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Jody Barber Photographic Collection


Junaluska Lake, the assembly grounds of the Southern Methodists [view of the lake and mountains]
 - A.F. Baker, photographer. Jody Barber Photographic Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, UNC Asheville 28804

Title Jody Barber Photographic Collection
Identifier http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/photo/barber/default_barber.htm
Creator Jody Barber (1923-2001)
Alt. Creator Arthur Farrington (A.F.) Baker
Armitage Farrington Baker, Sr. (1889-1980)
Subject Keyword A.F. Baker ; Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr. ; Allessandro Bassano ; Hendersonville, NC ; Asheville, NC ; Great Depression ; Fleetwood Hotel ; 
Subject LCSH Barber, Armitage Farrington, Sr. (1889-1980)
Baker, Arthur Farrington (A.F.)
Bassano, Alexander
Hendersonville (N.C.) -- History -- Pictorial works
Asheville (N.C.) -- History -- Pictorial works
Depressions -- 1929 -- North Carolina -- Pictorial works
Description Photographic views of Hendersonville and the surrounding area taken by members of the Barber family, who have lived in the area since the 1880's.Collection arranged by photographic type and by subject. Contains 22 positive prints taken from original glass plate negatives, negatives, photo-album pages (4), 1 audio tape (90 min). The content is largely Hendersonville and environs, with many views of Asheville.
Date Original  
Date Digital 2001-05-11
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Jody Barber and  family ;  Southern Highlands Research Center
Type Collection ; Text
Format One document box ; 22 photographic prints, 4  8 X 10 negatives, 4 photograph album pages ; 22 positive prints taken from original glass plate negatives ; 4 negatives, 4 original photograph album pages with miscellaneous prints (recto and verso), one 90 min. audio tape (included in the SHRC oral histories collection). Original plates and negatives returned to the Barber family who retain the rights for the images.
Source P78.6.1
Language English
Relation Related to SHRC Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr. Oral History ; R.H. Scadin Photographic Collection [photographs and diaries] ; E. M. Ball Photographic Collection [photographs of Hendersonville area and Barber orchards] ; various oral histories. See also: Gresham, Dorothy. "A Mountain Village of the Southland [Hendersonville]," Catholic World. Vol. 56, issue 332, Nov. 1892, pp. 158-164 and Henry G. Pettitt, "The Saga of Mountain Lily," in Steamboat Bill, Spring 1993, pp. 35-37. For history of Hendersonville see, Frank L. Fitzsimons, From the Banks of the Oklawaha, Hendersonville, NC: Golden Glow Pub. Co. 1976-79.
Coverage c.1880's - 1920's ; Hendersonville, NC
Rights Copyright retained by the authors of the items in the collection, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
Donor Donor Number 46
Acquisition  1978-10-09
Citation  Jody Barber Photographic Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Processed by Southern Highlands Research Center staff 1978 and Special Collections staff 2001
1850's-1860's Bassano Studios thrive, London, UK. A.F. Baker works for Bassano Studios (dates unknown).
1880's  Barber family moves to Hendersonville area
1884  A. F. Baker opens studios in Rock Hill and Chester, SC
1900  A.F. Baker makes Hendersonville studio a year-round enterprise
1930 Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr. assumes ownership of A.F. Baker's Hendersonville business

Egerton "Jody" Barber (1923-2001) was a native of western North Carolina. Born and raised in Henderson County, he was the son of Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr. (1889-1980) and Percha McCullouch Barber (1891-1958). Jody Barber was an avid flyer and during WWII he served in the Army Air Corps and later as the first Commander of the Civil Air Patrol in Hendersonville and as a flight instructor at the regional airport. During his lifetime, Barber received numerous awards for public service, including the Governor's Award for volunteerism. He was active on many local boards, including the Downtown Hendersonville, Inc. Revitalization Board and the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce. As a leader of many committees, including the Downtown Revitalization Committee, the Downtown Merchants Association, Hendersonville Lions Club, the Hendersonville Apple Festival Committee, and others, Barber played a significant role in shaping the direction of the city of Hendersonville.  He enjoyed music and a good time and in the '40s promoted street music and dances in Hendersonville. He played a tuba for both the Hendersonville Symphony and the Hendersonville Community Band. When Jody Barber died on January 25, 2001 at the age of 77, his obituary noted that "He will always be known as a historian, lecturer and revitalizer." 

Context :

The first member of the family to establish a photography studio in Hendersonville was Arthur Farrington (A.F.) Baker, an Englishman. He toured the Southeast with his brothers who were music teachers and piano salesmen and tuners. Unlike his brothers, A.F. Baker's real love was photography which he had studied in London under Alexander Bassano [Studio Bassano*]. He soon opened photographic studios in Chester and Rock Hill, S. C., and in 1884 a summer studio in Hendersonville. Before long, Baker made the North Carolina studio a year-round enterprise and operated it successfully after 1900 with the help of his relative, Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr.. The Barbers were English relatives of Bakers who had settled in western North Carolina early in the century. Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr. assumed control of Baker's studio in 1930 when A.F. Baker turned the business over to him. After some rough years during the Great Depression, the business gradually expanded and became a complete photo service store under the guidance of  Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr.

