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D. Hiden Ramsey Photographic Collection, P80.
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Title D. Hiden Ramsey Photographic Collection
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Creator D. Hiden Ramsey family
Alt. Creator Eleanor Hall
Subject Keyword : D. Hiden Ramsey ; flood 1916 ; floods ; Asheville, NC ; D.H. Ramsey Library ; educators ; educations ; Asheville Citizen Times ; newspapers ; Asheville Times ; reporters ; University of Virginia ; Asheville Citizen ; editing ; editors ;
Subject LCSH: Ramsey, D. Hiden
Rives, Ora
Asheville (N.C.) -- History -- Pictorial works
Description Photographs of D. Hiden Ramsey and family taken over a lifetime. Includes individual portraits, one photograph album and packet of color photocopies reproducing the photograph album. Photograph album later acquisition from Eleanor Hall, relative of D. Hiden. Ramsey.
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Date Digital 2001-05-11
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor D. Hiden Ramsey family ; Eleanor Hall ;   Southern Highlands Research Center
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Format One document box
Source P80.5.1
Language English
Relation D. Hiden Ramsey Manuscript Collection,  D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections ; ; E.M Ball Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections ; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, http://www.lib.unc.edu/mss/inv/r/Ramsey,D.Hiden ;
Coverage c.1900's - 1960's ; Asheville, NC
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Donor Donor number 94
Acquisition  1981-03 ; 1982-06-24 ; 1998
Citation  D. Hiden Ramsey Photographic Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Processed by Special Collections staff, 1978 and 2001
Biography Darley Hiden Ramsey was born in Gretna, Va., in 1891. After his marriage to  Mary Sumnr  he moved to Asheville in 1903.  His mother and father, Caly and Lucy Ramsey also moved to Asheville, NC at this time. In Asheville Ramsey served as Commissioner of Public Safety  until 1919 at which time he went to Winston Salem for a year in the same capacity. He returned to Asheville in 1920 when he became associate editor of the Citizen, the Asheville newspaper. He later became the editor of the Asheville Times (1921-1926) and then general manager of the Citizen-Times Company (1930-1954). He also served on the State Board of Education (1945-1953) and on the State Board for Higher Education (1955-1960). His family papers are held by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill http://www.lib.unc.edu/mss/inv/r/Ramsey,D.Hiden

He holds two degrees, both from the University of Virginia. The A.B (1912) is in Economics and the M.A. (1913) is in the same field of study. While he pursued his doctorate but never completed the degree he was given two honorary degrees. He was made Doctor of Laws by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Doctor of Letters by Western Carolina College. His talents were recognized in many areas and while he declined to run for any public office after 1919, he served on various committees and boards of local and state significance. The following represent the more significant appointments:

  • Western Carolina College - Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • State Board of Education (1945-1953)
  • State Board of Higher Education (1955-1960)
  • North Carolina Conference for Social Service - President (1923-1924)
  • State Planning Board - Chairman (1944-1945)
  • North Carolina Press Association - President
  • Southern Newspaper Publishers Association - Director
  • Buncombe County Sinking Fund Commission - Chairman
  • School of Journalism Foundation of North Carolina - Treasurer (1949-1953)
  • North Carolina Forestry Association  - Director
  • James G.K. McClure Education and Development Fund (Farmers Federation Fund) - Director
  • Presidential Elector for the Democratic party in 1940 and again in 1960

D. Hiden Ramsey was married to Mary Sumner in 1926.  They had one son, D. Hiden Ramsey, Jr. .

See also: http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/mss/ramsey/ramsey.html

                 Item list:

Box Folder Item Description Thumbnails
P80.5.1 1  ram001 D. Hiden Ramsey - formal portrait [age 2?] head and shoulders.  Smiling. 8" x 10" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram002 Higgason of Asheville -  photo folder for proofs of childhood photos, exhibits 6 -8 above.  n.d.  
     ram003 D. Hiden Ramsey - pre-schooler, seated with ball in lap, looking over r. shoulder.  Five shots in this series.  flat finish, 8" x 10" n.d.  
     ram004 D. Hiden Ramsey, pre-schooler, [3?]. Right side of face toward camera.  7" x 8-3/4" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram005 D. Hiden Ramsey, pre-schooler, standing full-face in Victorian chair. 7" x 8-3/4" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram006  D. Hiden Ramsey, pre schooler, standing full face in Victorian chair, clearer pose than in 5 above. 7" x 8-3/4" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram007 D. Hiden Ramsey, pre schooler, standing beside edge of stone fireplace, holding ball, blurred at waist, full face. 7" x 8-3/4" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram008 D. Hiden Ramsey - in yachting hat, too large for him, full face [age 5?] Bon Marche Photographic Studio. 8 x 10" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram009 D. Hiden Ramsey - serious pose in shirt & tie, looking over r. shoulder. Three shots in this series. 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" flat finish. n.d.  
