Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection


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1 1 Mrs. Rachel Battle  bhcp411.jpg (22708 bytes)
    2,1 Joseph Belton bhcp411_1.jpg (29434 bytes)
    2.2 Joseph Belton bhcp411_2.jpg (32896 bytes)
    3 Mrs. A. Y. Bovian bhcp411_3.jpg (34530 bytes)
    4 Mrs. Willie Bowman bhcp411_4.jpg (35109 bytes)
    5 Ralph Brown bhcp415.jpg (15601 bytes)
    6.1 Reuben H. Bryant (hand-painted copy of P77. bhcp416_1.jpg (11930 bytes)
    6.2 (Neg)   Rubin Bryant (negative)  
    6.2a Reuben H. Bryant (black and white original) bhcp416_2a.jpg (13627 bytes)
    6.2b Reuben H. Bryant (copy) bhcp416_2b.jpg (12890 bytes)
    7  Will C. Burgan bhcp417.jpg (15813 bytes)
    7.1 (Neg)  Will C. Burgan (negative)  
    8 MISSING  
    9 Mrs. Iola P. Byers bhcp419.jpg (10157 bytes)
    10 Eugene Castion bhcp4110.jpg (14370 bytes)
    11 Isaac Coleman and Wanda Henry-Coleman bhcp4111.jpg (18480 bytes)
    12 Garland Cooper bhcp4112.jpg (12404 bytes)
    13 J. C. Daniels bhcp4113.jpg (15521 bytes)
    14 Felicia Davis bhcp4114.jpg (13223 bytes)
    15.1 John Davis bhcp4115_1.jpg (29741 bytes)
    15.2 John Davis bhcp4115_2.jpg (11857 bytes)
    16 (Neg) N16   Rev. E. W. Dixon (negative)  
    16a 16a   Rev. E. W. Dixon bhcp4116a.jpg (33245 bytes)
    16b 16b   Rev. E. W. Dixon (copy)  
    16c 16c   Rev. E. W. Dixon (blow up)  
    17 Mrs. E. W. Dixon bhcp4117.jpg (13080 bytes)
    18 Otis Elson Dunn, BA, BD, DD, with biographical notes bhcp4118.jpg (11213 bytes)
    19 Charles B. Dusenbury with eulogy bhcp4119.jpg (15400 bytes)
    20.1 Paul Dusenbury bhcp4120_1.jpg (11679 bytes)
    20.2 (Neg) Paul Dusenbury(negative)  
    20.2a Paul Dusenbury, with biographical notes bhcp4120_2a.jpg (10004 bytes)
    20.2b Paul Dusenbury (copy) bhcp4120_2b.jpg (9383 bytes)
    21 Arthur R. Edington bhcp4121.jpg (16528 bytes)
    22 J. E. Fleming bhcp4122.jpg (11978 bytes)
P77.10.4 2
    1 Jesse H. Gibson, Sr.  
    2.1 Dahleen Glanton bhcp422_1.jpg (27862 bytes)
    2.2 Dahleen Glanton bhcp422_2.jpg (24849 bytes)
    3 Wesley Grant, Sr. with choir bhcp423.jpg (25265 bytes)
    4 Sam Graves bhcp424.jpg (8993 bytes)
    5 G. W. Hamilton (newspaper photograph) bhcp425.jpg (17993 bytes)
    6 Mary Jane Dickson Harris bhcp426.jpg (14792 bytes)
    7 Osborne Hart, with biographical notes bhcp427.jpg (15159 bytes)
    8 Sgt. Chester A. Hayes bhcp428.jpg (19901 bytes)
    9 Lt. Col. Robert M. Hendrick bhcp429.jpg (12318 bytes)
    10 Charles C. Hennessee, Jr. bhcp4210.jpg (13709 bytes)
    11.1 Mrs. Willie Hennessee, with autobiographical notes bhcp4211_1.jpg (11232 bytes)
    11.2 Mrs. Willie Hennessee bhcp4211_2.jpg (17889 bytes)
    12.1 Asa D. Herring bhcp4212_1.jpg (18210 bytes)
    12.2 Asa D. Herring bhcp4212_2.jpg (28597 bytes)
    12.3 Asa D. Herring bhcp4212_3.jpg (18243 bytes)
    13.1 (Neg) Mrs. Lucy S. Herring (negative)  
    13.1a Mrs. Lucy S. Herring bhcp4213_1a.jpg (22451 bytes)
    13.1b Mrs. Lucy S. Herring (copy) bhcp4213_1b.jpg (16463 bytes)
    13.2 Mrs. Lucy S. Herring bhcp4213_2.jpg (18414 bytes)