Photography at the turn of the century benefited from the advances of the previous decades and was largely a dry-plate process. In his oral interview Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr. indicates that that A.F. Baker's work represented the first efforts at dry-plate processing in Western North Carolina. He also elaborates on the use of various flash techniques that were used from the turn of the century to the early 1930's. The examples of photographic technique and notes in the collection indicate that Mr. Baker and Barber experimented with the latest photographic equipment. For example, many of the album page photographs are taken with a Premo Jr. #2A, a state of the art camera in 1914 when it was first manufactured by the Rochester Optical Company. The camera was not produced after 1922.

The Barbers have lost some of the family's photographs and glass plates by fire, but still possess a remarkable photographic collection of Hendersonville and its environs. The Center's collection consists of selected prints made from negatives of glass plates lent by the Barbers. They represent largely the work of A.F. Baker and Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr.

According to Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr., his relative A. F. Baker (or "Uncle Baker" as the family called him), studied at the Bassano Studios, founded by Alexander (Allessandro) Bassano (b. 1829), a Victorian photographer and amateur sculptor whose first established his studio at 122 Regent Street in London in the 1850's.  Following several re-locations, during which the studio kept the Bassano name, it was finally merged with another Victorian studio, that of Elliott & Fry in 1863.  Listed in The Photographic Studios of Europe compiled by H. Baden Pritchard, the Bassano Studio specialized in  portraiture and was reported to have been one of London's leading portraiture studios. A brief list of sitters attests to the leading reputation of the studio. Sitters included in the combined repertoire of Bassano and Elliot & Fry included: Queen Victoria, Paderewski, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Richard Wagner, Franz Lizt, Longfellow, Thomas Carlyle, the last Zulu king, Cetshwayo, Lloyd George, Gladstone, and others. For an overview of the Bassano and Elliot & Fry Studios see :  Bevis Hillier. Victorian Studio Photographs: From the Collections of Studio Bassano and Elliott & Fry, London. Boston: David R. Godine, 1976. A.F. Baker's participation in the studio is not clear, nor is the length of time known that he may have had contact with the Bassano Studios. What is known is that while in the United States Baker made a respectable living as a portraitist though few of his portraits are represented in this surrogate collection.


Container Item #   Description
    bar001  20-5-1
Train Wreck, Hendersonville, N.C. 1895. Wreck of work train while building Hendersonville-Toxaway Railroad in 1895.  bar001.jpg (290600 bytes)
bar002     Train Wreck, Hendersonville, N.C. 1895. Another view of work train wreck seen in bar001.  bar002.jpg (388277 bytes)
bar003   Main Street , Hendersonville.  bar003.jpg (283744 bytes)
bar004   Globe Street Hotel, Hendersonville  (3 duplicates)  bar004.jpg (287085 bytes)
bar005   Fleetwood Hotel

bar005.jpg (336971 bytes)

bar006   Aerial View, Hendersonville,  looking West. In upper left hand corner is the Fleetwood Hotel located on Jump-Off Mountain, now the site of residential housing. Photo taken between 1926-1928.  bar006.jpg (337396 bytes)
bar007  20-5-1
2nd Avenue East, Hendersonville, N.C.  (2 duplicates) bar007.jpg (218642 bytes)
   bar008   Main Street, Hendersonville (3 duplicates) The buildings in the foreground are still standing. bar008.jpg (338530 bytes)
bar009   Southern Railway Station  (4 duplicates) bar009.jpg (256954 bytes)
bar010   Southern Railway Station, showing remodel bar010.jpg (252243 bytes)
bar011   Flave Hart Loading Center, Hendersonville (2 duplicates) Produce market was across tracks from passenger station. People came on Saturdays bringing their crops, mostly cabbage and apples to be loaded on the train. bar011.jpg (330038 bytes)
bar012  20-5-1
Mountain Lily  paddleboat bar012.jpg (316308 bytes)
bar013  20-5-1
Ox-drawn Farm Wagon  bar013.jpg (262300 bytes)
bar014   Mining Fever, Hendersonville. Mining for zircon, 7 miles south of Hendersonville, near Tuxedo.  bar014.jpg (463380 bytes)
bar015  20-5-1
Unidentified negative - bar015.jpg (249358 bytes)
bar016  20-5-1
Unidentified home - Hendersonville, NC
bar016.jpg (340439 bytes)
  bar017   Unidentified negative bar017.jpg (415046 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar018   Oakley Summer Hotel with canas, Hendersonville, N.C.. The Oakley Summer Hotel was administered by Captain Wofford. The name of the Hotel was later changed to the Florida Home. bar018.jpg (351735 bytes)
  bar019 ? -  [Unidentified home] bar019.jpg (316151 bytes)
  bar020   Unidentified home, same as in bar017 bar020.jpg (435042 bytes)
  bar021 ? Unidentified home, as as in bar019 bar021.jpg (325214 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar022   Photo Album Pages - Page 1 (recto)
  bar022a   Courthouse at Statesville, NC [1914] bar022a.jpg (192602 bytes)
bar022b   Southern Train # 11, Black Mt., NC    1914  bar022b.jpg (160692 bytes)
bar022c   Monument [Civil War] at Statesville, NC with Courthouse to rear

bar022c.jpg (205688 bytes)

  bar022d   Confederate Civil War Monument, Shelby, NC  1914 

bar022d.jpg (183109 bytes)