     ram010 D. Hiden Ramsey - small smile in shirt, tie & short pants. 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram011 D. Hiden Ramsey - standing in shirt, tie, short pants and knee-high socks, laced boots, hands in pocket. 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram012 D. Hiden Ramsey - smiling, seated in sailor suit. Two shots in this series.. 6-3/4" x 9" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram013 D. Hiden Ramsey - smiling, seated in sleeveless sailor suit. [age 5?]  6-3/4" x 9" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram014 D. Hiden Ramsey -  head & shoulders shot [age 6?]. 5" x 7" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram015 D. Hiden Ramsey - formal portrait [age 10?] in men's hat & winter coat, looking over left shoulder. flat finish. n.d.  
    ram016 D. Hiden Ramsey - formal military school uniform, hat on, standing full face to camera. [age 12?] 8 x 10" flat finish n.d.  
    ram017 D. Hiden Ramsey - formal military school uniform, standing left side view.  8 x 10 flat finish n.d.  
    ram018 D. Hiden Ramsey - head & shoulders formal portrait, white blouse. Three poses in this series. 8" x 10" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram019 D. Hiden Ramsey - formal childhood photo, positioned to right.  Part of series.. 8" x 10" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram020 D. Hiden Ramsey - formal childhood photo in white blouse. Serious. 8"x 10" flat finish n.d.  
80.5.1  2 ram021 D. Hiden Ramsey - head-on portrait, relaxed in leather jacket and beanie. [age 15?] 8 x 10" flat finish. n.d.  
    ram022 D. Hiden Ramsey - in school military uniform, full face, serious, possibly graduation picture. 8" x 10" flat finish. n.d.  
 3 (ram023) D. Hiden Ramsey - Untouched head and shoulders shot of D. H. as sailor, hat at rakish angle, comb in pocket. 5" x 7" glossy finish. n.d.  
     4,5 (ram024, ram025) D. Hiden Ramsey - Identical head and shoulders shots of D. H. as sailor [early 20s?] complete with hat. 5" x 7" flat finish. n.d.  
     6 (ram026) D. Hiden Ramsey, late 20s [?], in hiking clothes with R.F. Green, neckerchief, gun in holster on belt, standing atop Mt. Mitchell, NC, 1909. 5" x 7" glossy finish.  
      7 (ram027) Young D. Hiden Ramsey seated in office at desk in suit, tie, high-top shoes. Full face.  Typewriter to his right, phone behind him on window sill. 5" x 7" glossy, mounted on black mat. n.d.   
      8 (ram028) D. Hiden Ramsey, Secretary-General Manager of Asheville Citizen-Times publishing company, 1941. Receiving award for best- editorial.   8" x 10" glossy finish. [Two water-damage spots.]  
     9 (ram029) D. Hiden Ramsey - adult, head & shoulders, suit, tie, left side of face. 8"x 10". flat finish. n.d.

    10 (ram030) D. Hiden Ramsey - Formal head and shoulders pose of retired Ramsey. 8" x 10" glossy. n.d.   
    11 (ram031) D. Hiden Ramsey - In graduation robe, mortar board, man adjusting hood. Standing, r.side view. 8"x 10" glossy finish. On back:  publication prohibited by Asheville Citizen - The Asheville Times. n.d.  
    12 (ram032) D. Hiden Ramsey bent from waist, in left profile, unwrapping silver (retirement) tray with older man adjusting glasses.  Office staff observing.  8" x 10" glossy finish. n.d.  
    13 (ram033) D. Hiden Ramsey, standing, holding retirement gift and reading note on tray.  Older man, hand on tray, reaching toward note.  Office staff looks on.  8" x 10" glossy finish. n.d.  
    14 (ram034)  D. Hiden Ramsey, standing, reading note on retirement tray.  Watch with fob in open jewelry box on table.  Staff standing around him.  Photo torn in half down right edge. 6-1/2" x 7-3/4". glossy finish. n.d.  
    15 (ram035) D. Hiden Ramsey, full face, standing, back to counter, being interviewed by woman, back to camera.  Older man leans on counter, office staff looks on. Retirement tray atop gift wrappings on table with smaller jewelry box closed, also unwrapped. 8" x 10" glossy finish n.d.  
