, n.d.

Announcement for Winter convention, November 1, 1962.

Constitution of the North Carolina BBYO Council, Revised 1959.

Letter from Marcia [Weinstein?] to Joseph Schandler, June 3, 1963.

Memorandum to District and Regional Directors from Max F. Baer, June 10, 1963.

BBYO Advisor Fact Sheet: The BBYO Sabbath Policy, n.d.

Folder 3: B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, Correspondence

Blank letterhead of Dr. Joseph Schandler, Optometrist.

Letter from Rabbi Joseph Asher to Dr. Joseph Schandler, December 4, 1961.

Letter from Rabbi Joseph Asher to Dr. Joseph Schandler, November 24, 1961.

Letter from Alex E. Balzer to Dr. Joseph Schandler, February 19, 1962.

Correspondence between Carol Cohen and Joseph Schandler, September 1963.

Letter to Jerry Carver, November 26, 1961.

Letter from Al Klein to Joseph Schandler, November 22, 1961.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Al Klein, November 29, 1961.

Letter from Al Klein to Jerry Carver, December 12, 1961.

Letter to Jerry Carver, December 4, 1961.

Letter from Alber J. Jacobson, Certified Public Accountant, to Joseph Schandler, November 29.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Joseph Schandler, Al Klein, and Ed Pizer, November 24, 1961.

Correspondence between Rabbi Joseph Asher, Phil Datnoff, and Ronnie Taylor, November 10, 1961.

Letter from Joseph Schandler to Rabbi Joseph Asher, November 30, 1961.

Letter from Gerald Kaynard to Jerry Carver, October 8, 1962.

Letter from Robert C. Kohler to Cheryl Rubinstein, January 31, 1962.

Correspondence between Mark LeVine and convention coordinators, n.d.

Letter from Earl M. Schrier to Robbert Winner, May 28, 1963.

Memorandum from Diane Battist to Dr. Joseph Schandler, August 15, 1963.

Letter to Jerry Carver, May 16, 1963.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Al Klein, March 6, 1963.

Letter to Aleph Bill Elfenbein, May 19, 1963.

Newspaper clipping and photo, "The first Community Service Award ever to be given by Asheville Jaycees was awarded to Dr. Joseph Schandler...," Asheville Citizen-Times, n.d.

Letter from Robert M. Kriegsman, D.D.S., to Joseph Schandler, November 27, 1963.

Letter from I.D. Blumenthal to Dr. Joseph Schandler, January 23, 1964.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Dr. Joseph Schandler, March 16, 1964.

Letter from Morris Leder to Dr. Joseph Schandler, May 12, 1964.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Morris Leder, April 23, 1964.

Letter from Joseph Schandler to Jerry Carver, November 13, 1962.

Letter from Joseph Schandler to Jerry Carver, n.d.

Notice from Joseph Schandler for BBYO convention to be held in Charlotte June 10-13, 1962.

Letter from Al Klein to Joseph Schandler, May 16, 1962.

Letter of appreciation from Joseph Schandler in regard to the BBYO summer convention, June 20, 1962.

Letter from Mark LeVine to Joseph Schandler, June 15, 1962.

Correspondence between Glenn Datnoff and Joseph Schandler, January 1963.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Joseph Schandler, March 7, 1963.

Correspondence between Jerry Carver and Mark Levine, March 1963.

Letter from Rabbi Joseph H. Levine to Joseph Schandler, March 12, 1963.

Letter from Ronald Taylor to Israel Scholarship Committee, April 2, 1963.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Rose Weisman, April 3, 1962.

Letter from Al Klein to Harry Rulnick, April 1963.

Letter from Joseph Schandler to Jerry Carver, March 5, 1963.

Correspondence between Joseph Schandler and Ronnie Taylor, March 1963.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Ronnie Taylor, January 24, 1962.

Letter from Ronnie Taylor to Joseph Schandler, May 14, 1962.

Letter from Candy Bernard to Joseph Schandler, June 1963.

Letter to Joseph Schandler, June 27, 1963.

Letter from Richard H. Lobenthal to Dr. Joseph Schandler, May 27, 1963.

Installation of Officers Ceremony program, n.d.

Letter from Joseph Schandler to Mark LeVine, October 31, 1962.

Letter from Joseph Schandler to Bob [Kohler?], November 29, 1962.

Winter Council schedule, November 22-25.

Letter from Jerry Carver to Joseph Schandler, May 20, 1963.