    14 Theodore Hicks bhcp4214.jpg (31034 bytes)
    15 William Hicks bhcp4215.jpg (14750 bytes)
    16a Mattie Mae Hill bhcp4216a.jpg (19284 bytes)
    16b Mattie Mae Hill (copy) bhcp4216b.jpg (17847 bytes)
    16 (Neg) Mattie Mae Hill (negative)  
    17 Dr. John P. Holt, Sr. bhcp4217.jpg (12016 bytes)
    18 Benjamin J. Jackson Sr., with biography bhcp4218.jpg (25304 bytes)
    19 Dr. Ed Jones bhcp4219.jpg (35228 bytes)
    20 Mrs. Gertrude D. Jones bhcp4220.jpg (20467 bytes)
    21.1 Maggie Jones with biography bhcp4221_1.jpg (18640 bytes)
    21.2 Maggie Jones with biography bhcp4221_2.jpg (17478 bytes)
    22 Mona Jones bhcp4222.jpg (16229 bytes)
    23 Howard Kennedy and Mr. Leach with biographical notes bhcp4223.jpg (18513 bytes)
    24 Mrs. Rita Lee bhcp4224.jpg (22067 bytes)
    25 Mrs. Claire Lennon (clipping) bhcp4225.jpg (16931 bytes)
    26 Madison Lennon bhcp4226.jpg (17699 bytes)
    27 Hattie Love (clipping) bhcp4227.jpg (15894 bytes)
    28 Dr. Albert Manley, with biographical notes bhcp4228.jpg (14234 bytes)
    29  Walter Howard Mapp, Sr., with autobiography bhcp4229.jpg (14277 bytes)
    30 Oliver W. McCorkle (clipping) bhcp4230.jpg (17258 bytes)
    31 John Henry McGinness bhcp4231.jpg (12456 bytes)
    32.1 Ernest B. McKissick bhcp4232_1.jpg (21498 bytes)
    32.2 Ernest B. McKissick bhcp4232_2.jpg (22633 bytes)
    33 Floyd McKissick bhcp4233.jpg (15149 bytes)
    34 James E. McMickens bhcp4234.jpg (15743 bytes)
    35 Oscar McMickens bhcp4235.jpg (25380 bytes)
    36 Wheaton McMickens bhcp4236.jpg (17047 bytes)
    37 Mrs. Nannie Michael bhcp4237.jpg (15135 bytes)
    38 Dr. L. O. Miller, with biographical notes bhcp4238.jpg (11330 bytes)
    39 Quentin Miller bhcp4239.jpg (17150 bytes)
    29 ?? Clarence Lee Moore ?
    40 Gus Morrison bhcp4240.jpg (17571 bytes)
P77.10.4 3
    1a E. W. Pearson, Sr. bhcp431a.jpg (10714 bytes)
    1b E. W. Pearson, Sr. (copy) bhcp431b.jpg (9094 bytes)
    1 (Neg) E. W. Pearson, Sr. (negative)  
    2 Edward W. Pearson, Jr. bhcp432.jpg (35400 bytes)
    3 Herbert Porter bhcp433.jpg (124252 bytes)
    4 George W. Powers bhcp434.jpg (10906 bytes)
    5 Albert S. Reynolds bhcp435.jpg (11147 bytes)
    6 Henry Robinson bhcp436.jpg (28632 bytes)
    7 William E. Roland, with autobiography bhcp437.jpg (20691 bytes)
    8 Rev. Ronald Scott with typed eulogy bhcp438.jpg (23722 bytes)
    9 Mrs. Mattie Sears bhcp439.jpg (14019 bytes)
    10 Evelyn Torrence Shaw (Mrs. Edgar O.) bhcp4310.jpg (11332 bytes)
    11 Charles Sisney (newspaper cartoon) bhcp4311.jpg (23564 bytes)
    12 John W. Stitt bhcp4312.jpg (24671 bytes)
    13 John W. Stitt (clipping) bhcp4313.jpg (36347 bytes)
    14 Frank A. Toliver (clipping) bhcp4314.jpg (14092 bytes)
    15a Dr. William G. Torrence (original) bhcp4315a.jpg (13403 bytes)
    15b Dr. William G. Torrence (copy) bhcp4315b.jpg (15615 bytes)
    15c Dr. William G. Torrence (copy) bhcp4315c.jpg (16645 bytes)
    16 Miss Ruth Walther (clipping) bhcp4316.jpg (13241 bytes)
    17 Dr. H. N. White, with biography bhcp4317.jpg (10712 bytes)
    18 Sgt. James R. White, Jr. bhcp4318.jpg (11778 bytes)
