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"Band of sheep crossing Shenandoah National Forest", Va., E.S. Shipp, photographer, Aug. 1925 (P9966, 24A-5)
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Title U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station Photograph Collection, 1897-1952
Identifier http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/photo/usfs/Default.htm
Creator U.S Forest Service Southern Research Station ; Robert Biesterfeldt
Alt. Creator Charles Abell (photographed 1926-1937)
Alt. Creator William W. Ashe (photographed 1912-1916)
Alt. Creator  Horace B. Ayers (photographed 1900-1901)
Alt. Creator W.R. Barbour (photographed 1913)
Alt. Creator L.I. Barrett (photographed 1931-1937)
Alt. Creator H.H. Biswell  (photographed 1940-1942)
Alt. Creator F.M. Blake (photographed 1925)
Alt.Creator Jesse Howard Buell (photographed 1927-1937)
Alt. Creator S.A. Boutwell (photographed 1935)
Alt. Creator George M. Byram (photographed 1938-1941)
Alt. Creator L.E. Chaiken (photographed 1937-1940)
Alt. Creator W.M. Crafton (photographed 1935)
Alt. Creator Blake Creasman (photographed 1935)
Alt. Creator Walter Julius Damtoft (photographed 1917)
Alt. Creator A.A. Downs (photographed 1940-1943)
Alt. Creator E.G. Dunford (photographed 1945)
Alt. Creator P.W. Fletcher  (photographed 1940-1946)
Alt. Creator H.D. Foster (photographed 1904)
Alt. Creator Earl Frothingham (photographed 1915-1937)
Alt. Creator A. Gaskill (photographed 1902)
Alt. Creator A.H. Graves (photographed 1910)
Alt. Creator F.W. Haasis (photographed 1922-1928)
Alt. Creator R.C. Hall (photographed 1911)
Alt. Creator W.L. Hall (photographed 1914)
Alt. Creator N.E. Hawes (photographed 1937)
Alt. Creator Hemingway, R.F. (photographed 1914 ?)
Alt. Creator R.A. Hertzler (photographed 1937-1938)
Alt. Creator M.D. Hoover (photographed 1941-1942)
Alt. Creator Charles. R. Hursh (photographed 1928-1946)
Alt. Creator G.M. Jemison (photographed 1939-1940)
Alt. Creator W.H. Kemffer (1904)
Alt. Creator Clarence F. Korstian (photographed 1922-1930)
Alt. Creator J.A. Lieberman (photographed 1941)
Alt. Creator H.J. Loughhead (photographed 1933-1938)
Alt. Creator Richard E. McArdle (photographed 1940)
Alt. Creator Edward F. McCarthy (photographed 1922-1935)
Alt. Creator Arland L. MacKinney (photographed c.1928-c.1938)
Alt. Creator W.E. McQuilkin (photographed 1939)
Alt. Creator E.D. Marshall (photographed 1940
Alt. Creator W.R. Mattoon (photographed 1913-1937)
Alt. Creator Leon S. Minckler (1938-1941)
Alt. Creator W.H. Morin (photographed 1937)
Alt. Creator G.E. Morrill (photographed 1940-1941)
Alt. Creator Bluford W. Muir (photographed 1938)
Alt. Creator Frederick E. Olmsted   (photographed 1901)
Alt. Creator A.B. Patterson (photographed 1904)
Alt. Creator Gifford Pinchot  (photographed 1899)
Alt. Creator M.J. Plice (photographed 1935)
Alt. Creator Leland J. Prater (photographed 1941-1952)
Alt. Creator E. V. Roberts  (photographed 1941)
Alt. Creator R.A. St. George (photographed 1926)
Alt. Creator Carl A. Schenck (photographed 1897)
Alt. Creator W.H. Shaffer  (photographed 1940)
Alt. Creator Thoman H. Sherrard (photographed 1900)
Alt. Creator Everret Spenser Shipp (photographed 1929-1932)
Alt. Creator Ivan H. Simms  (photographed 1931)
Alt. Creator M. Stoughton (photographed 1939-1940)
Alt. Creator J.A. Wood (photographed 1909)
Alt. Creator Raphael Zon (photographed 1909)
Subject Keyword :
forestry ; logging ; environmental science ; biology ; botany ; botanical studies ; timber ; grazing ; soil erosion ; pollution ; forest growth patterns ; forest history ; forestry methods ; forestry equipment ; land use ; geography ; short-leaf pine ; southern white cedar ; pond pine ; white pine ; pitch pine ; Table Mt. pine ;  swamp hardwood ; cypress ; scrub oak ; Virginia pine ; loblolly ;  oak-chestnut types ; yellow poplar ; spruce ; aspen ; basswood ; beech ; buckeye ; cedar ; cherry ; chestnut ; pond cypress ; bald cypress ; red gum ; Carolina hemlock ; hickory ; black locust ; oaks ; sycamore ; forest regeneration ; stand improvement ; forest thinning ; silviculture ; forest fires ; protective burning ; soil stabilization ; forest industries ; pulpwood cutting ; pulp extraction ;  road banks ; shingle splitting ; water cycle ; wells ; gauging stations ; roads ; trails ; Bent Creek ; Coweeta  ; Fernow ; Lee ; Santee ; Nansemond County ; forestry bibliography ; rail transport
Subject LCSH :
United States. Forest Service
Forests and Forestry --- United States
Forests and Forestry --- Bibliography
Shortleaf pines on coastal plain soils
Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratories (U.S.)
Watershed management --- Appalachian Region, Southern 
Hydrology, Forest --- Appalachian Region, Southern 
Forestry and Community
Forestry Extension North Carolina
Forestry Extension Southern States
Forestry Industry
Forestry Innovations
Forestry Literature
Forestry Projects
Forestry Schools and Education
Forestry Schools and Education --- North Carolina
United States. Department of the Interior
Abell, Charles,
Ashe, William W., 
Ayres, Horace B., 
Barrett, L.I 
Buell, Jesse H.
Damtoft, Walter J.
Foster, Harold D.,
Fletcher, P.W. 
Frothingham, Earl, 
1880 -1971
Gaskill, Alfred
1861 - 1950
Haasis, Ferdinand W
1889 - ?, & Hursh, C.R.
Hall, Rufus C. 
Hall, William L. 
1873 -1960
Hemingway, R.F. 