P78.5.1 bar023   Photo Album Pages - Page 1 (verso)
  bar023a   View in Asheville, NC [with streetcars] bar023a.jpg (172353 bytes)
bar023b   View in Asheville, NC - [old fire station] bar023b.jpg (158245 bytes)
bar023c   View in Asheville, NC  [fountain, city center]

bar023c.jpg (195251 bytes)

bar023d   View in Asheville, NC   [Vance Monument] bar023d.jpg (185005 bytes)
bar023e   View in Asheville,  NC  [fountain, city center]  bar023e.jpg (157536 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar024   Photo Album Pages - Page 2 (recto



bar024.jpg (237707 bytes)
  bar024a   French Broad River and Southern Railway, Marshall, NC 1914  [river view] bar024a.jpg (348680 bytes)
bar024b   French Broad River and Southern Railway, Marshall, NC 1914 [view of downtown Marshall]  bar024b.jpg (414443 bytes)
bar024c   French Broad River and Southern Railway, Marshall, NC 1914 [railroad view]  bar024c.jpg (353597 bytes)
bar024d   French Broad River and Southern Railway, Marshall, NC 1914 [river and town]  bar024d.jpg (175266 bytes)
bar024e   French Broad River and Southern Railway, Marshall, NC 1914 [river view]  bar024e.jpg (162278 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar025   Photo Album Pages - Page 2 (verso) bar025.jpg (217657 bytes)
bar025a   Mrs. Guel. Piekeh [?]  [1914]

bar025a.jpg (361461 bytes)

bar025b   A.K. Joy and daughter [1914] bar025b.jpg (373949 bytes)
bar025c   "Some 'Snaps" of the people connected with the Alkalush Chautauguas [sic] - Summer of 1914

Newcomb and Bryan of Hickory, NC

bar025c.jpg (436545 bytes)

