D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections and University Archives




8.1 Faculty Meetings, 1928-1985

The predecessor schools of UNCA were small enough for the full faculty to regularly meet and discuss matters concerning the curriculum, faculty welfare and the development of the college. As the university grew, such meetings became impracticable, and an elected senate became the body to regularly meet and take action on faculty matters. This archive holds historically significant official papers covering meetings of the faculty at UNC Asheville and its predecessors.


8.2 Faculty Senate, 1969-2015

In the spring of 1969 a faculty senate was established, with responsibility for reviewing changes to academic programs, faculty welfare, and considering ideas for the development of the university. This archive folds historically significant official papers of the faculty senate at UNC Asheville. Faculty senate minutes and documents from 1977 on, are also available from the faculty senate website.


8.3 UNCA Records of UNC Faculty Assemblies, 1969-1982

A small archive primarily covering reports from the UNC Asheville delegates to the UNC Faculty Assembly.