    19 Dr. John White bhcp4319.jpg (11863 bytes)
    20 Mrs. Tommie P. White bhcp4320.jpg (20757 bytes)
    21 Alfred J. Whitesides, Jr. with biography bhcp4321.jpg (12045 bytes)
    22 Lahman Williams bhcp4322.jpg (11207 bytes)
    23 Harold J. Wilson bhcp4323.jpg (12885 bytes)
    24 Ruby Woodbury (Hilton) bhcp4324.jpg (14181 bytes)
    25 Fred Woodford bhcp4325.jpg (11642 bytes)
    26 unidentified male bhcp4326.jpg (13300 bytes)
    27 unidentified graduates [?] on stage bhcp4327.jpg (47373 bytes)
    28 unidentified 16 young men bhcp4328.jpg (28045 bytes)
        bhcp4329.jpg (13546 bytes)
P77.10.4 4      
M77.10.4 5 1 Alston, Dr. Marcus, biographical notes  
    2 Brown, Harrison B., biographical notes  
    3 Cooper, Mrs. Vivian Cline, autobiography and thoughts on "The Future of the Black Educator in the South"  
    4 Dusenbury, Paul, biographical notes  
    5 Edington, Charles Arthur, from retirement service  
    6.1 Haith, Lacy Thomas, biographical notes  
    6.2 Haith, Lacy Thomas, text to accompany picture  
    7 Hart, Osborn M., biographical notes  
    8 Hennessee, Mrs. Willie Ford, autobiographical notes  
    9 Hilton, Ruby W. S., news release from Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center re: Ruby W. S. Hilton, R.N.  
    10 Jackson, Benjamin James, Sr., biography  
    11 Johnson, Lessie, two letters to John Shackelford re: Fred S. A. Johnson family and property  
    12.1 Lee, Professor Walter Smith, biography  
    12.2 Lee, Professor Walter Smith, obituary  
M77.10.4 6      
    1 Mapp, Walter Howard, autobiography  
    2  Martin, Fred Pope, Sr., biographical notes  
    3 McGinness, John Henry, Sr.,  biographical notes  
    4.1 Miller, James Vester, biography  
    4.2 Miller, James Vester, biographical notes  
    5 Miller, James Vester, residence of, notes  
    6 Miller, Lee Otus [Leotus], M.D., biographical notes  
    7 Owens, Sylvester M., biography  
    8 Roland, William, autobiography  
    9  Scott, Rev. Ronald, biographical notes  
    10 Stephens, Professor Edward, biography  
    11 Stokes, Jessie Harris, autobiographical notes  
    12 Thompson, Dr. Eva, biographical notes  
    13 Trent, Dr. William Johnson, testimonial  
    14  Walls, William Jacob, program for funeral service  
    15 White, Dr. H. N., biography  
M77.10.4 7      
M77.10.4 8      
    1  John Baxter, "Some Reflections on Music Activities in Asheville's Black Community During the Period 1920 to 1970," by John Baxter, essay, original and two copies  
    2 John Baxter, "Black businessmen from the turn of the century to the present time, Asheville and Buncombe County," document  
    3 John Baxter,  and Miller biographies, one page  
    4 John Baxter's genealogy and family history, original and copy  
    5 John Baxter, "The 1st Part of a Genealogy on my Grandparents," original and one copy  
    6 John Baxter, List of Black Asheville businessmen, two copies  
    7 John Baxter, Newspaper advertisement for Baxter's Transmission Service in Asheville, clipping  
    8 John Baxter, Matthew and Jane Baxter  
  1 Isaac Dickson