     16 (ram036) Portrait of D. Hiden Ramsey, left side of face, seated at desk in suit and tie.  8"x 10" (1.1)
     17 (ram037) Portrait of D. Hiden Ramsey, left side of face, seated at desk in suit and tie.  8" x 10" (1.2)
     18 (ram038)  Portrait of D. Hiden Ramsey, left side of face, seated at desk in suit and tie.  8" x 10" (1.3)
80.5.1  3 Photographic album  [From Eleanor Hall] - Pages 1- (Recto and Verso)
Description Thumbnail
    001R [Mountain view n.d.]. ram3_1RA.jpg (297942 bytes)
    001V Page one ram3_1V.jpg (191644 bytes)
    001VA [Forest Scene: Woman standing with arm around man sitting on bench. Tear in upper left corner of photograph n.d.]. ram3_1VA.jpg (606909 bytes)
    001VB [Forest Scene: Man standing on bridge n.d.]. ram3_1VB.jpg (607506 bytes)
    002R Page 2 ram3_2R.jpg (135585 bytes)
    002RA "1914 Craggy--View Rock"  [2 women and 3 men standing on a mountain overlook.  Man in front points into the distance]. ram3_2RA.jpg (316108 bytes)
    002RB "1914 Craggy--Blue Ridge Skyline from East Rock." [View of the mountains with two barely visible people in the foreground]. ram3_2RB.jpg (159422 bytes)
    002RC "1914 Craggy--The Dome" [Photograph of two women and a man standing in a field.  Mountains are in the background]. ram3_2RC.jpg (126437 bytes)
    002VA "Linden" [Front view of large columned house, surrounded by trees including one large {?}Oak, n.d.].  ram3_2VA.jpg (259619 bytes)
    002VB "Linden" [Outdoor, informal family portrait, n.d.]. ram3_2VB.jpg (178887 bytes)
    002VC "Lake Washington" [Lake in background with tree and swing in full view, n.d.]. ram3_2VC.jpg (206631 bytes)
    002VD "Lake Washington" [Outside of house, showing half of house and landscape, n.d.]. ram3_2VD.jpg (198848 bytes)
    3RA "Bud" [Man in hat positioned behind stump of tree, n.d.]. ram3_3RA.jpg (561524 bytes)
    3RB "Greybeard" [Man standing on rock overlooking mountain, n.d.]. ram3_3RB.jpg (481079 bytes)
    3VA "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Woman on ledge holding a pole and overlooking mountain]. ram3_3VA.jpg (277466 bytes)
     3VB "Cedar Cliff 1915" [2 young women and 2 young men, sitting on a tree limb.  Mountains in background]. ram3_3VB.jpg (190221 bytes)
    3VC "Cedar Cliff 1915" [3 women and 2 men sitting on the side of mountain]. ram3_3VC.jpg (212188 bytes)
    4RA "Chunn's Cove" [Grassy hill in foreground with mountains in background, n.d.]. ram3_4RA.jpg (211949 bytes)
    4RB "Chunn's Cove" [A woman and man walk along the railroad track.  Woman is wearing a hat and dress and man is in a white suit and hat, n.d.]. ram3_4RB.jpg (480412 bytes)
    4RC [Large columned house surrounded by large trees, n.d.]. ram3_4RC.jpg (226317 bytes)
    4RD [Grassy hill and forest scene.  A mountain is faintly visible in background, n.d.]. ram3_4RD.jpg (205931 bytes)
    4VA [Orah Ramsey and James M. Hall seated together on a street side, n.d.]. ram3_4VA.jpg (267552 bytes)
    4VB [2 unknown men surrounding Jim Hall Sr. posing with a dog in front of house, n.d.]. ram3_4VB.jpg (288806 bytes)
    5RA [Farm scene with garden in foreground and farm in background.  An unknown woman is barely visible standing behind a fence, n.d.]. ram3_005RA.jpg (42217 bytes)
    5RB "The Smiths" [3 young children posing outdoors, n.d.]. ram3_005RB.jpg (47291 bytes)
    5RC [A man posing on a rock.  Shot in mountainous area.  Lower right is slightly faded, n.d.]. ram3_005RC.jpg (44689 bytes)
      5V "Pink Beds Biltmore Estate Asheville, N.C.-Robinson" [View of mountains in background.  An automobile creeping into lower corner of photograph, n.d.]. ram3_005V.jpg (45507 bytes)
    6RA "Camp" [Gordon Ramsey posing in woods in a camping scene.  Top left corner of photograph is folded over, n.d.]. ram3_006RA.jpg (57948 bytes)
    6RB "Fisherman's Luck" [Gordon Ramsey sitting on a rock in river holding a fishing pole and his latest catch, n.d.]. ram3_006RB.jpg (54920 bytes)
    6VA "Flood 1916" [Appears to be the destruction of a bridge caused by the flood]. ram3_006VA.jpg (59308 bytes)
    6VB "Flood 1916" [Dam in background, seems to show evidence of water level]. ram3_006VB.jpg (50483 bytes)