P78.5.1 bar026   Photo Album Pages - Page 3 (recto) bar026.jpg (515070 bytes)
  bar026a   [Photo of 3 unidentified men] bar026a.jpg (370336 bytes)
bar026b   "Pickaninny" Commencement, N. Wilksboro, NC, 4-2 bar026b.jpg (416518 bytes)
bar026c   [Sign on building, Asheville 1914, Uneeda Biscuit] bar026c.jpg (175179 bytes)
bar026d   Am ....  [?]  photo [man standing next to wall] bar026d.jpg (363333 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar027   Photo Album Pages - Page 3 (verso)
  bar027a   [Unidentified photo]
bar027b   Monument at Bedford City, VA 4/14 bar027b.jpg (171433 bytes)
bar027c   Bill posting board, Asheville, NC 6-8-14 bar027c.jpg (179601 bytes)
bar027d   Leaving Blacksburg, VA, Apl.[sic] 20th,  1914 bar027d.jpg (317120 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar028   Photo Album Pages - Page 4 (recto)
  bar028a   [Man and boy, standing in front of Vance Monument, Asheville, NC] bar028a.jpg (172086 bytes)
bar028b   [Vance Monument and old library, Asheville, NC] bar028b.jpg (160297 bytes)
bar028c   [Vance Monument and surrounding buildings, Asheville, NC] bar028c.jpg (201437 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar029   Photo Album Pages - Page 4 (verso) bar029.jpg (273354 bytes)
  bar029a   "Did you ever eat at the Kentucky Home?"  bar029a.jpg (181090 bytes)
bar029b   Views snapped with Premo Jr. #2 A. [men working on road at Hendersonville, NC summer 1914] bar029b.jpg (180119 bytes)
bar029c   At Hendersonville, NC, summer 1914 [roadwork] bar029c.jpg (382080 bytes)
  bar029d   Street work in  Hendersonville, NC, 1914 [roadwork in front of church] bar029d.jpg (180236 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar030   Photo Album Pages - Page 5 (recto) bar030.jpg (271718 bytes)
bar030a   [Two unidentified men, Hendersonville, NC ?] bar030a.jpg (336870 bytes)
bar030b   "Exposition of a Limb", showing skirt style, summer 1914  [woman getting on streetcar] bar030b.jpg (322380 bytes)
bar030c   [Two unidentified men, Hendersonville, NC ?] bar030c.jpg (350706 bytes)
bar030d   Roadwork in front of church, Hendersonville, NC (see above) bar030d.jpg (165513 bytes)
bar030e   [Street in Hendersonville, NC] bar030e.jpg (198533 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar031   Photo Album Pages - Page 5 (verso) bar031.jpg (201513 bytes)
bar031a   Waynesville, NC 1914 bar031a.jpg (351614 bytes)
bar031b   Rev. J.M. Bass at Waynesville, NC  bar031b.jpg (387585 bytes)
bar031c   Rev. J.M. Bass and his Singer at Waynesville, NC bar031c.jpg (415520 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar032   Photo Album Pages- Page 6 (recto) bar032.jpg (240094 bytes)
bar032a   "Granny" sells gum, peanuts, etc., on the streets of Waynesville, NC bar032a.jpg (405155 bytes)
bar032b   Junaluska Lake, the assembly grounds of the Southern Methodists [view of the lake and mountains] bar032b.jpg (164313 bytes)
bar032c   [View of Junaluska Lake with figure and trees in foreground] bar032c.jpg (163381 bytes)
  bar032d   Rev. Wilson of Oklahoma [and] Dr. Jenkins of Wesleyan College [third man unidentified] bar032d.jpg (422012 bytes)
P78.5.1 bar033   Photo Album Pages - Page 6 (verso) bar033.jpg (559416 bytes)
bar033a   1914 scenes along the French Broad River, Asheville to Marshall, NC  [river bend] bar033a.jpg (153595 bytes)
bar033b   1914 scenes along the French Broad River, Asheville to Marshall, NC [smoke in distance] bar033b.jpg (174500 bytes)
bar033c   1914 scenes along the French Broad River, Asheville to Marshall, NC [river shoal] bar033c.jpg (184966 bytes)
  bar033d   1914 scenes along the French Broad River, Asheville to Marshall, NC [river and bridge] bar033d.jpg (162758 bytes)
P78.5.1 Miscellaneous contact prints from originals held by the Hendersonville Historic Society.
Envelop 1    
  Strip 1 picture 1 Upper torso and head of man in suit and bow-tie with mustache, shoulders turned 3/4s, almost full face
    2 Duplicate of 1.1
    3 Young woman in ankle length striped dress, hat with feathers, by palm fronds
    4 Upper torso portrait of young man in suit/bow-tie, dark eyes, dark hair
    5 Duplicate of 1.4, overexposed .
  Strip2 picture 1 Men in band uniforms, playing instruments. To left, a small tuba, to right, a flute.
    2 [Studio Portrait] Standing studio portrait of older woman. Long sleeve dress with lace overlay. Long pearl necklace. 
    3 [Studio Portrait] Seated portrait of older woman in long sleeve dress with lace overlay and long pearl necklace.
    4 [Studio Portrait] Studio portrait of boy seated on bench wearing 3-piece suit. He is turned 3/4 with face in profile. 
    5 [Studio Portrait]  Full-face portrait of woman in long sleeve dress with long pearl necklace. (See 2, 3 above)
  Strip3 picture 1 [Studio Portrait] of three girls in Victorian dress standing. One on left holds doll, tallest girl in middle, girl on rt. holds roses.
    2 [Studio Portrait] Same as above. Studio portrait of three girls in Victorian dress standing. One on left holds doll, tallest girl in middle, girl on rt. holds roses.
    3 See Env. 1, Strip 8, Image 2. View from right of building. Building alone on street corner, full windows (of display) Tall, narrow sign reads 'Baker ...'  [Baker's photographic studio.]
    4 Same as above
    5 Studio portrait of smiling barefoot boy with hands in pockets, picture on chair.
  Strip4 Pict. 1 Studio portrait. Two women and 3 men dressed warmly among luggage. 
    2 Studio portrait. Three young men in WWI uniforms. One holds rifle.
    3 "Hendersonville, 1907" written on photo. Photo of all men band with brass and drums. 
    4 Large gathering with men on steps and on sidewalk by brick church. Church has tall stained glass over large arched doorway and to left of door a second stained glass window. 
    5 Kiwanis Club gathering in Hendersonville. Ladies stand behind costumed men (seated). Man on left dressed as Hitler and saluting. WWII
  Strip5 picture 1 [Hendersonville Band] Men gathered on a country road with band instruments (drums and various brass). Front of car to left of photo. Woman walking by buggy in back of group.