Correspondence between Mark LeVine, Ricky Wainer, and Joseph Schandler, October 29, 1962.

Folder 4: B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, Newsletters and Pamphlets

Brochure, "North Carolina B'nai B'rith Association and the District Grand Lodge No. 5 Present the Sixteenth Annual Institute of Judaism, July 14-18, 1963."

A.I.T. Manual of the Aleph Zadik Aleph for the Aleph-in-Training, n.d.

General Information about the BBYO International Bowling Tournament, March 3-10, 1963.

The BBYO Advisor (newsletter), March-April 1962.

The Schmooser (newsletter), n.d.

The Schmooser (newsletter), November 14, 1963.

1963-1964 Etta Spieritual B.B.G. (newsletter)

Natanya Journal (newsletter), n.d.

The 1963-1964 North Carolina BBYO State Roster, November 1963.

Notice from Joseph Schandler and housing list for the 1963 Winter Council, n.d.

Letters from Jerry Carver to discussion leaders and BBYO chapter advisers for preparation of the Southern Region Convention, September 27, 1960.

Aleph-in-Training Evaluation Test, n.d.

Registration sheet, North Carolina BBYO Summer Council Convention and Charlotte Sweetheart Dance, June 10-14

North Carolina BBYO Council Spring Executive Meeting, March 16-18, 1962.

"...Inside Information, a manual of information for members of Aleph Zadik Aleph of the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization," n.d.

"A Jewish Mother's Story on A Lesson in Growing Up: Based on the Experiences of an AZA Member," n.d.

Program, District Grand Lodge Five B'nai B'rith Men and Women Annual Convention, June 15-19, 1963.

Advising B'nai B'rith Youth, Chapter 7: What Makes a Group Tick?, 1959.

Folder 5: Postcards and Ephemera

Postcard announcement: "Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Schandler invite you to be present at the Briss Miloh ceremony of their son, Thursday, July 17th, 1913."

Business card, A 'n L's Hobbicraft, Inc.

Business card, Schandler's Pickle Barrel, Operated by Oak Street Cash Store, Inc.

R.B. Cigar Advertisement and Joke Book

Postcard, "New Year Greetings."

Postcard, "New Year Greetings."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year."

Greeting card, "A Happy New Year." Inside: "May the new year bring you more peace happiness and prosperity than ever before."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year: Confirmation."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year."

Oak Street Grocery ink blotter: Morton's Iodized Salt.

Program, Graduation Exercises, Biltmore Junior College, Friday May 27, 1932.

Postcard, "Pisgah Motor Road 'In Land of Sky,' Western, N.C."

Postcard, "Autos at Summit, Sunset Mountain, Asheville, N.C."

Postcard, "A quaint pottery in North Carolina."

Postcard, "Langren Hotel, Asheville, N.C."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year: Bring in the year with the Shofar."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year: Daniel in der Lowengrube."

Postcard, "A Happy New Year: The daughter of Zion."

Postcard: "A Happy New Year: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden."

Postcard: "A Happy New Year: Samson and Delilah."

Postcard: "A Happy New Year: The Shofar, Morris Rosenfeld." Translation provided by Yeshaya Metal

Postcard Folio, "Souvenir of the U.S. Army."

Postcard, "Hurrah! For the Fourth of July."

Postcard, "Oh, where treads the foot that would falter for thee!"

Postcard, "This is a day of memory, 'Tis Freedom's Jubilee!"

Postcard, "Still whatever fate betide us, Children of the flag are we!"

Postcard, "Pro Patria - Independence Hall and Liberty Bell."

Postcard, "With Freedom's soil beneath our feet, And Freedom's banner streaming o'er us."

Postcard, "Signing of the Declaration of Independence."

Postcard, "The 'Spirit of '76'."

Postcard, "Call to Arms - American Revolution."

Postcard, "Boston Tea Party, December 16, 1773."

Postcard, "Paul Revere's Ride, April 18, 1775."

Postcard, "Minute Men, American Revolution."

Postcard, "Viewing the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775."

Postcard, "Thanksgiving Greetings."

Postcard, "Thanksgiving Day: 'I'm the popular birdie. All right! All right!'"

Postcard, "Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving: Landing of the Pilgrims."

Postcard: "Thanksgiving Greetings."

Postcard: "A Happy & Cordial Thanksgiving."

Postcard: "Heartiest Congratulations."

Postcard: "Heartiest Congratulations."