    6VC "Flood 1916" [Building in background with flood waters in foreground.  Shows loose pieces of building material piled high standing in water]. ram3_006VC.jpg (67796 bytes)
    6VD "Flood 1916" [More flood damage]. ram3_006VD.jpg (42504 bytes)
    6VE "Flood 1916" [Flood damage to industrial area]. ram3_006VE.jpg (40640 bytes)
    7RA "1911 Craggy" [Group of people drinking and eating on the side of a hill.  A horse is eating grass in background]. ram3_7RA.jpg (248942 bytes)
    7RB [Man lying down on ground with a cigar in his right hand, n.d.]. ram3_007RB.jpg (80585 bytes)
    7RC "Carters Field 1913" [Person standing in a field with animals]. ram3_7RC.jpg (36091 bytes)
    7RD "Observatory Road U. Va."  [Two men in black suits with canes pose for photo in the road, n.d.]. ram3_007RD.jpg (61483 bytes)
    7VA "Blue Hole Overflow-1914" ram3_007VA.jpg (29912 bytes)
    7VB "Blue Hole Overflow-1914" [Different view of same area as previous]. ram3_007VB.jpg (43974 bytes)
    8RA [Same as 4R(b)] ram3_008RA.jpg (48487 bytes)
    8RB [Woman in black wearing hat, n.d.].  ram3_008RB.jpg (38184 bytes)
    8RC [3 men in white suits and wearing hats stand in a pasture, n.d.]. ram3_008RC.jpg (55362 bytes)
    8RD [Street Scene: Woman in black wearing hat leaning against a column  in foreground.  Couple walking in background, n.d.]. ram3_008RD.jpg (46319 bytes)
    8VA "Tampico Beach, Mexico" [Man standing on beach, ocean in background, n.d.]. ram3_008VA.jpg (33852 bytes)
    8VB [Man standing on tree limb with ocean in background, n.d.]. ram3_008VB.jpg (37974 bytes)
    8VC [Man and woman standing together beside a house.  Man is in a suit, woman is dressed in a skirt and coat with a fur scarf, n.d.]. ram3_008VC.jpg (30638 bytes)
    9RA "Ego-1914"[Young [?15-19] D.H. Ramsey standing outside]. ram3_009RA.jpg (33194 bytes)
    9RB "1914" [Gordon in the middle surrounded by an unknown woman on left and Orah on the right]. ram3_009RB.jpg (44776 bytes)
    9VA "Linden" [Photograph of large columned two-story house.  View from the front, n.d.]. ram3_009VA.jpg (48094 bytes)
    9VB [Photograph of seven children sitting on and standing in front of large rocks next to a large oak tree, n.d.]. ram3_009VB.jpg (49772 bytes)
    9VC "Lake Washington" [A panoramic view across the lake, n.d.]. ram3_009VC.jpg (38633 bytes)
    10RA "Locust Gap-1914" [Unknown man in the center of the photograph looking over his left shoulder.  A buggy sits directly behind man.  Wooded hill in the background]. ram3_10RA.jpg (31560 bytes)
    10RB "1914" [Orah standing on left, followed by unknown young man, and unknown woman to the right.  Group is standing outdoors in the middle of a road posing for photograph]. ram3_10RB.jpg (41909 bytes)
    10RC [Unknown man seated at a desk tinkering with something, n.d.]. ram3_10RC.jpg (52918 bytes)
    10VA [Photograph is the same as 5R(a)]. ram3_10VA.jpg (51303 bytes)
    10VB [Man standing on railroad machinery, n.d., no location]. ram3_10VB.jpg (44659 bytes)
    11RA "Craggy 1914" [Group of people posing on and around a large jagged rock.  A young man and woman sit atop rock.  Underneath, a young man sits with arms around a woman on either side]. ram3_11RA.jpg (65963 bytes)
    11RB "East Rock" [Same group as previous, posing on and around a different set of rocks with the addition of a horse.  The three young women are seated atop the highest rock with one of the men lying down on a rock to the lower right.  Other man is standing next to horse putting a hat on its head, n.d.]. ram3_11RB.jpg (73208 bytes)
    11V Verso is blank.
    12RA "Family + Ronda 1909" [Informal photograph of family posing in front of house.  Members of family are not named on page.  3 boys, 3 young men and one girl]. ram3_12RA.jpg (32861 bytes)
    12RB "University Corner", [Chancellor's on "The Corner, " near University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia]  Various unknown people stand in front of shops.  Shops include: 'S.C. Chancellor Druggist' and 'Southern Railway Ticket Office,' n.d.]. ram3_12RB.jpg (41632 bytes)
    12V Verso is blank.
    13RA "Dome From Flats 1914" [View of Mountain]. ram3_13RA.jpg (54183 bytes)
    13RB "Little Craggy 1914" [View of Mountain]. ram3_13RB.jpg (42179 bytes)
    13V Verso is blank.
