D. H. Ramsey Library Special Collections and University Archives


Miscellaneous Records and Realia


11.1 Miscellaneous Records, Pre UNC Asheville, 1928-1969

This archive includes a miscellany of historically significant materials related to the predecessor schools of UNC Asheville that do not readily fit within other parts of the university archive. 


11.2 Press Clippings, 1927-2009

Contains newspaper and other clippings clippings related to UNC Asheville and its predecessor schools.


11.3 Commencement Programs

Programs, class lists, speeches, and other historically significant official papers arising from commencement exercises at UNC Asheville and its predecessors, Biltmore Junior College and Asheville-Biltmore College. Record commence 1929, but not all subsequent years are represented.


11.4 Miscellaneous Events, 1965-2014

Programs, reports, press releases, and other documents from various miscellaneous events organized by UNC Asheville and its predecessor, Asheville-Biltmore College.


11.5 Realia

Contains realia [objects] related to UNC Asheville and Asheville-Biltmore College.


11.6 Task Force Reports, 1986-2007

Contains reports published by a number of task force committees and subcommittees that examined diversity and retention issues at UNC Asheville


Scrapbooks, photograph albums, alumni materials, and other memorabilia


11.7.1 Woman's Club, 1966-1979

Contains notebook, papers, and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and photographs of the Woman's Club of Asheville-Biltmore College, and subsequently UNC Asheville.

11.7.2 Kathleen Suttle MacEwen Scrapbook, 1929-1931

The scrapbook of Kathleen Suttle MacEwen records her years as a student at Biltmore Junior College, a predecessor of UNC Asheville, in 1929-1931.

11.7.3 Photograph Album of NC General Assembly visit to WNC, May 14 1963

 Album of nineteen photographs, covering the first ever GA visit to western North Carolina. Contains one image of Asheville-Biltmore College.

11.7.4 Photographic History of UNCA, 1927-1979

 Album of twelve photographs, covering the history of UNC Asheville and it's predecessor schools. The images are generally prints of photographs found elsewhere in the archives.


Display Items


11.8 Posters and Display Items

Posters and flat paper /card display items related to the university and the university faculty.