D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections and University Archives


Student Affairs Records


Dean of Students

5.1.1 Thomas Dula, Dean of Students, 1966-1971

A small archive of historically significant official papers of Thomas Dula, who was Dean of Students at Asheville-Biltmore College, and its successor, the University of North Carolina Asheville, between 1966 and 1971. Materials from 1974 to 1980, when Dr. Dula served as director of administration and assistant to the chancellor, are not included.


Student Organizations

5.2.1 Student Government Association, 1965-2004

Historically significant official papers of the student government at The University of North Carolina Asheville, and its predecessor, Asheville-Biltmore College. A large part of the archive is legislation and minutes of the student senate. See also UA 5.2.4

5.2.2 Phi Theta Kappa Fraternity, 1948-1964

A small archive of historically significant official papers of the Eta Sigma chapter of Phi Theta Kappa fraternity which was established at Asheville-Biltmore College in May 1950. The Eta Sigma chapter discontinued when Asheville-Biltmore became a four year college.

5.2.3 Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, 1996-1999

Scrapbooks, photographs and realia from the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity

5.2.4 Student Government Association, 2000-2017

Additional papers of the student government at UNC Asheville. It is a continuation of materials in UA5.2.1, and although there is a slight overlap in dates between that collection and this, there is not a duplication of content.

5.2.5 Hillel (Jewish Students Association), 2012-2017

Contains documents originating from Hillel, and commercially produced pamphlets explaining Jewish culture and traditions


Other Student Organizations

5.3.1 United Campus Ministry, 1988-1991

The United Campus Ministry for the University of North Carolina Asheville was incorporated in December 1984 as an ecumenical, interfaith organization, with board members drawn from many faiths in the Asheville religious community.

5.3.2 Student Environmetal Center, 2004-2015

A student-funded student-run department seeking to engage students, faculty, staff, and the Asheville community, in environmental issues.


Student Affairs Departments and Programs

14.1 Transition and Parent Programs, 2001-2015

Materials related to student orientation programs at UNC Asheville. Includes materials for student workers, publicity materials and videos, scrapbook, and digital images of events.

14.2 Highsmith Union Operations, 1981-2014

Materials related to operations of the Highsmith Student Union. These include staff development materials and job descriptions, documents related to student radio stations, as well as those covering the Highsmith Building such as floor plans, and equipment and furniture layouts.

14.3 Key Center for Service-Learning, 1997-2008

Materials received from the Key Center, primarily photographs of students participating in Bulldog Days, and ACT, and documents describing the impact of the Center

14.4 Center for Diversity Education, 2005-2015

Materials received from the Key Center, Center for Diversity Education, primarily comprising recordings and other items used in exhibits created by the Center, and Community Arts Projects.