    2 Women and children in street. Boys on left and girls on right. Laughing and smiling. Houses and fence in background.
    3 Winter street scene. Snow piled in middle of street. Cars parked and one car in motion. Policeman and others standing in street. Carolina Theater on right.
    4 Front of Hotel Skyland in snow. Awning shown collapsed. Chamber of Commerce sign and cars.
    5 Ad for record by Hendersonville Male Quartet. Photo of members in tuxedos with names written on photo.
  Strip6 pict. 1 Victorian houses. Three stories with attic. Children seated on lawn of near house (all girls?) with two women. One seated to right with hat on and one standing behind children. Willow-ware benches to left of woman to right of children.
    2 Group of women on plank bridge by woods. All young. Two men visible to left of them, talking closely. 
    3 Same group of women as on bridge, above. Standing by a fence with two young men and three small boys. 
    4 House on street corner with people standing around it. Two porches and tall shuttered windows. Four women stand to left. Two seated on porch with one holding baby. Three men by porch, right. 
    5 Photo from street of house with women and baby on porch. Fence and house and street with two children by fence. Large tree by open gate. 
  Strip7 pict. 1 [Train Wreck] Duplicate of crew on collapsed bridge with locomotive. Men write on side of wrecked train. 
    2 [Tower on Hill] with rail fence. Men on observation tower. "Mount Hebron Tower', written on photograph, front. 
    3 Building on street corner, three stories high with white railed balcony on second and on third levels. Men and boys under covered porch on street level. Wagon and carriage to the left. 
    4 'Main Street' and 'Photos by Baker' on bottom of photo. View down center of street. Telegraph [?] electric [?] poles in middle of street.
    5 "The Colonial' and 'Photos by Baker' on bottom of photo. View of white house. Three stories with attic and dormers. People on porch, vines growing on porch. 
  Strip8 pict. 1 Photo from left of building. Street scene, bare trees. People standing in shop doorways. Horse and rider by curb, wagon by curb. 
    2 [Baker's Photographic Studio.] View from right of building. Building alone on street corner, full windows (of display) Tall, narrow sign reads 'Baker ...'  
    3 [Train Wreck] View of Creek. Trees in full leaf with collapsed railroad bridge and locomotive on left of image. 
     4 [Train Wreck] Crew of men on banks of creek by collapsed railroad bridge. Locomotive in water. Trees in full leaf.
    5 [Train Wreck] Crew on collapsed bridge and locomotive wreck below. Men write on side of engine. 
Envelop 2    
  Strip1 pict.1 View across road of white fence in front of open yard w/ barns on each side, sign on barn to left reads "ice". 2 men, 2 horses and wagon in yard. 
    2 [School Band ?] seated in four rows outside. Two men stand to right and students hold instruments. 
    3 Old couple stands in doorway of cabin by a road, small dooryard surrounded by plants. 
    4 Five men gathered in front of a stone building (2-story) marble columns support porch roof. Wide front yard with fountain in right foreground.
  Strip2 pict. 1 Bottom portion of building with rubble in foreground. Image is damaged.
    2 Image damaged.
    3 Teenage girls and boys in rows on steps of bldg. right side of picture washed out .
    4 Image damaged. Appears to be duplicate of Env. 1, Strip 7.2.
    5 "Wantaska Trust and Banking Co. and 'Photos by Baker', written on bottom of photo. Two-story building, first story with columns supporting the second story. Men stand on sidewalk, left side of windows says "Bank". 
  Strip3 pict.1 Gathering of men driving wagons on street. Bystanders on buildings behind wagons. Woman and man on balcony.
    2 [Soda Fountain] Inside view of lunch counter (lft.) with glass case on right. Shelves on both sides with full cabinets on back. Tiled ceiling. Soda fountain to left. 
    3 'American Legion, Hendersonville, N.C.' 'Herbert M. Smith Post' written on photo. Gathering of men and women in uniform on steps of ivy-covered brick building. All hold band instruments. Drum majors to left. Base drum reads, 
    4 [Train Wreck] Wreckage of derailed train in a valley. Stone trestle to left, locomotive on slope of a hill. Men stand around wreck.
    5 Same as above.
Envelop 3    
  Strip1 pict. 1         'Freeman's News Stand' & 'Hotel Bowen' Bldg. on street corner, cars parked & driven, people walk on sidewalk, signs on bldg. read 'Jennie Bowen', 
    'Hendersonville B.B.T  July 1908 Baseball Team (3 bats in foreground) in uniform with 2 others (coaches?0 
    Men holding instruments stand in semi-circle, child on left , bystanders in back .
    [ Justus Rexall Store ]. Men & boys (one man in long apron) stand on sidewalk & in store doorway. Above door 'Justus Rexall Store' , left window - Liggetts Chocolates', right window 'Rubber goods", fancy molding on posts by door.  From left: first two men unidentified, Frank Waldrop with hands on boy's shoulders ; Marion Trice in tie and apron ; Tom Shepherd in hat & tie ; unidentified man ; Louis Hesterly in suit , with arms folded ; last two unidentified . ] Fitzsimons. From the Banks of the Oklawaha, Vo1 II. p.48.]
      "The Swinging Group" Copy of e3s1p3 [as newspaper photo:  Hendersonville Band in the 1870's  . Organized in 1871 . Members are (L to R) : W. A. Smith , A . Ficker , W. B. Justus , J. M. Waldrop , W. H. Justus , C. C. Jordan , Dave Stradley and J. B. Livingston . Charles French Toms is the boy in the white dress .]
  Strip 2 pict. 1  'Methodist Episcopal Church, South' Shot of church from street.  Tall bell tower, columns by door
     'Southern (Railroad) Station'. Across street looking at train station, sign on roof says 'Hendersonville' four bystanders , car to left & right of station , train to left behind station. Both cars have women drivers .FitzSimons. From the Banks of ...Vol. II , p . 205.] 
     duplicate of e3 s1 p1
         duplicate of e3 s1 p2
     duplicate of  e3, s1 p3
   Strip 3  pict. 1