    14RA [2 men seated on stairs in front of a building.  Men seem to be playing a game, man on left has just thrown dice, n.d.]. ram3_14RA.jpg (37630 bytes)
    14RB [2 men standing to left of woman holding her hat on top of a small hill.  Men are wearing white suits, while woman is in a dress, n.d.]. ram3_14RB.jpg (43748 bytes)
    14RC [Woman in hat posing in front of entrance to a building, n.d.]. ram3_14RC.jpg (32045 bytes)
    14VA "Flood 1916" [Photograph of flood waters showing power lines and weeds surrounded by water]. ram3_14VA.jpg (54942 bytes)
    14VB "Flood 1916" [Flood damage to an [?] industrial area]. ram3_14VB.jpg (67649 bytes)
    14VC "Flood 1916" [Close-up of damage to an unknown area.  Loose pieces of wood are piled high next to what appears to be a concrete foundation]. ram3_14VC.jpg (68434 bytes)
    14VD "Flood 1916" [Photograph of flood waters and industrial area.  Small tear to lower right of photograph]. ram3_14VD.jpg (44828 bytes)
    14VE "Flood 1916" [Photograph of a home amidst flood waters]. ram3_14VE.jpg (59029 bytes)
    15RA "Bear Hunters" [A group of hunters standing with their dogs as one man sits on horse.  In background a man sits on wagon with rifle in hand, n.d.]. ram3_15RA.jpg (43247 bytes)
    15RB "Pensive-Greybeard-1909" [2 men men sitting on rocks atop a hill.  Man on left sits with elbow on knee resting his head on his left hand]. ram3_15RB.jpg (39157 bytes)
    15RC [Photograph is extremely faded.  Appears to include 2 men standing in front of an automobile.  Man on the right holds his rifle in his left hand, n.d.]. ram3_15RC.jpg (40433 bytes)
    15VA [Claude Ramsey seated on a bench in full view.  Background includes a house hidden by trees.  Ramsey is wearing a suit and tie, n.d.]. ram3_15VA.jpg (50189 bytes)
    15VB [Claude Ramsey and an unknown man are seated on a porch ledge outside.  Ramsey is seated at right.  Both men are wearing suits with vests and ties, n.d.]. ram3_15VB.jpg (43747 bytes)
    16RA [Forest Scene: Unknown man stands leaning against a tree, n.d.].   ram3_16RA.jpg (75049 bytes)
    16RB [Man standing to the right of stairs leading into what appears to be a large columned building.  Man is wearing a black suit with a black hat, n.d.]. ram3_16RB.jpg (40722 bytes)
    16RC [Unknown woman standing outside on the side of a road.  She appears to have her eyes closed, n.d.]. Written in pen on border of picture is the caption, "Smile!" ram3_16RC.jpg (48779 bytes)
    16V Verso is blank
    17RA "Cedar Cliff 1915" [View from the left-rear of a man standing on a rock looking towards mountain that sits in the background]. ram3_17RA.jpg (65087 bytes)
    17RB "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Man seated, shaded by large rocks that are in the background]. ram3_17RB.jpg (63902 bytes)
    17RC "Cedar Cliff 1915" [View from behind of man seated on a rock looking out towards view of mountain in background]. ram3_17RC.jpg (35716 bytes)
    17RD "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Photograph of rocks]. ram3_17RD.jpg (58947 bytes)
    17RE "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Man seated on rocks pointing into the distance]. ram3_17RE.jpg (60538 bytes)
    17V Verso is blank
    18RA "Ego-1914" [Man standing on sidewalk in front of house, wearing furry gloves pointing what appears to be a hand gun into the distance]. ram3_18RA.jpg (51470 bytes)
    18RB "Ed-1911" [Man posing on grassy hill with hand in pockets]. ram3_18RB.jpg (75383 bytes)
    18VA [Man standing in front of an automobile, leg propped on bumper taking aim with his rifle, n.d.]. ram3_18VA.jpg (51828 bytes)
    18VB [Group of six hunters resting atop a hill, posing with their rifles.  Two men seated, other four are standing, n.d.]. ram3_18VB.jpg (40278 bytes)
    18VC [Four hunters standing with their rifles in hand in front of a log cabin.  Two dogs also pictured, n.d.]. ram3_18VC.jpg (53594 bytes)
    19RA "Bear Hunters" [Photograph of group of hunters, n.d.]. ram3_19RA.jpg (46994 bytes)
    19RB [Photograph of inside of what appears to be some sort of assembly room.  Various flags are hanging on walls, n.d.]. ram3_19RB.jpg (34513 bytes)
    19V Verso is blank.
