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College President / University Chancellor Records

3.1 Presidents of Asheville-College and its Predecessors, 1927-1962

Historically significant official papers of the Presidents of Asheville-Biltmore College, and its predecessors, between 1927 and 1962, although the majority of documents cover the presidency of Dr. Glenn Bushey (1947 - 1962).

3.2 President William Highsmith, Official Records, 1962-1969

In June 1962 William Highsmith was appointed as president of Asheville-Biltmore College, a position he held until 1969, when he became the first chancellor of the newly created UNC Asheville. This archive holds historically significant official papers from when Highsmith was president of Asheville-Biltmore College.

3.3 Chancellor William Highsmith, Official Records, 1969-1984

In 1969 William Edward Highsmith became the first chancellor of the newly created UNC Asheville, a position he hels until 1984. This archive holds historically significant official papers of Highsmith during that period. It also includes some materials prior to 1969 covering the events leading to affiliation with the UNC System and the creation of UNCA, and materials related to Highsmith's book about the history of UNCA. [See also William Highsmith Interviews]

3.4 William Highsmith, Personal Records, 1956-1984

In addition to his duties at UNCA, Dr. Highsmith was involved in a variety of civic activities in Asheville. This archive holds personal (non-university) papers of William Highsmith, primarily from 1962-1984, the years he worked in Asheville. Although not considered part of the official university archive, there are overlaps between this collection and Highsmith's official papers due to the civic status arising from Highsmith's role at the university, and his interest in educational issues.

3.5 Chancellor David Brown, Official Records, 1984-1990

Historically significant official papers of David G. Brown, Chancellor of UNC Asheville, 1984-1990. Dr. Brown's chancellorship at UNCA was marked by a commitment of increasing education and amenities for seniors citizens at the university, sponsoring the first National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), UNCA becoming a founding member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC), and promoting UNCA as a "small public ivy".

3.6 Interim Chancellor Roy Carroll, Official Records, 1990-1991

In 1991, Roy Carroll, vice president for planning at the general administration of the University of North Carolina, was asked to serve as interim chancellor of UNC Asheville following the resignation of David Brown. Due to the short time Dr. Carroll served as interim chancellor, there is considerable overlap in the topics covered by this archive and the archives of the preceding (Brown) and succeeding (Schuman) chancellors.

3.7 Chancellor Samuel Schuman, Official Records, 1991-1993

On May 10, 1991, Samuel Schuman was named as the third chancellor of UNC Asheville. Although he was chancellor for a relatively short time, it was during Dr. Schuman’s chancellorship that UNC Asheville was officially designated a “Liberal Arts I” campus by the Board of Governors.

3.7.1 Chancellor Samuel Schuman, Personal Papers, 1991-2009

Speeches and lectures given by Sam Schuman during the time he was chancellor of UNC Asheville, and the contents of two scrapbooks, primarily comprising news clippings and other documents, related to Sam Schuman from his appointment as chancellor through to him leaving leaving UNC Asheville in 1995.

3.8 Interim Chancellor Lauren Wilson, Official Records, 1994

A small collection of historically significant official papers of Lauren Wilson from the period he served as Interim Chancellor of UNC Asheville in 1994. Materials from Dr. Wilson's role as vice chancellor for academic affairs, a position he held before and after his interim chancellorship, are not included in this archive.

3.9 Chancellor Patsy Reed, Official Records, 1994-1999

Patsy Reed took office as the fourth chancellor of UNC Asheville on June 15, 1994. During Dr. Reed's chancellorship, a 10 year Masterplan for facilities development was finalized, several buildings, including the library, Kellogg Center, and Southridge residence hall, were either completed or upgraded, and initiatives, including Founder's Day, were commenced. She retired on June 30, 1999.

3.10 Chancellor James Mullen, Official Records, 1999-2005

Most of the materials in this archive cover the installation of Dr. Mullen, and the campaign for voter approval of the higher education bond issue in November 2000.

3.11 Chancellor Anne Ponder, Official Records, 2005-2014

Historically significant official papers of Anne Ponder, Chancellor of UNC Asheville, 2005-2014. During Dr. Ponder's chancellorship a substantial building program was undertaken, with the Sam Millar Facilities Management Complex, the Janice W. Brumit Pisgah House, the Wilma M. Sherrill Center, and Overlook Hall, opening, and the campus expanded through the purchase of nearby properties.

3.12 Anne Ponder, Personal Materials, 1960s-2006

Personal (non-university) materials of Anne Ponder, primarily from the time before she became chancellor of UNC Asheville in 2005. They are not considered part of the official university archive, but are included with the archives since they are held as a direct result of Dr. Ponder's role at the university.

3.13 Chancellor's Office, Miscellaneous Records, 1986-2011

Contains historically significant official papers received from the office of the UNC Asheville Chancellor. Materials are from the administrations of Chancellor Mullen and Chancellor Ponder. The two main subject areas are honorary degree recipients, and the UNC general administration, particularly UNC presidents and the UNC Tomorrow initiative.

3.14 Chancellor Mary Grant, Official Records, 2015-2017

Historically significant official papers of Mary K. Grant, Chancellor of UNC Asheville, 2015-17.

3.15 Chancellor Nancy J. Cable, Official Records, 2019 -

Historically significant official papers of Nancy J. Cable, Chancellor of UNC Asheville, 2019 - .