'Chimney Rock near Hendersonville, N. C.'  Shot looking up at Chimney Rock, 2 people at base ascending stairs .  Railing on top of rock . 


Across street, obelisk to left, classical style bldg. w/ columns & dome, labeled 'Henderson County Court House.'  [Obelisk identified as Confed- erate Monument in FitzSimons From the Banks of...[vol. I]. Ch. 33.]


Skyline shot of houses, (can see court house), labeled 'Bird's Eye View of Hendersonville, N.C.'  [ in upper right corner , copyright of H.W.P. ( Pelton - See Ewart Ball Photo Collection .) Also in FitzSimons . From the Banks of...Vol. II. P. 216 ] .
      Bldg. on street corner, cars on street (stopped) , 3 storys includes attic, many dormers, wide porch, people in cars and on porch , labeled' St. John Hotel ' [ FitzSimons . From the Banks of..., Vol . II . Pp. 257 - 259 .]
     Four story bldg. from street , balcony on 1 & 2nd stories , labeled ' Kentucky Home , Hendersonville, N.C.'  [FitzSimons . From the Banks of ...Vol.11 , Ch. 68 .]
   Strip 4 picture 1  Shot from downhill of white bldg .behind trees, stone supports show (no basement) steps to open door .
     Clipping from Western Carolina Tribune , Hendersonville , NC.  "Fleetwood Hotel Toll Gate Took in $100 Some Days" picture of A.H. Buckner and wife . [ FitzSimons . From The Banks of...[vol. I]. Ch. 96]. 
3  4, 5


Series of outdoor boxing match, ring set up , 2 fighters & official in ring , crowd in back , houses up hill . [Jack Dempsey & sparring partner near Indian Cave Lodge on Mt. Hebron. In FitzSimons . From The Banks of...[vol. I] , Ch. 94 .]  
    Strip 5 pict.
1 & 2 
[City Reservoir] Shot of lake & dam , muddy ground , labled "City Reservoir, Top of Echo Mt.' looks like they are pictures of a picture in a book .
     Portrait photo labeled  'Otis V. Powers, Chief Hendersonville Fire Department,'  wears uniform with bow-tie and hat with 'Chief' on it. Upper torso shot .  Picture of a picture. [Story in FitzSimons From the Banks of...Vol. II , pp. 61, 62 . ) 
       Portrait labeled 'Hon. W. M. Sherard, Mayor of Hendersonville,' upper torso shot , dark suit, tie.  [ FitzSimons . From the Banks of...Vol. II , pp . 61 , 62 .] 
    [Fleetwood Hotel] Construction scene, sandy ground with I-beam in foreground , others stacked in background . Worker to r. observe woman and [two] well-dressed men to l. She bent forward , gestures toward a tangle of cable. 2 more workers behind them .
   Strip6 pict. 1  Group shot of men & women in coats & hats in a semi circle on open, muddy ground .
     [Theater, Hendersonville] Interior of a theater, stage with curtain drawn, flanked by vertical panels of scrollwork and doorways draped with valences, much decoration (scrolls, carvings, lintels)
       [Theater, Hendersonville] Shot to side of theater (see e3 s6 p2) down rows of seats, statues in alcoves, balcony rail (carved) with potted plants on it & mural of outdoor tree line . [ Interior photo of Fleetwood Hotel ? See e3 s6 p4 ]
      [Fleetwood Hotel] Building under construction, piles of supplies on left, trucks on right (1930s?) bldg. has 2 side wings w/ the center section set forward , scaffold on roof & over front section. (Date at bottom of photograph June 11, 1926 , also Order # 8137 . )  [FitzSimons . From the Banks of..., vol. I , Ch . 96 .]
      [Fleetwood Hotel] On construction site. I-beam framework in back , supplies stacked, 2 men & 3 women , all with coats & hats , stand by bldg. in progress , man handing woman a striped cloth ( U.S. flag? )
   Strip7 pict.1