Hursh, Charles R
Korstian, Clarence F.,
1889 - 1968
MacKinney, Arland L.,
1904 - 1938
Mattoon, M.A.

Mattoon, Wilbur R. 

Mohr, Charles
1824 - 1901
Olmsted, Frederick  E.,
1872 - 1925
Pinchot, Gifford , 1865-1946
Schenck, Carl , 1868-1955
Shipp, Everett Spenser, 1877-1944
Zon, Raphael 
, 1874 -1956

This collection of 3,249 photographic prints documents the work of the U.S. Forest Service Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Asheville, NC. In its early years it was called the Appalachian Station and comprised region eight, or the forests in the states of  North Carolina, South Carolina, northern Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, and eastern  Tennessee. These photographs from the Experiment Station cover the years from 1897 through 1952. 

The collection came to UNCA in 1978 through Mr. Robert Biesterfeldt, an employee of the Southeastern Forest Experiment Station. The collection was digitized in 2003 with funds from LSTA, the federal Library Services and Technology Act made possible through a grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources. This collection contributes to a collaborative forest history project with NC State University, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC, and  Duke Forest History Society in Durham, NC. The partners share many materials in common and the collaboration is expected to give each institution's collection more depth and breadth and to serve the needs of the current Southeastern Forest Experiment Station

Most of the photographs in this collection are technical in nature, showing forest growth and methods employed to control erosion on streams and roadbeds.  The collection contains a large number of photographs which demonstrate forest or meadow growth at the same site over numbers of intervening years.  Specific examples and stands of various species are extensively documented.  Other subjects include roads, lumber and saw mills, measuring devices, and various tools and implements used in forestry practice and research.  Foresters, loggers, and other personnel are also photographed within the collection.  

The photographs were taken by fifty-eight different photographers during 1897-1952 including leading foresters Gifford Pinchot, and Carl Schenck, as part of the early Biltmore Estate forestry operations.  Charles Abell (1930-1937), William W. Ashe (1912-1916), P.W. Fletcher (1940-1946), Earl Frothingham (1915-1937), and C.R. Hursh (1928-1946) were also responsible for many of the items.

This collection was originally organized by the Southeastern Experiment Station for their own reference purposes.  Their arrangement is maintained in the physical inventory, including their headings and captions, etc., except for the creation of a "miscellaneous" section comprised of prints which were found in a drawer without apparent organization.  Listings in the following digital inventory do not include the file cabinet and drawer numbers but do contain the USDA identification number and the drawer item number (P-number). The digital collection makes no attempt to give the collection a specific organization. 

Due to the size of the collection, a comprehensive search of the images and data is unavailable at this time. Individual units may be searched by using the 'find in page' command within the unit or by using the Google search engine located on the Special Collections main menu page.  

The collection will be useful for forestry, environmental, biological or botanical studies.  Subject areas include the effects of timbering, grazing, erosion, and pollution on an area; forest growth patterns; forestry history, methods, and equipment; and historical data on land use in the geographical areas covered by the collection.  

Date 2001-12-18
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Southern Highlands Research Center ; 

This project is 100% supported with federal LSTA funds made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources and shared by collaborating partners NC State, Biltmore Estate, and  Duke Forest History Society

Type Image ; text
Format Physical format: Three file cabinets, one partly filled. Container number/location:  File cabinet 11, drawers 1 through 5 (11-1 through 11-5); file cabinet 12, drawers 1 and 2 (12-1 through 12-2); and file cabinet 13 (13-1 through 13-4).  File cabinet drawer 13 has not been inventoried, and is not included in the listings below.

Digital format: ASP file ; follows original cabinet inventory item number and not USDA number order. Use local 'Google' to search by USDA number, 'find in page.'.