    20RA "Sugar Fork" [Mountain View, n.d.]. ram3_20RA.jpg (55221 bytes)
    20RB [Man standing outside with a horse, n.d.] ram3_20RB.jpg (41464 bytes)
     20V Verso is blank.
    21RA [View of a tree-lined hill, n.d.]. ram3_21RA.jpg (28679 bytes)
    21RB [Trees in foreground with view of a mountain in background, n.d.]. ram3_21RB.jpg (45422 bytes)
    21VA [Photograph of four unknown women and two unknown men.  Group is dressed formally, n.d.]. ram3_21VA.jpg (33743 bytes)
    21VB [Photograph of a woman wearing a hat and dress.  Standing on sidewalk holding what appears to be an American flag, n.d.]. ram3_21VB.jpg (68939 bytes)
     22RA "Rainbow Falls 1914"  ram3_22RA.jpg (47313 bytes)
    22RB "Craggy Pinnacle 1914" [Large group of people posing on a rock atop Craggy Pinnacle]. ram3_22RB.jpg (53159 bytes)
    22V Verso is blank.
    23RA "Cedar Cliff" [Full View of man on left looking down with mountain pictured in background, n.d.]. ram3_23RA.jpg (37335 bytes)
    23RB "Cedar Cliff" [Photograph of man's back seated on a rock with mountain in background, n.d.]. ram3_23RB.jpg (46775 bytes)
    23RC "Cedar Cliff" [Mountain View, n.d.]. ram3_23RC.jpg (43261 bytes)
    23RD "Cedar Cliff" [Mountain View, n.d.]. ram3_23RD.jpg (46139 bytes)
    23RE "Cedar Cliff" [Photograph of rocky mountain side, n.d.]. ram3_23RE.jpg (345925 bytes)
    23V Verso is blank.
    24RA "Toe River Gap 1909" [Man standing in front of tree.  Gun strapped to his waist]. ram3_24RA.jpg (59066 bytes)
    24RB "Greybeard 1909" [Photograph of two men standing with backs to camera.  Each man carrying a bag over shoulder]. ram3_24RB.jpg (35745 bytes)
    25RA "1915" [Photograph of a group of men and women in costume]. ram3_25RA.jpg (61102 bytes)
     25VA [View of street with a two story house on the left side.  Two carriages are pictured in the foreground, n.d.]. ram3_25VA.jpg (47778 bytes)
    25VB "Botherom" [Photograph of long dirt road leading to a farmhouse which is pictured in the distance, n.d.].  
    26RA "Carter's Fields 1914" [Photograph of rolling hills covered by wildflowers with forest in the distance].
      26RB "Snowball 1914" [Mountain view].
    26V Verso is blank.
    27RA "Greybeard from Pinnacle 1909" [View of mountain in background].
    27RB "Deep Crick" [View of creek surrounded by forest, n.d.].
    27V Verso is blank.
    28RA "Dobie et Eager" [Two men in full view wearing suits and hats stand in front of a shop, n.d.].
    28RB "Greybeard 1909" [Man standing on rocks wearing a bag over shoulder.  Pipe in mouth].
    28V Verso is blank.
    29RA "Toe River Gap 1909 Camp" [Forest scene: 2 unknown men pictured.  One man looking at camera while other man sits under a makeshift fort].
    29RB "Dress Parade-- Toe River Gap 1909" [Man wearing hiking gear stands in front of woods].
     29VA "Flood 1916--Ego" [Man standing on road looking into distance].
     29VB "Flood 1916--Swannanoa" [View of rocky land with forest in background].
     30RA "Piney" [View of pine trees with mountain in background, n.d.].
    30RB "Chunn's Cove" [Mountain View, n.d.].
    30RC [View of three adults and one child standing in front of house.  Mrs. Ramsey is in the center and Orah is on right.  Man on left is unidentified, n.d.].
    30VA "Monk" [Man standing in front of house in full view.  Wearing a suit and smoking a cigarette, n.d.].
    31RA "Greybeard 1914" [Man lying on rock, smoking a pipe].
    31RB "Greybeard 1914" [Man sitting on a rock].
    31VA "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Two women and one man pose on a rock].
    31VB "Gordon 1915" [Boy standing in front of ledge in front yard of home, playing with a rabbit].
    31VC "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Same group and place as 31Va, but different pose].
    32RA [View of mountain in background with hillside in foreground, n.d.].
    32RB [Man sitting on a rock in the middle of a river with a fishing pole in his left hand and what appears to be weeds in right hand, n.d.].
    32VA "Bob Mawney 7-5-15" [Man lying on ground with face towards camera.  Pointing and aiming gun into distance.  Mountains in background].
    32VB "Bob Mawney 7-5-15" [Man standing in road holding rifle].