[Fleetwood Hotel] (See e3 s6 p4) supplies stacked on l , trucks to r , corner of sign on r . 'Fleetwo...Commodo...' the rest hard to read .
      [Fleetwood Hotel] Man & 3 women by steel frame for [ Fleetwood Hotel ] U.S. flag suspended by rope, he holds rope & 2 women steady flag, last woman holds rope .
     [Laurel Park Subdivision] Aerial view of town [ Hendersonville ] , large bldg [ Fleetwood Hotel ] on crest of hill back l., forest land below it and town .
      [Laurel Park Subdivision] Aerial view (see e3 s7 p3) of land with roads, woods & bldgs. [ Laurel Park subdivison under construction. Fleetwood Hotel ] on crest of hill in back .  [ FitzSimons. From the Banks of..., Vol. II. P. 265 .]
Envelop 4 
 Strip 1 pict. 1 [Laurel Lake ?] with evergreen trees by house on far bank, raised dock with covered boat storage from r., boat in l. foreground. [ Possibly Laurel Lake dance pavilion and recreational area described in FitzSimons . From the Banks of...[vol I] , p.211.]
    2 [Gathering at Waterfront, Laurel Lake ?] tree in back , cars parked along beach in back and foreground , bather by water in back r . US flags in foreground . [More cars than people on beach or in water. Most on the beach are fully dressed . See FitzSimons for story , Ch. 67, in From the Banks of...[vol. I]. ]
     3 [St. John Hotel] Three story house, incl. attic with porches on 1st & 2nd stories , light color , dark trim .  men & wagon on road to r .Woman on porch . "Hendersonville's first hotel , built in 1842 . Changed hands, remodeled and renamed until it burned as the St. John Hotel in October 1915 ."   See  FitzSimons . From the Banks of...[vol.1] pp. 255 - 261.]  
       4 Same house as e4 s1 p3 .
      5 [Ripley Hotel ?] Horses & passenger wagon in road by house with three chimneys and picket fence . Children in and on top of wagon . Woman, children to l. of horse. Men gathered on 2nd story porch of house, man seated on top of wagon , holding reins . [Early coach transportation for tourists at [remodeled Ripley Hotel ?] Hendersonville, NC . See story in FitzSimons . From the Banks of...[vol. I] Pp. 255 - 261 .]
    Strip 2  pict. 1 [View of Laurel Lake Canal]  Trees on either side with paths on the left and raised bank on the right  Connects Laurel Park Lake with Rainbow Lake . See FitzSimons . From the Banks of...[vol. I] . Ch. 67 .]
  2 'Southern Railway Station, Hendersonville, N C 569'.Picture of a picture, train tracks by a train station & covered waiting area. Men stand by a post & a street runs down r. side of shot.  Typed caption reads, 'Hendersonville Railroad Station (c.1910) That's the Candy Kitchen in the background' written in white at bottom left of photo is "Southern Railway Station, Hendersonville, N C 569." [ Seven men in photo, one in railroad uniform . Woman seated on bench in front of Candy Kitchen . FitzSimons . From the Banks of...[vol. I] p.193 .]
     3 'The Dummy' Laurel Park Railway, Hendersonville, NC. [Shot of locomotive pulling an open passenger car, brick bldg. in back. Typed caption 'Laurel park Dummy at 5th & Main Terminal ran between this point and Laurel Lake until 1917' . Written in white on picutre "The Dummy" Laurel Park Railway, Hendersonville, NC.  For the story, see Ch. 67 in FitzSimons . From the Banks of... vol. I].
    4 'Flave Hart Loading Produce, 1897'. [Gathering of horses & wagons. Bldg. in back l., train to r., African American men standing by wagon in foreground, one driving loaded wagon behind. Typed caption , "FLAVE HART LOADING PRODUCE , 1897 .  Produce market was across tracks from passenger station . Story behind picture in FitzSimons . From the Banks of..vol. I, pp. 93 , 94 .]
    5 [Mt. Lily.] Shot across water of a paddlewheel boat caught on bar or run aground. Person on rear of boat holding a plank that dips into the water . [ See 'The Mountain Lily' , partially submerged . FitzSimons . On the Banks of... vol . I,  pp. 200 - 201 .]
  Strip 3 pict. 1, 2 See e4 s2 p1
    3 e4 s1 p1
    4 e4 s1 p2
     5 e4 s1 p3
  Strip 4 pict. 1 State Bank of Commerce [Brick bldg. on corner, brick finials on roof . Men stand on sidewalk , fire hydrant &  lamp-post by street . Sign on bldg. reads 'State Bank of Commerce' . Boy (with crutches?) leans on bldg. with man & another boy . Another store attaches to left wall of bank . Later became Rose Pharmacy Building . FitzSimons. From the Banks of...Vol. II. Ch. 10 .]
     2 ['Women's Exchange' & 'Daily Hustler Building] Brick bldg. with arched windows, men & boys on sidewalk. Sign on bldg. to l. 'Women's Exchange'. To r. of door , vertical sign 'Hustler Office' ; on window , Daily Hustler business office' below window 'Job Printing' . Two boys hold newspaers.