Lt. James B. Dickson (photograph)

bhcp165.jpg (525057 bytes)
    2 (Neg) J. Bryan Dickson (negative)  
    2a J. Bryan Dickson (photograph) bhcp318a.jpg (404865 bytes)
    2b J. Bryan Dickson (copy)

bhcp318b.jpg (508984 bytes)

    3 (Neg) Isaac Dickson and James Wilson (negative)  
    3a Isaac Dickson and James Wilson (photograph) bhcp320a.jpg (929342 bytes)
    3b Isaac Dickson and James Wilson (copy) bhcp320b.jpg (703364 bytes)
    4 Mrs. Lyda H. Dickson (Mrs. J. Bryan) (photograph)

.bhcp329.jpg (695077 bytes)

    5 (Neg) Isaac Dickson Property ("Dixon Town") (negative)  
    5a Isaac Dickson Property ("Dixon Town") (photograph) bhcp324b.jpg (755895 bytes)
    5b Isaac Dickson Property ("Dixon Town") (copy bhcp324e.jpg (675995 bytes)
    5c Isaac Dickson Property ("Dixon Town") (copy)  
M77.10.4 10      
    1 Asa Herring,  Biographical notes, original and copy  
    2 Asa Herring,Three Clippings about Asa D. Herring, originals and copies  
    3 Asa Herring,Department of the Air Force letter invitation to be graduation guest speaker  
    4 Asa Herring,Letter of congratulations on being selected to serve on the Municipal Aeronautics Advisory Board of Phoenix, Arizona  
    5 Asa Herring, "New Advisory Board Members Selected," Sky Harbor Beacon, September, 1977, newsletter of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport  
M77.10.4 11      
    1 Eugene Smith, Letter from Carl T. Durham, U.S. House of Representatives, 8/13/1949, letter  

Eugene Smith, Letter from Harold D. Cooley, U.S. House of Representatives, 8/15/1949, letter

    3 Eugene Smith, Letter from Monroe M. Redden, U.S. House of Representatives, 4/25/1950, letter  
    4 Eugene Smith, Letter from Monroe M. Redden, U. S. House of Representatives, 6/19/1950, letter  
    5 Eugene Smith, Letter from U. S. Senator Frank P. Graham, 8/22/1949, letter  
    6 Eugene Smith, Letter from manager of Cranston Print Works Company, 5/9/1950, letter  
    7 Eugene Smith,  Letter from president of Berkeley Mills, Inc., 5/09/1950, letter  
    8 Eugene Smith, Letter from attorney for the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville,   10/02/1950, request for payment of notes  
    9 Eugene Smith, Statement to United Rayon Co. re: boys camp contribution, 6/28/1952, receipt  
    10 Eugene Smith, "Mr. Eugene Smith: First Black Precinct Judge," n.d., photograph cut from        unknown publication  
    11  Eugene Smith, "Eugene J. Smith: Publisher, Southern News," n.d., clipping from unknown publication  
P77.10.4 11 11 [Photographs from Eugene Smith scrapbook, OS77.10.2.1]  
    1 Eugene Smith as a young man, n.d. (photograph)  
    2 Negro Democratic Leaders, group portrait, n.d. (photograph)  
    3 National Urban League, group portrait, Dec, 1964 (photograph)  
    4 The Southern News Office, the Campbell Building, 38 S. Market Street., c.1938 (photograph)  
M77.10.3 12