Postcard, "A Merry Christmas."

Postcard, "A Happy Birthday."

Folder 6: Photographs, Family

Photograph, Aaron Schandler in the Pickle Barrel delicatessen, 1973.

Photograph, Aaron Schandler in front of Schandler's Delicatessen at 47 Oak Street, c. 1950s.

Photograph, Grandpa Daniel Senner from New York. Born in Riga, Latvia, he came to live with his daughter "Lee" and Aaron Schandler in Asheville, c. March 1959.

Photograph, 40th anniversary of Aaron and "Lee" Schandler, August 6, 1951, Battery Park Hotel, Asheville.

Photograph, Aaron, Herbie, Jack, Joseph "Dody", Seymour, Grandpa, Rick, n.d.

Photograph, Schandler sons and daughter: [standing] Joseph "Dody," Herb, Seymour, Jack, Aaron; [seated] Ruth Schandler. Taken at parents' 50th anniversary celebration.

Photograph, Debbie and Jack Schandler in Navy Uniform [I.J.'s niece and husband], n.d.

Photograph, Annabelle Londner Chasen and Fay Schulman Lodner Mana [Debbie's mother (Fay) and sister], 1934.

Photograph, Fay and I.J. Londner [Debbie's parents], n.d.

Photograph, Nancy and Seymore Schandler in Biltmore Hotel, 1960.

Photograph, Jack and Debbie Schandler, 1943.

Photograph, David and Sarah Schandler, 1960.

Photograph, Debbie Schandler, Barney Schulman (Debbie's uncle), Jack Schandler, Pauline Kay Schulman (Debbie's aunt, Barney's wife), Canton, NC, n.d.

Photograph, Fay and I.J. Londner and Debbie [in arms], Hickory, NC, c.1922-23.

Photograph, [Debbie Schandler's children] Jon and Amy Schandler, n.d.

Photograph, 50th anniversary of Aaron and Sarah Schandler at the Battery Park Hotel, 1960. Left to right in front: Aaron, Sarah, David, Esther, Ruth.

Photograph, David Schandler sons Hubert, Jack, and Joseph "Dody," 1960.

Photograph, Mr. Schandler and Aaron in front of Schandler Store future site, 1915.

Photograph, Pauline Schulman and Fay Schulman Londner, n.d.

Photograph, Barney Schulman, Pauline Schulman, I.J. Londner, n.d.

Photograph, Pauline Kay Schulman and Dick Schulman, n.d.

Photograph, Pauline Schulman, Dick Schulman, Barney Schulman, n.d.

Photograph, I.J. Londner, Barney Schulman, Jake Plisher [Fay's brother-in-law, Rose's husband], n.d.

Photograph, Fay Schulman Londner and I.J. Londner, n.d.

Photo album, Mom and Pop Schandler, 40th Anniversary, August 6, 1951.

Photograph, 40th anniversary celebration, August 6, 1951. Front: Steve, Judy Fox, Bob Jacks, Trudy, Jimmy, [M?]. Middle: Aaron, Lee, Gene, Linda, Grandpa, Senner, Richard. Back: Herb, Dody, Jack, John, Debbie, Morris.

Photograph, group. Front row: Grandma Sarah Schandler, Grandpa David Schandler, Deek. Back row: Aaron, Herbie, Jack, Dody.

Photo collage, photographs taken at the 40th anniversary celebration.

Photo collage, Schandler family children.

Photo collage, Schandler family children outside.

Folder 7: Photographs, 1916 Flood

Photograph, David Schandler and partner Logan at Pack Theater, n.d. Schandler and his partner built the Pack Theater, which became the Plaza Theater at 2 Biltmore Ave., and was lost in the Depression c.1928-29.

Photograph, Roadway with three people, n.d.

Photograph, Lime train on fire, said to have "burnt all day long," 1916.

Photograph, Glen Rock Hotel, 1916.

Photograph, Smith's Bridge, 1916.

Photograph, Two men standing with Civil War mortar.

Photograph, Gas plant, 1916.

Photograph, Southern Depot, 1916.

Photograph, Tree showing high water mark, 1916.

Photograph, Concrete bridge with gasoline tanks against it, 1916.

Photograph, "You will know this place," 1916.

Photograph, House leaning among wreckage and debris, 1916.

Photograph, Light plant, 1916.

Photograph, Southern Coal Company, 1916.

Photograph, Concrete bridge, 1916.