Source P78.10. [Lateral file cabinet]
Language English
Relation Southern Research Station - Historical Resources ; National Forests in North Carolina ;  Appalachian Station ; Anniversary Report 1921-1946 Appalachian Forest Experiment Station ; Introduction to the Southern Research Station, 1996 ; Forest History Society, Duke University ; NC State University Special CollectionsBiltmore Estate Archives ; Peter J. Hanlon and James K. Vessey Collection (1880's-1991) Reuben B. Robertson Collection ; William Nothstein Oral History ; D. Hiden Ramsey Collection ; Papers of Congressman Roy Arthur Taylor ; Carolina Mountain Club Archive ; Austin-Brooks Collection ; William T. Kirkman Photograph Collection, 1923-2000 ; North Carolina Museum of Forestry ; NC ECHO, North Carolina - Exploring Cultural Heritage Online ; The Southern Appalachian Research Center -- 1956 ; A History of Forestry Research in the Southern United States, 1989 ; Pinchot, Gifford. Biltmore Forest. New York:  Arno, 1970.  (Reprint of 1893 edition, available at UNCA Ramsey Library Special Collections) ;  Pinchot, Gifford. Breaking New Ground. New York: Harcourt Brace, 1947.  (Autobiography, published posthumously, available in UNCA Ramsey Library General Collection).  Pinchot, Gifford.  A Primer of Forestry.  Washington : G.P.O., 1899-1905.  (Available in both UNCA Ramsey Library General Collection and Special Collections).  Pinchot, Gifford and W.W. Ashe.  Timber Trees and Forests of North Carolina.  Winston, M. I. & J. C. Stewart, public printers, 1897.  (Available in UNCA Ramsey Library Special Collections). "Down Under the Hill," original alma mater song for the Biltmore Forest School, c. 1902 ; Live View  and  Air  Quality Readings  from Cold Mountain ; Cradle of Forestry in America  ; Forest History Society:http://www.lib.duke.edu/forest/ ; The Evolution of the Conservation Movement: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/amrvhtml/conshome.html ;  National Museum of Forest Service History:
http://www.nfs-museum.org/ ; Forest Service Historical Photograph Collection:
Coverage 1897-1952 ; Asheville, NC ; North Carolina ; Tennessee ; Kentucky ; South Carolina ; Georgia ; Virginia ; West Virginia
Rights No restrictions. Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the authors of certain items in the collection, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
Donor Donor number 49
Acquisition  1978-10-26
Citation  U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Processed by Special Collections staff 06/15/03 ; revision 07/23/03 
Special thanks to: Asako Tetsubyashi ; Erica Ojermark ; Nick Gildersleeve ; Chris Thuet ; 
Documents The following documents accompanied the donation of photographs.
Document 1a-b Letter from director I.T. Haig.  Offers recommendations regarding Research Station's photograph collections.
Document 2a-d Table of sequences in photographic lists. Sequences include broad divisions (Silviculture, Forest Influences, etc.) and subdivisions.
Document 3a-e Memo responding to request for report on the status of the central photograph file, and suggestions for its upkeep. 
Document 4a-p Memorandum for the staff regarding photographs, from R.E. McArdle, Director and included in the Frothingham files. Dated April 2, 1941. Attached are handwritten lists of "Display Collections" that list photographs by USDA number and by type.  [Author unknown]
Document 5a-d Classification scheme for display photographs. Dated April 19, 1941.
Photographs 3,249 photographs taken by Research Station Staff from 1897-1952. [Photographs do not follow the order of physical arrangement in file cabinet. Specific subjects must be searched within each group of digital photographs.]
All Images in Collection Contains complete photographic holdings in this collection.  Includes descriptions, thumbnail images, and links to larger images.  NOTE: These web pages are very large and will require considerable time to load without a broadband connection.

Biographical information and list of sources for and by individuals associated with the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station Photo Collection. 

bibliographical listings
Compiled by independent researcher Rob Messick,  February - April 2003 , with additions and annotations by staff of Special Collections. 
Special Topics Brief histories and images of  topics relevant to western North Carolina forestry.
Bent Creek Photographs Collection of photographs taken at Bent Creek Research Station. Pictures illustrate various research projects, research materials/apparatus, environmental studies and buildings located at the Bent Creek Research Station.
Bent Creek Research Station- History  A brief summary of Bent Creek and additional information concerning the significance of the Bent Creek Research Station in a historical context. 
African Americans in Forestry Collection of photographs of African American foresters felling, peeling, skidding, and stacking pine wood in parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, especially Nansemond County, Virginia. Late 1920's and early 1930's.
Representative images of logged areas and logging operations, particularly during the depression era.
Western North Carolina Web Resources A variety of Western North Carolina web sites related to the themes of this collection.
Links to other Related Web Resources A variety of web sites related to forestry in general, though dealing primarily with southern forestry and the Appalachian Mountains.
Bibliography Bibliography is not comprehensive, but contains materials used in researching collection
Bibliography-Forestry, Southern Appalachians A selective and beginning list of bibliographic resources related to forestry in the Southern Appalachians 
This project is 100% supported with federal LSTA funds made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources and shared by collaborating partners NC State, Biltmore Estate, and  Duke Forest History Society. It contributes to the NC statewide digitization effort, www.ncecho.org

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