Clippings and Articles (Individuals)
1.1  Bowman, Mrs. John W., "A Century of Thoughts," 1969, clipping
1.2  Bowman, Mrs. John W., "Mrs. Bowman, 101, Dies," Asheville Times, 1/06/1970, clipping
2     Bratton, Wilhelmina, "Bratton Named to Fill City Council Post," Asheville Citizen, 10/15/1982, clipping
3     Burgan, Will C., "A Veteran Pullman Porter," Service, December, 1947, article
4     Caldwell, Mrs. Ernest, "YWCA Announces Three New Posts," Asheville Citizen-Times, 9/05/1965, clipping
5     Cline, Walter, n.d., photo and short biography
6     Delany, Logan, "South Pack Square 'Townlift' in Works," n.d., clipping
7     Edington, Rev. Charles, n.d., photo and short biography
8     Ford, Sheila, "2001: Sheila Ford's Odyssey," n.d., clipping
9     Harrell, Robert L., "Hunt Naming West's First Black Judge," n.d., clipping
10   Hart, Osborne M., "Hart is 9th Democrat to Enter Council Race," Asheville Citizen, 8/15/1973, clipping
11.1  Hendrick, Mrs. Irene, "Library Opens at New Site," Asheville Citizen, 6/04/1959, clipping
11.2  Hendrick, Mrd. Irene, "The Market - Eagle Street Branch" Celebrating Readers and Writers in the 'Land of the Sky' calendar, Pack Memorial Library, 2000, copy
12.1 Herring, Lucy S., "A Lifetime of Education," Asheville Citizen-Times, 01/16/1983, clipping
12.2 Herring, Lucy S., "Educator Challenges Youth," Kaleidoscope, 02/23/1984, clipping
12.3 Herring, Lucy S., "New Mountain St. School Named for Lucy Herring," n.d., clipping (original and three copies)
13   Highe, Julius C.,  biography included in article about Negro Welfare Council, The Church Advocate, 2/24/45, clipping (see original: M77.
14.1 Kennedy, Charles S., "Hangs Up His Cap," 6/24/1957, clipping
14.2 Kennedy, Charles S., "All Aboard," n.d., clipping
15    Mapp, Walter H., "Resident Who Helped Establish Program for Scouts in Black Community Dies," Asheville Citizen-Times, 6/21/1993, clipping (2 copies)
16    McDowell, Mrs. Doskey Anderson, "A Former Slave's Granddaughter Retires at Mars Hill," Asheville Citizen-Times, 5/22/1977, clipping (original and two copies)
17    Michael, John H., "Death Closes Fine Career of Negro Teacher," 12/26/1940, clipping
18    Michael, Mrs. L. B. (Lelia), photo and short biography
19.1 Miller, Dr. L. O., "Dr. L. O. Miller, M.D.," The Church Advocate, 2/24/1945, clipping
19.2 Miller, Dr. L. O., biography included in article about Negro Welfare Council, The Church Advocate, 2/24/45, clipping (see original: M77.
19.3 Miller, Dr. L. O., photograph (copy)
20.1 Moore, Clarence Lee, "...Work Not in Vain," 7/22/1973, clipping
20.2 Moore, Clarence Lee, "Coach C.L. Moore Is Given Berth in Baseball Hall," 7/22/1973, clipping
21    Phelps, Walter S., "'Uncle Walt' Phelps, 86, Former Band Leader, Dies, Asheville Citizen & Times, 2/05/1983, clipping
22.1 Roland, William E., "W.E. Roland Wins Unitarian Award," n.d., clipping
22.2 Roland, William E., "Three Nominees Are Chosen for Human Relations Award," n.d., clipping
22.3 Roland, William E., "W. E. Roland to Manage Apartments," n.d., clipping
22.4 Roland, William E., "William E. Roland Dies, Managed Housing Complex, Asheville Citizen, 5/10/1973, clipping
22.5 Roland, William E., "William E. Roland Dies, Was Civic Leader Here," n.c., clipping
22.6 Roland, William E., "Services Set Friday for William Roland," n.d., clipping
23.1 Sisney, Charles, McNaught Syndicate, Inc, 10/9/1934, newspaper feature (see original P77. )
23.2 Sisney, Charles, "Charles Sisney, Long in Service of Hotel, Dies, n.d., clipping
24    Smith, Robert G., "Smith Picked As Director of Council," Asheville Times, 10/06/1983, clipping
25.1  Trent, Dr. William J., "Dr. William J. Trent," Salisbury Sunday Post, 6/16/1963, clipping
25.2  Trent, Dr. William J. and J. W. Walker, "Members of the First Livingstone College Football Team 1892," n/d, photograph clipping
26    Twitty, Max, "Max Twitty -- from Produce to Property, Black Mountain News, 9/01/1997, clipping
27    Vincent, Mrs. Willie, "Don't Carry Me -- Let Me Walk Along With You," Asheville Citizen-Times, 3/30/1969, clipping
28.1 Walls, Bishop William J., " WNC Native Writes About African Methodists," Asheville Citizen-Times, 8/04/1974, clipping
28.2 Walls, Bishop William J., "William J. Walls, AME Zion Bishop, N Y Times, 4/24/1975, clipping
29    Williams, Andrea Jeanne, "Asheville Girl Honored," n.d.
30    White, Coleman, "Rocky". In memoriam 2010
31    Seabrook, Pauline Lewis. Funeral service, December 31, 2010