    32VC "7-5-15" [Appears to be man standing in full view holding his cap.  1/2 the picture has been torn].
    33RA "Ego-Sawyers 1913" [Man standing in a road lined by a fence].
    33VA "Left" [Reem's Creek.  View of Creek and person diving into water, n.d.].
    33VB "Gertrude a la September Morn" [Baby being bathed, n.d.].
    34RA "Dinner May 1st, 1914" [Two women and a boy sit on ground in the woods].
    34VA "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Man sitting on a rock with mountain in background].
     34VB "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Group of four people standing, backs to camera and mountain in background].
    34VC "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Two men with their arms around each other pose standing].
    34VD "Cedar Cliff 1915" [Woman standing on rock on side of mountain with a pole in her hand].
    35RA "E puribus Unum-1913 Taylors Cabin" [Seven people sitting on stone stairs leading into log cabin].
    35RB "1916" [Woman holding and looking at gun.  One man on her left stands with hands on hips, while man on right helps her with the gun.  They are standing in a field].
    35RC "Taylors [cabin]-1913" [Young man sitting on edge of porch of cabin].
    35RD "1916" [Woman posing between two men, they are standing in a field].
    35VA "Flood- 1916 Swannanoa" [Photograph of home that has been destroyed by flood. A man is pictured standing on a plank of wood looking at destruction].
    35VB "Reed's Bridge" [Photograph of bridge that has been dismantled by flood, n.d.].
    36RA [Man standing facing camera carrying camping/hiking equipment over shoulder, n.d.].
    36RB "Hickens" [Man standing on rock with backpack on ground, n.d.].
    36VA "Confederate Reunion / Class of 1913 U. Va. 1916" [Three young men standing in uniform in front of columned building].
    36VB "Confederate Reunion / Class of 1913 U. Va. 1916" [Three young men standing in uniform in front of woods].
    36VC "Confederate Reunion / Class of 1913 U. Va. 1916" [Five men standing in uniform in front of woods].
    36VD [View of river, n.d.].
    36VE "Confederate Reunion / Class of 1913 U. Va. 1916" [Five men standing in uniform in front of woods].
    37RA [Woman standing on side of street wearing a dress.  Photograph has a large {approximately 2 inches in diameter} white spot in the middle, n.d.].
    37RB [Woman on street looking at front of building-{?}storefront, n.d.].
    37RC "Left" [Man with his hands on his hips and tongue sticking out, n.d.].
    37RD [Woman standing with back to camera in the street.  There is a small tear in lower right of photograph, n.d.]. 
    37V Verso is blank.
    38RA [Man standing outside in suit holding a cigarette in his right hand, n.d.].
    38RB [Large bearded man stands outside Chancellor's on "The Corner, " near University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia], n.d..
    38VA [Group of five men.  Three standing and two seated, n.d.].
    38VB [Orah Ramsey seated and smiling, n.d.].
    38VC [View of unknown body of water, n.d.].
    39RA "Hood Mexico" [A man and woman stand in front of a house.  Man has a child in his left arm, n.d.].
    39RB "Hood Mexico" [Two men stand in yard, n.d.].
    39RC "Hood Mexico" [Five adults and four children stand in front of house, n.d.].
    39VA "Hood Mexico" [Three men stand in front of building, n.d.].
    39VB "Hood Mexico" [Three men standing in street.  One of the men is leaning against a large palm tree, n.d.].
    40RA [Man stands in dirt road with a backpack on, n.d.].
    40RB [A woman and young boy {?11} sit in front of a tree.  Boy is holding what appears to be a raccoon, n.d.].
    40VA "7-5-15" [Man standing in dirt road with a gun slung over his left shoulder.  The view is from the side.  Photograph has a very small tear on bottom right].
    40VB "Bob Mawney 7-5-15" [Mawney standing in dirt road facing the camera.  Holding jacket in left hand and has gun in right propped on the ground].
    40VC "Bob Mawney 7-5-15" [Mawney sitting on pile of hay with gun in hand].
    41RA  "A-lookin' Greybeard 1914" [Man standing on a rock pointing into the distance.  Has a pipe in his mouth].
    41RB [Two young men stand in the front-yard of a large home.  Boy on left is holding a small puppy, while a larger dog jumps on smaller boy on the right, n.d.].
    41V Verso is blank.
    42RA [Gordon R. {?11}kneeling for photograph next to driveway of house, n.d.].
    42RB [Hurt Ramsey leaning against tree, n.d.].
    42VA [2 men sitting in a canoe.  Man at a greater distance from camera is {?} Stuart Harmon, n.d.].
  42VB [3 people in a small boat.  One man standing holding a fishing pole, n.d.].
    42VC [Large group of people standing in unknown place.  Man in uniform is {?} is Stuart Harmon, n.d.].