    3 'Baker's London Art Gallery' [White clapboard bldg. with awning on side & pictures displayed under awning. Sign on roof reads, 'Baker's London Art Gallery' , sign on ground 'M M Shepherd' . Pictures in front of bldg., bike by small tree, men leaning against bldg. Later photograph of same building in FitzSimons  From the Banks of... vol. I,  p. 273 . In Vol. II, p. 30]
    4 'Actually Pickens' [Gathering of adults & children by ox-drawn trolley, brick bldg. in back. Typed caption 'Actually Pickens' Streetcar was drawn by a mule team . "No doubt the oxen were borrowed to add color to this nostalgic resurrection ." says Fitzsimons in From the Banks of... vol. I, p.202 for photo of original street car and more information on Col. Pickens and Pickens' Hill.]
    5 [View of Railroad Tracks] Down rail lines shows telegraph poles on l . boy by a pole . Street to l., wagon far back , children to r. of tracks , bldgs. to far right.
  strip 5 pict.
1 & 2
[Miniature wagon] drawn by calves in street, bldg. (store) with men & children in back , two boys in wagon hold reins to bull calves . Pic 2 is more shaded .
    3 'DuBose Hayward' Profile portrait of man with dark hair in dark suit & tie, caption 'DuBose Hayward' taken from a book .
    4 Men & women chatting by an airplane , next to plane one man shows a younger some papers , unidentified bundle at man's feet .
    5 Semi-circle of people by single-engine airplane in field .
Envelop 5    
  Strip3.7A   Kentucky Home, Hendersonville, NC
  Strip3.8A   St. John Hotel, Hendersonville, NC
  Strip3.9A   Bird's Eye View of Hendersonville, NC
  Strip3.10A   Henderson County Court House, NC
  Strip3.11A   Chimney Rock, NC
Envelop 6    
   Strip4.12A   Boxing Match - Location unknown  (view 1)
  Strip4.13A   Boxing Match - Location unknown (view 2)
  Strip4.14A   Boxing Match - Location unknown (view 2)
  Strip4.15A   "Fleetwood Hotel Toll Gate..." Photo and note from the 'Western Carolina Tribune, Hendersonville, NC: 
  Strip4.16A   Small House on a Hill
Envelope 7    
  Strip5.17A   "City Reservoir, Top of Echo Mt." Shot of lake and dam with muddy ground. Appears to be copy work taken from a book.
  Strip5.18A   "City Reservoir, Top of Echo Mt." Shot of lake and dam with muddy ground. Appears to be copy work taken from a book. (same as above)
  Strip5.19A   "Otis V. Powers, Chief, Hendersonville Fire Department"
  Strip5.20A   "Hon. W.M. Shererd, Mayor of Hendersonville"
  Strip5.21A   Fleetwood Hotel - Construction scene, sandy ground, I-beam lying in front and others stacked in back. Worker on right, woman and man to left, woman bending down ad gesturing toward a tangle of cable. Two more men behind them
Envelope 8    
  Strip6.1   [Group shot] Men and women in coats and hats in a semi-circle in open muddy ground
  Strip6.2   [Theater] Interior of a theater, stage with curtain drawn, flanked by vertical panels of scrollwork and doorways draped with valences
  Strip6.3   [Theater] Shot to side of theater down rows of seats, statues in alcoves, balcony rail (carved) with potted plants on it and mural of outdoor tree-line
  Strip6.4   [Fleetwood Hotel]- Building under construction, piles of supplies on left, trucks on right, building has 2 side wings with the center section set forward, scaffold on roof and over front section
  Strip6.5   [Fleetwood Hotel] - A construction site, I-beam framework in back, supplies stacked, 2 men and 3 women (all with coats and hats) stand in front of building in progress, man handing woman a flag.
Envelope 9    
  Strip7.1   [Fleetwood Hotel] - Steel framework for building, supplies stacked on the trucks to the right, corner of sign on right "Fleetwood Commode..." ...
  Strip7.2   [Fleetwood Hotel] - Man and 3 women by steel frame for building, US flag suspended by rope, he holds rope and 2 women steady flag, last woman holds rope
  Strip7.3   [Fleetwood Hotel] - Aerial view of a town, large building on crest of hill back by forest land by it and town
  Strip7.8   [Fleetwood Hotel] - Aerial view of land with roads, woods and buildings, large building on crest of hill in back
  Strip7.9   [Fleetwood Hotel] - Aerial view of construction site, raised cleared area with building under construction and vehicles
  Strip2.1   [Band] Shots of men in band uniforms playing, on left small tuba and on right, a flute
  Strip2.2   [Studio Portrait] Standing studio portrait of older woman, long sleeve/skirt, lace overlay dress with long pearl necklace
  Strip2.3   [Studio Portrait] Seated portrait (head turned profile) of woman in e1s2p2
  Strip2.4   [Studio Portrait] of boy seated on bench wearing suit, turned 3/4 but face is profile
  Strip2.5   [Studio Portrait] Full frontal portrait of woman from e1s2p3

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