D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections and University Archives


Photographs and Slides


12.1 Pre UNC Asheville, 1927-1969

Photographs from Buncombe County Junior College, Biltmore College, and Asheville-Biltmore College, all predecessors of UNC Asheville. Dates are not always identified, especially for the early years, but the majority of the photos are from the 1950s and 1960s.


12.2 UNC Asheville Chancellors, 1969-2013

Photographic materials where the Chancellor of UNC Asheville is the primary subject, and images obtained from the Chancellor's Office.


12.3 UNC Asheville Faculty and Staff, 1969-2005

Prints, slides, and negatives of faculty and staff at UNC Asheville. The majority seem to have been taken for, and many were printed in, the Summit yearbook, which was published until 1985. Although many subjects have been identified from yearbooks, many remain unidentified.


12.4 UNC Asheville Events, 1976-2006

This archive holds photographic materials of various events held at, or by, UNC Asheville. Many were printed in the Summit yearbook and where it has been identified that an image was published in Summit, this has been noted in the description. Although many subjects and events have been identified from yearbooks, or notes on the images, many remain unidentified.


12.5 Concerts on the Quad, 1985-2009

A small collection of photographs related to UNC Asheville's "Concerts on the Quad". Although the dates of some of the materials are unknown, most dated images are from 2002 and 2003, and include performers and audience, in addition to materials thought to have been used for publicity and programs.


12.6 Art, Drama and Music Photographs, 1953-2005

Photographs related to drama, music and arts programs at UNC Asheville. Included are images of students and faculty, actors and performers (including professional artists who performed at the university), as well as artwork. The images of drama productions include many from the Tanglewood Children's Theatre productions performed at UNC Asheville. Most of the images are from the early 1970's to the mid 1980's, but many dates, and names of performers and productions, are unknown.


12.7 Athletics Photographs, 1969-1997

Photographs related to athletic programs and competitions at UNC Asheville. The majority show students engaged in sporting activities, especially men's and women's basketball, and men's soccer, but also included are images of cheerleaders, and some awards presentations and receptions. Photographs of faculty and staff from the athletics program are, with very few exceptions, included in UA12.3 rather than this collection. The dates of many images are unknown, however, most of the images are believed to be from the 1980's and early 1990's.


12.8 Photographs of Buildings and Campus, 1969-2000

Photographs of the buildings and campus at UNC Asheville. The dates of images have been noted where these are known, but many dates are unknown. Some buildings have not been identified.


12.9 Publicity Office Photographs, 1979-2007

Photographs believed to have been received from the publicity office at UNC Asheville, many of which appear have been used in various university publications, advertising, and the like. There is a certain amount of similarity, and sometimes duplication, between images in this archive, and images held in other archives. Many dates, and names of subjects, are unknown, and it is possible that some images predate, or postdate, the indicated date range of this archive.


12.10 Teaching Fellows Program, Image Files, 2000-2006

Digital images related to the Teaching Fellows Program at UNC Asheville.  


12.11 Student and Campus Life, 1970-2005

A large collection of photographs of student and campus life at UNC Asheville. Many of the images were used in the Summit yearbook, particularly the 1976 and 1980 editions. Subjects and dates have been noted wherever possible, but a large number of images remained unidentified and / or undated. It is possible that some images predate, or postdate, the indicated date range of this archive.


12.12 Photographs for Publications, 1993-2005

Photographs believed to have been taken for publications, such as catalogs, annual reports etc., issued by UNC Asheville. Subjects are wide ranging and include, chancellors Mullen and Ponder, trustees, students, faculty, staff, and buildings. There is therefore overlap between this collection and others in the archive, particularly UA12.9, Publicity Office Photographs.


12.13 Community & Other Miscellaneous Photographs, 1973-1997

Photographs falling under the broad description of community involvement at UNC Asheville. These include alumni and alumni events, board of trustees and board of visitors members, speakers, and images of unknown origin or purpose.


12.14 Underdog Productions Photographs, 1987

A collection of approximately 120 color 35mm transparencies taken by, or for, Underdog Productions, the student-led programming board at UNC Asheville around during, or around, 1987. The main subjects covered are "Rockmont", commencment and registration.


12.15 University Advancement Photographs, 1996-2013

Photographs received from the Division of University Advancement. Subjects include alumni and fund raising events, many of which are unidentified, as well as events such as commencements, and Founders Days, primarily between 1996 and 2005. 


12.16 Transparencies, 1972-2004

A collection of 35mm transparencies, many of which were identified for publication in brochures, reports, etc. issued by UNC Asheville. It is not known if they were taken with this purpose in mind, or just utilized later. In addition to specific events, such as graduations and art shows, there are many general shots of campus, buildings, students and faculty. There is therefore overlap between this collection and others in the archive, particularly UA12.9, Publicity Office Photographs, UA12.12, Photographs for Publication, and UA12.17 Learning Resource Center Transparancies.


12.17 Learning Resource Center Transparencies, 1970-2001

A collection of 35mm transparencies thought to originate from the Learning and Resources Center at UNC Asheville. They show campus and student life, primarily from the mid 1970s through to the mid 1980s, with a small number also showing scenes and buildings in and around Asheville. There is therefore overlap between this collection and others in the archive, particularly UA12.9, Publicity Office Photographs, UA12.12, Photographs for Publication, and UA12.16 Transparancies.


12.18 Photographs from the Chancellor's Office, 2008-2012

A small number of digital images from publications issued, or events organized, by the Chancellor's Office


12.19 Blake Madden Photographs, 1997-2004

A large number of images, taken for UNC Asheville by Asheville photographer Blake Madden. The main subjects are student athletes and their coaches, but the collection also includes university events and personalities