    43RA "Gordon 1914" [Gordon {?10} stands with hands in pockets on side of street].
    43VA "Bev. Tucker Univ. Va." [Man standing in full view wearing suit and hat.  Standing in front of Chancellor's on "The Corner, " near University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, n.d.].
    43VB "Capt. Schneider" [Large bearded man standing in front of Chancellor's on "The Corner, " near University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, n.d.].
    44RA [Mountain View.  Lower left 1/4 of photograph is torn, n.d.].
    44RB [View of waterfalls, n.d.].
    44VA "1913" [{?Gordon and Orah} sitting under tree.  Gordon is holding a raccoon]. 
     44VB "'Mister' Bruffey U.Va." [Bruffey in front of Chancellor's on "The Corner, " near University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, n.d.].
    45RA "Dan River" [2 men standing on shores of river, n.d.].
    45RB "Montreat Road" [Unknown man stands in road, n.d.].
    45VA "Joe Moore" [Moore standing in front of store, n.d.].
    45VB "Doc Chancellor" [Chancellor standing in front of Chancellor's on "The Corner, " near University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia , n.d.].
    46RA "Kentucky River" [View of river with rocky tree-lined hill on left, n.d.].
    46RB [Woman kneeling with a dog on her lap and a dog lying at her side, n.d.].
    46RC "-- he surveys" [Man standing atop a rock looking into the distance, n.d.].
    46RD "Botherom" [View of a snow covered farm.  Road leading up to house, n.d.]. 
    46VA [Photograph of a farm.  White picket fence in foreground with house in background, n.d.].
    46VB [Photograph of a river winding through mountainside, n.d.].
    47RA "1914" [Two boys with their hands in their pockets {?age11-12}].
    47RB "A.R. and L. Co. Flood-'16" [Photograph of several men surveying flood damage to industrial area].
    47RC "Carter's Field 1913" [Photograph of three young men lying down in rocky field].
    47RD "1914" [Photograph of treetop with faint view of mountain in the background].
    47VA "Asheville" [Photograph of hillside with mountains in the background, n.d.].
    47VB "Univ. Virginia--'Tawn' Preston" [photograph of 'Tawn' in front of drugstore, n.d.].
    47VC "Mexican Border--Troubles-1916" [Photograph of guards standing at border.  An American flag is in view].
    48RA [Photograph of a woman, wearing a fur coat and skirt, sitting beside a house, n.d.].
    48RB [Photograph of a woman sitting against a ledge on a porch reading, n.d.].
    48RC [Photograph of a large ship at sea, n.d.].
    48RD [Photograph of large, docked ship, n.d.].
    48VA "Mr. and Mrs. Crawford" [Photograph of the couple dressed formally, n.d.]
    48VB [Photograph of a couple outside in the snow.  Photograph is of poor quality, half of woman is blurred, n.d.]. 
    48VC [Photograph of ship at sea, n.d.].
     49RA "Sarrie Lee and I" [Photograph of two women sitting on stairs, n.d.].
    49RB [Photograph of a smiling woman leaning against a tree, n.d.].
    49RC "Guy" [Photograph of a man stand against a fence, n.d.]
    49RD [Photograph of people playing in water off of a pier.  Photograph has a small tear in upper right hand corner, n.d.].
     49VA [Photograph of a woman standing on sidewalk wearing a dress.  Photograph has a large circular distortion in the middle, n.d.].
    49VB "Miss [?]Earay" [Person standing atop steps of a house, n.d.].
    49VC [Photograph of a woman sitting beside house,  n.d.].
    49VD "Sarrie Lee [?]Slack" [Woman standing with a feathered hat on, n.d.].
    50RA "1+1=2" [Two girls [?]age 10-11 sitting on side of porch, n.d.].
     50RB [Photograph of young girl [?] age 11, n.d.].
    50RC [Photograph of a young man in a suit with hands on hips, n.d.].
    50RD [Photograph of ship on water, n.d.].
    50VA [Photograph of two women and young girl [?]age 4, n.d.].
    50VB "Jack-S-Lee" [Jack and S. standing in street looking away from camera, n.d.].
    50VC "Harry" [Boy standing on stairs, n.d.].
    50VD "1915" Photograph of a man and woman standing outside in the snow.
    50VE [Same couple and setting as ram50vd, different pose.  Photograph has a small tear in bottom left corner, n.d.].
    51RA "Ego 1914" [Photograph of 'Ego' standing in front of a tree].
    51VA [Photograph of a woman.  Small chip in lower half, left side, n.d.].
    51VB [Photograph of 2 young boys.  One is holding a rabbit in his hands while other sits on concrete wall with arms around younger boy.  Fading to lower left corner, n.d.].






  51VC [Photograph of a young man, n.d.].

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