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European Letters, by T.W. Patton to The Asheville Citizen:
Description of the Tour of the North Carolina Teachers,
During the Summer of 1889

European Letters, by TW. Patton, to The Asheville Citizen,  [Cover]
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Title European Letters, by T.W. Patton to The Asheville Citizen: Description of the Tour of the North Carolina Teachers, During the Summer of 1889
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Creator T.[Thomas] W. Patton
Subject Keyword Asheville, NC ; Thomas W. Patton ; schools ; travel ; teachers ; The Asheville Citizen Times ; Mrs. Frank Coxe ; Erwin Sluder ;
Subject LCSH Patton, T.W.
North Carolina -- Asheville City History
Asheville (N.C.) -- Education
Date of object: 1889
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North Carolina Teachers

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Description Letters written to the Asheville Citizen Times by members of the North Carolina Teachers group who toured Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and  France in the summer of 1889. Compiled by T.W. Patton.
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Overview: In the summer of 1889 a group of North Carolina teachers, many from Asheville, sailed for Europe on the transport ship the SS Nevada. The intent was to tour Ireland,  Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and  France. The group recorded their observations for the Asheville Citizen newspaper through T.W. Patton who sent a serialized account of the group's activities. The exact number in the group is difficult to determine, as are their names. The group appears to be comprised of eight men who were in various education careers and several women, who were part of the editorial staff for the Newfoundland Chautauguan, edited by Prof. Winston.  Though no full account of the group is given in the the travelogue, the following names are mentioned by T.W. Patton, of Asheville,  as being on parts of the journey:

Mr. Harrell, secretary of the Teachers Assembly
Prof. Smith
Prof. Winston of Chapel Hill
Miss Wilson of West Virginia
Dr. Marshall
Mrs. Keenan, of Wilmington
Miss Hickey, of Danville, Va.
Erwin Sluder, a youth from Asheville

Several years later the SS Nevada became famous as the first ship to arrive at the newly built Ellis Island in New York. The S.S. Nevada, arrived at Ellis Island on January 2, 1892. A young 14 years old, Annie Moore, was the first immigrant to be processed at Ellis Island. She had departed from Cobh, [Queenstown], Ireland. She  was accompanied by her two younger brothers, Phillip (7) and Anthony (11). They were all joined with their parents who had immigrated earlier to New York. A monument to Annie now stands at Ellis Island to commemorate the arrival of this first immigrant to Ellis Island. Ani was soon followed through Ellis Island by some 17 million other immigrants from 1892 to 1924.

"Just 14-years old and traveling with her two younger brothers, Anthony (11) and Phillip (7), Annie departed from Queenstown (County Cork, Ireland) on December 20, 1891 aboard the S.S. Nevada, one of 148 steerage passengers. The trio would spend 12 days at sea (including Christmas Day), arriving in New York on Thursday evening, December 31. They were processed through Ellis Island the following morning, New Year's Day and also Annie's 15th birthday. All three children were soon reunited with their parents who were already living in New York. "

pages 3-7 OUTWARD BOUND. July 8, 1889
pages 8-9 LAND HO!
pages 10-13 SCOTLAND'S CRAGS.
pages 14-16 EDINBORO' TOWN.
pages 17-21 MELROSE ABBEY.
pages22-26 MERRIE ENGLAND.
pages 27-32 LIFE IN LONDON.
pages 33-44 ON THE CONTINENT.
pages 45-53 SWITZERLAND.
pages 54-64 LE GRAND PARIS.
pages 65-68 HOME AGAIN.
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